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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Daniel Adair -- b.2/19/1975
Rock Drummer, Alternative Rock Drummer, Canadian
Group Names: Nickelback, 3 Doors Down

Deborah Adair -- b.5/23/1952
TV Shows: Lincoln (TV mini-series), Dynasty (as Tracy Kendall), Young & the Restless, Finder of Lost Loves (as Daisy), Days of our Lives, Melrose Place (as Lucy Cabot)
Movie Titles: The Rift

Frank E. Adair -- b.4/9/1887 d.12/30/1981 (94)
Misc: had a 60 year career as a cancer specialist, and performed more than 17,000 operations and trained more than 6,000 surgeons.

Jean Adair -- b.6/13/1873 d.5/11/1953 (79)

"Red" Adair -- b.6/18/1915 d.8/7/2004 (89)
Names/Places: FN:Paul
Misc: Oilman; fighting oil fires in Kuwait

Robert Adair -- b.1/3/1900 d.8/10/1954 (54)
Entertainment Figure

Adolphe Charles Adam -- b.7/24/1803 d.5/3/1856 (52)
Composer, French

Charlie Adam -- b.12/10/1985 N.S.
Soccer Midfielder, Scotish

Ken Adam -- b.2/5/1921 d.3/10/2016 N.S. (95)
Designer, Art Director, German
Movie Titles: Dr. Strangelove, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Agnes of God, Addams Family Values, The Madness of King George

Noëlle Adam -- b.12/24/1933
Singer, French

Donna Adamek -- b.2/1/1957

Mike Adamle -- b.10/4/1949
Journalist, Football Announcer, NFL Player
TV Shows: NBC Sports

Abigail Smith Adams -- b.11/11/1744 O.S. or 11/22/1744 N.S. d.10/28/1818 (73)
First Lady
Names/Places: John's wife; John Quincy Adams' mom

Alice Adams -- b.8/14/1926 d.5/27/1999 (72)

Alvan L. Adams -- b.7/29/1954
NBA Forward

Amy (Actress) Adams -- b.8/20/1974
Actress, Producer, Italian
Names/Places: not to be confused with singer Amy Adams
TV Shows: Dr. Vegas (as Alice)
Movie Titles: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, American Hustle, The Fighter, Enchanted, Night at the Museum, Julie and Julia

Amy (Singer) Adams -- b.7/25/1979
Names/Places: not to be confused with actress Amy Adams
TV Shows: American Idol (finalist #10 2004)

Andy Adams -- b.5/3/1859 d.9/26/1935 (76)
Misc: rancher

Annette Adams -- b.3/12/1877 d.10/26/1956 (79)
Judge/Jurist, Attorney/Lawyer

Ansel Adams -- b.2/20/1902 d.4/22/1984 (82)
Photographer, Pianist
Misc: knew how to handle a camera and a darkroom; landscape photographer extraordinaire!

Brandon Adams -- b.8/22/1979
Actor, Producer, Video Game Voice Actor
Movie Titles: The People Under the Stairs, The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks (series), Moonwalker
Video Games: Kingdom Hearts (series)

Brittany Adams -- b.8/3/1989 N.S.
TV Shows: Wingin' It (as Jane Casey)
Movie Titles: Nurse 3D

Brockman Adams -- b.1/13/1927 d.9/10/2004 (77)
Senator, Government Official
Misc: ex-Secretary of Transportation

Brooke (Actress) Adams -- b.2/8/1949
TV Shows: O.K. Crackerby (as Cynthia)
Movie Titles: Days of Heaven, The Dead Zone, Invasion of The Body Snatchers, Gas Food Lodging

Brooke (Wrestling) Adams -- b.12/4/1984 N.S.

Brooks Adams -- b.6/24/1848 d.2/13/1927 (78)
Philosopher, Historian

Bryan Adams -- b.11/5/1959
Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Singer, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in Kingston, Ontario
Song Titles: Let Me Take You Dancing (a song he still hates), Lonely Nights, Straight from the Heart, Cuts Like a Knife, This Time, Take Me Back, Run To You, Somebody, Heaven, Summer of '69, One Night Love Affair, It's Only Love (with Tina Turner), Heat of the Night, Hearts on Fire, Victim of Love, Into the Fire, Everything I Do, Can't Stop This Thing We Started, All For Love, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Album Titles: Cuts Like a Knife, Reckless, Into the Fire, Waking Up the Neighbours, 18 till I Die, One Day Like Today, Room Service, 11, Tracks of My Years

Buck Adams -- b.11/15/1955
XXX-rated actor

Caitlin Adams -- b.10/11/1950 N.S.
Actress, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Square Pegs (as Mrs. Loomis)
Movie Titles: Underworld: Awakening, The Jazz Singer (1980), Freaky Friday (1995), Sticky Fingers, The Jerk

Carswell Adams -- b.??/??/???? d.12/9/1957

Cecily Adams -- b.2/6/1958 d.3/3/2004 (46)

Charles Benjamin Adams -- b.5/18/1882 d.7/27/1968 (86)
MLB Pitcher

Charles Francis Adams -- b.10/19/1876 d.10/2/1947 (70)
NHL Player, Hockey Executive
Sports Teams: Boston Bruins (executive who formed the team)

Charles Francis Adams -- b.8/18/1807 d.11/21/1886 (79)
Misc: played an important role in keeping Britain neutral during the U.S. Civil War (1861-65) and in promoting the arbitration of the important "Alabama" claims.

Clifford Adams -- b.10/8/1952 d.1/12/2015 (62)
Trombonist, Rhythm and Blues Performer
Group Names: Kool & the Gang

Craig Adams -- b.4/26/1977 N.S.
NHL Player
Names/Places: b. in Brunei

Craig Adams -- b.4/4/1962
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Bassist, English
Group Names: The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission

Dallas Adams -- b.2/17/1947 d.8/29/1991 (44)
Painter, Writer, Actor, British

Davante Adams -- b.12/24/1992 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

Derroll Adams -- b.11/27/1925 d.2/6/2000 (74)
Country Singer, Folk Performer

Don Adams -- b.11/27/1947 d.12/25/2013 N.S. (0)
NBA Player

Don Adams -- b.4/13/1923 d.9/25/2005 (82)
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, TV Host, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: many say b. 1926 or 1927 or Apr 19
TV Shows: Kraft Music Hall, Bill Dana Show (as Byron), Get Smart (as Agent 86), Check It Out (as Howard Bannister), Tennessee Tuxedo (voice), Inspector Gadget (voice), Don Adams Screen Test

Douglas Adams -- b.3/11/1952 d.5/11/2001 (49)
Author, Novelist, English
Book Titles: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, "Life, the Universe & Everything", So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Mostly Harmless, Dirk Gentry's Holistic Detective Agency, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, The Meaning of Liff (co-writer), The Deeper Meaning of Liff, Last Chance to See, The Salmon of Doubt

Eddie Adams -- b.6/12/1933 N.S. d.9/18/2004 N.S. (71)
Photographer, Photojournalist

Edie Adams -- b.4/16/1927 d.10/15/2008 (81)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Kingston, PA; RN:Elizabeth Edith Enke; Ernie Kovac's wife & regular on his TV show
Misc: some say b. in 1929 or '31
TV Shows: The Ernie Kovacs Show

Eve Adams -- b.9/10/1908 d.8/23/1991 (82)
Presidential Aide
Misc: U.S. Mint Director

Flozell Adams -- b.5/18/1975
NFL Player

Franklin Pierce Adams -- b.11/15/1881 d.3/23/1960 (78)
Author, Humorist, Journalist, Columnist
Misc: New York & Chicago Newspapers

George Rufus Adams -- b.4/29/1940 d.11/14/1992 (52)
Bassist, Clarinetist, Flutist, Tenor-sax

Gerry Adams -- b.10/6/1948
Head of State
Misc: of Sinn Fein

Greg Adams -- b.8/1/1963
NHL Player, Canadian
Misc: b. August 15?

Hannah Adams -- b.10/2/1755 N.S. d.12/15/1831 N.S. (76)
Author, American

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams -- b.12/11/1892 d.3/27/1982 (89)
Book Titles: Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift Jr., Nancy Drew

Helen Adams -- b.??/??/????
Stage Actress
Names/Places: Tea Leoni's grandma

Henry Brooks Adams -- b.2/16/1838 d.5/27/1918 (80)
Author, Philosopher, Historian, American

Herbert Samuel Adams -- b.1/28/1858 d.5/21/1945 (87)

Isaac Adams -- b.8/16/1802 d.7/19/1883 (80)
Misc: Dower-driven press

Jack Adams -- b.6/14/1894 N.S. d.5/1/1968 N.S. (73)
NHL General Manager, NHL Coach, NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: played 1917-1927; won 7 Stalney Cups
Sports Teams: Toronto/Toronto Arenas, Vancouver Millionaires, Toronto St. Patricks, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings (head coach and general manager for 36 years)

Jason Leland Adams -- b.2/7/1963
TV Shows: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (as Preston Lodge III)
Movie Titles: Nightmare on Elm Street

Jeb Adams -- b.4/10/1961
Actor, Stuntman
Misc: retired from acting in 1993
TV Shows: Baa Baa Black Sheep (as Lt. Jeb Pruitt)
Movie Titles: The Goonies, Flowers in the Attic, Once Bitten, Once Upon a Texas Train

Joey Adams -- b.1/6/1911 d.12/2/1999 (88)
Author, Columnist, TV Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: b. in New York City; FN:Joseph Abramowitz
Misc: Nightclubs, numerous books on comedy
Book Titles: Borscht Belt

Joey Lauren Adams -- b.1/9/1968
Actress, Director
Movie Titles: The Break-Up, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Big Daddy, Dazed and Confused

John Adams -- b.10/30/1735 N.S. or 10/19/1735 J-LD d.7/4/1826 N.S. (90)
Revolutionary, President/Vice President, Attorney/Lawyer, American
Names/Places: b. in Braintree, MA; John Quincy Adams' dad
Misc: the first U.S. Vice President; 2nd U.S. President (1797-1801); Declaration of Independence signer

John Couch Adams -- b.6/5/1819 N.S. d.1/21/1892 N.S. (72)
Astronomer, Mathematician, English
Misc: co-discoverer of Neptune

John Quincy Adams -- b.7/11/1767 d.2/23/1848 (80)
President, Congressperson
Names/Places: b. in Braintree, Mass; John's son
Misc: 6th U.S. President (1825-29)

Johnny Adams -- b.1/5/1932 d.9/14/1998 (66)
Soul Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Lathan; NN:The Tan Nightengale

Jonathan Adams -- b.2/14/1931 d.6/13/2005 (74)
Movie Titles: Rocky Horror Picture Show (narrator)

Jonathan Adams -- b.7/16/1967
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: American Dreams (as Henry Walker), Bones (as Daniel Goodman), Last Man Standing (as Chuck Larabee), Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (as Ronan the Accuser), Am erica's Book of Secrets (as narrator)
Video Games: Diablo (series), World of Warcraft (series), Hitman (series), Elder Scrolls Online, Skylanders (series)

Joseph Adams -- b.2/4/1956
Movie Titles: That Awkward Moment, Brooklyn's Finest, Iron Jawed Angels

Julie Adams -- b.10/17/1926 N.S. d.2/3/2019 N.S. (92)
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: aka Betty or Julia
Misc: AP says b. 1926, some say 1928
Movie Titles: Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Last Movie, Carnage

Kaye Adams -- b.4/9/1941
Country Singer

Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams -- b.1/3/1923 d.10/21/2013 (90)
NFL Owner
Sports Teams: Tennessee Titans (owner, the team was originally known as the Houston Oilers)

Kev Adams -- b.7/1/1991 N.S.
Comedian, French
TV Shows: Soda (main character)

Lee Adams -- b.8/14/1924
Composer, Lyricist
Misc: composer for the stage: All American, Golden Boy, It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman, The Littlest Revue, Shoestring '57
Song Titles: Bye Bye Birdie

Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams -- b.2/12/1775 d.5/15/1852 (77)
First Lady
Names/Places: John Quincy's wife

Lucas Adams -- b.7/24/1993 N.S.
TV Shows: Grimm, True Blood, School of Rock, Disney's Liv and Maddie
Movie Titles: Closer to God: Jessica's Journey, Red Wing, Urban Myths, The Wolves at the Door

Lynne Adams -- b.10/8/1946
Movie Titles: Human Trafficking, Hiroshima, Johnny Mnemonic, Shattered Glass

Markie Adams -- b.3/17/1988 N.S.
Actress, American
Movie Titles: Labyrinth

Marla Adams -- b.8/28/1938 N.S.

Mary Kay Adams -- b.9/12/1962
Names/Places: President John & John Q. Adams' descendant
TV Shows: Babylon 5 (as Na'Toth)
Movie Titles: See No Evil Hear No Evil

Mason Adams -- b.2/26/1919 d.4/26/2005 (86)
TV/Radio Actor, Announcer
Names/Places: b. New York City
TV Shows: Lou Grant (as Charlie Hume), Morningstar/Eveningstar

Matt Adams -- b.8/31/1988 N.S.
MLB First Baseman
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals

Maud Adams -- b.2/12/1945
TV/Movie Actress, Swedish
Names/Places: RN:Maud Solveig Christina Wikstrom
TV Shows: Chicago Story, Emerald Point NAS (as Maggie)
Movie Titles: Octopussy, The Man with the Golden Gun, Rollerball, Playing For Time

Maude Adams -- b.11/11/1872 d.7/17/1953 (80)
Movie/Stage Actress
Names/Places: RLN:Kiskadden
Misc: played over 1500 Peter Pan title performances

Michael Adams -- b.1/19/1963
NBA Coach, NBA Guard

Mike Adams -- b.3/25/1974
NFL Wide Receiver

Nathan Adams -- b.7/23/1991 N.S.
Video Game Designer
Names/Places: aka Dinnerbone (his Minecraft name)
Video Games: Minecraft (originally developed by Markus Persson)

Neile Adams -- b.7/10/1932
Actress, Director, Singer, Phillipean

Nick Adams -- b.7/10/1931 d.2/5/1968 (36)
TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: RN:Nicholas Adamshock
TV Shows: The Rebel (as Johnny Yuma), Saints & Sinners

Noah Adams -- b.4/19/1942

Norman Adams -- b.2/9/1927 d.3/9/2005 N.S. (78)
Painter, Sculptor

Oleta Adams -- b.5/4/1953
Composer, Singer, Pianist, Gospel Singer, Jazz Singer, Soul Singer

Orny Adams -- b.11/10/1970 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Producer
TV Shows: Teen Wolf (as Coach Bobby Finstock)
Movie Titles: Funny People

Patrick J. Adams -- b.8/27/1981 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Luck, Suits (as Mike Ross)
Movie Titles: Extreme Movie, Old School

Pepper Adams -- b.10/8/1930 d.9/10/1986 (55)

Peter Adams -- b.9/22/1917 d.1/8/1987 (69)

Rahart Adams -- b.2/1/1996 N.S.
Actor, Australian
TV Shows: Every Witch Way (as Jax Novoa)

Rhonda Adams -- b.11/27/1971
Model, Playmate
Misc: June 1995

Richard Adams -- b.5/9/1920 d.12/24/2016 N.S. (96)
Novelist, English
Book Titles: Shardik, The Plague Dogs, Watership Down

Richard Croxton Adams -- b.??/??/1912 d.3/9/1988 (76)
Misc: paint rollers

Russ Adams -- b.7/30/1930 N.S. d.6/28/2017 N.S. (86)
Photographer, Tennis Player
Misc: called by his peers the "dean" of modern tennis photography

Russ Moore Adams -- b.8/30/1980
MLB Player

Ryan Adams -- b.11/5/1974
Musician, Country Singer

Sam Adams -- b.6/13/1973
NFL Player

Samuel Hopkins Adams -- b.1/26/1871 d.8/28/1902 (31)
Writer, Journalist
Names/Places: aka Warner Fabian

Samuel Adams -- b.9/27/1722 N.S. or 9/16/1722 J-LD d.10/2/1803 N.S. (81)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Scott Adams -- b.9/28/1966
NFL Player

Scott Raymond Adams -- b.6/8/1957
Book Titles: Dilbert (creator)

Sparky Adams -- b.8/26/1894 d.2/24/1989 (94)
MLB Player

Stacey Adams -- b.6/17/1966
Misc: retired from acting in 1991
Movie Titles: Get Smart Again!, Sweet Revenge, Open House, Defense Play

Stanley Adams -- b.4/7/1915 d.4/27/1977 (62)

Stephanie Adams -- b.7/24/1970 N.S. d.5/18/2018 N.S. (47)
Author, Model, Playmate
Misc: November 1992

Steven Adams -- b.7/20/1993 N.S.
NBA Center, New Zealand

Terry Adams -- b.3/6/1973
MLB Player

Terry Adams -- b.8/14/1948
Composer, Singer, Pianist
Group Names: NRBQ

Timothy Adams -- b.8/4/1967
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
Movie Titles: Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The Amazing Spider-Man
Video Games: Grand Theft Auto (series)

Tom Adams -- b.9/24/1931 d.3/11/1985 (53)
Prime Minister
Misc: Prime Minister of Barbados

Tony Adams -- b.10/10/1966
Soccer Defender, Soccer Manager, English
Misc: MBE

Tony Adams -- b.2/15/1953 d.10/22/2005 (52)
Movie Producer, Irish

Tracey Adams -- b.6/7/1959
XXX-rated actress

Valerie Adams -- b.10/6/1984 N.S.
Olympic Athlete, Shotputter, New Zealand

Vashone Adams -- b.9/12/1973
NFL Defensive

Walter Sydney Adams -- b.12/20/1876 d.5/11/1956 (79)
Misc: director of Mount Wilson

Sir Weston Adams -- b.8/9/1904 d.3/19/1973 (68)
NHL Executive
Sports Teams: Boston Bruins (owner and president)

Will Adams -- b.9/6/1988 N.S.
Choreographer, Dancer

Willie Adams -- b.10/8/1972
MLB Player

Yolanda Adams -- b.8/27/1961
Actress, Radio Hostess, Producer, Gospel Singer

Adamski -- b.12/4/1967
Music Figure, Music Producer, English
Names/Places: RN:Adam Tinley

Jan Adamski -- b.10/11/1943
Chess Player, Polish
Misc: chess master 1976

Andrew Adamson -- b.12/1/1966
Producer/Director, New Zealand
Movie Titles: The Chronicles of Narada (series), Shrek (series)

Joel Adamson -- b.7/2/1971
MLB Pitcher

Joy Adamson -- b.1/20/1910 d.1/3/1980 (69)
Author, Naturalist
Misc: Conservationalist; author of the best-selling book "Born Free," was killed in Northern Kenya by a servant in a wage dispute.
Book Titles: Born Free

Robert Adamson -- b.7/11/1985
Actor, Producer/Director, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Hollywood Heights (as Phil Sanders), Lincoln Heights (as Charles Antoni)
Video Games: King's Quest II Redux: To Heir is Human

Stuart Adamson -- b.4/11/1958 d.12/16/2001 (43)
Songwriter, Synthesizer, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, Scotish
Group Names: Big Country

Mahmoud Adbul-Rauf -- b.3/9/1969
NBA Player

Eddie Adcock -- b.6/21/1938
Banjoist, Country Mandolin
Group Names: Country Gentlemen

Joseph Wilbur Adcock -- b.10/30/1927 d.5/3/1999 (71)
MLB Manager, MLB Player
Misc: individual record for total bases in a game [18]: 4 home runs and a double [7/31/54]
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians; Milwaukee Braves

Anthony Addabbo -- b.9/14/1960 d.10/18/2016 N.S. (56)
Soap Actor
TV Shows: Generations, Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, All My Children

Joseph Addai -- b.5/3/1983
NFL Runningback

Cynthia Addai-Robinson -- b.1/12/1985 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: Arrow, Shooter (as Nadine)
Movie Titles: Star Trek Into Darkness, Colombiana, Spartacus: War of the Damned

Charles Samuel Addams -- b.1/7/1912 d.9/29/1988 (76)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: Macabre cartoons, Addams Family

Dawn Addams -- b.9/21/1930 d.5/7/1985 (54)
Movie Actress, English

Jane Addams -- b.9/8/1860 N.S. d.5/21/1935 N.S. (74)
Author, Social Reformer, Political Activist
Misc: Nobel Peace Laureate; founded Hull House in Chicago, Nobel 1931

"Cannon Ball" Adderley -- b.9/15/1928 d.8/8/1975 (46)
Composer, Alto-sax, Soprano-sax, Bandleader, Jazz Performer
Names/Places: b. in Tampa, Florida; RFN:Julian Edwin

Herbert Allen "Herb" Adderley -- b.6/8/1939 N.S.
NFL Cornerback
Misc: 5x Pro Bowl, 4x First-Team All-Pro, 5x NFL champ, 3x Super Bowl champ; defensive cornerback and kickoff-return specialist; in the Packers Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers (1961-1969), Dallas Cowboys (1970-1972)

Nathaniel "Nat" Adderley -- b.11/25/1931 d.1/2/2000 (68)
Composer, Cornetist, Flugelhorn, Jazz Trumpeter
Song Titles: Mercy Mercy Mercy (wrote for The Buckinghams in 1967)

Pauline Betz Addie -- b.8/6/1919 d.5/31/2011 (91)
Tennis Player
Misc: Wimbledon champ 1946

Richard Addinsell -- b.1/13/1904 d.11/14/1977 (73)
Composer, English

Adele Addison -- b.7/24/1925
Opera Soprano

John Addison -- b.3/16/1920 d.12/7/1998 (78)
Composer, British

Joseph Addison -- b.5/1/1672 J-LD d.6/17/1719 J-LD (47)
Essayist, Poet, Playwright, Politician, English

Rafael Addison -- b.7/22/1964
NBA Forward

Kip Addotta -- b.6/16/1944
Comedian, Game Show Host
Song Titles: Wet Dream, Life in the Slaw Lane, Big Cockroach
TV Shows: Everything Goes (host on Playboy Channel)

Don Addrisi -- b.12/14/1938 d.11/28/1984 (45)
Music Figure
Group Names: The Addrisi Bros

Mark Addy -- b.1/14/1964
Actor, English
TV Shows: Atlantis, Game of Thrones, The Thin Blue Line, Still Standing (as Bill Miller)
Movie Titles: The Full Monty, Jack Frost, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

Wesley Addy -- b.8/4/1913 d.12/31/1996 (83)
Names/Places: Celeste Holm's hubby

George Ade -- b.2/7/1866 d.5/16/1944 (78)
Dramatist/Playwright, Humorist, Editor

Emmanuel Adebayor -- b.2/26/1984 N.S.
Soccer Player, Austrian

George Adee -- b.1/4/1874 d.1/31/1948 (74)
Tennis Player

Adele -- b.5/5/1988
Songwriter, Soul Singer, English
Names/Places: LN:Adkins
Song Titles: Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, Set Fire to the Rain, Skyfall, Hello, When We Were Young
Album Titles: 19, 21, 25
Video Titles: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Traci Adell -- b.2/17/1969
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: July 1994

Rick Adelman -- b.6/16/1946
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Sybil Adelman -- b.3/15/1942
Screen/Scriptwriter, Canadian
TV Shows: Mary Tyler Moore Show, Alice

Sheldon Adelson -- b.8/4/1933 N.S.
Businessperson, Philanthropist
Misc: CEO and chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Paul Adelstein -- b.4/29/1969
TV Shows: Prison Break (as Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman), Private Practice (as Dr. Cooper Friedman)
Movie Titles: Bedazzled, Collateral

Konrad Adenauer -- b.1/5/1876 d.4/19/1967 (91)
Statesman, German
Misc: the first chancellor of the Federal German Republic (West Germany) 1949-63

Clement Ader -- b.2/4/1841 d.3/5/1926 (85)
Engineer, Inventor, French
Misc: was the first to fly a heavier-than-air craft

Segun Adewale -- b.??/??/1955
Composer, Singer/Guitarist, Nigerian

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -- b.9/15/1977 N.S.
Author, Nigeran

Demian Aditya -- b.6/19/1980 N.S.
Magician, Indonese

Isabelle Adjani -- b.6/27/1955 N.S.
Movie Actress, Producer, Singer, French
Movie Titles: Posession, Subway, Ishtar

Brianna Rhea Adkins -- b.9/4/2001 N.S.
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Rhonda and Trace's daughter

Doug Adkins -- b.10/3/1963
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist

Ed Adkins -- b.5/31/1967
Country Bassist
Group Names: The Derailers

Jim Adkins -- b.11/10/1975
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Jimmy Eat World

Mackenzie Lynn Adkins -- b.1/27/1998
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Trace's daughter

Scott Adkins -- b.6/17/1976 N.S.
Actor, English
Movie Titles: The Expendables 2, The Bourne Ultimatum, Undisputed III: The Redemption

Trace Adkins -- b.1/13/1962
Country Performer
Song Titles: Ladies Love Country Boys

Trinity Lee Adkins -- b.12/3/2004
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Rhonda and Trace's son

Buzz Adlam -- b.12/31/1904 or 12/31/1905 d.11/9/1974
Composer, Bandleader, English
Names/Places: RFN:Basil

Alfred Adler -- b.2/7/1870 N.S. d.5/28/1937 N.S. (67)
Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Austrian
Misc: Inferiority Complex

"Buddy" Adler -- b.6/22/1909 d.7/12/1960 (51)
Movie Producer
Misc: 20th Century Fox

Clyde Adler -- b.1/24/1926 d.9/4/1993 (67)
Entertainment Figure
TV Shows: The Soupy Sales Show (the voice of White Fang and Black Tooth)

Felix Adler -- b.8/13/1851 d.4/24/1933 (81)
Misc: educator and founder of the Ethical Movement.

Jacob P. Adler -- b.2/12/1855 d.4/1/1926 (71)
Jewish, Actor

Jay Adler -- b.9/26/1896 d.9/23/1978 (81)

Jerry Adler -- b.2/4/1929
Actor, Stage Director
TV Shows: The Good Wife, Hudson Street (as Lt. Al Teischer), The Sopranos (as Hesh Rabkin)

Julius Ochs Adler -- b.12/3/1892 d.10/3/1955 (62)
Journalist, Publisher, Executive
Misc: of newspapers

Kurt Adler -- b.3/1/1907 d.9/21/1977 (70)
Conductor, Austrian

Kurt Herbert Adler -- b.4/2/1905 d.2/9/1988 (82)
Conductor, Austrian

Larry Adler -- b.2/10/1914 d.8/6/2001 (87)
Composer, Harmonicaist
Misc: Virtuoso

Lou Adler -- b.12/13/1933
Music Producer, Pop Singer

Luther Adler -- b.5/4/1903 d.12/8/1984 (81)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Misc: usually played villians in films

Manny Jerrold Adler -- b.7/14/1992
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Page Hannah & Lou's son

Mortimer Adler -- b.12/28/1902 d.6/28/2001 (98)
Writer, Philosopher
Book Titles: Encyclopedia Brittanica

Peter Adler -- b.12/2/1899 d.10/2/1990 (90)

Polly Adler -- b.4/16/1900 d.6/11/1962 (62)

Renata Adler -- b.10/19/1937
Author, Writer, Critic, Journalist
Book Titles: Towards A Radical Middle (1970), A Year in the Dark (1970), Speedboat (1976), Pitch Dark (1983), Reckless Disregard (1986), Gone: The Last Days of The New Yorker (1999), Canaries in the Mineshaft (2001), Irreparable Harm (2004), After the Tall Timber: Collected Non-Fiction (2015)

Richard Adler -- b.8/3/1921 d.6/21/2012 (90)
Producer/Director, Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter
Names/Places: b. in New York
Misc: wrote Damn Yankees and Pajama Game and its musical film scores

Sawyer Gilbert Adler -- b.8/2/2007
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Sara Gilbert and Allison's son

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