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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Dustin Brown -- b.11/4/1984 N.S.
NHL Coach, NHL Player

Earl Brown -- b.12/25/1928
Composer, Bandleader
TV Shows: The Danny Kaye Show, Jonathan Winters Show, Sonny & Cher, Diahann Carroll Show

Earle Brown -- b.12/26/1926 N.S. d.7/2/2002 N.S. (75)

Eddie Brown -- b.2/19/1952
NFL Player

Eddie Brown -- b.12/18/1962
NFL Wide Receiver

Eddy Brown -- b.7/15/1895 d.6/14/1974 (78)

Edmund G. Brown Sr. -- b.4/21/1905 d.2/16/1996 (90)
Names/Places: MN:Pat; Jerry's father
Misc: California governor 1959-67

Ella Maxine Brown -- b.4/27/1931 N.S. d.1/21/2019 N.S. (87)
Singer, Country-Pop Performer
Group Names: The Browns

Ella Rosa Brown -- b.2/14/2017 N.S.
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Laura Benanti and Patrick's daughter

Eric Brown -- b.12/17/1964
Actor, Stuntman, Director
TV Shows: Mama's Family (as Vinton Buzz Harper Jr.)
Movie Titles: Private Lessons, Waxwork

Eric Martin Brown -- b.5/20/1968
Movie Titles: Found in Time, Jacklight, The Response, The First Wives Club

Ernest William Brown -- b.11/29/1866 d.7/22/1938 (71)
Astronomer, British
Misc: motion of the Moon

Errol Brown -- b.11/12/1943 d.5/6/2015 (71)
Songwriter, Soul Singer, Jamaican
Misc: some say b. 1945 or 1948
Group Names: Hot Chocolate

Foxy Brown -- b.9/6/1978 N.S.
Actress, Rapper, Model
Names/Places: RN: Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand
Group Names: The Firm

Fred Brown -- b.8/7/1948
NBA Guard

Gail Brown -- b.10/11/1937
Misc: retired from acting in 1982
TV Shows: Another World (1980s)
Movie Titles: The Big Bus, The Thing with Two Heads, Tora! Tora! Tora!

Garrett M. Brown -- b.??/??/????
TV Actor
TV Shows: Sisters (as John Whitsig)

Gary Brown -- b.7/1/1969
NFL Runningback

Gary Brown -- b.6/25/1971
NFL Tackle

Gary Allen Brown -- b.9/9/1988
MLB Outfielder

Gates Brown -- b.5/2/1939 d.9/27/2013 (74)
MLB Outfielder

Georg Stanford Brown -- b.6/24/1943
Actor, Producer/Director, Cuban
Names/Places: Tyne Daly's ex-hubby
Misc: some say b. 1949
TV Shows: Rookies (as Off. Terry Webster), Roots (as Tom Harvey), North & South, Linc's, Electric City
Movie Titles: Bullitt, Stir Crazy

George Brown -- b.8/19/1935
Soccer Player, English

George A. Brown -- b.??/??/???? d.9/29/1993 (92)

George "Funky" Brown -- b.1/5/1949
Rhythm and Blues Drummer
Group Names: Kool & the Gang

George Harold Brown -- b.10/14/1908 d.12/11/1987 (79)
Misc: electrical engineer who made major contributions to the development of radio and television broadcast antennas.

Georgia Brown -- b.10/21/1933 d.6/6/1992 (58)
Movie/Stage Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Singer, English

Gilbert Brown -- b.2/22/1971
NFL Tackle
Misc: Superbowl XXXI
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Godfrey Brown -- b.2/21/1915 d.2/4/1995 (79)
Runner, English
Misc: 4 X 400m runner (Olympic-gold-1936)

Gordon Brown -- b.2/20/1951
Head of State, Scotish
Misc: ex-British Prime Minister

Greg Brown -- b.3/7/1968
NHL Player

H. Rap Brown -- b.10/4/1943
Civil Rights Leader

Hale Brown -- b.??/??/????
Soap Actor
Names/Places: Karen Allen's hubby

Hank Brown -- b.2/12/1940
Politician, Senator

Harold Brown -- b.9/19/1927 N.S. d.1/4/2019 N.S. (91)
Scientist, Presidential Aide, Educator
Misc: ex-sec of Defense

Harold Brown -- b.3/17/1946
Percussionist, Rhythm and Blues Drummer
Names/Places: b. in Long Beach, CA; married Sue Brown on his birthday (year?)
Group Names: War

Harrison "Scott" Brown -- b.9/26/1917 d.12/8/1986 (69)
Scientist, Geochemist
Misc: who was known for his role in isolating plutonium for its use in the first atomic bombs and for his studies regarding meteorites and the Earth's origin.

Helen Gurley Brown -- b.2/18/1922 d.8/13/2012 (90)
Author, Editor, Businessperson
Names/Places: b. in Green Forest, Ark.
Misc: Cosmopolitan Magazine founder and former co-editor

Henry Billings Brown -- b.3/2/1836 d.9/4/1913 (77)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Justice 1890-1906

Henry Kirke Brown -- b.2/24/1814 d.7/10/1886 (72)

Herbert Jude "Hubie" Brown -- b.9/25/1933 N.S.
Sports Announcer, NBA Coach
Sports Teams: Kentucky Colonels (1974-1976), Atlanta Hawks (1976-1981), New York Knicks (1982-1987), Memphis Grizzlies (2002-2005)

Ian Brown -- b.2/20/1963
Rock & Roll Singer, English
Group Names: Stone Roses

Irv Brown -- b.3/30/1935 N.S. d.2/3/2019 N.S. (83)
Sports Executive, Sportscaster, Baseball Coach, Baseball Player, Basketball Coach, Basketball Player

J. B. Brown -- b.1/5/1967
NFL Cornerback

James Brown -- b.2/25/1951
Names/Places: NN: J.B.
TV Shows: Fox NFL Sunday, The NFL Today, Thursday Night Football, CBS News

James Brown -- b.1/3/1970
NFL Player

James Brown -- b.11/30/1970
NFL Player

James Brown -- b.5/3/1933 N.S. d.12/25/2006 N.S. (73)
Dancer, Arranger, Composer, Drummer, Pianist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in Augusta, Ga.; RN:James Joe Brown Jr. Ben Bart; NN: The Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother #1, Hardest working man in Show business
Misc: many including he say was b. in 1933, few '34, or June 17; Weird Al parodied his hit "Living In America" into "Living With A Herrina" in 1986
Group Names: James and the Flames (founder), soloist
Song Titles: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, I Got You (I Feel Good), Get Up (I Fell Like Being a) Sex Machine, Hot Pants, Living in America

James Craig Brown -- b.7/1/1940
Soccer Player, Soccer Manager, Scotish
Misc: CBE

James Brown III -- b.6/11/2001
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Tomi Rae Hynie and James' son

James "Jim" Brown -- b.12/31/1908 d.11/9/1994 (85)
Soccer Player, Jamaican, Scotish

James "Lefty" Brown -- b.3/22/1920 N.S. d.4/11/1992 N.S. (72)
TV/Movie Actor, Tennis Player
Names/Places: aka Jim
TV Shows: The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (as Lt. Rip Masters)

Jamie Brown -- b.4/24/1972
NFL Player
Misc: SuperBowl XXXII
Sports Teams: Denver Broncos

Jamieson "Junior" Brown -- b.6/12/1952 N.S.
Country Guitarist
Misc: hailed for his instrumental work on his self-designed guit-steel.

Jasmin Brown -- b.5/15/1989 N.S.
Actress, Comedienne

Jasmin Savoy Brown -- b.3/21/1994 N.S.
TV Shows: For The People

Jasmine Brown -- b.7/14/1995 N.S.

Jason "J" Brown -- b.6/13/1976
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Rapper, English
Group Names: Five Guys

Jeb Brown -- b.8/11/????
Country Performer

Jeff Brown -- b.4/30/1966
NHL Player, Canadian

Jeff Aaron Brown -- b.12/12/1964
Dancer, Singer
Names/Places: aka Rockin' Jeff
Group Names: Pasadenas

Jerome Brown -- b.2/4/1965 d.6/25/1992 (27)
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles

Jerry Brown -- b.4/7/1938
Governor, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: ex-ex-California Governor Moonbeam, ex-Oakland mayor, ex-California Attorney General

Jesse Brown -- b.3/27/1944 d.8/15/2002 (58)
Government Official
Misc: Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Jesse Leroy Brown -- b.10/13/1926 d.12/4/1950 (24)
Misc: the first African-American naval aviator

Jim Brown -- b.11/20/1957
Drummer, Reggae Musician, British
Group Names: UB40

Jim "Ed" Brown -- b.4/1/1934 N.S. d.6/11/2015 N.S. (81)
TV Host, Singer, Country-Pop Performer
Names/Places: RFN:James
Group Names: The Browns
TV Shows: Nashville on the Road

Jimmy "Jim" Brown -- b.2/17/1936 N.S.
Movie Actor, NFL Runningback
Names/Places: b. in St. Simon Island, Ga.
Misc: Cleveland Brown FB who was perhaps the most awe-inspiring running back in NFL history was a star in high school and college. He also once held the career touchdown mark with 126, until wide receiver Jerry Rice passed his by; led NFL in rushing 8 times; 8-time All-Pro (1957-61,63-65); 3-time MVP (1958,63,65) with Cleveland; ran for 12,312 yards and scored 756 points in just 9 seasons; rushed in 1963 a record NFL season of 1,863 yards.
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns

Joe Brown -- b.5/18/1926 d.12/4/1997 (71)

Joe Brown -- b.5/13/1941
Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English

Joe Evans Brown -- b.7/28/1892 d.7/6/1973 (80)
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian
Misc: Top 1930s-40s impish star

John Brown -- b.4/4/1904 d.5/16/1957 (53)
TV/Radio Actor
TV Shows: Ozzie & Harriet, My Friend Irma, The Life of Riley (as Digby Digger O'Dell), Burns & Allen (as Harry)

John Brown -- b.5/9/1800 d.12/2/1859 (59)
Civil Rights Leader, Abolitionist
Misc: was hanged for treason; leader of attack on Harpers Ferry, born in northeast Ohio.

John Carter Brown -- b.10/8/1934 d.6/17/2002 (67)
Misc: Museum director

John Mason Brown -- b.7/3/1900 d.3/16/1969 (68)
Essayist, Lecturer, Critic, Personality, American

Johnny Brown -- b.6/11/1937
Actor, Comedian, Singer
TV Shows: Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, Good Times (as Nathan Bookman)

Johnny Mack Brown -- b.9/1/1904 d.11/14/1974 (70)
Movie Actor, College Football Player, Football Runningback

Joseph Rogers Brown -- b.1/26/1810 d.7/23/1876 (66)

Judi Brown -- b.7/14/1961
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: 400m hurdler (Olympic-silver-1984)

Julie Brown -- b.8/31/1958
Actress, Comedienne, TV Hostess, Novelty Singer
Song Titles: The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, Because I'm a Blond, Earth Girls Are Easy
TV Shows: Just Say Julie, The Edge

Kane Brown -- b.10/21/1993 N.S.
Country Singer

Kate Brown -- b.6/21/1960 N.S.

Kathleen Brown -- b.9/25/1945

Keith (Baseball) Brown -- b.2/14/1964
MLB Pitcher

Keith (Hockey) Brown -- b.5/6/1960 N.S.
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Kelly Brown -- b.9/24/1928 d.3/13/1981 (52)
Movie/Stage Actor, Dancer

Ken Brown -- b.5/5/1971
NFL Linebacker

Kevin Brown -- b.5/11/1974
NHL Player, English
Misc: not to be confused with the baseball pitcher Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown -- b.3/14/1965
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Florida Marlins, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers

Kevin L. Brown -- b.4/21/1973
MLB Catcher

Kimberlin Brown -- b.6/29/1961 N.S.
Soap Actress
TV Shows: Young & the Restless, Bold & the Beautiful, Port Charles, One Life to Live
Movie Titles: Back to School

Kimberly J. Brown -- b.11/16/1984
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Long Winter Sun (as Shana Taylor)
Movie Titles: Tumbleweeds, A Bug's Life, Bringing Down the House

Kris Brown -- b.12/23/1976
NFL Kicker

Kwame Brown -- b.3/10/1982 N.S.
NBA Player

L. Russell Brown -- b.6/29/1940
Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter

Laiyah Brown -- b.9/3/2013
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Monica and Shannon's daughter

Lance Brown -- b.2/2/1972
NHL Player, American

Larry Brown -- b.11/30/1969
NFL Cornerback
Names/Places: not to be confused with the NBA's Larry Brown or an earlier NFL player Larry Brown
Misc: Super Bowl XXX MVP

Larry Brown -- b.9/19/1947
NFL Runningback
Names/Places: NOT to be confused with the NBA's Larry Brown
Misc: the third NFL player to rush over 4,000 yards in his first four seasons; MVP 1972; Super Bowl VII; Leading rusher 1970, 72

Larry Brown -- b.9/14/1940
NBA Coach, NBA Player, College Basketball Coach
Names/Places: NOT to be confused with the NFL's Larry Brown
Misc: College & NBA; played in ACC, AAU, 1964 Olympics and ABA; has coached in college at UCLA and Kansas and pros with ABA's Carolina and Denver and NBA's Denver, New Jersey, San Antonio, LA Clippers and Indiana; 3-time assist leader (1968-70) and 3-time Coach of Year (1973,75-76) in ABA; led UCLA to Final Four (1980) and Kansas to NCAA title (1988); SuperBowl XXX MVP
Sports Teams: North Carolina University (1960-1963), New Orleans Buccaneers (ABA 1967-1968), Oakland Oaks/Washington Caps/Virginia Squares (ABA 1968-1971), Denver Rockets (ABA 1971-1972), North Carolina (asst coach 1965-1967), Carolina Cougars (ABA coach 1972-1974), Denver Nuggets (ABA and NBA coach 1974-1979), UCLA (coach 1979-1981), New Jersey Nets (coach 1981-1983), Kansas (coach 1983-1989), San Antonio Spurs (coach 1988-1992), Los Angeles Clippers (coach 1992-1993), Indiana Pacers (coach 1993-1997), Philadelphia 76ers (1997-2003), Detroit Pistons (2003-2005), New York Knicks (2005-2006), Charlotte Bobcats (2008-2010), Southern Methodist University (2012-present as of 2016)

Lawrence Brown -- b.8/3/1907 d.9/5/1988 (81)
Group Names: Duke Ellington Orchestra

Lee Brown -- b.10/4/1937
Presidential Aide
Misc: Drug Czar nominee

Les Brown -- b.3/14/1912 d.1/4/2001 (88)
Arranger, Composer, Clarinetist, Bandleader
Misc: associated with Bob Hope; popular in the Big Band era
TV Shows: Steve Allen Show, Dean Martin Show, The Hollywood Palace

Lesly Brown -- b.2/18/1965
Names/Places: aka Lesky Sajak

Lew Brown -- b.12/10/1893 d.2/5/1958 (64)
Lyricist, Songwriter, Russian
Misc: of the DeSylva, Brown, & Henderson songwriting team

Lisa Brown -- b.8/2/1954
TV Shows: As the World Turns, Loving, Guiding Light

Lomas Brown -- b.3/30/1963
NFL Tackle

Lou Brown -- b.5/4/1912 d.1/7/2007 (94)
Misc: musical director of Jerry Lewis TV Shows

Louise Joy Brown -- b.7/25/1978
Test Tube Baby, English
Names/Places: b. in Oldham
Misc: the first test tube baby; she had been conceived through the technique of in-vitro fertilization; born under the sign of Pyrex

Lucille Brown -- b.7/18/1918 N.S. or 11/30/1917 N.S. d.8/21/1992 (74)
Misc: Hollywood.com says b. Nov 30, 1917, Wikipedia says July 18, 1918.
Movie Titles: Our Gang's Farina

Marc Brown -- b.11/25/1946
Cartoonist, Illustrator, Children's Author
Book Titles: Arthur (series creator)

Marcia Brown -- b.7/13/1918 d.4/28/2015 (96)
Illustrator, Children's Author

Margaret Wise Brown -- b.5/23/1910 d.11/13/1952 (42)
Children's Author

Marion Brown -- b.9/8/1931 d.10/18/2010 (79)
Composer, Alto-sax

Mark Brown -- b.7/18/1961
NFL Linebacker

Marshall Brown -- b.12/21/1920 d.12/13/1983 (62)
Trombonist, Jazz Performer

Marty Brown -- b.7/25/1965
Country Singer

Marty Brown -- b.1/23/1963
MLB Manager, MLB Player

Max Brown -- b.2/10/1981
Actor, English
TV Shows: The Tudors (as Edward Seynour), Beauty and the Beast (as Dr. Evan Marks), MI-5 (as Dimitri Levendis), The Royals (as Robert Henstridge)
Movie Titles: That Good Night

Maxine Ella Brown -- b.8/18/1939
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Soul Singer

Meg Brown -- b.??/??/????
Names/Places: Dick Wilson's wife

Melanie Janine "Scary" Brown -- b.5/29/1975 N.S.
Author, Actress, Personality, Pop Singer, Model, English
Group Names: Spice Girls

Michael Brown -- b.4/25/1949 d.3/19/2015 (65)
Songwriter, Keyboardist
Names/Places: RLN:Lookofsky
Group Names: The Left Banke, Stories
Song Titles: Don't Walk Away Renee (co-songwriter)

Mick Brown -- b.9/8/1956
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Ted Nugent, Dokken, Xciter, The Mission, Lynch Mob

Mike Brown -- b.3/5/1970 N.S.
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Mike Brown -- b.7/19/1963
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Miles Brown -- b.12/28/2004 or 12/28/2005 N.S.
TV Shows: Black-ish (as Jack Johnson)
Movie Titles: Battlefield America, Two Bellmen

Millie Bobby Brown -- b.2/19/2004 N.S.
TV Shows: Stranger Things (as Eleven)

Milton Brown -- b.9/8/1903 d.4/18/1936 (32)
Bandleader, Country Singer
Misc: the founder of western-swing with Bob Willis
Group Names: Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies

Mitch Brown -- b.12/23/1960
Names/Places: Jed Allan's son
Misc: retired from acting in 1986
TV Shows: The Cowboys
Movie Titles: Moving Violations

Monty Brown -- b.4/13/1970
NFL Player

Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown -- b.10/19/1876 d.2/14/1948 (71)
MLB Manager, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Three-Finger Brown
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (1903), Chicago Cubs (1904-1912), Cincinnati Reds (1913), St. Louis Terriers (1914), Brooklyn Tip-Tops (1914), Chicago Whales (1915), Chicago Cubs (1916), St. Louis Terriers (manager 1914)

Myra Gale Brown -- b.7/11/1944
Names/Places: Jerry Lee Lewis's 13-year-old cousin when she was wed to him; when word got out, Jerry's career went downhill

Nacio Herb Brown -- b.2/22/1896 d.9/28/1964 (68)
Composer, Songwriter

Nappy Brown -- b.10/12/1929 d.9/20/2008 (78)
Gospel Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Newsboy Brown -- b.1/1/1904 d.1/1/1977 (73)

Olivia Brown -- b.4/10/1957
Misc: some say b. 1960 or 1961
TV Shows: Miami Vice (as Det. Trudy Joplin), Designing Women (as Vanessa), Dear John (as Denise), 7th Heaven (as Patricia Hamilton)
Movie Titles: 48 Hrs., Throw Momma From The Train, Streets of Fire

Ollie Lee "Downtown" Brown -- b.2/11/1944 N.S. d.4/16/2015 N.S. (71)
MLB Player
Names/Places: NN: The Original (San Diego) Padre (after the team claimed him with their first pick in the 1968 expansion draft)
Sports Teams: San Diego Padres

Olympia Brown -- b.1/5/1835 d.10/23/1926 (91)
Feminist, Suffragate

Orlando Brown -- b.12/12/1970 d.9/23/2011 (40)
NFL Player

Orlando Brown -- b.12/4/1987 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Family Matters, Safe Harbor, Fillmore!, The Proud Family, That's So Raven
Movie Titles: Straight Outta Compton, Major Payne

Orville Brown -- b.3/10/1908 d.1/24/1981 (72)

Oscar Brown Jr. -- b.10/10/1926 d.5/29/2005 (78)
Songwriter, Singer

P. J. Brown -- b.10/14/1969
NBA Player

Pamela Brown -- b.7/8/1917 d.9/18/1975 (58)
Actress, English

Panama Al Brown -- b.7/5/1902 d.4/11/1951 (48)
Boxer, Panamaian

Pat "Sleepy" Brown -- b.1/24/1970
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Society of Soul

Paul Brown -- b.9/7/1908 d.8/5/1991 (82)
Businessperson, NFL Coach, NFL Player
Misc: primarily as coach from 1930 onwards; founded Cleveland Browns & Cincinnatti Bengals; led Browns to 3 NFL championships
Sports Teams: Severn School (1930-1931), Massillon Washington High School (1932-1940), Ohio State University (1941-1943), Great Lakes Blue Jackets (1944-1945), Cleveland Browns (AAFC, 1946-1949), Cleveland Browns (NFL, 1950-1962) Cincinnati Bengals (1968-1975)

Pete Brown -- b.11/9/1906 d.9/20/1963 (56)

Pete Brown -- b.12/25/1940
Poet, Lyricist, Percussionist, Jazz Performer, English
Misc: jazz-poet

Peter Brown -- b.7/11/1953
Music Producer, Keyboardist, Soul Singer

Peter Brown -- b.10/5/1935 d.3/21/2016 N.S. (80)
TV Shows: The Lawman (as Deputy Johnny McKay), Laredo (as Chad Cooper), Days of Our Lives, Young & the Restless, Loving, Bold & the Beautiful

Phil Brown -- b.4/30/1916 d.2/9/2006 (89)
TV Shows: Star Wars (as the uncle of Luke Skywalker)

Philip Brown -- b.1/6/1962
Runner, Olympic Athlete, English
Misc: 4x400m runner (Olympic-silver-1984)

Philip Brown -- b.3/26/1958
Names/Places: Peter's nephew
TV Shows: Doris Day Show (as Billy Martin), The Colbys (as Neil)

Quincy Brown -- b.6/4/1991 N.S.
Actor, Musician

Rachel Brown -- b.7/2/1980 N.S.
Soccer Player, English

Randy Brown -- b.5/22/1968
NBA Coach, NBA Guard

Ray Brown -- b.12/12/1962
NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Ray Brown -- b.11/26/1938
Group Names: the Four Freshmen

Ray Brown -- b.10/13/1926 d.7/2/2002 (75)
Bassist, Jazz Musician

Raymond Brown -- b.2/23/1908 d.2/8/1965 (56)
Baseball Figure
Misc: was an American right-handed pitcher in Negro league baseball, almost exclusively for the Homestead Grays. Brown was most notable for many pitching accomplishments.

Reb Brown -- b.4/29/1948
Movie Titles: Space Mutiny, Uncommon Valor

Reggie Brown -- b.6/26/1973
NFL Wide Receiver

Richard Brown -- b.9/21/1965
NFL Player

Rita Mae Brown -- b.11/28/1944
Writer, Mystery Writer, Screenwriter, Feminist
Book Titles: Rubyfruit Jungle

Rob (Actor) Brown -- b.3/11/1984
TV Shows: 'Treme, Blindspot (as Edgar Reade)
Movie Titles: The Dark Knight Rises, Coach Carter, Finding Forrester, Don Jon

Rob (Hockey) Brown -- b.4/10/1968
NHL Player, Canadian

Robert Brown -- b.2/5/1927
Misc: retired from acting in 1994
TV Shows: Here Come the Brides (as Jason Bolt), Ivanhoe (as monk)

Robert Hanbury Brown -- b.8/31/1916 d.1/16/2002 (85)
Writer, Astronomer, India
Misc: noted for his design, development, and use of the intensity interferometer.

Robert Latham Brown -- b.6/20/1947
Author, Teacher, Movie Producer
Misc: Production Manager
Movie Titles: Indiana Jones (series), Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Thing, Starship Troopers

Robert Stanford "Bob" Brown -- b.12/8/1941
NFL Tackle
Names/Places: NN:The Boomer
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles (1964-1968), Los Angeles Rams (1969-1970), Oakland Raiders (1971-1973)

Roger Aaron Brown -- b.6/12/1949
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: I'll Fly Away (as Reverend Henry), The District (as Deputy Chief Joe Noland)
Movie Titles: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, RoboCop 2, Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Video Games: Dying Light, Assassin's Creed (series)

Roger William Brown -- b.5/22/1942 d.3/4/1997 (54)
Basketball Figure
Misc: played in the ABA, 3x ABA champ; Pacers #35 retired
Sports Teams: NN:The Rajah; Indiana Pacers (1967-1974, 1975), Memphis Sounds (1974), Utah Stars (1974-1975)

Ron Brown -- b.3/31/1961
NFL Wide Receiver, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4x100m runner (Olympic-gold-1984)

Ronald H. "Ron" Brown -- b.8/1/1941 N.S. d.4/3/1996 N.S. (54)
Misc: Democratic Party chairman, then Commerce Secretary; d. in plane crash in Croatia.

Roosevelt Brown -- b.10/20/1932 d.6/9/2004 (71)
NFL Tackle
Names/Places: NN:Rosey
Misc: 9x All Pro
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1953-1965)

Roy Brown -- b.9/10/1925 d.5/25/1981 (55)
Songwriter, Pianist, Gospel Singer, Blues Singer, Soul Singer
Misc: An originator of the New Orleans R&B sound

Royalty Brown -- b.5/27/2014 N.S.
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Nia Guzman and Chris's daughter

Ruben Brown -- b.2/13/1970
NFL Guard

Russ Brown -- b.5/30/1892 d.10/19/1964 (72)
Movie/Stage Actor

Ruth Brown -- b.1/12/1928 N.S. d.11/17/2006 N.S. (78)
TV/Stage Actress, Jazz Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN:Miss Rhythm; RLN:Weston
Misc: some say b. Jan 12
TV Shows: Hello Larry (as Leona)

Ryan Brown -- b.1/2/1975

Sam Brown -- b.10/7/1964
Songwriter, Hip-Pop Singer, Punk Rock Singer, English
Group Names: Spandau Ballet (backing vocals), Adam and the Ants (backing vocals)

Sarah Brown -- b.2/18/1975
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Carly/Claudia 1996-2009), Youthful Daze (as Aunt Kathy)
Movie Titles: V.R. Troopers

Scott (Politician) Brown -- b.9/12/1959 N.S.
Politician, Attorney

Scott (Soccer) Brown -- b.6/25/1985 N.S.
Soccer Midfielder, Scotish

Shannon Brown -- b.11/29/1985 N.S.
NBA Guard

Shannon Brown -- b.7/23/1973
Country Singer

Sharon Brown -- b.1/11/1962
Movie Titles: A Chorus Line, Legend, Half Baked

Sherrod Brown -- b.11/9/1952

Shirley Brown -- b.1/6/1947
Soul Singer
Song Titles: Woman to Woman

Sidney George Brown -- b.7/6/1873 d.8/7/1948 (75)
Inventor, British
Misc: 1000+ patents; he is best remembered for his pioneering work on the design of gyro compasses, radio equipment and loudspeakers.

Solyman Brown -- b.11/17/1790 d.??/??/1876
Poet, Dentist

Sophina Brown -- b.9/18/1976
TV Shows: Shark (as Raina Troy), Numb3rs (as Nikki Betancourt)
Movie Titles: Because I Said So, Synapse

Sterling A. Brown -- b.5/1/1901 d.1/13/1989 (87)

Sterling K. Brown -- b.4/5/1976
TV Shows: Army Wives (as Roland Burton), American Crime Story, This is Us (as Randall Pearson)
Movie Titles: Righteous Kill, Stay, Our Idiot Brother

Steven Brown -- b.7/13/1970
Heavy Metal Guitarst
Group Names: Trixter

Susan Brown -- b.5/4/1932 N.S. d.8/31/2018 N.S. (86)
Names/Places: Not the Game of Thrones actress
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin for over two decades)

Susan Brown -- b.5/6/1946
Actress, English
Names/Places: not the General Hospital actress
TV Shows: Game of Thrones

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