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Last Updated 11-30-2018

Margot Chapman -- b.9/7/1957
Singer, Keyboardist
Group Names: The Starland Vocal Band

Marguerite Chapman -- b.3/9/1918 d.8/31/1999 (81)

Mark David Chapman -- b.5/10/1955
Misc: The scum who killed John Lennon

Mark Lindsay Chapman -- b.9/8/1954
Actor, Producer, English
TV Shows: Swamp Thing (as Dr. Anton Arcane)
Movie Titles: Titanic, Annihilator, American Gothic

Marshall Chapman -- b.1/7/1949
Author, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Country-Rock Performer

Matthew Garrison Chapman -- b.9/25/1987
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Amy Grant & Gary Chapman's Son

Michael (Cinematographer) Chapman -- b.11/21/1935
Director, Cinematographer
Misc: mainly a cinematographer
Movie Titles: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Fugitive, Primal Fear

Michael (Composer) Chapman -- b.4/13/1947
Composer, Australian
Misc: of Chinn & Chapman

Michael (Singer) Chapman -- b.1/24/1941
Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Folk Performer, English
Movie Titles: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Fugitive, Primal Fear

Nathan Chapman -- b.3/20/1977
Music Producer, Country Musician

Philip K. Chapman -- b.3/5/1935
Astronaut, Australian

Raymond Johnson Chapman -- b.1/15/1891 d.8/16/1920 (29)
MLB Shortstop
Misc: only major league fatality
Sports Teams: Cleveland Naps/Indians (1911-1920)

Rex Chapman -- b.10/5/1967
NBA Guard

Richard Chapman -- b.3/23/1911 d.11/15/1978 (67)
Misc: 1940 US amateur, 1951 British amateur

Roger Chapman -- b.4/8/1942
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer, British
Group Names: Family

Romell "RoRo" Chapman -- b.6/15/1978 N.S.
Group Names: Another Bad Creation

Ron Chapman -- b.??/??/????
Radio Broadcaster

Sarah Cannon Chapman -- b.10/11/1992
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Amy Grant & Gary's girl (not b. 1993)

Steven Curtis Chapman -- b.11/21/1962
Author, Music Producer, Songwriter, Christian/Country Performer, Country Performer

Sydney Chapman -- b.1/29/1888 d.6/16/1970 (82)
Geophysicist, Mathematician, English

Tracy Chapman -- b.3/30/1964
Songwriter, Guitarist, Folk Singer
Song Titles: Fast Car

Frank Chapot -- b.2/24/1934 N.S. d.6/20/2016 N.S. (82)
Equestrian, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-silver-1960, 1972

Claude Chappe -- b.12/25/1763 d.1/23/1805 (41)
Engineer, Inventor, French
Misc: optical telegraph

Crystal Chappell -- b.8/4/1965
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Dr. Carly Manning), One Life to Live (as Maggie Carpenter), Guiding Light (as Olivia Spencer Spaulding), Venice the Series (as Gina Brogno)

Dave Chappelle -- b.8/24/1973 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Producer
TV Shows: Chappelle's Show
Movie Titles: Half Baked, You've Got Mail

Stephane Chapuisat -- b.6/28/1969
Soccer Player, Swiss

Craig Chaquico -- b.9/26/1954
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Jefferson Starship, Starship

Zdeno Chára -- b.3/18/1977 N.S.
NHL Defensive, Slovakian

Alex Charak -- b.1/4/1988

Ram Charan -- b.3/27/1985 N.S.
Actor, India

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau -- b.2/11/1805 d.5/16/1866 (61)
Explorer, Fur Trapper, Guide

Stéphane Charbonnier -- b.8/21/1967 N.S. d.1/7/2015 N.S. (47)
Cartoonist, Satirist, French

Jean Charcot -- b.7/15/1867 d.9/16/1936 (69)
Explorer, French

Jean Marie Charcot -- b.11/29/1825 d.8/16/1893 (67)
Scientist, French

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- b.11/2/1699 N.S. d.12/6/1779 N.S. (80)
Painter, French

Louis Chardonnet -- b.5/1/1839 d.3/12/1924 (84)
Chemist, Inventor, French
Misc: first developed and manufactured rayon

Cyd Charisse -- b.3/8/1922 d.6/17/2008 (86)
Movie Actress, Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Amarillo, Tex.; RN:Tula Elice Finklea; Tony Martin's wife
Misc: some say b. 1921, '23, or '24

Charlene -- b.6/1/1950
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: RN: Charlene Maryann D'Angelo Oliver, aka Charlene Duncan
Song Titles: I've Never Been To Me (parodied into I've Been To Me And It's No Thrill by someone else)

Annette Charles -- b.3/5/1948 d.8/3/2011 (63)
Movie Titles: Grease

Bob Charles -- b.3/14/1936
Golfer, New Zealand

Bobby Charles -- b.2/21/1938 d.1/14/2010 (71)
Songwriter, Singer

Craig Charles -- b.7/11/1964 N.S.
Actor, Game Show Host, English
TV Shows: Coronation Street (as Lloyd Mullaney), Robot Wars, The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show

Dennis Charles -- b.12/4/1933 N.S. d.3/24/1998 N.S. (64)
Jazz Drummer

Elizabeth Charles -- b.1/2/1828 d.3/28/1896 (68)
Writer, British

Ezzard Charles -- b.7/7/1921 d.5/28/1975 (53)
Names/Places: b. in Lawrenceville, GA
Misc: heavyweight boxing champion (1949-51), the only boxer besides Muhammad Ali to try to regain the heavyweight championship 3 times and lost all 3 times

Gaius Charles -- b.5/2/1983
TV Shows: Friday Night Lights (as Brian "Smash" Williams), Grey's Anatomy (as Dr. Shane Ross), Taken (as John)
Movie Titles: Salt, The Messenger, Takers

Glen Charles -- b.2/18/1943
Screenwriter, TV Producer
TV Shows: Taxi, Cheers, Frasier
Movie Titles: Pushing Tin

Howard Charles -- b.9/6/1983 N.S.
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: The Musketeers (as Porthos)
Movie Titles: Need for Speed, And Me
Video Games: Need For Speed

Jacques Charles -- b.11/12/1746 N.S. d.4/7/1823 N.S. (76)
Chemist, Physicist, French

Jamaal Charles -- b.12/27/1986 N.S.
NFL Runningback

Jimmy Charles -- b.??/??/1942 or ??/??/1943
Rhythm and Blues Singer

John Charles -- b.12/27/1931 d.2/21/2004 (72)
Soccer Player, Welsh (Wales)

Josh Charles -- b.9/15/1971
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Sports Night (as Dan Rydell), The Good Wife (as Will Gardner)
Movie Titles: Dead Poets Society, Four Brothers

Lee Charles -- b.??/??/????
Screen/Scriptwriter, TV Producer
TV Shows: Taxi, Cheers, M*A*S*H

Lewis Charles -- b.11/2/1920 d.11/9/1979 (59)
TV Shows: Feather & Father Gang

Ray Charles -- b.9/23/1930 N.S. d.6/10/2004 N.S. (73)
Baptist, Music Executive, Arranger, Composer/Songwriter, Clarinetist, Organist, Pianist, Alto-sax, Bandleader, Blues Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in Albany, GA; LN:Robinson
Misc: Coke and Diet Pepsi singer: You've Got The Right One Baby Uh Huh!
Song Titles: I've Got a Woman, What'd I Say, Georgia on My Mind, Hit the Road Jack, I Can't Stop Loving You, You Don't Know Me, Busted
Album Titles: Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Volume Two, Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul
TV Shows: Three's Company (theme singer)

Ray (White) Charles -- b.9/13/1918 N.S. d.4/6/2015 N.S. (96)
Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Songwriter, Singer
Misc: Orchestra & Choral Director; TV show scores; Perro Como's associate; not to be confused with the Black Ray Charles

Sid Charles -- b.3/6/1917 presumed deceased
Misc: I have no clue who he is or was or whether he's still alive or not. Net searches turned up nothing

Steve Charles -- b.5/30/1966
Country Performer

Suzette Charles -- b.3/2/1963
Actress, Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Replacement Miss America 1984

Tina Charles -- b.3/10/1955
Disco Singer, English
Names/Places: RLN:Hoskins

Walter Charles -- b.4/4/1945
Actor, Singer
Misc: stage: Grease

Ian Charleson -- b.8/11/1949 d.1/6/1990 (40)
TV/Movie Actor, Scotish
Movie Titles: Chariots of Fire

Leslie Charleson -- b.2/22/1949
Soap Actress
Misc: some say b. 1940 or 1945
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Dr. Monica Quartermaine)

Oscar Charleston -- b.10/14/1896 d.10/5/1954 (57)
Baseball Manager, Baseball Player
Misc: Negro Leagues star
Sports Teams: Indianapolis ABCs (1915-1918), Lincoln Stars (1916), Chicago American Giants (1919), Detroit Stars (1919), Indianapolis ABCs (1920), St. Louis Giants (1921), Indianapolis ABCs (1922-1923), Harrisburg Giants (1924-1927), Hilldale Club (1928-1929), Homestead Grays (1930-1931), Pittsburgh Crawfords (1932-1937), Toledo Crawfords (1939), Indianapolis Crawfords (1940), Philadelphia Stars (1941)

Charli -- b.12/5/1969
XXX-rated actress

Charli XCX -- b.8/2/1992 N.S.
Songwriter, Singer, English
Names/Places: RN: Charlotte Emma Aitchison

Bobby Charlton -- b.10/11/1937
Author, Soccer Player, Soccer Manager, English

Jack Charlton -- b.5/8/1935
Soccer Player, English
Misc: OBE, DL; centre-half and manager

Manny Charlton -- b.7/25/1941
Hard Rock Guitarst, Scotish
Group Names: Nazareth

Norm Charlton -- b.1/6/1963
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:The Sheriff

Nikki Charm -- b.2/21/1966
XXX-rated actress

Tony Charmoli -- b.6/11/1922
Director, Choreographer, Dancer
TV Shows: Dinah Shore Show, Danny Kaye Show, Jonathan Winters Show, Julie Andrews Show

Dov Charney -- b.1/31/1969 N.S.
Entrepreneur, Canadian
Misc: American Apparel

Martin Charnin -- b.11/24/1934
Writer, Stage Director, Lyricist
Misc: Broadway lyricist (Annie, West Side Story)

Sir John Charnley -- b.8/29/1911 d.8/5/1982 (70)
Surgeon, British
Misc: pioneered the hip replaceent operation

Charo -- b.1/15/1941
Actress, Foreign Singer, Spanish
Names/Places: b. in Murcia; Trademark:Cucci Cucci; RN:Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Melina Baeza; Xavier Cugat's ex-wife
Misc: in the 9-17-02 issue of Star, they state that she was born in 1941 and not 1951, but b. 1931 is a possibly if she was an adult when she married Xavier Cugat in the 1960's
TV Shows: Chico & the Man (as Aunt Charo), The Love Boat (as April Lopez occasional)

Georges Charpak -- b.8/1/1924 d.9/29/2010 (86)
Physicist, French, Polish
Misc: subatomic particle detectors

Gustave Charpentier -- b.6/25/1860 d.2/18/1956 (95)
Composer, French

Peggy Charren -- b.3/9/1928 d.1/22/2015 (86)
Misc: Action for Children's TV founder

Éric Charron -- b.1/14/1970
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Guy Charron -- b.1/24/1949
NHL Center, English

Claude Charte -- b.12/21/1949
NHL Player, Canadian

Leslie Charteris -- b.5/12/1907 d.4/15/1993 (85)
Author, Mystery Writer, Singaporian
TV Shows: The Saint (creator)

Samuel Charters -- b.8/1/1929 d.3/18/2015 (85)
Writer, Poet, Historian, Music Producer, Musicologist, Musician
Misc: a noted and widely published author on the subjects of blues and jazz music, as well as a writer of fiction.

Melanie Chartoff -- b.12/15/1950
Inventor, TV/Movie Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: Fridays, Parker Lewis Can't Lose (as principal Ms. Grace Musso)

Robert Chartoff -- b.8/26/1933 d.6/10/2015 (81)
Movie Producer
Movie Titles: Rocky, Raging Bull, Rocky III, The Right Stuff

David Charvet -- b.5/15/1972
Actor, French
Names/Places: b. Lyon, France
Misc: PRON:Char-Vay
TV Shows: Baywatch (as Matt Brody), Melrose Place (as Craig Field)
Movie Titles: Green Flash, The Perfect Teacher

Vinnie Chas -- b.5/4/1963 d.4/6/2010 N.S. (46)
Rock & Roll Musician
Names/Places: RN: Vincent Charles Pusateri

Ariana Chase -- b.3/10/1960

Bailey Chase -- b.5/1/1972
TV Shows: Saving Grace
Movie Titles: Longmire, The Boy Next Door, Rats

Barrie Chase -- b.10/20/1933
Actress, Dancer, Singer
Misc: retired from acting in 1967
Movie Titles: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Flight of the Phoenix, Cape Fear

Bill Chase -- b.10/20/1934 d.8/9/1974 (39)
Trumpeter, Bandleader

Caley Leigh Chase -- b.1/19/1986
Actress, Producer
Names/Places: Jayni & Chevy's daughter

Charlie Chase -- b.10/20/1893 d.6/20/1940 (46)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actor, Comedian, Movie Director
Names/Places: RN:Charles Parrott
Movie Titles: The Three Stooges (director)

Charlie Chase -- b.10/19/1952
TV Host
TV Shows: Crook & Chase, Music City Tonight

Cheryl Chase -- b.12/25/1958
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: Noozles, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats (voice of Angelica), All Grown Up! (as Angelica)
Movie Titles: Rugrats (movie series)

Chevy Chase -- b.10/8/1943
Comedy Writer, Protestant, TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, TV Talk Show Host, Saxophonist, Jazz Pianist
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RFN:Cornelius Crane
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live (as President Ford, Weekend Update anchor, & member 1975-76), The Chevy Chase Show, Community's Pierce Hawthorne
Movie Titles: Foul Play, Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation (series), Fletch

Courtney Chase -- b.3/24/1988
TV Actress
TV Shows: One Life to Live (as Sarah Roberts), Blossom (as Kennedy)

Cydney Cathalene Chase -- b.1/4/1985
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Jayni & Chevy's daughter

Daveigh Chase -- b.7/24/1990
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Big Love (as Rhonda Volmer), Oliver Beene (as Joyce), Lilo and Stitch: The Series (as Lilo)
Movie Titles: Donnie Darko, The Ring, Lilo and Stitch

David Chase -- b.8/22/1945
Screen/Scriptwriter, TV Producer
TV Shows: The Rockford Files, The Sopranos
Movie Titles: Not Fade Away

Duane Chase -- b.12/12/1950
Actor, Computer Software Programmer
Movie Titles: The Sound of Music

Edna Woolman Chase -- b.3/14/1877 d.5/20/1957 (80)
Misc: fashion; of Vogue

Emily Evelyn Chase -- b.9/29/1988
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Jayni & Chevy's daughter

Harold W. Chase -- b.10/22/1884 d.??/??/????
MLB Player

Harrison V. Chase -- b.8/17/1913 d.2/6/2000 (86)
Misc: co-founder & co-editor of Chase's Annual Events

Helen M. Chase -- b.12/4/1924
Book Titles: Chase's Annual Events (co-editor)

Ilka Chase -- b.4/8/1900 d.2/15/1978 (77)
Author, Humorist, Actress, Panelist, American
Misc: some say b. 1903 or 1905
TV Shows: Masquerade Party

Jeff Chase -- b.1/17/1968
Actor, Stuntman
Movie Titles: Mission: Impossible III, Looper, The Mechanic, Star Trek (2009)

John Chase -- b.6/12/1906 N.S. d.4/1/1994 N.S. (87)
Hockey Coach, Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete

Jonathan Chase -- b.10/26/1979
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Love Thy Neighbor
Movie Titles: Gamer, Another Gay Movie, Eagle Eye

Kelly Chase -- b.10/25/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

Lorraine Chase -- b.7/16/1951
Actress, Model, English

Lucia Chase -- b.3/24/1907 N.S. d.1/9/1986 N.S. (78)
Misc: co-director of The American Ballet Theatre

Mary Agnes Chase -- b.4/29/1869 d.9/24/1963 (94)
Scientist, Botanist

Mary Coyle Chase -- b.2/25/1907 d.10/2/1981 (74)
Author, Writer, Dramatist/Playwright

Mary Ellen Chase -- b.2/24/1887 d.7/28/1973 (86)
Author, Novelist, Scholar, Teacher

Philander Chase -- b.12/14/1775 d.9/20/1852 (76)
Clergyman, Religionist

Qiana Chase -- b.2/12/1981
Model, Playmate
Misc: July 2005

Salmon Portland Chase -- b.1/13/1808 d.5/7/1873 (65)
Supreme Court Chief Justice, Senator
Misc: 6th Supreme Court Justice 1864-73; his portrait is on a $10,000 bill

Samuel P. Chase -- b.4/17/1741 d.6/19/1811 (70)
Revolutionary, Supreme Court Justice, Judge/Jurist, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Sara Chase -- b.8/3/1983
Actress, Internet Video Actress
TV Shows: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Movie Titles: The Other Guys, Hello I Must Be Going, Arthur

Stuart Chase -- b.3/8/1888 d.11/16/1985 (97)

Sylvia Chase -- b.2/23/1938
Newscaster, Journalist
TV Shows: ABC News, 20/20

Todd Chase -- b.9/26/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Tuff

Will Chase -- b.9/12/1970
Actor, Singer
TV Shows: Nashville (as Luke Wheeler), Smash (as Michael Swift)

William D. Chase -- b.4/8/1922
Librarian, Editor
Misc: founder of Chase's Annual Events

Joshua Scott "JC" Chasez -- b.8/8/1976 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Singer
Group Names: 'N Sync
TV Shows: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club

Abram Chasins -- b.8/17/1903 d.6/21/1987 (83)
Author, Lecturer, Composer, Musicologist, Pianist
Misc: piano teacher, music broadcaster, radio executive

Dennis Chassé -- b.2/7/1970
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

Brandi Chastain -- b.7/21/1968
Soccer Defender, Soccer Midfielder, American

David Chastain -- b.8/31/1961
Music Producer, Composer, Heavy Metal Guitarst

Don Chastain -- b.9/2/1935 d.8/9/2002 (66)
TV Shows: Edie Adams Show, Debbie Reynolds Show

Jessica Chastain -- b.3/24/1977 N.S.
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
Movie Titles: Madagascar 3, The Tree of Life, The Martian, Mama, Zero Dark Thirty, The Help

Nick Chastain -- b.2/1/1981
Movie Titles: Fast Girl, The Road to Canyon Lake

Ernie Chataway -- b.9/2/1952 N.S. d.5/12/2014 N.S. (61)
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Misc: obituaries say that he died at age 62, but that would make him born in 1951, not 1952, but at the time of his death, only his birth year was known, and since it was learned he was born on Sep 2, 1952, his death age was 61.
Group Names: Judas Priest

Kerry Chater -- b.8/7/1945
Bassist, Country Music Songwriter, Rock & Roll Performer, Canadian
Group Names: Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

John Nash Chatham -- b.11/24/2014
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jenn Brown and Wes's son

Rhett Jameson Chatham -- b.6/1/2016 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jenn Brown and Wes' son

Armentier "Bo Carter" Chatmon -- b.6/30/1893 N.S. d.9/21/1964 N.S. (71)
Multi-instrumentalist, Country-Blues Performer
Misc: notable for being sexually suggestive in songs.
Group Names: The Mississippi Shieks, soloist

Lonnie Chatmon -- b.??/??/???? d.??/??/????
Country-Blues Performer
Group Names: The Mississippi Shieks

Sam Chatmon -- b.1/10/1897 d.2/2/1983 (86)
Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Blues Guitarist
Group Names: The Mississippi Shieks

Philippe Chatrier -- b.2/2/1926 d.6/22/2000 (74)
Tennis Player, French

Ruth Chatterton -- b.12/24/1893 d.11/24/1961 (67)
Novelist, Movie Actress

Thomas Chatterton -- b.11/20/1752 d.8/24/1770 (17)
Poet, English

Bruce Chatwin -- b.5/13/1940 d.1/18/1989 (48)
Writer, Novelist, Traveler, English
Book Titles: On The Black Hill

Justin Chatwin -- b.10/31/1982 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: American Gothic, Shameless, Weeds
Movie Titles: War of the Worlds, The Invisible

Osirc Chau -- b.7/20/1986 N.S.
Actor, Stuntman, Producer, Video Game Voice Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Supernatural (as Kevin Tran)
Movie Titles: 2012 (2009), Killing Poe
Video Games: Halo 4

Geoffrey Chaucer -- b.??/??/1343 J-LD d.10/25/1400 J-LD
Author, Poet, English
Names/Places: b. c. 1340-1343, d. in London
Book Titles: The Canterbuty Tales

Saara Chaudry -- b.6/7/2004 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Max and Shred

Ernest Chausson -- b.1/20/1855 d.6/10/1899 (44)
Composer, French

Yvette Chauviré -- b.4/22/1917 d.10/19/2016 N.S. (99)
Actress, Ballerina, French

Alexandra Chaves -- b.5/9/2001 N.S.
Actress, Dancer, Canadian
TV Shows: The Next Step (as Piper)

Richard Chaves -- b.10/9/1951
TV Shows: War of the Worlds (as Colonel Paul Ironhorse)
Movie Titles: Predator, Witness, L.A. Takedown

Carlos Chávez -- b.6/13/1899 d.8/2/1978 (79)
Conductor/Composer, Mexican

César Chávez -- b.3/31/1927 d.4/23/1993 (66)
Labor Leader
Misc: of United Farm Workers of America & National Farm Workers Association

Eric Cesar Chavez -- b.12/7/1977 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman
Misc: 6x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger
Sports Teams: Oakland Athletics

Hugo Chávez -- b.7/28/1954 d.3/5/2013 (58)
Head of State, Venezuelan
Misc: President of Venezuela

Julio César Chávez -- b.7/12/1962
Boxer, Mexican
Names/Places: b. in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora
Misc: Mexican world jr. welterweight champ; also held titles as jr. lightweight (1984-87) and lightweight (1987-89); fought Pernell Whitaker to controversial draw for welterweight title on Sept. 10, 1993

Ricardo Antonio Chavira -- b.9/1/1971
TV Shows: Desperate Housewives (as Carlos Solis), Scandal (as Francisco Vargas)
Movie Titles: Piranha 3D, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Dead Space 3

Boozoo Chavis -- b.10/23/1930 d.5/5/2001 (70)
Singer, Musician
Misc: one of the pioneers of Zydeco

Juhi Chawla -- b.11/13/1967 N.S.
Actress, Beauty Pagent Winner, India

Kalpana Chawla -- b.3/17/1962 N.S. d.2/1/2003 N.S. (40)
Astronaut, India
Misc: the first Indian-born woman in space

Paddy Chayevsky -- b.1/29/1923 d.8/1/1981 (58)
Names/Places: RFN:Sidney

Maury Chaykin -- b.7/27/1949 d.7/27/2010 (61)
Movie Titles: Entrapment

Damien Chazelle -- b.1/19/1985 N.S.
Movie Titles: Whiplash (writer), La La Land (writer), 10 Cloverfield Lane (writer)

Steve Chbosky -- b.1/25/1970
Novelist, Screenwriter, Movie Director
Book Titles: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Michael Che -- b.5/19/1983 N.S.
Writer, Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: LN: Campbell
TV Shows: The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live
Movie Titles: Chinese Puzzle

Alvin Chea -- b.11/2/1967
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Take 6

Don Cheadle -- b.11/29/1964
Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Golden Palace, Picket Fences (as D.A. John Littleton), House of Lies (as Marty Kaan)
Movie Titles: Iron Man (series), Boogie Nights, Mission to Mars, Sword Fish, After The Sunset, Ocean's Twelve, Hotel Rwanda, Crash, Reign Over Me, Talk to Me, Traitor

Calbert Cheaney -- b.7/17/1971
College Football Coach, NBA Player

Doc Cheatham -- b.6/13/1905 d.6/2/1997 (91)
Singer, Jazz Trumpeter
Names/Places: RFN:Adolphus
Misc: his career spanned 70 years; played with everybody in jazz from Bessie Smith to Louis Armstrong to Ma Rainey to Cab Calloway to current up-and-comer Nicholas Payton

Kitty Cheatham -- b.??/??/1864 d.1/5/1946 (81)

Maree Cheatham -- b.6/2/1942
TV Shows: Knots Landing (as Mary)
Movie Titles: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Beetlejuice, The Wedding Singer

Maria Checca -- b.7/29/1970
Actress, Model, Playmate, Colombian
Misc: August 1994

Andrea Checchi -- b.10/21/1916 d.3/31/1974 (57)
Actor, Italian

Alex Checco -- b.7/21/1921 d.7/19/2015 (93)
Actor, Comedian
Misc: some say b. in 1925; comedy partner of Don Knotts, entertaining U.S. troops

Chubby Checker -- b.10/3/1941 N.S.
Dancer, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia; RN:Ernest Evans
Misc: Did impersonations of famous singers; in the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame
Song Titles: The Twist, The Hucklebuck, Pony Time, The Fly, Jingle Bell Rock, Slow Twisting, Dancin' Party, Twistin' Round The World, Limbo Rock, Popeye The Hitchhiker, Twist It Up, Loddy Lo, The Twist (Yo Twist with the Fat Boys)

Molly Cheek -- b.3/2/1950
Actress, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Chicago Story, It's Garry Shandling (as Show's Nancy Bancroft), Harry & the Hendersons (as Nancy Harrison)
Movie Titles: American Pie (series), American Wedding, Harry and the Hendersons

Tom Cheek -- b.6/13/1939 N.S. d.10/9/2005 N.S. (66)
Baseball Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 2013
Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (original announcer)

Danyel Cheeks -- b.8/14/1967
XXX-rated actress

Judy Cheeks -- b.2/13/1954
Songwriter, Singer

Maurice Cheeks -- b.9/8/1956
NBA Guard
Names/Places: b. in Chicago, IL
Misc: 7085+ assists; 4x NBA All-Star; 76ers #10 retired
Sports Teams: Philadelphia 76ers (1978-1989), San Antonio Spurs (1989-1990), New York Knicks (1990-1991), Atlanta Hawks (1991-1992), New Jersey Nets (1993), Philadelphia 76ers (assistant coach 1994-2001), Portland Trail Blazers (coach 2001-2005), Philadelphia 76ers (coach 2005-2008), Oklahoma City Thunder (assistant coach 2009-2013), Detroit Pistons (coach 2013-2014), Oklahoma City Thunder (assistant coach 2015-present)

Chandra Cheesborough -- b.1/10/1959
Runner, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 4X100 runner (Olympic-gold-84)

Cheetah The Chimp -- b.4/9/1931 d.12/24/2011 N.S. (80)
Animal Star
Movie Titles: Tarzan (as comic sidekick 1932-1934)

Richard Cheetham -- b.1/29/1957
Folk Musician
Group Names: Brass Monkey

Derek Cheetwood -- b.10/8/1973
Movie Titles: Fratily, U-571, The Postman

Kylie Danielle Cheetwood -- b.1/30/2008
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Cari and Derk's daughter

Eddie Cheever -- b.1/10/1958
Auto Racer

John Cheever -- b.5/27/1912 d.6/18/1982 (70)
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Gerry Cheevers -- b.12/7/1940
Athiest, NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Misc: played 1956-1980; longest undefeated streak [32 games]
Sports Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Boston Bruins (NHL), Cleveland Crusaders (WHA), Pittsburgh Hornets (AHL), Rochester Americans (AHL), Oklahoma City Blazers (CHL), Sudbury Wolves (EPHL), Sault Thunderbirds (EPHL)

Vladimir Chekasin -- b.2/24/1947
Musician, Reeds, Russian

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov -- b.1/17/1860 Ju-1 or 1/29/1860 N.S. d.7/15/1904 N.S. (44)
Dramatist/Playwright, Short Story Writer, Physician, Russian
Book Titles: The Cherry Orchard

Michael Chekhov -- b.8/29/1891 d.9/30/1955 (64)
Author, Actor, Movie Director, American, Russian

Pavel Andreivich Chekov -- b.3/25/2184
Misc: Star Trek character born in the USSR, but it doesn't exist anymore. Could it return?

Chris Chelios -- b.1/25/1962
NHL Defensive, American
Names/Places: RN:Christos Kostas Chelios
Misc: played 1983-2010
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Atlanta Thrashers

Bruce Chen -- b.6/19/1977
MLB Player, Panamaian

Ian Chen -- b.9/7/2006 N.S.
TV Shows: Fresh Off the Boat (as Evan Huang), Family Guy

Joan Chen -- b.4/26/1961
TV/Movie Actress, Chinese
TV Shows: Twin Peaks (as Jocelyn "Josie" Packard)
Movie Titles: Judge Dredd, Lust Caution, On Deadly Ground, The Last Emperor, Heaven and Earth

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