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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Melvin Endsley -- b.1/30/1934 d.8/16/2004 (70)
Songwriter, Musician, Country Singer

Georges Enesco -- b.8/7/1881 O.S. or 8/19/1881 N.S. d.5/4/1955 (73)
Composer, Violinist, Romanian

Harry Enfield -- b.5/31/1961
Actor, Comedian, Director, English

Georgia Engel -- b.7/28/1948 N.S. d.4/12/2019 N.S. (70)
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
Names/Places: b. in Washington, DC; MN:Bright
TV Shows: The Mary Tyler Moore Show (as Georgette Franklin Baxter), Betty White Show, Goodtime Girls, Jennifer Slept Here, Coach (as Shirley Burleigh), Hot in Cleveland (as Mamie), Everybody Loves Raymond (as Pat MacDougall)
Movie Titles: Grown Ups 2, The Care Bears Movie, Open Season

Greg Engel -- b.1/18/1971
NFL Center

Lehman Engel -- b.9/14/1910 d.8/29/1982 (71)
Author, Conductor

Robert Allen Engel -- b.10/11/1933 N.S. d.3/5/2018 N.S. (84)
MLB Umpire
Misc: worked in MLB from 1965-1990

Scott Engel -- b.7/19/1973
NHL Player

Scott Engel -- b.1/9/1943
Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Singer, Bassist, American, British
Names/Places: FN:Noel; aka Scott Walker
Group Names: The Walker Brothers

Douglas Engelbart -- b.1/30/1925 d.7/2/2013 (88)
Misc: In the 1960s, he envisioned the power of interconnected computers to accelerate the pursuit of knowledge and solve the world's increasingly complex problems, laying the foundation for the modern computing age and the Internet. He also invented the computer mouse.

George Engelmann -- b.2/2/1809 d.2/4/1884 (75)
Botanist, Physician, Meterologist

Friedrich Engels -- b.11/28/1820 N.S. d.8/5/1895 N.S. (74)
Philosopher, Political Writer, German
Misc: Marx's collaborator

Bob Engemann -- b.2/19/1935 d.1/20/2013 N.S. (77)
Pop Singer
Group Names: The Lettermen

Chris Engen -- b.10/25/1979
Movie Titles: Dirty Dancing: Havana, Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home, Left in Darkness

Jon Engen -- b.3/9/1957
Olympic Athlete, Norweigan
Misc: US biathelete (Olympics-1994)

Dave England -- b.12/30/1969 N.S.
Actor, Stuntman, Snowboarder
TV Shows: Jackass (stuntman)
Movie Titles: Jackass

Eric England -- b.4/25/1971
NFL Player

Levi Wyatt England -- b.2/14/1997
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Shania Twain and Ty's daughter (need confirmation of parents of this child)

Tyler England -- b.12/5/1963
Country Singer/Guitarist

Eloise Engle -- b.4/12/1923 d.7/??/1993 (70)

Joe Henry Engle -- b.8/26/1932
Astronaut, Pilot, American

Paul Engle -- b.10/12/1908 d.3/22/1991 (82)
Author, Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Literary Critic, Editor, Teacher

Roy Engle -- b.9/13/1913 d.12/29/1980 (67)
TV Shows: Date with the Angels, My Favorite Martian (as police chief)

Shirley Englehorn -- b.12/12/1940

Wesley Theodore Englehorn -- b.1/21/1890 d.9/3/1993 (103)
College Football Coach, College Football Player

John Engler -- b.10/12/1948
Misc: Governor of Michigan 1991-2003

Alice Englert -- b.6/15/1994 N.S.
Actress, Australian
Movie Titles: Beautiful Creatures, Jonathan Strange, Mr. Norrell

A. J. English -- b.7/11/1967
NBA Guard

Aiden English -- b.10/7/1987 N.S.
Wrestler, American
Names/Places: ring name: The Drama King

Alexander "Alex" English -- b.1/5/1954
NBA Forward
Misc: scored 2000 points in 8 straight seasons; played 1,193 games; 8x NBA All-Star (1982-1989); 3x All-NBA Second Team (1982-1983, 1986); J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award (1988); NBA Scoring Champion (1983); Nuggets #2 retired, University of South Carolina #22 retired
Sports Teams: South Carolina College (1972-1976), Milwaukee Bucks (1976-1978), Indiana Pacers (1978-1980), Denver Nuggets (1980-1990), Dallas Mavericks (1990-1991), Basket Napoli (Italy 1991-1992)

Arthur English -- b.5/9/1919 d.4/16/1995 (75)
Actor, Comedian

Bill "Doc" English -- b.2/7/1934 d.11/15/1994 (60)
Names/Places: RN:William Thomas
Misc: posed as a fake Buckwheat

Doug English -- b.8/25/1953
NFL Defensive, College Football Player
Misc: 4x Pro Bowl; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Texas, Detroit Lions (1975-1985)

Ellia English -- b.3/26/1959
TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Jamie Foxx Show (as Aunt Helen King), Good Luck Charlie, Code Black
Movie Titles: Good Luck Chuck, Semi-Pro, My Sister's Keeper

Glenn English -- b.11/30/1940

Joe English -- b.2/7/1949
Songwriter, Singer, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Wings

Lieko English -- b.6/3/1947 N.S.
Actress, Model, Playmate, Japanese
Misc: June 1971

Philip English -- b.??/??/????
Actor, Australian

Anabel Englund -- b.7/14/1994
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Pam and Morgan's girl

Annabelle Englund -- b.9/1/1992
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Joselyn Seagrave & Morgan's daughter

Jackson Alexander Englund -- b.7/14/1994
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Pam & Morgan's son

Kenneth Englund -- b.5/6/1914 d.8/10/1993 (79)

Morgan Englund -- b.8/25/1963
Actor, Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Nome, AK; Cloris Leachman's son
TV Shows: Guiding Light (as Dylan Shayne-Lewis)
Movie Titles: Carnosaur 3: Primal Species, Not Like Us, Picnic

Robert Englund -- b.6/6/1947
Actor, Director
Names/Places: b. in Glendale, CA
TV Shows: Downtown, V (as Willie), Nightmare Cafe (as Blackie)
Movie Titles: Nightmare on Elm Street (series as Freddie Kruger), Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Freddy vs. Jason

Bobby Engram -- b.1/7/1973
NFL Wide Receiver

Axel Engstfeld -- b.10/10/1953
Writer, Producer, Director, Austrian

Dr. Howard T. Engstrom -- b.6/23/1902 d.3/9/1962 (59)
Engineer, Computer Scientist
Misc: UNIVAC computer designer

Bill Engvall -- b.7/27/1957
Actor, Comedian, TV Host, Producer, Country Performer
Names/Places: b. in Galveston, Texas
Misc: catchline: "Here's Your Sign"
Song Titles: Here's Your Sign (Get the Picture, with Travis Tritt), Warning Signs (with John Michael Montgomery), I'm a Cowboy, Here's Your Sign Christmas, Blue Collar Dollar (with Jeff Foxworthy and Marty Stuart), Now That's Awesome (with Neal McCoy, Tracy Byrd and T. Graham Brown)
Album Titles: Here's Your Sign, Dorkfish, Here's Your Christmas Album, Now That's Awesome, Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography, Here's Your Sign Reloaded, A Decade of Laughs, 15 Degrees Off Cool, Aged and Confused, Ultimate Laughs
TV Shows: Delta, Jeff Foxworthy Show (as Bill Pelton), Bill Engvall Show (as Bill Pearson), Blue Collar TV (co-host)
Movie Titles: Bait Shop, Delta Farce

Travis Engvall -- b.6/25/1991 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Misc: Bill's son

Enigma -- b.5/18/1957
Pop Singer, Romanian
Names/Places: RN:Michael Creta

Karin Enke -- b.6/20/1961
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete, East German
Misc: Olympic-gold-1980, 84

Del Ennis -- b.6/8/1925 d.2/8/1996 (70)
MLB Player
Misc: drove in 100 runs in seven seasons
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies

Ethel Ennis -- b.11/28/1932 N.S. d.2/17/2019 N.S. (86)
Pianist, Jazz Singer
Group Names: The Benny Goodman Orchestra

Ray Ennis -- b.5/26/1942
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Group Names: The Swinging Bluejeans (lead)

Skinnay Ennis -- b.8/13/1907 d.6/3/1963 (55)
Singer, Drummer, Bandleader

Jessica Ennis-Hill -- b.1/28/1986 N.S.
Runner, Olympic Athlete, English

Ennius -- b.??/??/239BC d.??/??/170BC
Misc: Latin

Brian Eno -- b.5/15/1948 N.S.
Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Singer, Keyboardist, Synthesizer, English
Names/Places: b. in Woodbridge; RN:Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
Group Names: Roxy Music, soloist

Alfred Enoch -- b.12/2/1988
Actor, English
Names/Places: aka FN: Alfie
TV Shows: How To Get Away With Murder (as Wes Gibbins)
Movie Titles: Harry Potter (series except for Deathly Hallows Part 1)

Bob Enos -- b.7/4/1947
Singer, Trumpeter

Johnny Enos -- b.6/12/1962 N.S.
TV Shows: Melrose Place (as Bobby Parezi)
Movie Titles: Blade, Demolition Man, Phone Booth

Mireille Enos -- b.9/22/1975
TV Shows: The Killing, The Catch (as Alice)
Movie Titles: World War Z, If I Stay, Gangster Squad

Thomas Enqvist -- b.3/13/1974
Tennis Player, Swedish

Dan Enright -- b.8/30/1917 d.5/22/1992 (74)
Misc: Game Show producer

Elizabeth Enright -- b.9/17/1907 d.6/8/1968 (60)
Artist, Children's Author

James Enright -- b.4/3/1910 N.S. d.12/20/1981 N.S. (71)
Sports Writer, Basketball Referee
Misc: officiated college and professional basketball games; wrote for baseball and basketball for publications.

Pat Enright -- b.4/22/1945
Country Guitarist
Misc: a founding member of The Nashville Bluegrass Band, and part of the fictitious Soggy Bottom Boys band.

Luis Enrique -- b.5/8/1970 N.S.
Soccer Player, Spanish

René Enriquez -- b.11/25/1933 d.3/23/1990 (56)
TV Actor
TV Shows: Hill Street Blues (as Lt. Ray Calletano)

Morgan Ensberg -- b.8/26/1975
MLB Third Baseman

John Ensign -- b.3/25/1958

Michael Ensign -- b.2/13/1944
Movie Titles: Midnight Express, Superman, Raise the Titanic!, Buddy Buddy, WarGames, Mr. Mom, Ghostbusters, Dr. Hackenstein, Life Stinks, Not Another Teen Movie, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, All Of Me, House, Rough Magic, The Couch Trip, License To Drive, Pink FloyThe Wall, Kiss Me Goodbye, Vice Squad, Children of the Corn III, Solaris, Maxie, Star Chamber, Born Yesterday, Bringing Down the House, Down with Love, Titanic and Seabiscuit.

Eve Ensler -- b.5/25/1953
Playwright, Producer/Director

James Ensor -- b.4/13/1860 d.11/19/1949 (89)
Painter, Etcher
Misc: Flemish; Dig him up and shake his hand, appreciate the man (They Might Be Giants)

Steve Entman -- b.4/16/1970
NFL Player, College Football Player, Football Coach
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Washington in Seattle, Indianapolis Colts (1992-1994), Miami Dolphins (1995-1996), Washington Redskine (1997), Spokane Shock (coach 2007-2010)

Warren Entner -- b.7/7/1944
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Misc: Music Manager
Group Names: The Grass Roots

Philippe Entremont -- b.6/7/1934
Pianist, Conductor, French

John Entwistle -- b.10/9/1944 d.6/27/2002 (57)
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Names/Places: b. in London; MN:Alec
Misc: Oct 9 is correct although several sources state Sep 10 or 1942 or 1946, but, it is Oct 9 according to The Who's box set booklet "30 Years of Maximum R&B CD"
Group Names: The Who

Carrie Enwright -- b.8/25/1943 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: July 1963

Enya -- b.5/17/1961
Songwriter, Pianist, New Age Singer, Irish
Names/Places: RN:Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin; PRON:Enya Nee VREE-nine
Misc: Whimsical Will's raving fave
Song Titles: Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
Album Titles: Enya, Watermark, Shepherd Moons, The Celts, The Memory of Trees, A Day Without Rain

Mike Enzi -- b.2/1/1944

Eo -- b.??/??/????

Terri Eoff -- b.9/10/1960

Ep -- b.??/??/????

Edem Ephraim -- b.7/1/1959 d.1/21/1996 (36)
Pop Singer, English
Group Names: London Boys

Molly Ephraim -- b.5/22/1986 N.S.
TV Shows: Last Man Standing (as Mandy Baxter)
Movie Titles: Paranormal Activity (series), College Road Trip

Henry Ephron -- b.5/26/1911 d.9/6/1992 (81)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Producer

Nora Ephron -- b.5/19/1941 d.6/26/2012 (71)
Novelist, Screen/Scriptwriter, Director
Names/Places: b. in New York City

Epicharmus -- b.??/??/530BC d.??/??/440BC
Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Greek

Epictetus -- b.??/??/55AD d.??/??/135
Philosopher, Greek

Epicurus -- b.??/??/341BC d.??/??/270BC
Philosopher, Greek

Tom Eplin -- b.10/25/1960
Movie Titles: Days of Darkness, Sunset Strip, Delta Fever

Brenda Epperson-Doumani -- b.9/9/1965
Actress, Composer
TV Shows: Young & the Restless, Passions
Movie Titles: Bug Buster, "Vegas, City of Dreams", Follow Your Heart, Day of Miracles

Brendan Eppert -- b.2/10/1970
Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympics 1994

Jack Epps -- b.11/3/1949
Screenwriter, Producer, Cameraperson
Movie Titles: Dick Tracy, Top Gun

Mike Epps -- b.11/18/1970
Actor, Comedian, Producer
Movie Titles: Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Hangover (series), Next Friday, The Fighting Temptations

Omar Epps -- b.7/20/1973
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: ER (as Dr. Dennis Gant Jr.), House M.D. (as Dr. Eric Foreman), Resurrection
Movie Titles: Scream 2, Higher Learning, Juice; The Mod Squad, Scream 2, Against the Ropes

Preston Epps -- b.??/??/1931
Singer, Percussionist

Tory Epps -- b.5/28/1967 d.6/1/2005 N.S. (38)
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle

Brian Epstein -- b.9/19/1934 d.8/27/1967 (32)
Music Figure, English
Misc: Beatles manager & discoverer; d. drug overdose

Charlotte "Eppie" Epstein -- b.??/??/1884 N.S. d.??/??/1938 N.S. (54)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Howard "Howie" Epstein -- b.7/21/1955 d.2/24/2003 (47)
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Sir Jacob Epstein -- b.11/10/1880 d.8/21/1959 (78)
Sculptor, British
Misc: Adam, Jacob & the Angel

Julius Epstein -- b.8/22/1909 d.12/30/2000 (91)
Names/Places: Philip's twin
Misc: a prolific Hollywood writer whose reworking of a little-known stage play earned him and his co-writers the 1943 Academy Award for "Casablanca"

Mike Epstein -- b.4/4/1943
MLB Player

Philip G. Epstein -- b.8/22/1909 d.2/7/1952 (42)
Dramatist/Playwright, Screen/Scriptwriter
Names/Places: Julius's twin

Harvey Epswitch -- b.3/2/1938
Songwriter, Singer

Eq -- b.??/??/????

Er -- b.??/??/????

Desiderius Erasmus -- b.10/27/1469 O.S. or 10/28/1466 O.S. d.7/12/1536 O.S. (66)
Author, Humanist, Religionist, Theologian, Priest, Scholar, Teacher, Dutch (Netherlands)
Names/Places: Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, aka Erasmus of Rotterdam, or simply Erasmus; RN:Gerhard Gerhards
Misc: Britticana says b. Oct 27, 1469, Historyguide.org says b. Oct 28, 1466

Thomas Erastus -- b.9/7/1524 d.12/31/1583 (59)
Physician, Swiss

Eratosthenes -- b.??/??/276BC d.??/??/194BC
Scientist, Mathematician, Greek

Kathryn Erbe -- b.7/5/1965
TV Shows: Chicken Soup (as Patricia), Oz (as Shirley), Law and Order: Criminal Intent (as Det. Alexandra Eames)
Movie Titles: Stir of Echoes, D2: The Mighty Ducks, What About Bob?

Hande Ercel -- b.11/24/1993 N.S.
Actress, Turkey

Paul Erdman -- b.5/19/1932 d.4/23/2007 (74)
Novelist, Mystery Writer, Economist, Canadian

Richard Erdman -- b.6/1/1925 N.S. d.3/16/2019 N.S. (93)
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Ray Bolger Show, Tab Hunter Show, Saints & Sinners, From Here to Eternity, Community (as Leonard)
Movie Titles: Stalag 17, "Tora! Tora! Tora!", The Men

Recep Tayyip Erdoǧan -- b.2/26/1954
President, Prime Minister, Turkey

Paul Erdős -- b.3/26/1913 N.S. d.9/20/1996 N.S. (83)
Mathematician, Hungarian
Misc: one of the century's top math experts

Louise Erdrich -- b.6/7/1954
Novelist, Poet, Children's Author
Book Titles: Love Medicine Tracks, The Beet Queen, The Bingo Palace, The Round House

Ludwig Erhard -- b.2/4/1897 d.5/5/1977 (80)
Economist, Statesman, German
Misc: Chancellor

Werner Erhard -- b.9/5/1935
Psychologist, Episcopalian
Names/Places: RN:John Paul "Jack" Rosenberg
Misc: author of transformational models and applications.

John Ericks -- b.9/16/1967
MLB Pitcher

Craig Erickson -- b.5/17/1969
NFL Quarterback

Dennis Erickson -- b.3/24/1947
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Ethan Erickson -- b.8/5/1973
Movie Titles: Jawbreaker, John Dies at the End, Santa Switch

Grant Erickson -- b.4/28/1947
NHL Player, Canadian

Leif Erickson -- b.10/27/1911 N.S. d.1/29/1986 N.S. (74)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: a WWII hero
TV Shows: The High Chaparral (as Big John Cannon)
Movie Titles: Invaders from Mars, On the Waterfront

Roger Kynard "Roky" Erickson -- b.7/15/1947 N.S. d.5/31/2019 N.S. (71)
Songwriter, Harmonicaist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Misc: a pioneer of the psychedelic rock genre
Group Names: The 13th Floor Elevators

Scott Erickson -- b.2/2/1968
MLB Pitcher

Devon Ericson -- b.12/21/1952
TV Shows: Chisholms

John Ericson -- b.9/25/1926
Actor, German

Leif Ericson -- b.??/??/970 d.??/??/1020
Misc: fl.c.1000AD; was a Norse explorer regarded as the first European to land in North America (excluding Greenland), nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus

John Ericsson -- b.7/31/1803 d.3/8/1889 (85)
Engineer, Swedish
Misc: Warships; invented screw propeller, built USS Monitor

Ulrika Ericsson -- b.9/10/1970
Actress, Model, Playmate, Swedish
Names/Places: RFMN:Anna Ulrika
Misc: November 1996

Christian Eriksen -- b.2/14/1992 N.S.
Soccer Player, Danish (Denmark)

Kaj-Erik Eriksen -- b.2/15/1979
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: The Commish (as David)
Movie Titles: 88 Minutes, Captains Courageous, See No Evil 2

Stein Eriksen -- b.12/11/1927 d.12/27/2015 N.S. (88)
Skier, Olympic Athlete, Norweigan
Misc: giant slalom (Olympic-gold-1952)

Erik H. Erikson -- b.6/15/1902 d.5/12/1994 (91)
Author, Scientist, Psychoanalyst, German
Misc: Pulitzer Prize-winning; coined the phrase "identity crisis."

John Erikson -- b.9/6/1954
Misc: the first man to complete a "triple crossing" swim of the English Channel. It took 38 hours and 27 minutes.

Jon Erikson -- b.??/??/1954 N.S. d.7/28/2014 N.S. (59)
Swimmer, American

Anders Eriksson -- b.1/9/1975
NHL Player, Swedish

Claes Eriksson -- b.7/27/1950
Artist, Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, Comedian, Director, Composer, Swedish

Stefan Eriksson -- b.10/17/1963
Tennis Player, Swedish

Hayley Erin -- b.7/13/1994 N.S.

Caner Erkin -- b.10/4/1988 N.S.
Soccer Player, Turkey

Eric Erlandson -- b.1/9/1963
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Guitarist
Group Names: Hole

Joseph Erlanger -- b.1/5/1874 d.12/5/1965 (91)
Scientist, Physiologist
Misc: shock therapist

R. Lee Ermey -- b.3/24/1944 N.S. d.4/15/2018 N.S. (74)
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
Names/Places: NN: The Gunny; MN:Ronald
Movie Titles: Se7en, Toy Story (series), Full Metal Jacket
Video Games: Batman (series), Toy Story (series), Call of Duty (series)

George Ernest -- b.11/20/1921 d.6/25/2009 (87)
Movie Actor

Jimmy Ernst -- b.6/24/1920 d.2/6/1984 (63)
Names/Places: Max's son

Max Ernst -- b.4/2/1891 N.S. d.4/1/1976 N.S. (84)
Painter, Sculptor, German
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Surrealism

Paul Karl Friedrich Ernst -- b.3/7/1866 d.5/13/1933 (67)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Critic, German

Richard R. Ernst -- b.8/14/1933
Chemist, Swiss
Misc: for his contribution to the applications of nuclear magnetic resonance

Ken Errair -- b.1/23/1930 d.6/14/1968 (38)
Group Names: The Four Freshmen

Bob Errey -- b.9/21/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Krista Errickson -- b.5/8/1964 N.S.
Journalist, Actress, Producer
Misc: retired from acting in 1994
TV Shows: Hello Larry (as Diane)
Movie Titles: Little Darlings, Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again

Greg Errico -- b.9/1/1948
Music Producer, Funk Musician, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Sly & the Family Stone

Melissa Errico -- b.3/23/1970
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: C.P.W.
Movie Titles: Frequency, Life or Something Like It, Mockingbird Don't Sing

Leon Errol -- b.7/3/1881 d.10/12/1951 (70)
Movie Actor, Comedian, Vaudevillan, Dancer, Australian
Movie Titles: Ziegfeld Follies

Carl Erskine -- b.12/13/1926
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers

John Erskine -- b.10/5/1879 d.6/2/1951 (71)
Author, Poet, Educator, Professor, Pianist

Marilyn Erskine -- b.4/24/1926

Peter Erskine -- b.6/5/1954
Composer, Jazz Drummer
Group Names: Steps Ahead, Weather Report

Darin Erstad -- b.6/4/1974
MLB Player, College Baseball Coach
Misc: 3x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, 2x All-Star
Sports Teams: California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Erté -- b.11/23/1892 d.4/21/1990 (97)
Fashion Designer, Russian
Names/Places: RN:Romain de Tirtoff
Misc: art-deco

Ahmet Ertegun -- b.7/31/1923 N.S. or 7/18/1923 O.S. d.12/14/2006 N.S. (83)
Businessperson, Executive, Philanthropist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Turkey
Misc: co-founder of Atlantic Records & Chairman of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation

Nesuhi Ertegun -- b.11/26/1917 d.7/15/1989 (71)
Executive, Music Figure, Turkey
Misc: co-founder of Atlantic Records

Janet Ertel -- b.9/21/1913 d.11/24/1988 (75)
Group Names: The Chordettes

Jan Erteszek -- b.12/24/1913 d.??/??/1986

Olga Erteszek -- b.6/15/1916 d.9/15/1989 (73)
Fashion Designer

Gerhard Ertl -- b.10/10/1946
Chemist, Physicist, Professor, German

Susan Ertz -- b.1/1/1894 d.4/11/1985 (91)
Author, Novelist, British

Zach Ertz -- b.11/10/1990 N.S.
NFL Tight End, American

Mike Eruzione -- b.10/25/1954
NHL Player, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team captain

Booker Ervin -- b.10/31/1930 d.7/31/1970 (39)

Lisa Ervin -- b.4/20/1977
Figure Skater

Samuel James "Sam" Ervin Jr. -- b.9/27/1896 N.S. d.4/23/1985 N.S. (88)
Misc: Watergate committee chairman

Julius "Dr. J" Erving -- b.2/22/1950
NBA Forward
Names/Places: b. in Roosevelt, N.Y.; NN:Dr. J.
Misc: The third person to score over 30,000 career points; in ABA (1972-76)--3-time MVP, 2-time playoff MVP, led NY Nets to 2 titles (1974-76); in NBA (1977-87)--5-time All-NBA 1st team, MVP in 1981, led Philadelphia 76ers to NBA title in 1983.2x ABA Champion (1974, 1976); NBA MVP (1981); 3x ABA MVP (1974-1976); 11x NBA All-Star (1977-1987); 5x ABA All-Star (1972-1976); 5x All-NBA First Team (1978, 1980-1983); 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Nets #32 retired
Sports Teams: UMass (1968-1971), Virginia Squires (ABA 1971-1973), New York Nets (ABA 1973-1976), Philadelphia 76ers (1976-1987)

Ricky Ervins -- b.12/7/1968
NFL Runningback

Bill Erwin -- b.12/2/1914 d.12/29/2010 (96)
TV Shows: Seinfeld (as the grumpy old man)

Caledonia Jean-Marie Erwin -- b.7/24/1998
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Shawn Colvin and Mario's daughter

George "Pee Wee" Erwin -- b.5/30/1913 N.S. d.6/20/1981 N.S. (68)
Composer, Jazz Trumpeter, American

John Lee Erwin -- b.12/5/1936 N.S.
Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: voiced Morris the Cat in some "9 Lives" cat food commercials
TV Shows: Rawhide (as Teddy), The Archie Show (as Reggie Mantle), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (as He-Man)

Stuart Erwin -- b.2/14/1902 d.12/21/1967 (65)
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian
Misc: played the amiable, well-meaning, but completely inept bumbler
TV Shows: Stu Erwin Show (star)

Es -- b.??/??/????

Leo Esaki -- b.3/12/1925
Physicist, Japanese
Misc: Tunnel Effect

Nick Esasky -- b.2/24/1960
MLB Player

Arlen Escarpeta -- b.4/9/1981
Actress, Belize
TV Shows: American Dreams (as Sam Walker)

M. C. Escher -- b.6/17/1898 d.3/27/1972 (73)
Artist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Names/Places: RFN:Maurtis Cornelius

Lina Esco -- b.5/14/1985 N.S.
Actress, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Kingdom
Movie Titles: LOL, London

Alcides Escobar -- b.12/16/1986 N.S.
MLB Shortstop, Venezuelan
Misc: Gold Glove, ALCS MVP (2015); active as of 2015

Andrés Escobar -- b.3/13/1967 d.7/2/1994 (27)
Soccer Player, Colombian
Misc: was shot to death in Medellin, 10 days after accidentally scoring a goal against his own team in World Cup competition and causing the team to lose to the U.S.

Eduardo Escobar -- b.1/5/1989 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman, Venezuelan

Kelvim Escobar -- b.4/11/1976
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan

Pablo Escobar -- b.12/1/1949 d.12/2/1993 (44)
Misc: Drug Lord

Sixto Escobar -- b.3/23/1913 d.11/17/1979 (66)
Boxer, Puerto Rican

Georges Auguste Escoffier -- b.10/28/1846 d.2/12/1935 (88)
Author, Chef, Inventor, French
Names/Places: NN: The King of Chefs & The Chef of Kings

Alejandro Escovedo -- b.1/10/1951
Roots Rock Singer

Montsho Eshe -- b.12/23/1974
Group Names: Arrested Development

Vaughn Eshelman -- b.5/22/1969 N.S. d.7/25/2018 N.S. (49)
MLB Pitcher

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