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Last Updated 05-16-2022

G -- b.??/??/????

Becky G -- b.3/2/1997 N.S.
Actress, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Rapper

Johnny G -- b.2/11/1949
Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, Bandleader, English
Names/Places: RN:Johnny Gotting

Kenny G -- b.6/5/1956
Jazz Saxophonist
Names/Places: RLN:Gorelick
Song Titles: Don't Make Me Wait for Love, Songbird, Silhouette, We've Saved the Best for Last, Going Home, Forever in Love, By The Time This Night is Over
Album Titles: Kenny G Live, Kenny G, G Force, Gravity, Duotones, Silhouette, Breathless, The Moment, Classics in the Key of G, Paradise, At Last...The Duets Album

Max G -- b.10/31/1993
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: RN:Maxwell Gorelick; Lyndie & Kenny's son

G. -- b.??/??/????

G. Love -- b.10/3/1972
Rock & Roll Performer

G.Z.A. -- b.8/22/1966
Rap Music Performer
Names/Places: aka The Genius
Group Names: Wu-Tang Clan

Ga -- b.??/??/????

Marianne Gaba -- b.11/13/1939 N.S. d.5/3/2016 N.S. (76)
Actress, Beauty Pagent Winner, Model, Playmate
Misc: September 1959

Yuval Gabay -- b.7/23/1963
Hip-Pop Drummer, Israeli
Group Names: Soul Coughing

Blaine Gabbert -- b.10/15/1989 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Dora Gabe -- b.8/26/1886 N.S. d.11/16/1983 N.S. (97)
Poet, Bulgarian

Andy Gabel -- b.12/23/1964
Olympic Athlete, Skater
Misc: short track skater (Olympics-1994)

Elyes Gabel -- b.5/8/1983
Actor, English
TV Shows: Casualty (as Guppy), Scorpion (was Walter O'Brien), Body of Proof, Game of Thrones

Martin Gabel -- b.6/19/1912 d.5/22/1986 (73)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Producer/Director, Panelist
Names/Places: Arlene Francis' onetime husband
TV Shows: What's My Line?

Seth Gabel -- b.10/3/1981
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Arrow, Salem (as Cotton Mather), American Horror Story (as Jeffrey Dahmer), Fringe

Gary Gabelich -- b.8/29/1940 N.S. d.1/26/1984 N.S. (43)
Auto Racer
Misc: set a world land speed record of 622.407 miles per hour (1,001.67 km/h) on Oct. 23, 1970 (broken by Stan Barrett in 1979).

Sharon Gabet -- b.1/13/1952
Soap Actress
Misc: retired from acting in 1989
TV Shows: Another World, The Edge of Night, One Life to Live, The Love Boat

Jean Gabin -- b.5/17/1904 d.11/15/1976
Movie Actor, French
Names/Places: RN:Jean-Alexis Moncourge

Chad Gable -- b.3/8/1986 N.S.

Clark Gable -- b.2/1/1901 d.11/16/1960 (59)
Movie Actor, Gay
Names/Places: b. in Cadiz, OH; FN:William; NN:King of Hollywood; wed 5x's
Movie Titles: Gone With the Wind (as Rhett Butler), Mutiny on the Bounty, The Misfits, It Happened One Night

Clark James Gable -- b.9/20/1988 N.S. d.2/22/2019 N.S. (30)
Actor, TV Host, Personality, Model
Names/Places: Clark Gable's grandson, Tracy Yarro and John Clark Gable's son
TV Shows: Cheaters (host)

Dan Gable -- b.10/25/1948
Wrestler, Olympic Athlete
Misc: coach; career college wrestling record of 118-1 at Iowa St., where he was a 2-time NCAA champ (1968,69) and tourney MVP in 1969 (137 lbs.); won gold medal (149 lbs) at 1972 Olympics; coach U.S. freestyle team in 1988; coached Iowa to 9 straight NCAA titles (1978-86) and has added three more from 1991-93.

John Clark Gable -- b.3/20/1961
Names/Places: Clark's son
Misc: was born 4 months after his father died
Movie Titles: Bad Jim, Aliens from Uranus

June Gable -- b.6/5/1945

Milt Gabler -- b.5/20/1911 d.7/20/2001 (90)
Music Producer
Misc: jazz aficionado

Naum Gabo -- b.8/5/1890 d.8/23/1977 (87)
Sculptor, Russian
Misc: whose use of such materials as glass, plastic, and metal signaled a rejection of traditional concepts of mass in favour of a sense of spatial movement.

Dennis Gabor -- b.6/5/1900 N.S. d.2/9/1979 N.S. (78)
Scientist, Engineer, Inventor, Hungarian
Misc: of holography (3D laser photography)

Eva Gabor -- b.2/11/1919 d.7/4/1995 (76)
TV/Movie Actress, Pianist, Hungarian
Names/Places: b. in Budapest; PRON:AY-va; Zsa Zsa's younger sis
Misc: some say b. in 1923, '24, or '25
TV Shows: Green Acres (as Lisa Douglas)

Jolie Gabor -- b.9/30/1896 d.4/1/1997 (100)
Celebrity Relative
Names/Places: mother of Magda, Zsa Zsa, & Eva
Misc: b. 1896 or b. 1889 is incorrect according to Zsa Zsa

Magda Gabor -- b.6/11/1915 d.6/6/1997 (81)
Movie Actress, Hungarian
Names/Places: Eva & Zsa Zsa's sister

William A. "Billy" Gabor -- b.5/13/1922 N.S. d.6/4/2019 N.S. (97)
Basketball Player

Zsa Zsa Gabor -- b.2/6/1917 N.S. d.12/18/2016 N.S. (99)
Author, Actress, Hungarian
Names/Places: b. in Budapest; RFN:Sari; wed 9x's
Misc: some say born in '17, '18, '19, '20, '23, '28; born in 1917 according to ex-classmate Elizabeth Nussbaum of Seattle, but that's improbable since her sister Magda was born in 1917; wed 9x's

Marián Gáborík -- b.2/14/1982
NHL Right Wing, Czechoslovakian, Slovakian

Chad Gabriel -- b.3/7/1975
TV Shows: Hang Time (as Danny Melon)
Movie Titles: The Pink Panther, After the Sunset, Guess Who

Jacques Ange Gabriel -- b.10/23/1698 N.S. d.1/4/1782 N.S. (83)
Architect, French

John Gabriel -- b.5/25/1931 N.S. d.6/11/2021 N.S. (90)
Soap Actor
TV Shows: Ryan's Hope, One Life to Live, Another World, Days of Our Lives

Juan Gabriel -- b.1/7/1950 N.S. d.8/28/2016 N.S. (66)
Songwriter, Singer, Mexican
Misc: Latin pop singer

Justin Gabriel -- b.3/3/1981 N.S.
Wrestler, South African
TV Shows: WWE SmackDown

Misha Gabriel -- b.5/13/1987 N.S.

Peter Gabriel -- b.2/13/1950
Vegetarian, Music Producer, Songwriter, Flautist, Guitarist, Harmonicaist, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Names/Places: b. in London
Misc: some say b. May 3 or 13
Group Names: Genesis (lead 1966-75), soloist
Song Titles: Solsbury Hill (1977), Games Without Frontiers, Biko, Shock The Monkey, Sledgehammer, Don't Give Up (with Kate Bush), Big Time, In Your Eyes, Red Rain, Shakin' The Tree (with Youssou N'Dour), Digging in the Dirt, Steam
Album Titles: Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (previous titles as lead of Genesis), Peter Gabriel (1977), Peter Gabriel (1978), Peter Gabriel (1980), Peter Gabriel/Security, So, Us, Up, Scratch My Back

Roman Gabriel -- b.8/5/1940
NFL Quarterback
Misc: 4x All Pro; most fumbles (105)
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Rams (1962-1972), Oakland Raiders (1973-1977)

Rosemarie Gabriel -- b.2/27/1956 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, East German

Sandy Gabriel -- b.1/3/1948
Misc: retired from acting in 1986

Seychelle Gabriel -- b.3/25/1991
TV Shows: Falling Skies, The Legend of Korra
Movie Titles: Honey 2, The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, The Spirit

Giovanni Gabrieli -- b.??/??/1554 or ??/??/1557 d.8/12/1612
Composer, Organist, Italian

Gabrielle -- b.4/16/1970
Songwriter, Pop Singer, English
Names/Places: RN: Louise Gabrielle Bobb

Monique Gabrielle -- b.7/30/1963
Actress, Model
Movie Titles: Amazon Women on the Moon, Deathstalker II, Emmanuelle 5, Bachelor Party, Flashdance, Night Shift

Andrea Gabrielli -- b.??/??/1510 or ??/??/1520 or ??/??/1530 or ??/??/1532 d.8/30/1585
Composer, Italian

Rene Gabriels -- b.1/18/1912 d.6/20/1982 (70)
Billiards Player, Belgiumese
Misc: 7 World/9 European championships

Ossip Gabrilowitsch -- b.1/26/1878 O.S. or 2/7/1878 N.S. d.9/14/1936 (58)
Pianist, Conductor, Russian

Bertrand Gachot -- b.12/23/1962
Auto Racer, French

John Wayne Gacy -- b.3/17/1942 d.5/10/1994 (52)
Misc: serial killer; was convicted of 33 slayings after bodies were found buried in the crawl space under his suburban Chicago home. Executed in Illinois.

Josh Gad -- b.2/23/1981
Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor, Singer
Misc: stage: The Book of Mormon
TV Shows: Back to You (as Ryan Church), Woke Up Dead (as Matt), Gigi: Almost American, Good Vibes (as Mondo), 1600 Penn (as Skip)
Movie Titles: 21, Beauty and the Beast (2017), The Rocketeer, The Rocker, Jobs, Crossing Over, The Lost Nomads: Get Lost, Marmaduke, Love and Other Drugs, Mardi Gras: Spring Break, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Thanks For Sharing, Frozen (as Olaf), Wish I Was Here, Pixels
Video Games: Disney Infinity 3.0

Tobias "Toby" Gad -- b.4/12/1968 N.S.
Music Producer, Songwriter, German

Tony Gad -- b.11/11/1957
Guitarist, Reggae Performer
Group Names: Aswad

Steve Gadd -- b.4/9/1949
Jazz Drummer

Carlo Emilio Gadda -- b.11/14/1893 d.5/21/1973 (79)
Novelist, Essayist, Short Story Writer, Italian

Thomas Gaddis -- b.9/14/1908 d.10/10/1984 (76)

William Gaddis -- b.12/29/1922 d.12/16/1998 (75)

Christopher Gaddy -- b.4/8/1943 d.3/12/1968 (24)
Group Names: Art Ensemble of Chicago

Mommar Gadhafi -- b.6/7/1942 d.10/20/2011 (69)
Head of State
Names/Places: NN: The Mad Dog of the Middle East

Peter Gadiot -- b.1/2/1985
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Queen of the South
Movie Titles: Tut

Gal Gadot -- b.4/30/1985 N.S.
Actress, Model, Israeli
Movie Titles: The Fast and The Furious (series), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman

Bill Gadsby -- b.8/8/1927 d.3/10/2016 N.S. (88)
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Sports Teams: Chicago Black Hawks, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings

Christopher Gadsden -- b.2/16/1724 d.9/15/1805 (81)
Revolutionary, General
Misc: of Continental Army

James Gadsden -- b.5/15/1788 d.12/26/1858 (70)
Diplomat, Businessperson
Misc: Railroad Promoter

Oronde Gadsen -- b.8/20/1971
NFL Wide Receiver

Joanna Gadski -- b.6/15/1872 d.2/22/1932 (59)
Opera Soprano, German

Eddie Gaedel -- b.6/8/1925 d.6/18/1961 (36)
MLB Player
Misc: 3'7" pinch-hitter (he walked)
Sports Teams: St. Louis Browns

Amymarie Gaertner -- b.8/5/1994 N.S.

Joe Gaetjens -- b.3/19/1924 d.7/10/1964 (40)
Soccer Player, Haitian
Misc: presumed dead on July 10

Gary Gaetti -- b.8/19/1958
MLB Infielder
Names/Places: NN: G-Man, Rat or Zorn
Misc: 4x Gold Glove; AL LCS MVP 1987
Sports Teams: Minnesota Twins

Jim Gaffigan -- b.7/7/1966
Author, Actor, Comedian, Producer
Book Titles: Dad is Fat
TV Shows: That 70s Show (as Roy Keene), My Boys (as Andy Franklin), The Jim Gaffigan Show (as himself)
Movie Titles: 13 Going on 30, Hot Pursuit, Super Troopers, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Away We Go, 17 Again, Three Kings, Duck Duck Goose

Melanie Gaffin -- b.11/12/1973
Misc: retired from acting in 1988
TV Shows: Whiz Kids
Movie Titles: The Entity, Armed and Dangerous

Mo Gaffney -- b.11/5/1958
Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: That 70's Show (as Joanne Stupac)
Movie Titles: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Happy Texas

Wanda Gág -- b.3/11/1893 N.S. d.6/27/1946 N.S. (53)
Artist, Illustrator, Painter, Children's Author, Translator, American
Book Titles: Millions of Cats

Yuri Alexseyevich Gagarin -- b.3/9/1934 d.3/27/1968 (34)
Cosmonaut, Russian
Names/Places: LN:Gargarin?
Misc: the first person in space in 108-minute voyage around the earth aboard Vostok 1

Daniel Carleton Gagdusek -- b.9/9/1923 d.12/12/2008 (85)
Scientist, Physician

Joaquin Gage -- b.10/19/1973
NHL Player, Canadian

Lukas Gage -- b.5/28/1995 N.S.
TV Shows: American Vandal, On My Block

Matilda Joslyn Gage -- b.3/24/1826 N.S. d.3/18/1898 N.S. (71)
Author, Suffragate, Political Activist, Abolitionist
Misc: She is the eponym for the Matilda Effect, which describes the tendency to deny women credit for scientific invention.

Nicholas Gage -- b.7/23/1939 N.S.
Writer, Movie Producer, Greek
Names/Places: not to be confused with Nicholas Cage

Pete Gage -- b.8/31/1947
Music Producer, Composer/Arranger, Pianist, Rock & Roll Guitarist, English
Group Names: Vinegar Joe, The Ram Jam Band, Geno Washington

Ryan Gage -- b.1/17/1983 N.S.
Movie Titles: The Hobbit (series)

Bob Gagliano -- b.9/5/1958
NFL Quarterback

Phil Gagliano -- b.12/27/1941 d.12/19/2016 N.S. (74)
MLB Player
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox

Edward John "Ed" Gagliardi -- b.2/13/1952 N.S. d.5/11/2014 N.S. (62)
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Foreigner

John Gagliardi -- b.11/1/1926 N.S. d.10/7/2018 N.S. (91)
College Football Coach
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Saint John's University (MN) (football 1953-2012)

Greg Gagne -- b.11/12/1961
MLB Shortstop
Misc: NL Cy Young Award Winner in 2003
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers

Laverne Clarence "Verne" Gagne -- b.2/26/1926 N.S. d.4/27/2015 N.S. (89)
Football Player, Wrestler
Misc: Wrestling promoter and trainer

Simon Gagné -- b.2/29/1980 N.S.
NHL Left Wing, Canadian

Dave Gagner -- b.12/11/1964
NHL Player, Canadian

Holly Gagnier -- b.12/12/1958
Actress, Director
TV Shows: Baywatch (as Gina Pomeroy), seaQuest 2032 (as Rachael)
Movie Titles: Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Billy and the Hurricane

Pierce Gagnon -- b.7/25/2005 N.S.
TV Shows: One Tree Hill

Trevor Gagnon -- b.9/4/1995
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: The New Adventures of Old Christine (as Ritchie Campbell)
Movie Titles: Big Fish, Shorts, Fly Me to the Moon 3D

Jenny Gago -- b.9/11/1953
Actress, Peruvian
TV Shows: Freddie, Dangerous Minds (as Mrs. Amanda Bardales)
Movie Titles: Nurse Betty, Coach Carter, Blood In Blood Out

David Gahan -- b.5/9/1962 N.S.
New Wave Singer, New Wave Musician, English
Group Names: Depeche Mode

Nevis Gahunia -- b.9/20/2003
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Nelly Furtado and Lil' Jaz's son

Dana Gaier -- b.8/30/1997 N.S.
Cartoon Voice Actress, Singer
Song Titles: Without You
Movie Titles: Despicable Me (series)

David Gail -- b.2/27/1966
TV Shows: Beverly Hills 90210 (as Stuart Carson 93-94), Savannah (as Dean Collins), Port Charles
Movie Titles: Two Came Back, Bending All The Rules

Max Gail -- b.4/5/1943
TV Actor, Singer, Keyboardist
Names/Places: b. in Detroit, Mi.
TV Shows: Barney Miller (as Det. Stanley 'Wojo' Wojohowicz), Whiz Kids, Pearl, Normal Life (as Max Harlow)
Movie Titles: 42, D.C. Cab, Forrest Warrior

Pierre Gailhead -- b.8/1/1848 d.??/??/1918
Opera Singer

Slim "Bulee" Gaillard -- b.1/4/1916 d.2/26/1991 (75)
Comedian, Composer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist, Vibes, Jazz Singer
Misc: Scat singer; d. Feb 25?
Group Names: Slim & Slam (with Slam Stewart)
Song Titles: Flat Foot Floogie

Neil Gaiman -- b.11/10/1960
Comic Book Artist, Author, Novelist, English
Book Titles: The Sandman, The Graveyard Gook, Coraline

Ambrose "Rowdy" Gaines -- b.2/17/1959
Sports Analyst, Sportscaster, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Names/Places: RN: Ambrose Gaines IV
Misc: 100m swimmer (Olympic-gold-1984)

Boyd Gaines -- b.5/11/1953
TV Shows: One Day at a Time (as Mark Royer who married Valerie Bertinelli's character Barbara in 1982)
Movie Titles: Funny Games, Fame (1980), Heartbreak Ridge, The Sure Thing

Cassie Gaines -- b.1/9/1948 d.10/20/1977 (29)
Rock & Roll Singer, Rock & Roll Musician
Names/Places: Steve's sister
Group Names: Lynard Skynard

Clarence "Bighouse" Gaines -- b.5/21/1923 N.S. d.4/18/2005 N.S. (81)
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Misc: retired as coach of Div. II Winston-Salem after 1992-93 season with 828-446 record in 47 years; ranks second on all-time NCAA list behind Adolph Rupp's 876; in the College Basketball Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Morgan State University (player 1941-1945), Winston-Salem State University (coach 1946-1993)

Corey Gaines -- b.6/1/1965
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Davis Gaines -- b.1/21/1954 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Arts Titles: PL: The Phantom of the Opera (as The Phantom)
Movie Titles: The Swan Princess, Warlock: The Armageddon, Cab to Canada

Ernest Gaines -- b.1/15/1933 N.S. d.11/5/2019 N.S. (86)
Author, Inventor
Misc: the lifeboat
Book Titles: A Lesson Before Dying, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, A Gathering of Old Men

Joanna Gaines -- b.4/19/1978 N.S.
Businessperson, Personality

Lee Gaines -- b.4/21/1914 d.7/15/1987 (73)
Gospel Singer, Blues Singer

Steve Gaines -- b.9/14/1949 d.10/20/1977 (28)
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Lynard Skynard

Tim Gaines -- b.12/15/1962
Bassist, Hard Rock Singer
Group Names: Stryper

Wendall Gaines -- b.1/17/1972
NFL Player, Football Defensive Lineman
Misc: Arena Football League Figure

William Gaines -- b.6/20/1971
NFL Player

William Maxwell Gaines -- b.3/1/1922 d.6/3/1992 (70)
Misc: launched MAD Magazine (1952-), an irreverent monthly with humorous illustrations and writing that satirized mass media, politicians, celebrities, and comic books.

Bob Gainey -- b.12/13/1953
NHL Executive, NHL General Manager, NHL Coach, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: played 1973-1989
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens (possibly 1973-1989)

Mary Waddell Gainey -- b.12/28/1965
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss SC-America (1991-2nd)

Thomas Gainsborough -- b.5/14/1727 d.8/2/1788 (61)
Painter, English
Misc: The Blue Boy, one of the best known English portrait and landscape artists

Charlotte Gainsbourg -- b.7/21/1971 N.S.
Actress, English
Movie Titles: Nymphomaniac (series), Melancholia

Serge Gainsbourg -- b.4/2/1928 d.3/2/1991 (62)
Actor, Producer/Director, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Pianist, French
Names/Places: RN:Lucien Ginsburg

Fred Gaisberg -- b.1/1/1873 d.9/2/1951 (78)
Music Producer

Daniele Gaither -- b.9/6/1970
Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: MADtv

Tommy Gaither -- b.??/??/1930 d.11/5/1950
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Orioles

Hugh Gaitskell -- b.4/9/1906 d.1/18/1963 (56)
Politician, English

Michel Galabru -- b.10/27/1922 d.1/4/2016 N.S. (93)
Actor, French

Sage Florence Galafassi -- b.1/9/2008
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Toni Collette and Dave's daughter

Milton Galamison -- b.1/25/1923 d.3/9/1988 (65)

Augie Galan -- b.5/23/1912 d.12/28/1993 (81)
MLB Left Fielder

James Galanos -- b.9/20/1924 d.10/30/2016 N.S. (92)
Fashion Designer

Andrés Galarraga -- b.6/18/1961
MLB First Baseman, Venezuelan
Misc: 5x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove, 2x Silver Slugger
Sports Teams: Montreal Expos, Colorado Rockies

Frank J. Galasso -- b.1/24/1985
Misc: retired from acting in 2003
TV Shows: Hudson Street (as Mickey Canetti)
Movie Titles: Jungle 2 Jungle

Khaosai Galaxy -- b.5/15/1959
Boxer, Thailandian

Barry Galbraith -- b.12/18/1919 d.1/13/1983 (63)
Guitarist, Jazz Musician

John Kenneth Galbraith -- b.10/15/1908 d.4/29/2006 (97)
Author, Editor, Economist, Diplomat, Educator, Canadian

Scott Galbraith -- b.1/7/1967
NFL Tight End
Misc: 2x All-Pac-10

Harry Galbreath -- b.1/1/1965 d.7/27/2010 (45)
NFL Player

Alex Galchenyuk -- b.2/12/1994 N.S.
NHL Center, American

Ed Gale -- b.8/23/1963
Actor, Stuntman
Movie Titles: O Brother Where Art Thou?, Howard the Duck, The Polar Express, Child's Play

George Washington Gale -- b.12/3/1789 d.9/13/1861 (71)

Kelly Gale -- b.5/14/1995 N.S.
Model, Playmate, Swedish
Misc: September 2016 Playmate

Kevin Gale -- b.7/14/1968
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Silk Toxik

Lauren "Laddie" Gale -- b.4/22/1917 N.S. d.7/29/1996 N.S. (79)
NBA Player, College Basketball Player
Misc: A leading figure in the development of West Coast basketball, Laddie Gale revolutionized the game by using a one-handed shot.

Melvyn Gale -- b.1/15/1952
Cellist, Rock & Roll Musician, English
Group Names: ELO

Robert Gale -- b.10/11/1945
Misc: co-founder of the International Bone Marrow Registry

Zona Gale -- b.8/26/1874 d.12/27/1938 (64)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright

Johnny Galecki -- b.4/30/1975
Actor, Belgiumese
TV Shows: Billy (as David), Roseanne (as David), The Big Bang Theory (as Leonard Hofstadter)
Movie Titles: In Time, Hancock, I Know What You Did Last Summer

Ron Galella -- b.1/10/1931
Misc: photographed celebrities

Galen -- b.??/??/129 d.4/2/200 (70)
Writer, Physician, Greek

"Two Ton" Tony Galento -- b.3/12/1910 d.7/22/1979 (69)
Actor, Boxer

Jimmy Galeota -- b.3/6/1986
TV Shows: Michael Hays
Movie Titles: Look Who's Talking Too, Clubhouse Detectives

Michael Galeota -- b.8/28/1984 d.1/10/2016 N.S. (31)

George Galfo -- b.12/16/1940
Group Names: Mystics

Zach Galifianakis -- b.10/1/1969
Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian, Pianist
TV Shows: Tru Calling (as Davis), My Life in Ruins
Movie Titles: The Hangover, Due Date, The Campaign

Denise Galik -- b.12/4/1950
Names/Places: LN:Furey
Movie Titles: Two for the Money, Melvin and Howard

Galileo Galilei -- b.2/15/1564 J-LD or 2/15/1565 Ju-1 or 2/25/1565 N.S. d.12/29/1641 J-LD (76) or 1/8/1642 N.S. (76)
Astronomer, Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Italian
Names/Places: b. in Pisa; d. in Arcetri, Italy
Misc: he developed the astronomical telescope with which he discovered craters on the moon and the satellites of Jupiter.

Yisrael Galili -- b.1/1/1923 d.3/7/1995 (72)
Misc: the man who invented the Galil submachine (or Uzi) gun and helped create Israel's famed Uzi submachine gun; NN:Father of the Rifle

Stacy Galina -- b.9/24/1966
Jewelry Designer, Actress, Ballerina
TV Shows: Knots Landing (as Mary Frances Sumner, then her cousin Kate Whitaker), Alright Already (as Jessica Lerner), Hidden Hills (as Pam Asher)
Movie Titles: Children of the Corn: Fields of Terror

Victor Galíndez -- b.11/2/1948 d.10/25/1980 (31)
Boxer, Argentine

Blas Galindo -- b.2/3/1910 d.4/19/1993 (83)
Composer, Mexican

Rudy Galindo -- b.9/7/1969 N.S.
Figure Skater

Nikos Galis -- b.7/23/1957 N.S.
Basketball Player
Names/Places: aka Nikolaos Georgalis
Misc: an inaugural member of the FIBA Hall of Fame

Michael Riley "Mickey" Galitzen -- b.9/6/1909 N.S. d.6/6/1959 N.S. (49)
Diver, Olympic Athlete, American

Nicholas Galitzine -- b.9/29/1994 N.S.
Actor, English
Movie Titles: High Strung, The Beat Beneath My Feet, Handsome Devil

France Gall -- b.10/9/1947 N.S. d.1/7/2018 N.S. (70)
Singer, French

Franz Joseph Gall -- b.3/9/1758 N.S. d.8/22/1828 N.S. (70)
Doctor, French, German
Misc: frenology

Hughie Gallacher -- b.2/2/1903 d.6/11/1957 (54)
Soccer Center Forward, Scottish

Patrick Gallacher -- b.3/16/1891 N.S. d.6/17/1953 N.S. (62)
Soccer Player, Irish

Gallagher -- b.7/24/1946 N.S.
Names/Places: RN:Leo Gallagher Jr.

Aidan Gallagher -- b.9/18/2003 N.S.

Anais Gallagher -- b.1/27/2000
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Meg and Noel's daughter

Benny Gallagher -- b.6/10/1945
Songwriter, Singer, Scottish
Misc: half of the popular duo Gallagher and Lyle

Brendan Gallagher -- b.5/6/1992 N.S.
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

Dave Gallagher -- b.9/20/1960
MLB Outfielder, American

David Gallagher -- b.2/9/1985
TV Shows: 7th Heaven (as Simon Camden)
Movie Titles: Super 8, Phenomenon, Look Who's Talking Now

Ed Gallagher -- b.??/??/1873 d.3/28/1929 (55)
Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian, Vaudevillan

Gene Appleton Gallagher -- b.7/2/2001
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Nicole Appleton and Liam's son

Gina Gallagher -- b.8/9/1982
TV Shows: The Baby-Sitters Club
Movie Titles: Alice, Analyze This, Blue Moon, Edward Scissorhands

Harry Gallagher -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Australian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Helen Gallagher -- b.7/19/1926
TV Shows: Ryan's Hope (as Meave for the entire run)

Jim Gallagher -- b.3/24/1961
Sportscaster, Golfer

Jimmy Gallagher -- b.6/7/1901 d.10/7/1971 (70)
Soccer Player, Scottish

Katherine Gallagher -- b.7/23/1993
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Paula Harwood & Peter's girl

Kelly Gallagher -- b.11/21/1967
Designer, Interior Designer, Playmate
Misc: September 1994 Playmate

Kim Gallagher -- b.6/11/1964 d.11/18/2002 (38)
Misc: 800m runner (Olympic-silver-1984)

Lennon Gallagher -- b.9/13/1999
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Patsy Kensit and Liam's son

Liam Gallagher -- b.9/21/1972
Alternative Rock Singer, English
Names/Places: Patsy Kensit's ex-hubby
Misc: AP says b. Sep 12
Group Names: Oasis

Megan Gallagher -- b.2/6/1960
TV Shows: Hill Street Blues, Dallas (as Louella), Hill St. Blues (as Off. Tina Russo), Slap Maxwell Story (as Judy Ralston), China Beach (as Wayloo Marie Holmes), The Larry Sanders Show, Pacific Station (as Det. Sandy Calloway), Millennium (as Catherine Black)
Movie Titles: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Van Wilder: Party Liaison, The Ambulance

Michael Gallagher -- b.10/3/1941 d.10/3/2013 N.S. (72)

Noel Gallagher -- b.5/29/1967
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Singer/Guitarist, English
Group Names: Oasis

Peter Gallagher -- b.8/19/1955
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
TV Shows: The O.C. (as Sandy Cohen)
Movie Titles: While You Were Sleeping, Mr. Deeds, Sex Lies and Videotape, Short Cuts, American Beauty

Rory Gallagher -- b.3/2/1948 d.6/14/1995 (47)
Composer, Blues Singer, Blues Guitarist, Irish
Misc: some say b. 1949, died at 46

Gallant Fox -- b.3/23/1927 N.S. d.11/13/1954 N.S. (27)
Misc: 1930 Triple Crown winner

Gerard Gallant -- b.9/2/1963
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Roy Gallant -- b.4/17/1924
Children's Author

Albert Gallatin -- b.1/29/1761 d.8/12/1849 (88)
Presidential Aide, Secretary of the Treasury

Harry J. Gallatin -- b.4/26/1927 d.10/7/2015 N.S. (88)
NBA Coach, NBA Forward
Misc: 7x NBA All-Star; NBA Coach of the Year (1963)
Sports Teams: New York Knicks (player 1948-1957, coach 1965-1966), Detroit Pistons (player 1957-1958), St. Louis Hawks (coach 1962-1965)

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet -- b.12/10/1787 N.S. d.9/10/1851 N.S. (63)
Misc: Pioneer of educating the deaf

Johann Gottfried Galle -- b.6/9/1812 d.7/10/1910 (98)
Astronomer, Weatherman, German
Misc: discovered Neptune by telescope

Gina Gallego -- b.10/30/1955
TV Shows: Rituals (as Diandra), Studio 59 (sketch comedy ensemble), Flamingo Road (as Alicia), Rituals, Santa Barbara (as Santana), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (as Mrs. Hernandez)
Movie Titles: Anger Management, Minority Report, Erin Brockovich

Juan Gallego -- b.12/14/1777 d.1/9/1853 (75)
Poet, Spanish

Mike Gallego -- b.10/31/1960
MLB Infielder

Rómulo Gallegos -- b.8/2/1884 d.4/5/1969 (84)
Writer, Head of State, Venezuelan

Garry Galley -- b.4/16/1963
NHL Player, Canadian

Mel Galley -- b.3/8/1948 d.7/1/2008 N.S. (0)
Hard Rock Guitarst, English
Group Names: Whitesnake

Amelita Galli-Curci -- b.11/18/1882 d.11/26/1963 (81)
Opera Soprano, Italian

John Galliano -- b.11/28/1960 N.S.
Fashion Designer

Paul Gallico -- b.7/26/1897 d.7/15/1976 (78)
Novelist, Journalist

Claire Galligan -- b.9/24/1895 N.S. d.10/8/1978 N.S. (83)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Zach Galligan -- b.2/14/1964
Actor, Director
Movie Titles: Gremlins (series), Waxwork (series)

Joe Gallison -- b.3/9/1935

Demetrius Gallitzin -- b.12/22/1770 d.5/6/1840 (69)
Missionary, Dutch (Netherlands)

Kyle Gallner -- b.10/22/1986
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Smallville (as Bart Allen), Veronica Mars (as Cassidy Beaver Casablancas), Outsiders (as Hasil)
Movie Titles: American Sniper, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dear White People

Amelia Franzia Gallo -- b.7/3/1910 d.12/21/1993 (83)
Celebrity Spouse
Names/Places: Ernest's wife

Billy Gallo -- b.11/7/1966
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Who's the Boss? (as Al)
Movie Titles: Pretty Woman, Crash, Night of the Demons

Carla Gallo -- b.6/24/1975
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Carnivale, Undeclared, Bones (as Daisy Wick)
Movie Titles: Neighbors, Superbad, Mission Impossible III, We Bought a Zoo
Video Games: L.A. Noire

Dean A. Gallo -- b.11/23/1935 d.11/6/1994 (58)

Ernest Gallo -- b.3/18/1909 d.3/6/2007 (97)
Misc: Winemaker

Fortune Gallo -- b.5/9/1878 d.3/28/1970 (91)
Opera Singer, Italian

Frank Gallo -- b.1/13/1933
Artist, Sculptor

Fred Gallo -- b.1/12/1965
Screenwriter, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: I Am Woody, The Don of 42nd Steet, Termination Man, Starquest II

Guy Gallo -- b.2/16/1955 d.1/13/2015 N.S. (59)
Movie Titles: Under the Volcano

Joey Gallo -- b.11/19/1993 N.S.
MLB Player
Misc: Gold Glove Awards 2020 and 2021

Julio Gallo -- b.3/21/1910 d.5/2/1993 (83)
Misc: winemaking empire founder

Lew Gallo -- b.6/12/1928 d.6/11/2000 (71)
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Twelve O'Clock High (as Major Joe Cobb)

Mario Gallo -- b.3/22/1923 d.10/30/1984 (61)
TV Shows: Delvecchio (as Tomaso Delvecchio)

Dr. Robert Gallo -- b.3/23/1937
Scientist, Biochemist
Misc: AIDS research

Tommi Gallo -- b.8/13/1964
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Spread Eagle

Frank Gallop -- b.6/30/1900 d.5/17/1988 (87)
Actor, Announcer, Novelty Singer
Song Titles: The Ballad of Irving
TV Shows: Buick Circus Hour (ringmaster), Perry Como Show, Kraft Television Shows

Tom Gallop -- b.3/15/????
TV Actor
TV Shows: Hudson Street (as officer Regelski)

Don Galloway -- b.7/27/1937 d.1/8/2009 (71)
Actor, Game Show Host
TV Shows: Arrest & Trial, Ironside (as Det. Sgt. Ed Brown), The Guiness Game

Joey Galloway -- b.11/20/1971
Sports Analyst, NFL Wide Receiver

Don Gallucci -- b.??/??/????
Group Names: The Kingsmen

Clifton E. "Cliff" Gallup -- b.6/17/1930 N.S. d.10/9/1988 N.S. (58)
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: The Blue Caps (a backing band for Gene Vincent)

Dr. George H. Gallup -- b.11/18/1901 d.7/28/1984 (83)
Misc: public opinion expert; Gallup Poll founder; survey of when he died: 52% felt bad, 36% don't care, 12% undecided; d. 6-8? d. 7-26?

Simon Jonothan Gallup -- b.6/1/1960 N.S.
Punk Rock Bassist, English
Group Names: The Cure

Peter Galman -- b.12/24/1945

Evariste Galois -- b.10/25/1811 d.5/31/1832 (20)
Mathematician, French
Misc: famous for his contributions to the part of higher algebra known as group theory. His theory solved many long-standing unanswered questions, including the impossibility of trisecting the angle and squaring the circle.

Hal Galper -- b.4/18/1938
Writer, Educator, Arranger, Composer, Bandleader, Jazz Pianist

John Galsworthy -- b.8/14/1867 d.1/31/1933 (65)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, English
Misc: Nobel Prize-winning author [1932]
Book Titles: The Forsythe Saga

John Galt -- b.5/2/1779 d.4/11/1839 (59)
Author, Novelist, Scottish

Sir Francis Galton -- b.2/16/1822 d.1/17/1911 (88)
Scientist, Explorer, English

Sierra Mae Galuten -- b.1/13/2022 N.S.
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Iliza Shlesinger and Noah's daughter

Luigi Galvani -- b.9/9/1737 N.S. d.12/4/1798 N.S. (61)
Physician, Physicist, Italian
Misc: established bioelectric forces exist within living tissue.

John Galvin -- b.5/21/1955
Rock & Roll Keyboardist
Group Names: Molly Hatchet

Noah Galvin -- b.5/6/1995 N.S.
TV Shows: The Real O'Neals (as Kenny O'Neal)

"Pud" Galvin -- b.12/25/1856 d.3/7/1902 (45)
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: St. Louis Brown Stockings (1875), Buffalo Bisons (1879-1885), Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1885-1889), Pittsburgh Burghers (1890), Pittsburgh Pirates (1891-1892), St. Louis Browns (1892)

James Galway -- b.12/8/1939
Flutist, Irish

Chris Galya -- b.6/12/1987 N.S. or 8/23/1987 N.S.
Misc: conflicting sources from all over the Internet give different dates
TV Shows: Jessie (as Tony), Acting Dead
Movie Titles: Acting Dead, Momma's Man, 1313: Actor Slash Model

Rita Gam -- b.4/2/1927 d.3/22/2016 N.S. (88)
Actress, Producer
Names/Places: Sidney Lumet's first wife
Movie Titles: Saadia, Sign of the Pagan, Klute, King of Kings, Mohawk

Lia Gama -- b.5/28/1944
Actress, Portuguese

Erik Gamans -- b.8/22/1969
Rock & Roll Musician

Alessandro "Sandro" Gamba -- b.6/3/1932 N.S.
Basketball Coach, Basketball Player, Italian
Sports Teams: Olimpia Milano

Veronica Gamba -- b.10/28/1963
Actress, Model, Playmate, Argentine
Misc: November 1983

Johnny Gambale -- b.2/4/1942
Group Names: Classics

Leon Gambetta -- b.4/2/1838 N.S. d.12/31/1882 N.S. (44)
Politician, French

Gautam Gambhir -- b.10/14/1981 N.S.
Cricket Player, India

Al Gamble -- b.3/11/1969
Keyboardist, Soul Musician
Misc: Neo-soul musician
Group Names: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Cheryl Gamble -- b.6/13/1970
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: SWV

James Gamble -- b.4/3/1803 N.S. d.4/29/1891 N.S. (88)
Industrialist, American, Irish
Misc: Soap Maker; co-founder of the Procter and Gamble company in 1837 along with William Procter

James Norris Gamble -- b.8/9/1836 N.S. d.7/2/1932 N.S. (95)
Inventor, Businessperson
Misc: Ivory Soap developer

Kenny Gamble -- b.8/11/1943 N.S.
Music Producer, Songwriter
Misc: wrote many hit songs with Leon Huff
Song Titles: Expressway To Your Heart, If You Don't Lnow Me By Now, Me and Mrs. Jones (composer), Love Train, TSOP, When Will I See You Again, I Love Music, You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine, Use Ta Be My Girl

Kevin Gamble -- b.11/13/1965
NBA Forward, NBA Guard

Lee Gamble -- b.9/15/1910 N.S. d.10/5/1994 N.S. (84)
MLB Outfielder

Linda Gamble -- b.9/11/1939 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: April 1960, Playboy Playmate of the Year 1961; NOT the women's basketball player

Mason Gamble -- b.1/16/1986
Movie Titles: Dennis the Menace (1993), Rushmore, Gattaca, Arlington Road

Nathan Gamble -- b.1/12/1998 N.S.
Movie Titles: Dark Knight, Dolphin Tale

Oscar Gamble -- b.12/20/1949 N.S. d.1/31/2018 N.S. (68)
MLB Outfielder
Misc: Desiginated Hitter

Richard Frank "Dick" Gamble -- b.11/16/1928 N.S. d.3/22/2018 N.S. (89)
NHL Left Wing, Canadian

John Gambling -- b.4/9/1897 N.S. d.11/21/1974 N.S. (77)
Radio Disc Jock
Misc: pioneered morning wake-up radio shows

John A. Gambling -- b.2/5/1930 d.1/8/2004 (73)
Radio Disc Jock

Michael Gambon -- b.10/19/1940
Actor, Irish
Movie Titles: Gosford Park, Sleepy Hollow, The Gambler, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Harry Potter (series)

Don Gambril -- b.1/2/1934 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Gary Allan "Gubbio" Gambucci -- b.9/22/1946 N.S.
NHL Forward
Misc: played mainly in the WHA
Sports Teams: Minnesota North Stars (1971-1974), Minnesota Fighting Saints (WHA, 1973-74)

Ana Patricia Gamez -- b.7/26/1987 N.S.
TV Hostess, Beauty Pagent Winner, Model, Mexican
TV Shows: Despierta America!

Robert Gamez -- b.7/21/1968

James Gammon -- b.4/20/1940 d.7/16/2010 (70)
TV Shows: Nash Bridges (as Nick Bridges)

Kendall Gammon -- b.10/23/1968
NFL Player

Peter Gammons -- b.4/9/1945
Journalist, Sports Writer

Floyd "Chip" Ganassi Jr. -- b.5/24/1958 N.S.
Auto Racer

Abel Gance -- b.10/25/1889 d.11/10/1981 (92)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Producer/Director, French

Vice Ganda -- b.3/31/1976 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Phillipean

Indira Gandhi -- b.11/19/1917 d.10/31/1984 (66)
Prime Minister
Names/Places: b. in Allahabad; RLN:Nehru
Misc: Indian Prime Minister (1966-77, 80-84)

"Mahatma" Mohandask Gandhi -- b.10/2/1869 d.1/30/1948 (78)
Head of State
Names/Places: b. in Porbandar; MN:Karamchand
Misc: Indian (India, not America) Political & Spiritual Leader; Mahatma means great souled

Mrs. Mohandas K. Gandhi -- b.4/11/1869 d.2/22/1944 (74)
Celebrity Spouse

Rahul Gandhi -- b.6/19/1970 N.S.
Politician, India

Rajiv Gandhi -- b.8/21/1944 N.S. d.5/21/1991 N.S. (46)
Prime Minister
Misc: India Prime Minister 1984-89 (Aug 21 b-day is Indian time, not Aug 20 when it was news in the U.S.); killed in a bomb blast

Sanjay Gandhi -- b.12/14/1946 d.6/23/1980 (33)
Politician, India
Names/Places: Indira's son

Chick Gandil -- b.1/19/1889 d.12/13/1970 (81)
MLB First Baseman
Names/Places: RN:Charles Arnold
Misc: 1919 Chicago "Black Sox"

James Gandolfini -- b.9/18/1961 d.6/19/2013 (51)
TV Shows: The Soprano (as Tony Soprano)
Movie Titles: The Last Castle, Surviving Christmas

David Gandy -- b.2/19/1980 N.S.
Model, English

Wayne Gandy -- b.2/10/1971
NFL Player, Football Offensive Tackle

Mark Gane -- b.12/17/1953
Songwriter, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Canadian
Group Names: Martha & The Muffins

Vyacheslav Ganelin -- b.12/17/1944
Composer, Guitarist, Percussionist, Pianist, Russian

Edy Ganem -- b.9/20/1983 N.S.
TV Shows: Entourage (guest actress in multiple roles), Devious Maids (as Valentina Diaz)
Movie Titles: Ana Maria in Novela Land, Unspoken, Violeta

Geraldine "Gig" Gangel -- b.10/17/1958 N.S.
Actress, Model, Playmate
Names/Places: MaLN:Harlingen
Misc: January 1980

Ludwig Ganghofer -- b.7/7/1855 d.7/24/1920 (65)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, German

Sourav Ganguly -- b.7/8/1972 N.S.
Cricket Player, India

Ernest K. Gann -- b.10/13/1910 d.12/19/1991 (81)

Paul Gann -- b.6/12/1912 d.9/11/1989 (77)
Misc: California proposition 13 co-author with Howard Jarvis

Joseph R. Gannascoli -- b.2/15/1959
Restaurateur, Actor, Producer
TV Shows: The Sopranos (as Vito Spatafore)

Bryan Gannett -- b.4/7/1949
Music Figure
Group Names: Flower Garden

Frank Ernest Gannett -- b.9/15/1876 d.12/3/1957 (81)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: Newspapers

Henry Gannett -- b.8/24/1846 d.11/5/1914 (68)
Misc: father of mapmaking

Lewis Gannett -- b.10/3/1891 d.2/3/1966 (74)
Writer, Critic

Craig Gannon -- b.7/30/1966
Composer, Alternative Rock Guitarist, English
Misc: composer for film and television
Group Names: The Smiths, Bluebells

Rich Gannon -- b.1/20/1965
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: NFL MVP (2002), 4x Pro Bowl, 2x First Team All-Pro, 3x AFC Player of the Year, 2x AFC Offensive Player of the Year, 2x NFL Alumni Quarterback of the Year, 2x Bert Bell Award
Sports Teams: University of Delaware, Minnesota Vikings (1987-1992), Washington Redskins (1993), Kansas City Chiefs (1995-1998), Oakland Raiders (1999-2004)

Gordon Gano -- b.6/7/1963
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: The Violent Femmes

Danny Gans -- b.10/25/1956 d.5/1/2009 (52)
Actor, Comedian, Singer

Joe Gans -- b.11/25/1874 d.8/10/1910 (35)
Misc: the first black lightweight boxing champion of the world

Sharon Gans -- b.7/29/1932 or 7/29/1942

Marguerite "Margie" Ganser -- b.2/4/1948 d.7/28/1996 (48)
Names/Places: LN:Dorste
Group Names: Shangri-Las

Mary Ann Ganser -- b.2/4/1948 d.3/14/1970 (22)
Misc: some say d. March 16, 1970
Group Names: of Shangri-Las

Cecil Gant -- b.4/4/1913 d.2/4/1951 (37)
Pianist, Blues Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN:The G.I. Sing Station

Harry Gant -- b.1/10/1940
Auto Racer
Names/Places: NN: Handsome Harry
Misc: NASCAR driver 1967-96

Kenneth Gant -- b.4/18/1967
NFL Player

Reuben Gant -- b.4/12/1952
NFL Player

Richard Gant -- b.3/10/1944
TV Shows: Men of a Certain Age
Movie Titles: The Big Lebowski, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Godzilla (1998), Rocky V

Ron Gant -- b.3/2/1965
MLB Outfielder

Bubba Ganter -- b.7/10/1969 N.S.
TV Shows: Game Shakers (as Bunny)
Movie Titles: Middle Men, Falling Overnight

Davis Nolan Gantt -- b.4/16/2018 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Brianne Davis and Mark's son

Greg Gantt -- b.10/30/1951
NFL Player

Paul Ganus -- b.7/28/1961
Movie Titles: The Mask of Zorro, Leathal Weapon 3, Crash and Burn

Bruno Ganz -- b.3/22/1941 N.S. d.2/16/2019 N.S. (77)
Movie Actor, German, Swiss

Lowell Ganz -- b.8/31/1948
Screenwriter, Producer
TV Shows: Joanie Loves Chachi, Laverne and Shirley, The New Odd Couple, Makin' It, Busting Loose, The Odd Couple, Gung Ho, Parenthood
Movie Titles: Edtv, Robots, A League of Their Own, City Slickers II

Rudolph Ganz -- b.2/24/1877 d.8/2/1972 (95)
Conductor/Composer, Cellist, Pianist, Swiss

Teresa Ganzel -- b.3/23/1957
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Teachers Only, The Duck Factory
Movie Titles: Wall-E, Up, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 3

Natalie Ganzhorn -- b.5/7/1998 N.S.
Actress, Canadian

Mǐn Gāo -- b.9/7/1970 N.S.
Diver, Olympic Athlete, Chinese

Lola Gaos -- b.12/2/1921 d.7/4/1993 (71)
Actress, Spanish

Bill E. Gar -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: "Life, Sex & Death"

Joe Garagiola -- b.2/12/1926 N.S. d.3/23/2016 N.S. (90)
TV Host, Game Show Host, Baseball Announcer, MLB Catcher
Names/Places: b. in St. Louis; RN:Joseph Henry
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1991
TV Shows: NBC Sports, Baseball World of Joe Garagiola, Monday Night Baseball, Today Show, Joe Garagiola's Memory Game, He Said She Said, Sale of the Century, To Tell The Truth, Strike It Rich

Romola Garai -- b.8/6/1982
Actress, English, Hong Kong
Movie Titles: Amazing Grace, I Capture the Castle, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, The Last Days on Mars

Ben Garant -- b.9/14/1970
Screenwriter, Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
TV Shows: @midnight (producer); Reno 911!
Movie Titles: Night at the Museum (series), Reno 911: Miami, Herbie Fully Loaded

Sylvie Garant -- b.9/23/1957
TV Hostess, Model, Playmate, Canadian, French
Misc: November 1979

Kaz Garas -- b.3/4/1940
Actor, Lithuanian
Movie Titles: Mean Creek, Strange Report, The Last Safari, Ben

Henry Garat -- b.4/3/1902 d.8/13/1959 (57)
Actor, French

Eleanor Garatti-Saville -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Jan Garbarek -- b.3/4/1947
Tenor-sax, Polish

Gene Garber -- b.11/13/1947
MLB Pitcher

Jan Garber -- b.11/5/1897 d.10/5/1977 (79)

Mary Garber -- b.4/19/1916 N.S. d.9/21/2008 N.S. (92)
Sports Writer
Misc: a pioneer among women sportswriters

Matthew Garber -- b.3/25/1956 N.S. d.7/13/1977 N.S. (21)
Actor, English
Misc: a legendary Disney child actor
Movie Titles: Mary Poppins, The Gnome-Mobile, The Three Lives of Thomasina

Terri Garber -- b.12/28/1960
TV Shows: Dynasty, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, As the World Turns
Movie Titles: Toy Soldiers

Victor Garber -- b.3/16/1949 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in Quebec
Misc: E.T. says b. 1951
TV Shows: The Days & Nights of Molly Dodd, Alias (as SD-6 / CIA Agent Jonathan 'Jack' Donahue Bristow), The Flash (as Dr. Martin Stein), D.C's Legends of Tomorrow (as Dr. Martin Stein)
Movie Titles: Godspell, Assassins, Legally Blonde, Titanic, Argo, Sicario, Sleepless in Seattle

Rolando Garbey -- b.11/19/1947
Boxer, Olympic Athlete, Cuban

Nina Garbiras -- b.9/9/1964
TV Shows: Leap Years, Boomtown (as Andrea Little)
Movie Titles: You Can Count on Me, Bruiser, The Nanny Diaries

Greta Garbo -- b.9/18/1905 d.4/15/1990 (84)
Movie Actress, Swedish
Names/Places: b. in Stockholm; RMLN:Louisa Gustafsson; d. in New York
Movie Titles: Mata Hari, Camille, Anna Christie, Grand Hotel, Queen Christina

Paula Garcés -- b.3/20/1974 N.S.
Actress, Producer, Colombian
TV Shows: The Shield (as Tina Hanlon)
Movie Titles: The Station Agent, Harold and Kumar (series)

Rich Garcés -- b.5/18/1971
MLB Pitcher, Venezuelan

Aimee Garcia -- b.11/28/1978
TV Shows: Trauma, Lucifer, Rush Hour, George Lopez Show, Dexter
Movie Titles: RoboCop (2014), Spanglish

Alex García -- b.12/2/1961 N.S.

Andrew Garcia -- b.10/18/1985 N.S.
Pop Singer
TV Shows: American Idol (2010)

Andy García -- b.4/12/1956 N.S.
Actor, Cuban
Names/Places: b. in Havana
Movie Titles: The Untouchables, Godfather III, Coyote Ugly, Ocean's Eleven, Twisted, Ocean's Twelve

Angelo Garcia -- b.3/28/1977
Songwriter, Pop Singer
Group Names: Menudo (1988-1990)

Arceilo Garcia Jr. -- b.5/7/1946 N.S. d.8/11/2020 N.S. (74)
Group Names: Malo (lead)

Azaea Adele García -- b.3/14/2018 N.S.
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Angela and Sergio's daughter

Carlos García -- b.10/15/1967
MLB Infielder, Venezuelan

Coleen Garcia -- b.9/24/1992 N.S.
Actress, Phillipean

Dámaso García -- b.2/7/1957 N.S. d.4/15/2020 N.S. (63)
MLB Player, Dominican Republican
Names/Places: RN:Damaso Domingo Garcia Sanchez

Danna García -- b.2/4/1978 N.S.
Actress, Model, Colombian

Danny García -- b.3/20/1988 N.S.
Misc: held the Light Welterweight boxing title for over six years and 28 fights

Dave Garcia -- b.9/15/1920 N.S. d.5/21/2018 N.S. (97)
MLB General Manager, MLB Manager, MLB Coach

Dick Garcia -- b.5/31/1931
Jazz Guitarist

Eddie Garcia -- b.8/11/1970
Actor, Musician
Group Names: The Guys Next Door
TV Shows: The Guys Next Door
Movie Titles: Boogie Nights, Bringing Down the House, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thief, Relax...It's Just Sex!

Elijah Bulmaro Garcia -- b.9/17/1992
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Tiffany & Bulmaro's son

Frank Garcia -- b.1/28/1972
NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Gary Garcia -- b.11/30/1948 d.11/17/2011 (62)
Novelty Singer
Group Names: Buckner and Garcia

Jeff Garcia -- b.2/24/1970
NFL Player, Canadian Football Player

Jennel Garcia -- b.6/8/1994 N.S.
Pop Singer

Jerry Garcia -- b.8/1/1942 d.8/9/1995 (53)
Songwriter, Classic Rock Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco; RFMN:Jerome John
Group Names: The Grateful Dead (lead and co-founder)

Jessica Marie Garcia -- b.3/23/1987 N.S.
TV Shows: Liv and Maddie (as Willow), The Middle (as Becky)

Jimmy Garcia -- b.10/12/1971 d.5/19/1995 (23)
Boxer, Colombian

JoAnna Garcia -- b.8/10/1979 N.S.
Names/Places: aka JoAnna Garcia Swisher
TV Shows: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Reba (as Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery), Privileged (as Megan Smith), Kevin (Probably) Saves The World
Movie Titles: Not Another Teen Movie, The Internship, American Pie 2

Jorge Garcia -- b.4/28/1973 N.S.
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Becker, Lost (as Hugo Hurley Reyes), Hawaii Five-O (as Jerry Ortega)
Movie Titles: The Ridiculous 6, The Wedding Ringer

JR Garcia -- b.3/18/1988 N.S.
Actor, Commercial Actor
TV Shows: Greek, Miss Guided
Movie Titles: I Know Who Killed Me

Jsu Garcia -- b.10/6/1963 N.S.
Actor, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Along Came Polly, We Were Soldiers, Collateral Damage

Karina Garcia -- b.11/14/1984 N.S.
Actress, Venezuelan

Lillian Garcia -- b.8/19/1966 N.S.
Singer, Wrestler, Spanish
Misc: Ring Announcer for WWE
Song Titles: Shout

Luis García -- b.9/22/1975
MLB Outfielder, Mexican

Luis Armand Garcia -- b.3/9/1992
TV Shows: George Lopez Show (as Max Lopez)

Manuel García -- b.1/21/1775 N.S. d.6/10/1832 N.S. (57)
Composer, Tenor, Opera Performer, Spanish

Manuel García -- b.3/17/1805 d.7/1/1906 (101)
Teacher, Opera Baritone, Spanish

Marty Garcia -- b.10/25/1974
Movie Titles: Colin Hearts Kay, You Don't Know Jack, Another Earth

Mike Garcia -- b.11/17/1923 d.1/13/1986 (62)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: Big Bear and Mexican Mike
Sports Teams: Cleveland Indians

Miki Garcia -- b.2/17/1947
Model, Playmate
Misc: January 1973

Nicole García -- b.4/22/1946 N.S.
Actress, Algerian

Pedro García -- b.4/17/1950
MLB Player, Puerto Rican

Ramón García -- b.12/9/1969
Actor, MLB Pitcher, Spanish

Ricky Garcia -- b.1/22/1999 N.S.
Pop Singer

Ryan Garcia -- b.8/8/1998 N.S.
Boxer, American

Sergio García -- b.1/9/1980
Golfer, Spanish

Andres Antonio Garcia-Londo -- b.1/28/2002
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Marivi Lorido and Andy's son

Gabriel García-Márquez -- b.3/6/1927 d.4/17/2014 (87)
Author, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Colombian

Nomar Garciaparra -- b.7/23/1973
MLB Shortstop

Gino Gardassanich -- b.11/26/1922 d.2/12/2010 (87)
Soccer Goal Keeper
Names/Places: aka Gino Gard

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