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Last Updated 11-30-2018

Richard Howe -- b.3/8/1726 d.8/5/1799 (73)
Revolutionary, Naval Officer

Samuel Gridley Howe -- b.11/10/1801 d.1/9/1876 (74)
Social Reformer, Educator, Humanitarian
Misc: first director of the Perkins School for the Blind

Steve (Baseball) Howe -- b.3/10/1958 d.4/28/2006 (48)
MLB Pitcher

Steve (Musician) Howe -- b.4/8/1947
Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: b. in London
Group Names: Yes, Asia, Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe

Sydney Howe -- b.9/18/1911 d.5/20/1976 (64)
NHL Defensive, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: played from 1929-1946
Sports Teams: Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Quakers, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Eagles, Detroit Red Wings

Tracy Howe -- b.??/??/????
TV Shows: Law & Order Criminal Intent (as Forensic Accountant Leon Martel)

William Howe -- b.8/10/1729 d.7/12/1814 (84)
Revolutionary, General

Benedikt Howedes -- b.2/29/1988 N.S.
Soccer Player, German

Albert Howell -- b.4/17/1879 d.1/3/1951 (71)
Misc: co-founder Bell & Howell Co.

Arlene Howell -- b.10/25/1939
Actress, Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: retired from acting in 1966; 1958 Miss America
TV Shows: Boubon Street Beat, Maverick

Bailey E. Howell -- b.1/20/1937
NBA Forward
Misc: 2x NBA Champion (1968-1969); 6x NBA All-Star (1961-1964, 1966-1967); All-NBA Second Team (1963); in the College and Pro Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Detroit Pistons (1959-1964), Baltimore Bullets (1964-1966), Boston Celtics (1966-1970), Philadelphia 76ers (1970-1971)

Beth Howell -- b.3/26/1969
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss Mississippi-America (1991)

C. Thomas Howell -- b.12/7/1966
Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: Rae Dawn Chong's ex-
Movie Titles: E.T. the Extraterrestrial, The Amazing Spider-Man, Red Dawn, Tank, Soul Man, The Outsiders

Delles Howell -- b.8/22/1948
NFL Defensive

Harry Howell -- b.12/28/1932
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1952-1976
Sports Teams: New York Rangers, Oakland Seals, Los Angeles Kings, New York Golden Blades, New Jersey Knights, San Diego Mariners, Calgary Cowboys

Isabelle Yasmine Howell -- b.2/17/1993
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Sylvie & C. Thomas' girl

Jack Howell -- b.8/18/1961
MLB Third Baseman

Jay Howell -- b.11/26/1955
MLB Pitcher
Sports Teams: Cincinnati Reds (1980), Chicago Cubs (1981), New York Yankees (1982-84), Oakland Athletics (1985-87), Los Angeles Dodgers (1988-92), Atlanta Braves (1993), Texas Rangers (1994)

Jim Lee Howell -- b.9/27/1914 d.1/4/1995 (80)
NFL Coach, NFL Player
Sports Teams: New York Giants

Ken Howell -- b.11/28/1960 N.S. d.11/9/2018 N.S. (57)
MLB Pitcher

Peg Leg Howell -- b.3/5/1888 d.8/11/1966 (78)
Singer/Guitarist, Blues Performer

Porter Howell -- b.6/21/1964
Country Guitarist
Misc: some say b. 1965
Group Names: Little Texas

Tripp Howell -- b.4/22/1989 N.S.
Group Names: LANCO

Ursula Howells -- b.9/17/1922 N.S. d.10/16/2005 N.S. (83)
Actress, English

William Dean Howells -- b.3/1/1837 N.S. d.5/11/1920 N.S. (83)
Novelist, Critic, Editor

Frankie Howerd -- b.3/6/1922 N.S. d.4/19/1992 N.S. (70)
Actor, Comedian, British

Glenn Howerton -- b.4/13/1976
Screenwriter, Actor, Producer, Japanese
TV Shows: Fargo (as Don), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Movie Titles: Must Love Dogs, Crank, The Strangers, Everything Must Go

Frank Howes -- b.4/2/1891 d.9/28/1974 (83)
Music Critic, English

Sally Ann Howes -- b.7/20/1930
Actress, Singer, English
Names/Places: b. in London
Misc: retired from acting in 1992; some say b. 1934
Movie Titles: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dead of Night

Brianne Howey -- b.5/24/1989 N.S.
TV Shows: The Exorcist (as Kat Rance), I Live With Models
Movie Titles: Horrible Bosses 2

Steve Howey -- b.7/12/1977
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Reba (as Van Montgomery), Shameless (as Kevin Ball)
Movie Titles: Bride Wars, Something Borrowed

Eric Howk -- b.8/8/1981 N.S.
Alternative Rock Guitarist
Group Names: "Portugal. The Man"

Beth Howland -- b.5/28/1941 d.12/31/2015 N.S. (74)
TV Shows: Alice (as Vera Louise Gorman)
Movie Titles: You Can't Take It With You, A Carribean Mystery

Keith Howland -- b.8/14/1964
Actor, Composer, Singer/Guitarist, Rock-Pop Performer
Group Names: Chicago

Olin Howland -- b.2/10/1886 N.S. d.9/20/1959 N.S. (73)
TV Shows: Circus Boy (as Swifty)

LaToya Howlett -- b.1/1/????
Misc: retired from acting in 1997
TV Shows: Dangerous Minds (as Alvina Edwards)

Liam Howlett -- b.8/21/1971
Music Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Electronica Performer
Group Names: The Prodigy (co-founder and leader)

Chuck Howley -- b.6/28/1936
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Super Bowl V MVP
Sports Teams: West Virginia University, Chicago Bears (1958-1959), Dallas Cowboys (1961-1973)

Frank Howley -- b.2/3/1903 d.7/30/1993 (90)
Military Leader
Misc: Brigadier General, ex-NY Univ vice chancellor

Knox Blue Howley -- b.3/1/2015 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Sarah Shahi and Steve's twin son

Violet Moon Howley -- b.3/1/2015 N.S.
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Sarah Shahi and Steve's twin daughter

Howlin' Wolf -- b.6/10/1910 d.1/10/1976 (65)
Songwriter, Radio Disc Jock, Harmonicaist, Blues Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: RN:Chester Arthur Burnett

Dick Howser -- b.5/14/1937 d.6/17/1987 (50)
MLB Manager, MLB Shortstop
Sports Teams: Kansas City A's (player), Kansas City Royals (manager), New York Yankees (manager)

Huell Howser -- b.10/18/1945 d.1/7/2013 (67)
TV Host
TV Shows: California's Gold, Visiting, Road Trip, Downtown

Leonard Earl Howze -- b.4/26/1977
TV Shows: Kevin Can Wait (as Tyrone "Goody" Goodman)
Movie Titles: Antwone Fisher, The Lone Ranger (2013), Barbershop, The Ringer

Scott Hoxby -- b.6/10/1955
Movie Titles: Cliffhanger, The Living Daylights, Bulletproof

Al Hoxie -- b.10/7/1901 d.4/6/1982 (80)
Movie Actor
Misc: Silemt movie cowboy star

Vinnie Ream Hoxie -- b.9/25/1847 N.S. d.11/20/1914 N.S. (67)
Names/Places: aka Vinnie Ream; RN: Lavina Ellen Ream Hoxie

Chris Hoy -- b.3/23/1976 N.S.
Bicyclist, Olympic Athlete, Scotish

Brian Hoyer -- b.10/13/1985 N.S.
NFL Quarterback
Sports Teams: New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns

Steny Hoyer -- b.6/14/1939

Edmond Hoyle -- b.??/??/1672 d.8/29/1769
Book Titles: According to Hoyle

Sir Fred Hoyle -- b.6/24/1915 d.8/20/2001 (86)
Author, Astronomer, Cosmologist, English
Misc: proposed the steady-state universe theory.

Rodolfo Hoyos -- b.3/14/1916 d.4/15/1983 (67)
Actor, Mexican
Movie Titles: The Brave One, Stagecoach to Fury, Viva Valdez

Arthur Hoyt -- b.3/19/1874 d.1/4/1953 (78)

George Hoyt -- b.8/9/1883 d.11/11/1962 (79)
Basketball Referee
Names/Places: NN:Mr. Basketball, New England's foremost basketball referee
Misc: NBA hall of fame referee (elected 1961)

John Hoyt -- b.10/5/1905 N.S. d.9/15/1991 N.S. (85)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Producer
Names/Places: RN:John Hoysradt
TV Shows: Gimme a Break (as Grandpa Stanley Kanisky)

LaMarr Hoyt -- b.1/1/1955
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: FN:Dewey
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 1983 (White Sox), All Star MVP 1985 (Padres)
Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres

Waite Charles "Schoolboy" Hoyt -- b.9/9/1899 d.8/25/1984 (84)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: knuckleball
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1918), Boston Red Sox (1919-1920), New York Yankees (1921-1930), Detroit Tigers (1930-1931), Philadelphia Athletics (1931), Brooklyn Dodgers (1932), New York Giants (1932), Pittsburgh Pirates (1933-1937), Brooklyn Dodgers (1937-1938)

Hugh Desmond Hoyte -- b.3/9/1929 d.12/22/2002 (73)
Head of State
Misc: Guyana president 1985-92

Joslyn Y. Hoyte-Smith -- b.12/16/1954
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: 4X400m hurdler (Olympic-bronze-1980)

Hozier -- b.3/17/1990
Songwriter, Pop Singer, Irish
Names/Places: RN: Andrew Hozier-Byrne
Song Titles: Take Me To Church
Album Titles: Hozier

Hp -- b.??/??/????

Hq -- b.??/??/????

Hr -- b.??/??/????

Al Hrabosky -- b.7/21/1949
MLB Player

Kent Hrbek -- b.5/21/1960
MLB First Baseman

Gary Hrivnak -- b.3/3/1951
NFL Defensive End

Kelly Hrudley -- b.1/13/1961
Sports Analyst, Hockey Announcer, NHL Goaltender, Canadian

Roman Hruska -- b.8/16/1904 d.4/25/1999 (94)
Misc: "mediocrity" (he meant the judges and lawyers) deserved representation on the U.S. Supreme Court that undoubtedly was his best remembered quote
Song Titles: Dead Puppies (was referenced in the song by Ogden Edsl)

Hs -- b.??/??/????

Hsing-Hsing -- b.??/??/1971 d.11/28/1999
Animal Star
Misc: Panda

Barbie Hsu -- b.10/6/1976 N.S.
Movie Actress, Chinese, Taiwan
Movie Titles: Reign of Assassins, Connected, Meteor Garden, Croczilla

Vivian Hsu -- b.3/19/1975
Actress, Producer, Taiwan

Ht -- b.??/??/????

Hu -- b.??/??/????

Kelly Hu -- b.2/13/1968
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Martial Law (as Grace Chen aka Pei Pei), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Movie Titles: X2: X-Men United, X-Men 2, The Scorpion King, Cradle 2 The Grave, The Tournament
Video Games: Mortal Kombat X, Infinite Crisis, Battlefield Hardline, Young Justice: Legacy

Madison Hu -- b.6/2/2002 N.S.

Bill Huard -- b.6/24/1967
NHL Player, Canadian

John G. Huarte -- b.4/6/1944
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player, WFL Figure
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1964)
Sports Teams: Notre Dame, New York Jets (1965), Boston Patriots (1965-1967), Philadelphia Eagles (1968), Kansas City Chiefs (1969-1971), Chicago Bears (1972), Memphis Southern (1974-1975)

Edy Hubacher -- b.4/15/1940
Bobsledder, Discus Thrower, Olympic Athlete, Shotputter, Swiss
Misc: 4-man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1972); decathlete.

Cal Hubbard -- b.10/31/1900 d.10/17/1977 (76)
MLB Player, MLB Umpire, NFL Tackle
Names/Places: RFN:Robert
Misc: in the Pro Football, College Football and Baseball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1927-1928), Green Bay Packers (1929-1933, 1935), New York Giants (1936), Pittsburgh Pirates (1936)

Charlotte Hubbard -- b.??/??/???? d.12/18/1994 (82)

Elbert Green Hubbard -- b.6/19/1856 d.5/7/1915 (58)
Author, Publisher, Editor, Biographer, American

Elizabeth Hubbard -- b.12/22/1933

Erica Hubbard -- b.1/2/1979 N.S.
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Let's Stay Together, The Replacements, Lincoln Heights
Movie Titles: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, A Cinderella Story

Freddie Hubbard -- b.4/7/1938 d.12/29/2008 (70)
Composer, Flugelhorn, Pianist, Trumpeter, Jazz Singer

Gardiner Hubbard -- b.8/25/1822 d.12/11/1897 (75)
Misc: founder National Geographic Society, Hubbard medal named after him, founder Clarke School for the Deaf

Gregg "Hobie" Hubbard -- b.10/4/1960 N.S.
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Country Singer

John Hubbard -- b.4/14/1923 d.11/6/1988 (74)
Movie Actor

John Hubbard -- b.4/23/1914 d.11/10/1988 (74)
TV Shows: Mickey Rooney Show, Don't Call Me Charlie (as Col. U. Charles Barker)

L. Ron Hubbard -- b.3/13/1911 d.1/24/1986 (74)
Artist, Author, Scriptwriter, Philosopher, Explorer, Educator, Humanitarian, Composer
Names/Places: RFMN:Lafayette Ronald
Misc: Administrator; Church of Scientology scientologist founder
Book Titles: Dianetics (Read it!)

Marv Hubbard -- b.5/7/1946 d.5/4/2015 (68)
NFL Player

Mike Hubbard -- b.2/16/1971
MLB Player

Phil Hubbard -- b.12/13/1956
NBA Coach, NBA Player, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-gold-1976

Preston Hubbard -- b.3/15/1953 d.8/17/2016 N.S. (63)
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Room Full of Blues, Fabulous Thunderbirds

Ray Wylie Hubbard -- b.11/13/1946
Songwriter, Country Singer

Trenidad Hubbard -- b.5/11/1964
MLB Player

Tyler Hubbard -- b.1/31/1987
Country Singer
Group Names: Florida Georgia Line
Album Titles: Here's to the Good Times

William Dehart Hubbard -- b.11/25/1903 d.6/23/1976 (72)
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: long jumper (Olympic-gold-1924)

Carl Owen Hubbell -- b.6/22/1903 d.11/21/1988 (85)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL MVP 1933, 1936; 9x All-Star; N.Y. Giant 20-game winner 5 consecutive years 1933-37; spent 18 years with the New York Giants winning 253 games and losing 154 with 1678 strikeouts and a 2.97 lifetime ERA; San Francisco Giants #11 retired
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1928-1943)

Owen Hubbell -- b.2/11/2016 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Heather Morris and Taylor's son

Edwin Powell Hubble -- b.11/20/1889 d.9/28/1953 (63)
Names/Places: b. in Marshfield, MO
Misc: discoverer of galaxies

Ken Hubbs -- b.12/23/1941 d.2/15/1964 (22)
MLB Second Baseman
Misc: Gold Glove
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Sandra Hubby -- b.11/23/1978
Model, Playmate
Misc: March 2004

David Hunter Hubel -- b.2/27/1926 d.9/22/2013 (87)
Scientist, Canadian

Andreas Huber -- b.2/26/1980
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Susan Lucci & Helmut's son
Misc: likely b. 1980

Anke Huber -- b.12/4/1974
Tennis Player, German

Harold Huber -- b.12/5/1909 d.9/29/1959 (49)

Helmut Huber -- b.10/10/1937 N.S.
Businessperson, Restaurateur, TV Producer, Austrian
Names/Places: Susan Lucci's hubby
TV Shows: Dancing with the Stars (producer)

Liza Victoria Huber -- b.2/22/1975
Soap Actress
Names/Places: Susan Lucci & Helmut's daughter
TV Shows: Passions (as Gwen Hotchkiss)

Robert Huber -- b.2/20/1937
Biochemist, German

Conrad Hubert -- b.4/15/1856 d.3/12/1928 (71)
Inventor, Businessperson
Misc: founded Everready Flashlight Co.

Janet Hubert-Whitten -- b.1/13/1956
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Fresh Prince of Bel Air (as aunt Vivian Banks)
Movie Titles: Not Letting Go
Video Games: Grand Theft Auto V

John Hubley -- b.5/21/1914 d.2/21/1977 (62)
Animator, Director

Season Hubley -- b.5/14/1951
TV/Soap Actress
Names/Places: Kurt Russell's ex-
Misc: retired from acting in 1999
TV Shows: Kung Fu (as Margit McLean), Family (as Salina Magee)
Movie Titles: Escape from New York, Hardcore, Vice Squad

Mike Huckabee -- b.8/24/1955

Mick Hucknall -- b.6/8/1960
Songwriter, Pop Singer, Punk Rock Singer
Group Names: The Frantic Elevators (punk group, lead singer), Simply Red (lead singer)
Song Titles: Holding Back the Years, Money's Too Tight (To Mention), The Right Thing, If You Don't Know Me By Now, Stars, Fairground (previous titles as lead of Simply Red)
Album Titles: Picture Book, Men and Women, A New Flame, Stars, Life, Blue (previous titles as lead of Simply Red), American Soul

Peanuts Hucko -- b.4/7/1918 d.6/19/2003 (85)
Clarinetist, Reeds
TV Shows: Lawrence Welk Show (Dixieland clarinetist)

Roy Hudd -- b.5/16/1936
Author, Actor, Comedian, Radio Broadcaster, English

David Huddleston -- b.9/17/1930 d.8/2/2016 N.S. (85)
TV Shows: How the West Was Won, Petrocelli, The Kallikaks, Hizzoner
Movie Titles: Blazing Saddles, Santa Claus The Movie, The Big Lebowski

Walter Dee Huddleston -- b.4/15/1926 N.S. d.10/16/2018 N.S. (92)

Charlie Huddy -- b.6/2/1959
NHL Player, Canadian

John Hudek -- b.8/8/1966
MLB Pitcher, American

Stella Hudgens -- b.11/13/1995 N.S.
Names/Places: Vanessa's sister

Vanessa Hudgens -- b.12/14/1988
Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Spring Breakers, Thirteen, Sucker Punch, High School the Musical

Rex Hudler -- b.9/2/1960
Baseball Announcer, MLB Player
Names/Places: NN: Wonderdog
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals (broadcaster)

Reginald Hudlin -- b.12/15/1961
Movie Titles: Django Unchained, House Party, Boomerang, The Ladies Man

Bill Hudson -- b.10/17/1949
Comedian, Singer
Names/Places: The Hudson Brothers with brothers Mark & Brett; Goldie Hawn's ex-
TV Shows: The Hudson Brothers Show, The Hudson Brothers Razzle-Dazzle Show

Bob Hudson -- b.10/7/1929 d.9/20/1997 (66)
Radio Actor, Comedian, Radio Disc Jock
Names/Places: NN:Emperor
Misc: of Hudson and Landry

Brett Hudson -- b.1/18/1953
Comedian, Singer, Musician
Names/Places: The Hudson Brothers with brothers Mark & Bill
TV Shows: The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show

Cash Anthony Hudson -- b.6/23/2004
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Perla Hudson and Slash's son

Chris Hudson -- b.10/6/1971
NFL Safety

Ernie Hudson -- b.12/17/1945
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Oz (as warden)
Movie Titles: Ghostbusters, The Crow, Miss Congeniality

Garth Hudson -- b.8/2/1937
Organist, Rock & Roll Musician, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in Woodstock, NY
Misc: sought-after sessionist; some say b. 1942 or 1943
Group Names: The Band

George William Hudson -- b.2/29/1988
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Toni Hudson & Dirk's son

Harold Hudson -- b.8/7/1949 d.2/??/2010 N.S. (60)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Commodores

Henry Hudson -- b.9/12/1575 J-LD d.6/22/1611 J-LD (35)
Navigator, British
Misc: Named a river & a bay after him

Hugh Hudson -- b.8/25/1936
Writer, Producer/Director, English
Movie Titles: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Revolution, I Dreamed of Africa, Chariots of Fire

James "Pooky" Hudson -- b.6/11/1934 N.S. d.1/16/2007 N.S. (72)
Group Names: The Spaniels

Jennifer Hudson -- b.9/12/1981
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: American Idol (Finalist #7, 2004)
Movie Titles: The Secret Life of Bees

John Hudson -- b.1/29/1968
NHL Player

Joseph Hudson -- b.9/29/1970
MLB Pitcher

Joseph Hudson -- b.10/17/1846 d.7/5/1912 (65)

Kate Hudson -- b.4/19/1979 N.S.
Actress, Producer
Names/Places: Bill Hudson & Goldie Hawn's daughter
Movie Titles: The Skeleton Key, Almost Famous, The Four Feathers, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Alex and Emma, Le Divorce, Raising Helen, You Me and Dupree, Fool's Gold, My Best Friend's Girl, Bride Wars

Keith Hudson -- b.3/18/1946 d.11/14/1984 (38)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Reggae Singer, Jamaican

Lou Hudson -- b.7/11/1944 d.4/11/2014 (69)
Actor, NBA Player

Mark Hudson -- b.8/23/1951
Actor, Comedian, Songwriter, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Portland, Oregon
Misc: of The Hudson Brothers with brothers Bill & Brett
TV Shows: The Hudson Brothers Show, Hudson Brothers Razzle-Dazzle Show, Sara

Martha Hudson -- b.3/21/1939
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: 4X100m relayer (Olympic-gold-1960)

Oliver Hudson -- b.9/7/1976
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: Bill Hudson & Goldie Hawn's son
TV Shows: The Mountain (as David Carver Jr.), Rules of Engagement (as Adam Rhodes), Nashville (as Jeff Fordham), Scream Queens (as Wes Gardner)
Movie Titles: Grown Ups 2, The Breed, The Out-of-Towners

Orlando Hudson -- b.12/12/1977 N.S.
MLB Second Baseman
Misc: 2x All-Star, 4x Gold Glove

Richard "Hud" Hudson -- b.5/9/1948 N.S.
Songwriter, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, British
Group Names: The Strawbs

Rochelle Hudson -- b.3/6/1916 d.1/17/1972 (55)

Rock Hudson -- b.11/17/1925 d.10/2/1985 (59)
TV/Movie Actor, Gay
Names/Places: b. in Winnetka, Illinois; RN:Roy Harold Scherer Jr., then Roy Fitzgerald; d. at his Beverly Hills home, from the AIDS virus
TV Shows: McMillan & Wife (as Comm. Stewart McMillan), Wheels, Devlin Connection, Dynasty (as Daniel Reece)
Movie Titles: Pillow Talk, A Farewell To Arms

Tim Hudson -- b.7/14/1975
MLB Pitcher

Tommy Hudson -- b.??/??/????

Walter Hudson -- b.??/??/1944 d.12/24/1991 (46)
Misc: 1,025 lb man

Wilder Hudson -- b.8/23/2007
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Erinn Bartlett and Oliver's son

Will Hudson -- b.3/8/1908 d.7/16/1981 (73)
Arranger, Songwriter

William Hudson -- b.1/24/1925 d.4/5/1974 (49)
TV Shows: I Led 3 Lives (as special agent Mike Andrews)

William Henry Hudson -- b.8/4/1841 d.8/18/1922 (81)
Author, Naturalist, Argentine

Rob Huebel -- b.6/4/1969
Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, Singer
TV Shows: Childrens Hospital (as Dr. Owen Maestro), Bob's Burgers (as Newton, Doctor, various)
Movie Titles: Despicable Me, The Descendants, I Love You Man

Bettina Huebers -- b.12/19/1962
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: illegitimate daughter of Paul McCartney.

Craig Huebing -- b.3/4/1929 d.3/10/2006 (77)

Jaime Huélamo -- b.11/17/1948 d.1/31/2014 N.S. (65)
Bicyclist, Olympic Athlete, Spanish
Misc: Olympic bronze 1972

Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta -- b.9/23/1917 N.S. d.2/5/1984 N.S. (66)
Actor, Wrestler, Mexican
Names/Places: NN: El Santo (The Saint)

Jon Huertas -- b.10/23/1969
Actor, Producer, American, Puerto Rican
TV Shows: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (as Brad), Castle (as Javier Esposito)
Movie Titles: The Objective, Right at Your Door, Reparation

Jack Hues -- b.12/10/1954
Keyboardist, Pianist, Hip-Pop Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: RN:Jeremy Allan Ryder
Group Names: Wang Chung

Shan Omar Huey -- b.??/??/????
TV Shows: Felicity (as Blair)
Movie Titles: Spiderman, The Patriot

David Huff -- b.7/28/1961
Music Producer, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Giant

Gary Huff -- b.4/27/1951
NFL Player

George Huff -- b.11/4/1980
Gospel Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
TV Shows: American Idol (Finalist #5 2004)

Ken Huff -- b.2/21/1953
NFL Guard
Misc: Super Bowl XVIII
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins

Leon Huff -- b.4/8/1942
Music Producer, Songwriter

Martin Huff -- b.12/19/1948
NFL Linebacker

Sam Huff -- b.10/4/1934
NFL Linebacker
Names/Places: FN:Robert Lee
Misc: glamorized NFL's middle linebacker position with NY Giants from 1956-63; subject of "The Violent World of Sam Huff" TV special in 1961; helped lead club to 6 division titles and a world championship (1956); in both Collge and NFL Hall of Fames.
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1956-1963), Washington Redskins

Arianna Huffington -- b.7/15/1950
Author, Columnist

Alaina Huffman -- b.4/17/1980 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Painkiller Jane (as Maureen Bowers), Smallville (as Black Canary)

Booker Huffman Jr. -- b.3/1/1965 N.S.
Sports Commentator, Wrestler
Names/Places: ring name: Booker T

Cady Huffman -- b.2/2/1965
Movie Titles: Hero, The Nanny Diaries, Dare

Chris Huffman -- b.11/12/1980
Musician, Christian/Contemporary Performer

David Huffman -- b.5/10/1945 d.2/27/1985 (39)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: FIST, Onion Field

Doug Huffman -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Boston

Felicity Huffman -- b.12/9/1962
TV Actress
TV Shows: Sports Night (as Dana Whitaker), Desparate Housewives (as Lynette Scavo)
Movie Titles: Georgia Rule

Jon "Lightning" Huffman -- b.11/18/1963
Rock & Roll Musician

Kerry Huffman -- b.1/3/1968
NHL Player, Canadian

Logan Huffman -- b.12/22/1989
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: V (as Tyler Evans)
Movie Titles: Lymelife, Final Girl, Bad Turn Worse

Rosanna Huffman -- b.8/12/1938 d.5/20/2016 N.S. (77)
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
Misc: retired from acting in 2000
TV Shows: Murder One
Movie Titles: The Fabulous Baker Boys, Babe, Oliver and Company, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Billy Hufsey -- b.12/8/1958 N.S.
Actor, Casting Department, Singer
TV Shows: Fame (as Christopher Donlon)

Shirley Hufstedler -- b.8/24/1925 d.3/30/2016 N.S. (90)
Government Official, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: Secretrary of Education

Mike Hugg -- b.8/11/1942
Songwriter, Drummer, Keyboardist, Vibraharpist, Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Names/Places: RN: Michael John Hugg
Group Names: Manfred Mann

Charles B. Huggins -- b.9/22/1901 d.1/12/1997 (95)
Surgeon, Canadian
Misc: cancer researcher

Eloisa Mae Huggins -- b.12/10/2000
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Penelope Ann Miller and James' daughter

Haria Adela Huggins -- b.3/23/2009
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Penelope Ann Miller and James' daughter

Miller James Huggins -- b.3/27/1878 N.S. d.9/25/1929 N.S. (51)
MLB Manager, MLB Second Baseman
Names/Places: NN:the Mighty Mite
Sports Teams: Cincinnati Reds (1904-1909), St. Louis Cardinals (1910-1916), St. Louis Cardinals (manager 1913-1917), New York Yankees (manager 1918-1929)

Nathan I. Huggins -- b.1/14/1927 d.12/5/1989 (62)
Author, Historian, Scholar, Educator

Sir William Huggins -- b.2/7/1824 d.5/12/1910 (86)
Scientist, Astronomer, English
Misc: discovered nature of spiral "nebulae"; one of the first to use the spectroscope; with it he revolutionized the observation of celestial bodies; discoverer of stellar nature of Andromeda

Daniel Hugh-Kelly -- b.8/10/1952
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Hardcastle & McCormick (as Mark 'Skid' McCormick), Chicago Story, Ryan's Hope (as Frank Ryan), All My Children (as Travis Montgomery), Second Noah (as Noah Beckett), As the World Turns (as Major Winston Mayer)

Aaron Hughes -- b.11/8/1979 N.S.
Soccer Defender, Northern Ireland

Albert Hughes -- b.4/1/1972
Names/Places: Allen's twin
Movie Titles: From Hell, The Book of Eli, Menace II Society, Dead Presidents

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