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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Kay Bailey Hutchison -- b.7/22/1943

Melanie Hutsell -- b.8/2/1968
Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live
Movie Titles: Grown Ups 2, Can't Stop Dancing, Bridesmaids

Donald Hutson -- b.1/31/1913 d.6/26/1997 (84)
NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: 8x First Team All-Pro, 4x Pro Bowl, Football E-PK; led NFL in receptions 8 times and interceptions once; 9-time All-Pro (1936, 38-45) for Green Bay; 99 career TD catches (105 career), 5x leading scorer; in the College Football, Packers and Pro Football Halls of Fame; Packers #14 retired
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers (player 1935-1945, coach 1944-1948)

Marcus Hutson -- b.1/8/1943 N.S. d.??/??/2000 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: in the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame
Group Names: The Whispers

William Hutt -- b.5/2/1920 d.6/27/2007 (87)
Actor, Stage Producer/Director, Canadian

Ralf Hütter -- b.8/20/1946 N.S.
Drummer, Keyboardist, New Wave Singer, German
Misc: Strings; Woodwind
Group Names: Kraftwerk

Daniel Huttlestone -- b.9/17/1999 N.S.

J. B. Hutto -- b.4/26/1926 d.6/12/1983 (57)
Drummer, Pianist, Blues Singer/Guitarist

Barbara Hutton -- b.11/14/1912 d.5/11/1979 (66)
Misc: Woolworth heiress; wed 7x's

Betty Hutton -- b.2/26/1921 d.3/11/2007 (86)
TV/Movie Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Battle Creek, Mich.; RMLN:June Thornberg; Marion's sister; wed 5x's
Misc: 1940s blonde bombshell
TV Shows: Betty Hutton Show (as Goldie Appleby)

Sir Christopher Hutton -- b.11/20/1540 d.11/20/1591 (51)
Attorney/Lawyer, Courtier, British

Danny Hutton -- b.9/10/1942
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer, Irish
Misc: some say b. 1946
Group Names: Three Dog Night

Dash Hutton -- b.2/13/1985 N.S.
Group Names: Haim (hym)

Emanuel Noah Hutton -- b.4/29/1987
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Debra Winger & Timothy Hutton's child

Gunilla Hutton -- b.5/15/1942
TV Actress, Singer, Swedish
TV Shows: Petticoat Junction (as Billie Jo Bradley), Hee Haw

Ian Hutton -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Bonham

Ina Ray Hutton -- b.3/13/1917 d.2/19/1984 (66)
Singer, Pianist, Bandleader
Misc: Sexy blonde leader of an all-girl band; d. 2-21,67?

James Hutton -- b.6/3/1726 N.S. d.3/26/1797 N.S. (70)
Geologist, Scotish

Jim Hutton -- b.5/31/1934 d.6/2/1979 (45)
Names/Places: Timothy's father
Misc: some say b. 1938
TV Shows: Ellery Queen (star 1970s)

John Bower "Bouse" Hutton -- b.10/24/1877 N.S. d.10/27/1962 N.S. (85)
NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Sports Teams: Ottawa Hockey Club (possibly 1898-1909)

June Hutton -- b.8/11/1921 d.5/2/1973 (51)

Lauren Hutton -- b.11/17/1943
Protestant, TV/Movie Actress, Producer, Model
Names/Places: b. in Charleston, SC
Misc: some say b. 1944
TV Shows: Paper Dolls
Movie Titles: Zorro: The Gay Blade, Paper Lion, American Gigolo

Marion Hutton -- b.3/10/1919 d.1/10/1987 (67)
Names/Places: Betty's sister

Mark Hutton -- b.2/6/1970
MLB Pitcher, South African

Ralph Hutton -- b.3/6/1948 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Canadian

Robert Hutton -- b.6/11/1920 d.8/7/1994 (74)
Movie Actor
Names/Places: RMLN:Bruce Winne

Timothy Hutton -- b.8/16/1960
Movie Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Malubu, ex-Brat Pack; Debra Winger's ex-; Jim's son
TV Shows: Leverage (as Sherriff Nathan Ford), American Crime (as Coach Dan Sullivan)
Movie Titles: The Ghost Writerm Kinsey, Falcon & the Snowman, Ordinary People, Beautiful Girls, The General's Daughter

Tom Hutton -- b.7/8/1972
NFL Player

Tommy Hutton -- b.4/20/1946
MLB Player

Brody Hutzler -- b.4/20/1971
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Legally Blonde

Aldous Huxley -- b.7/26/1894 N.S. d.11/22/1963 N.S. (69)
Novelist, Essayist, Screen/Scriptwriter, Satirist, Philosopher, Mystic, English
Names/Places: b. in Godalming
Book Titles: Brave New World

Andrew Fielding Huxley -- b.11/22/1917 d.5/30/2012 (94)
Physiologist, English

Sir Julian S. Huxley -- b.6/22/1887 d.2/14/1975 (87)
Author, Philosopher, Scientist, Biologist, English

Rick Huxley -- b.8/5/1940 d.2/11/2013 (72)
Bassist, Rhythm Guitarist, English
Group Names: Dave Clark Five

Thomas Henry Huxley -- b.5/4/1825 d.6/29/1895 (70)
Author, Philosopher, Biologist, Educator, English
Names/Places: NN:T.H.
Misc: whose speculations on philosophy and religion and whose promotion of Darwinism led him to an advocacy of agnosticism.

Christiaan Huygens -- b.4/14/1629 d.7/8/1695 (66)
Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: Saturn's Rings and Titan discoverer; founder of the wave theory of light; or d. Jul 8?

Cornelie Huygens -- b.7/13/1848 d.10/31/1902 (54)
Author, Feminist, Dutch (Netherlands)

Hv -- b.??/??/????

Ragnhild Hveger -- b.12/10/1920 N.S. d.12/1/2011 N.S. (90)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Danish (Denmark)

Ragnild Hveger -- b.12/10/1920 N.S. d.12/1/2011 N.S. (90)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Danish (Denmark)
Misc: 200m swimmer (Olympic-silver-1936), 400m swimmer (Olympic-silver-1936)

Hw -- b.??/??/????

David Henry Hwang -- b.8/11/1957
Screenwriter, Playwright, Librettist

Tiffany Hwang -- b.8/1/1989 N.S.
Pop Singer
Names/Places: aka Tiffany (not to be confused with another pop Tiffany of the late 1980s)
Group Names: Girls' Generation

Hx -- b.??/??/????

Hy -- b.??/??/????

Leila Hyams -- b.5/1/1905 d.12/4/1977 (72)

Margie Hyams -- b.8/9/1920 d.6/14/2012 (91)
Arranger, Pianist, Vibraharpist, Jazz Performer

Nick Hyams -- b.12/18/1981
Actor, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Timecop

Peter Hyams -- b.7/26/1943
Screen/Scriptwriter, Editor, Producer/Director, Cinematographer
Misc: primarily a movie director
Movie Titles: 2010: The Year We Make Contact, End of Days, TimeCop, Outland, Capricorn 1, Hanover Street

Alpheus Hyatt -- b.4/5/1838 d.1/15/1902 (63)
Scientist, Palentologist, Zoologist

Charles D. "Chuck" Hyatt -- b.2/28/1908 d.5/8/1978 (70)
College Basketball Player
Misc: National championship (Pittsburgh, 1928, 1930); College All-America (1929, 1930); Helms Foundation Player of the Year (1930)
Sports Teams: University of Pittsburgh

John Wesley Hyatt -- b.11/28/1837 d.5/10/1920 (82)
Misc: patented celluloid, 1st practical synthetic material

Walter Hyatt -- b.10/25/1949 d.5/11/1996 (46)
Songwriter, Country Singer

Bruce Hyde -- b.9/14/1941 d.10/13/2015 N.S. (74)
Educator, Actor
TV Shows: Star Trek (as Lt. Kevin Riley)

Camille Hyde -- b.11/11/1993 N.S.
TV Shows: Power Rangers Dino Charge (as Shelby Watkins aka The Pink Dino Charge Ranger)

Carlos Hyde -- b.9/20/1991 N.S.
NFL Runningback

Harry Hyde -- b.1/17/1925 d.5/13/1996 (71)
Auto Racer
Misc: leading crew chief in NASCAR stock car racing in the 1960s through the 1980s

Jacquelyn Hyde -- b.3/19/1931 d.2/23/1992 (60)

James Hyde -- b.10/9/1962

James Moses Hyde -- b.6/28/2004
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Sue-Ling and James' son

Jonathan Hyde -- b.5/21/1948
Actor, Australian
TV Shows: The Strain (as Eldritch Palmer)
Movie Titles: Anaconda, Jumanji, Titanic, The Mummy

Cindy Hyde-Smith -- b.5/10/1959 N.S.

Alex Hyde-White -- b.1/30/1959
Actor, English
Movie Titles: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Pretty Woman, Catch Me If You Can, Game Change

Wilfrid Hyde-White -- b.5/12/1903 d.5/6/1991 (87)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, English
TV Shows: Peyton Place, The Associates (as Emerson), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (as Dr. Goodfellow 1980s)

Martha Hyer -- b.8/10/1924 d.5/31/2014 (89)
TV/Movie Actress
Movie Titles: Day of the Wolves, Night of the Grizzly

Tom Hyer -- b.1/1/1819 d.6/26/1864 (45)

Tim Hyers -- b.10/3/1971
MLB Coach, MLB Player

Brian Hyland -- b.11/12/1943
Novelty Singer, Pop Singer, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in Queens
Misc: some say b. 1944
Song Titles: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Brooke Hyland -- b.1/30/1998 N.S.
Song Titles: Summer Love Songs
TV Shows: Dance Moms

Diana Hyland -- b.1/25/1936 N.S. d.3/27/1977 N.S. (41)
Names/Places: RN:Joan Diana Genter
Misc: some say b. 1937, but corrected
TV Shows: Eight is Enough (as Joan Bradford), Peyton Place (as Susan)

Harry Hyland -- b.1/2/1889 d.8/8/1969 (80)
Hockey Right Wing, Canadian
Misc: played 1908-1918
Sports Teams: Ottawa Senators, Montreal Wanderers

Sarah Hyland -- b.11/24/1990
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Geek Charming (TV movie), Modern Family (as Haley Dunphy)
Movie Titles: Geek Charming; Private Parts (as Howard Stern's daughter), Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

Scott Hylands -- b.??/??/1943
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Night Heat (as Kevin O'Brien)

August Hyllested -- b.6/17/1858 d.4/5/1946 (87)
Pianist, Swedish

Jack Hylton -- b.7/2/1892 d.1/29/1965 (72)
Music Producer, Pianist, Bandleader, English

James Hylton -- b.8/26/1934 N.S. d.4/28/2018 N.S. (83)
Auto Racer

Jane Hylton -- b.7/16/1927 d.2/28/1979 (51)
Actress, English
TV Shows: The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (as Queen Guinevere)

Dick Hyman -- b.3/8/1927
Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Organist, Pianist

Earle Hyman -- b.10/11/1926 d.11/17/2017 N.S. (91)
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Thundercats, The Cosby Show (as Russell Huxtable)

Flora "Flo" Jean Hyman -- b.7/31/1954 N.S. d.1/24/1986 N.S. (31)
Olympic Athlete, Volleyball Player
Misc: Olympic-silver-1984

Jerry Hyman -- b.5/19/1947
Trombonist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: RLN:Hymans
Misc: Recorder
Group Names: "Blood, Sweat & Tears", soloist

Phyllis Hyman -- b.7/6/1950 d.6/30/1995 (44)
Jazz Singer

Rob Hyman -- b.4/24/1950
Music Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Accordionist, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: The Hooters

Tony Hymas -- b.9/23/1943
Composer, Pianist, Rock & Roll Keyboardist, English
Group Names: Jeff Beck

Warren Hymer -- b.2/25/1906 d.3/25/1948 (42)
Movie Actor

Chrissie Hynde -- b.9/7/1951
Songwriter, Singer, Rhythm Guitarist, Rock & Roll Performer
Names/Places: b. in Akron, OH; Ray Davies' then Jim Kerr's wife
Misc: some say 1950 or '52
Group Names: The Pretenders (lead)
Song Titles: Brass in Pocket, Talk of the Town, Message of Love, Back on the Chain Gang, My City Was Gone, Middle of the Road, 2000 Miles, Time The Avenger, Show Me, Don't Get Me Wrong, Hymn To Her
Album Titles: Pretenders, Pretenders II, Learning To Crawl, Get Close

Jamie Hyneman -- b.9/25/1956--m--
Personality, American
TV Shows: Mythbusters

Jack Hynes -- b.??/??/1920 d.8/3/2013 (92)
Soccer Player, Scotish

Hyo-Jin-Choi -- b.8/18/1983 N.S.
Soccer Defender, South Korean

James Hyslop -- b.8/18/1854 d.6/17/1920 (65)

Dorothy Hyson -- b.12/24/1914 d.5/23/1996 (81)

Steve Hytner -- b.9/28/1959
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Jeff Foxworthy Show (as Craig Lesco)
Movie Titles: Face/Off, In the Line of Fire, The Prophecy, The Haunted Mansion

Hz -- b.??/??/????

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