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Last Updated 06-11-2022

Kelso -- b.4/4/1957 d.10/16/1983 (26)

May Kelso -- b.2/28/1867 d.6/5/1946 (79)
Movie/Stage Actor, Singer

Jim Keltner -- b.4/27/1942
Drummer, Rock & Roll Performer

Ken Keltner -- b.10/31/1916 d.12/12/1991 (75)
MLB Player

Pert Kelton -- b.10/14/1907 d.10/30/1968 (61)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress
TV Shows: Jackie Gleason Show (the very first Alice in The Honeymooners sketches), Cavalcade of Stars

Jonathan Keltz -- b.1/17/1988
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Entourage (as Jake Steinberg), Reign (as Leith Bayard)
Movie Titles: 21 and Over

William Thomson Kelvin -- b.6/26/1824 d.12/17/1907 (83)
Engineer, Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Irish
Misc: 1st Baron Kelvin; Absolute temperature scale

Orhan Kemal -- b.9/15/1914 d.6/2/1970 (55)
Novelist, Bulgarian
Names/Places: RN:Mehmet Rasit Ogutcu

Elvis Kemayo -- b.??/??/1949
Music Producer, Arranger, Composer, Singer

Agnes Kemble -- b.??/??/1823 d.??/??/1895
Entertainment Figure

Charles Kemble -- b.11/25/1775 d.11/12/1854 (78)
Stage Actor, Welsh (Wales)

Fannie Kemble -- b.11/27/1809 d.1/15/1893 (83)
Author, Stage Actress, British
Names/Places: RFMN:Frances Anne
Misc: Shakespearian (Juliet)

Gouverneur Kemble -- b.1/25/1786 d.9/18/1875 (89)
Congressperson, Diplomat, Manufacturer

Henry Stephen Kemble -- b.9/15/1789 N.S. d.6/22/1836 N.S. (46)
Stage Actor, English

John Philip Kemble -- b.2/1/1757 d.2/26/1823 (66)
Stage Actor, Director, English
Misc: theater manager

Roger Kemble -- b.3/1/1721 d.12/6/1802 (81)
Stage Actor, English
Misc: theater manager

Harry Kemelman -- b.11/24/1908 d.12/15/1996 (88)
Writer, English
Misc: creator of Rabbi David Small

Dénes Kemény -- b.6/14/1954 N.S.
Olympic Athlete, Water Polo Player, Australian

Ed Kemmer -- b.10/29/1920 d.11/9/2004 (84)
Misc: WWII fighter pilot
TV Shows: Space Patrol (as Cmdr. Buzz Corey)

Brandis Kemp -- b.2/1/1944 N.S. d.7/4/2020 N.S. (76)
Actress, Comedienne
Names/Places: Mark Blankfield's wife
TV Shows: Fridays, AfrerM*A*S*H (as Alma Cox)

Charlotte Kemp -- b.1/27/1961
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: December 1982

Elizabeth Kemp -- b.11/5/1958 N.S. d.9/1/2017 N.S. (58)

Gary Kemp -- b.10/16/1959
Songwriter, Guitarist, Pop Singer, English
Misc: some say b. 1960
Group Names: Spandau Ballet (lead)
Song Titles: Tru, Gold, Lifeline, Only When You Leave, Communication, Chant No. 1
Album Titles: True, Parade

Hal Kemp -- b.3/27/1904 N.S. d.12/21/1940 N.S. (36)
Reeds, Saxophonist, Bandleader

Harry Kemp -- b.12/15/1883 d.8/5/1960 (76)
Novelist, Poet
Names/Places: NN:Tramp Poet

Jack Kemp -- b.7/13/1935 d.5/2/2009 (73)
Congressperson, Government Official, NFL Quarterback
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Misc: Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1996 Vice Presidential Candidate with Bob Dole

Jeremy Kemp -- b.2/3/1935 N.S. d.7/19/2019 N.S. (84)
Actor, English
TV Shows: Conan, The Winds of War, War and Remembrance
Movie Titles: Top Secret!, A Bridge Too Far, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Blue Max

Johnny Kemp -- b.8/2/1959 d.4/16/2015 (55)

Martin Kemp -- b.10/10/1961 N.S.
Actor, Personality, Bassist, English
Group Names: Spandau Ballet

Matt Kemp -- b.9/23/1984 N.S.
MLB Player
Misc: 2x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger, 2x Gold Glove; hit for cycle in 2015; active as of 2015
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres

Perry Kemp -- b.12/31/1961
NFL Wide Receiver

Rick Kemp -- b.11/15/1941
Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Group Names: Steeleye Span

Shawn Kemp -- b.11/26/1969
NBA Forward
Misc: of The Dream Team II in the 1994 World Basketball Championships.

Steve Kemp -- b.8/7/1954
MLB Player

Will Kemp -- b.6/29/1977 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Video Game Voice Actor, English
TV Shows: Reign (as Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley), Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (as Scott)
Movie Titles: Steo Up 2: The Streets
Video Games: Van Helsing

Rudolf Kempe -- b.6/14/1910 d.5/12/1976 (65)
Conductor, German
Misc: symphonies

Will Kempe -- b.12/19/1963
Actor, Bermudan

Ellie Kemper -- b.5/2/1980
Actress, Comedienne, Cartoon Voice Actress, Internet Video Actress
TV Shows: The Office (as Kally Erin Hannon), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Movie Titles: 21 Jump Street, Bridesmaids, Sex Tape

Wilhelm Kempff -- b.11/25/1895 d.5/23/1991 (95)
Pianist, German

Thomas A Kempis -- b.??/??/1380 d.7/25/1471
Author, Theologian, Mystic, German
Misc: Monk

Rachael Kempson -- b.5/28/1910 N.S. d.5/24/2003 N.S. (92)
Movie Actress, British
Names/Places: Michael Redgrave's wife, Vanessa & Lynn's mom

Dirk Kempthorne -- b.10/29/1951

Tim Kempton -- b.1/25/1964
NBA Player

Franz Kemser -- b.11/11/1910 d.1/20/1986 (75)
Bobsledder, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic Gold 1952

Ken L. -- b.3/28/1973
TV Actor
Names/Places: is his last name "Ration" by chance?
TV Shows: The Parkers

Felicity Kendal -- b.9/25/1946
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, English
TV Shows: Good Neighbors (as Barbara Good), Rosemary and Thyme (as Rosemary Boxer)
Movie Titles: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Dame Madge Kendal -- b.3/15/1848 d.9/14/1935 (87)
Stage Actress, English

William H. Kendal -- b.12/16/1843 d.11/7/1917 (73)
Stage Actor, English

Amos Kendall -- b.8/16/1789 N.S. d.11/12/1869 N.S. (80)

Cy Kendall -- b.3/10/1898 d.7/22/1953 (55)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: Heavyweight villain in scores of films

Edward Kendall -- b.3/8/1886 d.5/4/1972 (86)
Misc: isolated cortisone (Nobel 1950)

Henry Kendall -- b.5/28/1897 d.6/9/1962 (65)

Henry Way Kendall -- b.12/9/1926 d.2/15/1999 (72)

Howard Kendall -- b.5/22/1946 d.10/17/2015 N.S. (69)
Soccer Player, Soccer Manager, English
Misc: midfielder and manager

Jason Kendall -- b.6/26/1974
MLB Catcher

Jeannie Kendall -- b.10/30/1954
Country Singer
Names/Places: RN:Jeannie Kykendall
Misc: AP says b. Nov 30
Group Names: The Kendalls, soloist

Johnny Kendall -- b.11/1/1941
Blues Singer, Dutch (Netherlands)

Kay Kendall -- b.5/21/1926 d.9/6/1959 (33)
Movie Actress, English
Names/Places: RN:Justine McCarthy

Kerri Kendall -- b.9/25/1970
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: September 1990

Mark Kendall -- b.4/29/1957
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Great White

Pete Kendall -- b.7/9/1973
NFL Guard

Royce Kendall -- b.9/25/1935 N.S. d.5/22/1998 N.S. (62)
Country Singer
Group Names: The Kendalls

Skip Kendall -- b.9/9/1964

Suzy Kendall -- b.1/1/1937
Actress, English
Names/Places: RN:Frieda Harrison; Dudley Moore's ex-
Misc: retired from acting in 1977
Movie Titles: To Sir With Love, Torso, Up the Junction, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Tommy Kendall -- b.10/17/1966
Sportscaster, Auto Racer

Sir John Kendrew -- b.3/24/1917 d.8/23/1997 (80)
Scientist, Biologist, English

Anna Kendrick -- b.8/9/1985
Movie Titles: Up in the Air, Into the Woods, Pitch Perfect (series), Twilight

Eddie Kendrick -- b.12/17/1939 N.S. d.10/5/1992 N.S. (52)
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: RN:Edward James Kendrick
Misc: d. Oct 5?
Group Names: Temptations (lead singer), soloist
Song Titles: My Girl, Get Ready, Ain't Too Proud To Beg, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, I Know I'm Losing You, All I Need, You're My Everything, I Wish It Would Rain, Cloud Nine, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (with Diana Ross and the Supremes), I Can't Get Next To You, Ball of Confusion, Just My Imagination, Papa Was a Rollin' Stone, Masterpiece (all previous as lead of The Temptations), Keep On Truckin' Part 1, Boogie Down, Shoeshine Boy

Ellie Kendrick -- b.6/6/1990 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: The Diary of Anne Frank (BBC), Game of Thrones

Howie Kendrick -- b.7/12/1983 N.S.
MLB Second Baseman, American
Misc: NLCS MVP 2019

Merle Kendrick -- b.7/19/1896 d.5/23/1968 (71)

Pearl Kendrick -- b.8/24/1890 d.10/8/1980 (90)
Scientist, Microbiologist
Misc: known for co-developing the first vaccine for whooping cough

Rhonda Ross Kendrick -- b.8/14/1971
Names/Places: Diana Ross & Berry Gordy's daughter; RN:Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein; aka Rhonda Ross, Rhonda Suzanne Gordy
TV Shows: Another World (as Toni Burrell)

Eric Kendricks -- b.2/29/1992 N.S.
NFL Linebacker

Thomas Keneally -- b.10/7/1935
Author, Novelist, Playwright, Australian

Alexa Kenin -- b.2/16/1962 d.9/10/1985 (23)

Carolyn Kenmore -- b.7/??/1946

Mike Kenn -- b.2/9/1956
NFL Tackle

George Frost Kennan -- b.2/16/1904 d.3/17/2005 (101)
Author, Historian, Diplomat
Misc: ex-U.S. Ambassador to USSR

Derek Kennard -- b.9/9/1962
NFL Guard, NFL Center, USFL Figure

Courtney Kennebeck -- b.2/20/1975

Kennedy -- b.9/8/1972
Names/Places: RN: Lisa Kennedy Montgomery

Adam Kennedy -- b.1/10/1976 N.S.
MLB Second Baseman
Misc: AL LCS MVP 2002
Sports Teams: Anaheim Angels

Adam Kennedy -- b.3/10/1922 d.10/16/1997 (75)
Painter, Novelist, Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor
TV Shows: The Californians

Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy -- b.7/13/2001
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Mary and Robert F Kennedy Jr's son

Anthony M. Kennedy -- b.7/23/1936 N.S.
Supreme Court Justice, Lawyer
Misc: the 106th Supreme Court Justice 1988-2018

Arthur Kennedy -- b.2/17/1914 d.1/5/1990 (75)
Movie/Stage Actor
Names/Places: b. in Worcester, MA
Movie Titles: The Glass Menagerie, Lawrence of Arabia

Betty Kennedy -- b.10/2/????

Bob Kennedy -- b.8/18/1920 d.4/7/2005 (84)
MLB Player

Bob Kennedy -- b.??/??/1937 d.6/26/2008
Game Show Host
Misc: Not related to another game show host Tom Kennedy

Burt Kennedy -- b.9/3/1922 d.2/15/2001 (78)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Producer/Director

Cameron Kennedy -- b.10/6/1993 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: My Babysitter's a Vampire (as Rory)

Chris Kennedy -- b.7/20/1968
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (as Ted Logan in live action and animated versions of the series)
Movie Titles: Paycheck, Murder at 1600, The Planet of Junior's Groove

Conor Kennedy -- b.7/24/1994
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Mary Richardson & Robert Jr.'s son

Cortez Kennedy -- b.8/23/1968 d.5/23/2017 N.S. (48)
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle
Misc: 8x Pro Bowl, 5x All-Pro
Sports Teams: Seattle Seahawks (1990-2000)

David Anthony Kennedy -- b.6/15/1955 d.4/25/1984 (28)
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: RFK's son

Dean Kennedy -- b.1/18/1963
NHL Defensive, Canadian

Delious Kennedy -- b.12/21/1970
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: All 4 One

Douglas Kennedy -- b.9/14/1915 N.S. d.8/10/1973 N.S. (57)
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Virginian
Movie Titles: Lone Ranger and The Lost City of Gold

Duncan Kennedy -- b.12/20/1967
Luger, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympics 1994

Edgar Kennedy -- b.4/26/1890 d.11/9/1948 (58)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Keystone Kops

Edward M. Kennedy III -- b.2/25/1998
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Katherine and Edward Jr.'s son

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy -- b.2/22/1932 d.8/25/2009 (77)

Errol Kennedy -- b.6/9/1953
Music Producer, Composer, Drummer, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Jamaican
Group Names: Imagination, soloist

Ethel Kennedy -- b.4/11/1928
Celebrity Relative, Socialite
Names/Places: Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy's wife
Misc: Special Olympics

George Kennedy -- b.2/18/1925 d.2/28/2016 N.S. (91)
TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: some say b. in '26 or '27
TV Shows: Sarge, The Blue Knight (as William A. Bumper Morgan), Backstairs at the White House, Dallas (as Carter McKay)
Movie Titles: Earthquake, Airport, Airport 1975, Airport '77, The Naked Gun (series), Cool Hand Luke, Airplane, Naked Gun

Harrison Kennedy -- b.??/??/????
Musician, Canadian
Group Names: Chairmen of the Board

J. Walter Kennedy -- b.6/8/1912 d.6/26/1977 N.S. (65)
NBA Executive
Names/Places: mistakenly referred to as Walter J. Kennedy
Misc: was the commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1963 until 1975.

James Michael Kennedy -- b.2/24/1973
Rock & Roll Performer

Jamie Kennedy -- b.5/25/1970
Actor, Comedian, Producer
TV Shows: Jamie Kennedy Experiment (host)
Movie Titles: Scream, Malibu's Most Wanted, Son of the Mask, Three Kings, Romeo + Juliet

Jayne Kennedy -- b.10/27/1951
Newsperson, Actress, Sportscaster, Model
Names/Places: LN:Overton
TV Shows: You Asked For It (assistant)
Movie Titles: Body and Soul, Scream, Scream 2

Jerry Kennedy -- b.8/10/1940 N.S.
Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Jessica Parker Kennedy -- b.10/3/1984 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Smallville, Black Sails
Movie Titles: 50/50, In Time, Another Cinderella Story

Jimi Kennedy -- b.8/5/1966
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Tyketto

Jimmy Kennedy -- b.7/20/1902 d.4/10/1984 (81)
Songwriter, Irish

Joan Kennedy -- b.9/2/1936
Author, Socialite, Musician, Model
Misc: some say b. Sep 5 or 1937

Joe Kennedy -- b.11/17/1923 d.4/17/2004 (80)
Educator, Violinist, Jazz Performer

John E. Kennedy -- b.11/17/1968
TV Actor, Puppeteer
Misc: Muppeteer since the early 1990s
TV Shows: Dinosaurs (as Baby Sinclair)

John F. Kennedy Jr. -- b.11/25/1960 d.7/16/1999 (38)
Names/Places: b. in Washington, D.C.; Jacqueline Onassis & JFK's son

John Fitzgerald Kennedy -- b.5/29/1917 d.11/22/1963 (46)
President, Senator
Names/Places: b. in Brookline, MA; Jacqueline Onassis's hubby
Misc: the 35th and youngest U.S. President 1961-63; on a half-dollar coin

John Pendleton Kennedy -- b.10/25/1795 d.8/18/1870 (74)
Novelist, Presidential Aide
Misc: Secretary of the Navy

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. -- b.9/6/1888 d.11/18/1969 (81)
Diplomat, Financier
Names/Places: b. in Boston; Patriarch; Rose's hubby, Robert, Edward, & John F.'s dad; d. in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts

Joseph Patrick Kennedy II -- b.9/24/1952
Names/Places: aka Joe; Ethel & Robert's son

Dr. Joseph William Kennedy -- b.5/30/1916 d.5/5/1957 (40)
Misc: one of four co-discoverers of Plutonium

Joshua Kennedy -- b.8/20/1982 N.S.
Soccer Striker, Australian
Names/Places: NN: Jesus

Karol Kennedy -- b.2/14/1932 N.S. d.6/25/2004 N.S. (72)
Figure Skater

Kathleen Kennedy -- b.6/5/1953 N.S.

Kevin Kennedy -- b.5/26/1954
MLB Manager, NHL Player
Sports Teams: New York Rangers, Texas Rangers

Kiley Elizabeth Kennedy -- b.8/7/1994
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Katherine "Kiki" & Edward Jr.'s girl; Ted's granddaughter

Kyla Kennedy -- b.2/4/2003 N.S.
TV Shows: Speechless (as Dylan DiMeo), The Night Shift

Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy -- b.8/22/1995
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Mary Richardson & Robert Jr.'s daughter

Lincoln Kennedy -- b.2/12/1971
NFL Player, College Football Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Lindsay Kennedy -- b.1/4/1969
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Little House on the Prairie (as Jeb Carter)
Video Games: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Margaret Kennedy -- b.4/23/1896 d.7/31/1967 (71)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, English

Maria Doyle Kennedy -- b.9/25/1964 N.S.
Actress, Irish
TV Shows: The Tudors (as Queen Catherine of Aragon), Orphan Black (as Siobhan Sadler)
Movie Titles: The Conjuring 2, The Commitments, Sing Street, Jupiter Ascending

Marny Kennedy -- b.1/21/1994 N.S.
Actress, Dancer, Singer, Australian

Matthew P. "Pat" Kennedy -- b.1/28/1908 N.S. d.6/16/1957 N.S. (49)
Basketball Referee
Misc: officiated over 4,000 games from 1928-1957; worked for the NBA, NCAA, and the Harlem Globetrotters; was the first referee to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1959.

Maureen Kennedy -- b.7/3/1940
Jazz Singer

Merna Kennedy -- b.9/7/1908 d.12/20/1944 (36)

Michael Edward "Peter" Kennedy III -- b.9/4/1927 N.S.
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete

Michael Lemoyne Kennedy -- b.2/27/1958 d.12/31/1997 (39)
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Robert F.'s son

Mike Kennedy -- b.4/13/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Mimi Kennedy -- b.9/25/1948 N.S.
Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Rochester, NY
Misc: some say b. in 1949
TV Shows: Homefront (as Ruth), Savannah (as Eleanor Alexander), Dharma and Greg (as Abbey O'Neill), Mom (as Marjorie)
Movie Titles: Midnight in Paris, Due Date, The Five-Year Engagement

Myles Kennedy -- b.11/27/1969 N.S.
Songwriter, Guitarist
Group Names: Alter Bridge

Page Kennedy -- b.11/23/1976
Actor, Rapper
TV Shows: Blue Mountain State, Weeds
Movie Titles: S.W.A.T., Leprachaun: Back 2 tha Hood, Freaky Deaky

Patricia Kennedy -- b.7/6/1967
XXX-rated actress

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy -- b.8/7/1963 d.8/9/1963 (0)
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jacqueline Kennedy & JFK's son

Ray Kennedy -- b.5/13/1954
Music Producer, Songwriter, Country Singer

Robert Francis Kennedy -- b.11/20/1925 d.6/6/1968 (42)
Senator, Attorney/Lawyer
Names/Places: b. in Brookline, Mass
Misc: Attorney General

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- b.1/17/1954
Author, Attorney, Environmental Activist
Names/Places: Robert Francis Kennedy's son

Rory Kennedy -- b.12/12/1968
Writer, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Last Days in Vietnam, Ethel, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

Rose Kennedy -- b.7/22/1890 d.1/22/1995 (104)
Celebrity Relative
Names/Places: b. in Boston; MaN:Fitzgerald
Misc: family matriarch; bore 9 children, who bore 29 grandchildren, who bore 26 great-grandchildren as of 07-92

Sarah Kennedy -- b.1/27/????
Comedienne, Cartoon Voice Actress
Misc: retired from acting in 1981; b. c. late 1940s
TV Shows: Rowan and Martin's Laugh In

Sheldon Kennedy -- b.6/15/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Ted Kennedy -- b.12/12/1925 d.8/14/2009 (83)
NHL Center, Canadian
Sports Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs (possibly 1942-1957)

Terry Kennedy -- b.6/4/1956
MLB Catcher

Tim Kennedy -- b.9/1/1979 N.S.
Mixed Martial Arts

Tom Kennedy -- b.2/26/1927 N.S. d.10/7/2020 N.S. (93)
Game Show Host, Announcer
Names/Places: RN:Jim Narz, Jack's younger brother
TV Shows: The New Price is Right (1970s), Dr. I.Q., You Don't Say, Name That Tune, Split Second, Body Languate, Password Plus (1979-82 version, took over as host when original host Allen Ludden died in 1981), To Say the Least, Break the Bank, The Real Tom Kennedy Show

Tom Kennedy -- b.7/15/1885 d.10/6/1965 (80)

Vern Kennedy -- b.3/20/1907 d.1/28/1993 (85)
MLB Pitcher

William Kennedy -- b.1/16/1928
Author, Novelist, Journalist
Book Titles: Legs, Billy Phelan's Greatest Game, Ironweed

Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg -- b.11/27/1957
Author, Ambassador, Attorney
Names/Places: b. in New York City; JFK & Jackie's daughter

John Bouvier Kennedy-Schlossberg -- b.1/19/1993
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Caroline Kennedy & Edwin Schlossberg's son

Rose Kennedy-Schlossberg -- b.6/25/1988
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: FMN:Sangelot Kid; Caroline & Edwin's daughter

Tatiana Celia Kennedy-Schlossberg -- b.5/5/1990
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Caroline & Edwin's daughter

Kari Kennell-Whitman -- b.6/21/1964
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: February 1988

Arthur Edwin Kennelly -- b.12/17/1861 d.6/18/1939 (77)
Engineer, India
Misc: electircal; Edison's assistant

Chris Kenner -- b.12/25/1929 d.1/25/1976 (46)
Songwriter, Gospel Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Song Titles: I Like It Like That

Doris Kenner -- b.8/2/1941 d.2/4/2000 (58)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: Nee: Jackson; b. in Passaic, NJ
Group Names: The Shirelles

Paul Kennerley -- b.6/27/1948
Songwriter, Country Musician

David Hume Kennerly -- b.3/9/1947
Photographer, Photojournalist

Mike Kennerty -- b.7/20/1980
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: All-American Rejects

Allen "Skip" Kenney -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Anthony Kenney -- b.10/8/1953
Country Performer
Group Names: The Kentucky Headhunters

Douglas Kenney -- b.12/10/1946 d.8/27/1980 (33)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Editor
Misc: co-founded National Lampoon; d. suicide in 1980's

Emma Rose Kenney -- b.9/14/1999 N.S.
TV Shows: Shameless (as Debbie Gallagher), Roseanne (2018)/The Conners (as Harris Conner-Healy)

George Kenney -- b.8/6/1889 d.8/9/1977 (88)
General, Canadian
Misc: Air Force

Dee Dee Kennibrew -- b.1/1/1945
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Crystals

Robert Kennicott -- b.11/13/1835 d.5/13/1866 (30)
Explorer, Naturalist

Dee Dee Kenniebrew -- b.7/9/1945 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Crystals

Sean Kenniff -- b.11/27/1969
Physician, Actor
TV Shows: Survivor

Eddie Kennison -- b.1/20/1973
NFL Wide Receiver

Bill Kenny -- b.6/12/1914 d.3/23/1978 (63)
Tenor, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Ink Spots

Sister Elizabeth Kenny -- b.9/20/1880 d.11/30/1952 (72)
Scientist, Nurse, Australian
Misc: pioneered the care of polio victims

Enda Kenny -- b.4/24/1951
Prime Minister, Irish
Misc: The Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland

Herb Kenny -- b.6/12/1914 d.7/11/1992 (78)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Ink Spots

Nicholas Kenny -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: 2 Die 4

Nick Kenny -- b.2/3/1895 d.12/1/1975 (80)
Columnist, Songwriter
TV Shows: Nick Kenny Show

Simon Kenny -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: 2 Die 4

Tom Kenny -- b.7/13/1962
Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Narrator, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Powerpuff Girls (narrator), Spyro the Drago, The Edge, SpongeBob SquarePants, Adventure Time, CatDog, Wander Over Yonder, Ultimate Spider-Man, Talking Tom and Friends, The Powerpuff Girls, Clarence, Henry Hugglemonster
Video Games: King's Quest, Skylanders (series), Disney Infinity (series), Adventure Time, Lightning Returns (series), Marvel Heroes (series)

John F. Kensett -- b.3/22/1816 d.12/14/1872 (56)

Jamie Kensit -- b.8/6/1963
Guitarist, Keyboardist, British
Misc: some say b. Aug 5

Patsy Kensit -- b.3/4/1968
TV/Movie Actress, Songwriter, Singer, English
Names/Places: Liam Gallagher's wife
Movie Titles: Holby City, Emmerdale, Angels and Insects, Lethal Weapon 2

Allegra Kent -- b.8/11/1937
Actress, Ballerina
Movie Titles: The Addams Family, Bert Stern: Original Mad Man

Arthur Kent -- b.12/3/1873 d.3/4/1949 (75)
Inventor, Industrialist
Misc: a prominent manufacturer and the first radio mass-producer

Arthur Kent -- b.12/27/1953
Correspondent, Journalist, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:The Scud Stud

Corita Kent -- b.11/20/1918 d.9/18/1986 (67)

Heather Paige Kent -- b.1/5/1969
Names/Places: aka Heather Dubrow
TV Shows: Jenny, Stark Raving Mad
Movie Titles: The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest

Herb Kent -- b.10/5/1928 N.S. d.10/22/2016 N.S. (88)
Radio Disc Jock
Misc: the longest-running disc jockey in the history of radio

James Kent -- b.7/31/1763 d.12/12/1847 (84)
Jurist, Scholar

Jean Kent -- b.6/21/1921 d.11/30/2013 (92)
Actress, English
TV Shows: The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake (as Queen Elizabeth I)

Jeff Kent -- b.3/7/1968
MLB Infielder
Misc: NL MVP 2000
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants

Karin Kent -- b.11/11/1943
Singer, Dutch (Netherlands)

Larry Kent -- b.9/15/1900 d.11/7/1967 (67)

Rockwell Kent -- b.6/21/1882 d.3/13/1971 (88)
Illustrator, Painter, Author

William Kent -- b.4/29/1886 d.10/5/1945 (59)
Movie/Stage Actor

Louis Kentner -- b.7/19/1905 d.9/23/1987 (82)
Pianist, British

Rik Kenton -- b.10/3/1945
Group Names: Roxy Music

Simon Kenton -- b.4/3/1755 d.4/29/1836 (81)
Explorer, Pioneer
Misc: Daniel Boone scout

Stan Kenton -- b.12/15/1911 d.8/25/1979 (67)
Arranger, Composer, Bandleader, Jazz Singer, Jazz Pianist
Names/Places: RN:Stanley Newcomb
Misc: Kenton experts state that he was born Dec 15, 1911, not Feb 19, 1912

Hilmer Kenty -- b.7/30/1955

Marilyn Kentz -- b.??/??/1947
Artist, Author, Educator, Actress, TV Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: Mommies (as Marilyn)

Gus Kenworthy -- b.10/1/1991 N.S.
Skier, Olympic Athlete, English

Jomo Kenyatta -- b.10/20/1893 d.8/22/1978 (84)
Prime Minister, Kenyan
Misc: first Prime Minister of Kenya

Uhuru Kenyatta -- b.10/26/1961 N.S.
President, Kenyan

Doris Kenyon -- b.9/5/1897 d.9/1/1979 (81)
Names/Places: RN:Alexander Hamilton

Mel Kenyon -- b.4/15/1933
Auto Racer
Misc: Midget car racing

Leila Kenzle -- b.7/16/1960
TV Shows: Mad About You (as Fran Devanow)
Movie Titles: Identity, The Hot Chick, White Oleander

Tange Kenzo -- b.9/4/1913 d.3/22/2005 (91)
Architect, Japanese
Misc: One of the foremost Japanese architects in the decades following World War II.

George Keogan -- b.3/8/1890 d.2/17/1943 (52)
College Baseball Coach, College Football Coach, College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the College Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Saint Louis (football 1915, basketball 1915-1916), Valparaiso (football 1919-1920, basketball 1919-1922, baseball 1920-1921), Notre Dame (football 1924, basketball 1923-1943, baseball 1924-1926, 1930-1933), Wisconsin-Superior (basketball 1912-1914), St. Thomas (MN, basketball 1917-1918), Allegheny (basketball 1918-1919)

Doreen Keogh -- b.2/5/1926 N.S. d.12/31/2017 N.S. (91)
Actress, English

Phil Keoghan -- b.5/31/1967
TV Host, New Zealand
TV Shows: The Amazing Race

Dave Keon -- b.3/22/1940
NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: played 1960-1982
Sports Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Hartford Whalers, Minnesota Fighting Saints (WHA), Indianapolis Racers (WHA), New England Whalers (WHA)

Benjamin Storm Keough -- b.10/21/1992 N.S. d.7/12/2020 N.S. (27)
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Lisa Marie Presley & Danny's son, Elvis' grandson

Danielle Riley Keough -- b.5/29/1989 N.S.
Names/Places: Elvis Presley's granddaughter; Lisa Marie Presley's & Danny's girl
Movie Titles: The Runaways, Magic Mike, The Good Doctor, Mad Max: Fury Road

Danny Keough -- b.11/5/1964
Celebrity Spouse
Names/Places: Lisa Marie Presley's ex-

Donald Keough -- b.9/4/1926 d.2/24/2015 N.S. (88)
Misc: president, director, and CEO of the Coca Cola Company

Harry Keough -- b.11/15/1927 d.2/7/2012 (84)
Soccer Player

Marty Keough -- b.4/14/1934
MLB Player

Matt Keough -- b.7/3/1955 N.S. d.5/1/2020 N.S. (64)
MLB Pitcher

Johannes Kepler -- b.12/27/1571 d.11/15/1630 (58)
Astronomer, Mathematician, German
Misc: Father of Modern Astronomy; planetary motion laws, discovered planets travel in eliptical orbits.

Shell Kepler -- b.10/5/1958 d.2/1/2008 (49)
Soap Actress, New Wave Singer
TV Shows: General Hospital (as Amy Vining)

Dan Kepley -- b.8/24/1953
CFL Figure, Football Coach, Football Linebacker, American
Misc: in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Edmonton Eskimos

Freddie Keppard -- b.2/27/1890 d.7/15/1933 (43)
Cornetist, Bandleader

Joseph Keppler -- b.2/1/1838 d.2/19/1894 (56)
Cartoonist, Caricaturist, Australian
Misc: founder of; Puck, the first successful humorous weekly in the United States.

Jonathan KeQuan -- b.8/20/1970
Actor, Stuntman, Vietnamese
Names/Places: RN: Quen Ke Huy
TV Shows: Head of the Class (as Jasper Kwong)
Movie Titles: The Goonies, Encino Man, Breathing Fire, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Angelique Kerber -- b.1/18/1988 N.S.
Tennis Player, German

Barry Kerch -- b.8/7/1976
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Shinedown

Ken Kercheval -- b.7/15/1935 N.S. d.4/21/2019 N.S. (83)
Actor, Director
Names/Places: b. in Wolcottsville, IN
TV Shows: Dallas (as Cliff Barnes)
Movie Titles: Network, The Seven-Ups

Aleksandr Feodorovich Kerensky -- b.4/22/1881 Ju-1 or 5/4/1881 N.S. d.6/11/1970 N.S. (89)
Statesman, Russian
Misc: Russian Revolutionist

Paul Keres -- b.1/7/1916 d.6/5/1975 (59)
Chess Player, Estonian
Misc: chess grandmaster, three times chess champion of the U.S.S.R., three times European champion, and the winner of four world chess Olympiads.

Kirk Kerkorian -- b.6/6/1917 d.6/15/2015 (98)
Names/Places: NN:The Smiling Cobra

Rob Kerkovich -- b.8/11/1979 N.S.
Actor, Director
TV Shows: NCIS: New Orleans (as Sebastian Lund)
Movie Titles: Cloverfield, The Rebound, Still Waiting...

Robert Kerman -- b.12/16/1947 N.S. d.12/27/2018 N.S. (71)
XXX-rated actor
Names/Places: aka R. Bolla
Movie Titles: Debbie Does Dallas

Richard Kermode -- b.10/5/1946 d.1/16/1996 N.S. (49)
Rock & Roll Keyboardist
Group Names: Malo, Santana

Michael Kermoyan -- b.11/29/1921 d.9/21/1994 (72)
Stage Actor

Bonni Lou Kern -- b.7/2/1941 N.S. d.9/28/2020 N.S. (79)
TV Shows: Mickey Mouse Club

Jerome David Kern -- b.1/27/1885 d.11/11/1945 (60)
Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter
Misc: stage: Showboat, Roberta

Gabrielle "Nena" Kerner -- b.3/26/1960
Rock & Roll Performer
Misc: b. Mar 24?
Song Titles: 99 Luft Balloons (Tim Cavanaugh parodied it into 99 Dead Baboons)

Marlon Kerner -- b.3/18/1973
NFL Cornerback

Grace Kerns -- b.??/??/1886 d.9/10/1936 (50)
Opera Soprano

Joanna Kerns -- b.2/12/1953
Actress, Dancer, Gymnast
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco; Donna de Varonna's sis
TV Shows: Growing Pains (as Maggie Seaver)
Movie Titles: Knocked Up, Girl Interrupted

Jack Kerouac -- b.3/12/1922 d.10/21/1969 (47)
Names/Places: MN:Louis Lebris de
Misc: The original Beatnik Beat Movement mover

Jan Kerouac -- b.2/16/1952 d.6/5/1996 (44)
Names/Places: Jack's daughter

Anita Kerr -- b.10/13/1927
Music Producer, Arranger, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Conductor, Country Singer
Names/Places: RN:Anita Jean Grob
Group Names: Anita Kerr Singers (aka The Little Dippers, lead)

Brook Kerr -- b.11/21/1973
TV Shows: Passions (as Whitney Russell Harris-Crane for almost its entire run)
Movie Titles: Flower Girl

Brooks Kerr -- b.12/26/1951 N.S. d.4/28/2018 N.S. (66)
Jazz Pianist
Group Names: Duke Ellington band

Deborah Kerr -- b.9/30/1921 d.10/16/2007 (86)
TV/Movie Actress, Scottish
Names/Places: RN:Deborah Jane Kerr-Trimmer
TV Shows: The King & I, From Here to Eternity

Donald Kerr -- b.8/5/1891 d.1/25/1977 (85)

Edward Kerr -- b.10/14/1966
TV Shows: seaQuest DSV (as Lt. James Brody), Pretty Little Liars (as Pastor Ted Wilson), What I Like About You (as Rick)
Movie Titles: Men in Trees

Elizabeth Kerr -- b.8/15/1912 d.1/13/2000 (87)
TV Shows: Mork & Mindy (as Cora Hudson)

Graham Kerr -- b.1/22/1934
Chef, TV Host, English
TV Shows: Galloping Gourmet

James Kerr -- b.9/4/1993 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Patsy Kensit and Jim's son

Jay Kerr -- b.11/16/1952
TV Shows: Wizards & Warriors, Five Mile Creek, 1st and Ten

Jean Kerr -- b.7/10/1922 d.1/5/2003 (80)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Panelist
Names/Places: b. in Scranton, PA; RN:Bridget Jean Collins
Book Titles: Please Don't Eat the Daisies
TV Shows: Down You Go

Jim Kerr -- b.7/9/1959
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer, Scottish
Names/Places: b. in Glasgow; Chrissie Hynde's hubby
Group Names: Simple Minds

John Kerr -- b.11/15/1931 d.2/2/2013 (81)
Attorney/Lawyer, TV/Movie/Stage Actor
TV Shows: Peyton Place, Arrest & Trial
Movie Titles: South Pacific, Pit and Pendulum

John "Red" Kerr -- b.8/17/1932 d.2/26/2009 (76)
NBA Player
Misc: NBA Coach of the Year [1966]
Sports Teams: Phoenix Suns, Syracuse Nationals, Philadelphia Warriors, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Bulls (coach)

Loose Bruce Kerr -- b.10/17/1947
Comedian, Novelty Singer

Miranda Kerr -- b.4/20/1983 N.S.
Model, Australian

Patrick Kerr -- b.1/23/1956
TV Shows: Frasier (as Noel Shempsky)
Movie Titles: Domino, George Lucas in Love, Jeffrey

Robert "Pops" Kerr -- b.2/14/1943 N.S.
Saxophonist, Trombonist, English
Misc: French Horn
Group Names: New Vaudeville Band

Samantha Kerr -- b.9/10/1993 N.S.
Soccer Player, Australian

Stephen Douglas Kerr -- b.9/27/1965
NBA Coach, NBA Guard, Lebanese
Names/Places: aka Steve
Sports Teams: Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors (coach)

Stuart Kerr -- b.3/16/1963
Music Figure

Tim Kerr -- b.1/5/1960
NHL Right Wing, Canadian

Walter Kerr -- b.7/8/1913 d.10/9/1996 (83)
Stage Critic
Misc: New York Times drama critic

Henry Kerrey -- b.9/10/2001
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Sarah Paley and Bob's son

J. M. Kerrigan -- b.12/16/1884 d.4/29/1964 (79)
TV Actor, Irish

J.Warren Kerrigan -- b.7/25/1879 d.6/9/1947 (67)
Actor, Movie Director

Nancy Kerrigan -- b.10/13/1969
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete
Misc: b. in Woburn, MA; 1993 U.S. women's champion and '92 Olympic bronze medalist; victim of Jan. 6, 1994 assault at U.S. nationals in Detroit when Shane Stant clubbed her in right knee with a metal baton after a practice session; conspiracy hatched by Jeff Gillooly, ex-husband of rival Tonya Harding; unable to compete in nationals, she is granted a berth on the Olympic team by the U.S. Figure Skating Assn.; 7 weeks laterin Lillehammer, she wins the silver medal, losing to Oksana Baiul by a5-4 judges' vote.

J. Robert "Bob" Kerry -- b.8/27/1943 N.S.
Senator, Governor
Names/Places: or LN:Kerrey?

John F. Kerry -- b.12/11/1943
Misc: Presidental Candidate 2004

Norman Kerry -- b.6/16/1894 d.1/12/1956 (61)

Theresa Heinz Kerry -- b.10/5/1938
Celebrity Wife
Misc: John's wife

Acacia Kersey -- b.10/22/1997 N.S.
Pop Singer
Group Names: Watercolor

Jerome Kersey -- b.6/26/1962 d.2/18/2015 (52)
NBA Forward

David Kersh -- b.12/9/1970
Country Singer

Clayton Kershaw -- b.3/19/1988 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Misc: NL MVP 2014, NL Cy Young Award winner in 2011, 2013, and 2014 (all with Dodgers), 5x All-Star, Gold Glove, 2x NL wins leader, 4x MLB ERA leader, 3x NL strikeout leader; pitched a no-hitter in 2014; active as of 2015
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers

Doug Kershaw -- b.1/24/1936
Songwriter, Singer, Fiddler
Names/Places: NN: The Ragin' Cagin'
Misc: plays 20 instruments including the electric fiddle

Emily Kristina Kershaw -- b.10/12/1993
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Kim & Sammy's girl

Nik Kershaw -- b.3/1/1958
Songwriter, Guitarist, Pop Singer, English
Song Titles: Wouldn't It Be Good

Rusty Kershaw -- b.2/2/1946 d.10/23/2001 (55)

Sammy Kershaw -- b.2/24/1958
Country Singer
Song Titles: "She Don't Know She's Beautiful", "Cadillac Style", "Anywhere but Here", "Haunted Heart", "Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer", "I Can't Reach Her Anymore", "National Working Woman's Holiday", "Third Rate Romance", "Meant to Be", "Vidalia", "Love of My Life
Album Titles: Don't Go Near the Water (1991), Haunted Heart (1993), Feelin' Good Train (1994), "Politics, Religion and Her" (1996), Labor of Love (1997), Maybe Not Tonight (1999), I Finally Found Someone (2001), I Want My Money Back (2003), Honky Tonk Boots (2006), Better Than I Used to Be (2010), Do You Know Me: A Tribute to George Jones (2014), I Won't Back Down (2015)

Irving Kershner -- b.4/29/1923 d.11/27/2010 (87)
Movie Director
Movie Titles: The Empire Strikes Back, Never Say Never Again

Lee Kerslake -- b.4/16/1947 N.S. d.9/19/2020 N.S. (73)
Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Group Names: Uriah Heep

Larry Kert -- b.12/5/1930 d.6/5/1991 (60)
Stage Actor, Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Frederick Lawrence

André Kertész -- b.7/2/1894 d.9/28/1985 (91)
Photographer, Journalist
Misc: 35mm camera use pioneer

Istvan Kertesz -- b.8/29/1929 d.4/16/1973 (43)
Conductor, Israeli
Group Names: The London Symphony (the principal conductor)

Brian Kerwin -- b.10/25/1949
Names/Places: b. in Chicago, IL
TV Shows: The Chisholms, Lobo (as Dep. Birdwell Birdie Hawkins), The Blue & the Gray
Movie Titles: 27 Dresses, The Help, Jack

James Kerwin -- b.10/13/1973
Movie Titles: Yesterday was a Lie

Joseph Kerwin -- b.2/19/1932
Astronaut, Physician

Lance Kerwin -- b.11/6/1960
Misc: retired from acting in 1995
TV Shows: James at 15/16 (as James Hunter), Family Holvak
Movie Titles: Salem's Lot, Enemy Mine, Outbreak

Brad Keselowski -- b.2/12/1984 N.S.
Auto Racer

Ken Kesey -- b.9/17/1935 d.11/10/2001 (66)
Book Titles: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Kesha -- b.3/1/1987 N.S.
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Rapper
Names/Places: RN: Kesha Rose Sebert
Song Titles: Tik Tok, Blah Blah Blah, Your Love is My Drug, Take It Off, We R Who We R, Blow, Die Young
Album Titles: Animal, Warrior

Donnie Keshawarz -- b.7/30/1969
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Forever (as Mike Hanson)
Movie Titles: The Cobbler, The Adjustment Bureau

Ryan Kesler -- b.8/31/1984 N.S.
NHL Center, Olympic Athlete, American
Sports Teams: Vancouver Canucks

Kelton "LDB" Kessee -- b.1/2/1981 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Immature, IMX

Barney Kessel -- b.10/17/1923 d.5/6/2004 (80)
Guitarist, Jazz Musician

Phil Kessel -- b.10/2/1987 N.S.
NHL Right Wing, American
Sports Teams: Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins

Don Kessinger -- b.7/17/1942
MLB Manager, MLB Shortstop
Misc: 6x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove; now a securities broker in Memphis
Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs

Alec Kessler -- b.1/13/1967 d.10/13/2007 N.S. (40)
NBA Center, NBA Forward

Boyd Kestner -- b.11/23/1964
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Hannibal, Black Hawk Down, Appaloosa, G.I. Jane

Henry "Hank" Ketcham -- b.3/14/1920 N.S. d.6/1/2001 N.S. (81)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Names/Places: b. in Seattle, WA
Book Titles: Dennis the Menace

Stanley Ketchel -- b.9/14/1887 d.10/15/1910 (23)
Names/Places: NN:Midnight Assassin
Misc: heavyweight champ 1908-10; b. 1886?

Dave Ketchum -- b.2/4/1928
Screenwriter, Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Camp Runamuck (as Spiffy), I'm Dickens-He's Fenster (as Mel), Get Smart (as Agent 13)
Movie Titles: Love at First Bite, Bless the Beasts and the Children

Hal Ketchum -- b.4/9/1953 N.S. d.11/23/2020 N.S. (67)
Songwriter, Drummer, Country Singer/Guitarist

Jack Ketchum -- b.11/10/1946 N.S. d.1/24/2018 N.S. (71)
Author, Short Story Writer
Names/Places: RN: Dallas Mayr
Book Titles: Red, The Woman, Off Season, The Girl Next Door, The Crossings, The Box

Albert W. Ketelbey -- b.8/9/1875 d.11/26/1959 (84)
Composer, English

Armen Keteyian -- b.3/6/1953
Author, Correspondent, Sports Journalist

Tigg Ketler -- b.8/13/1963
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Bang Tango

Charles F. Kettering -- b.8/29/1876 d.11/25/1958 (82)
Engineer, Inventor
Misc: automobile self-starter

Ross Kettle -- b.9/15/1961
Actor, South African
Movie Titles: Lethal Ninja, Playing God

Paige Kettner -- b.1/21/1991
Names/Places: Ryanne's twin sister
TV Shows: Beverly Hills 90210 (as Erin Silver #2 1994-1995)

Ryanne Kettner -- b.1/21/1991
Names/Places: Paige's twin sister
TV Shows: Beverly Hills 90210 (as Erin Silver #2 1994-1995)

Dallas Keuchel -- b.1/1/1988 N.S.
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Kid Keuchey
Misc: 5x Gold Glove, AL Cy Young Award (2015)

Atje Keulen-Deelstra -- b.12/31/1938 d.2/22/2013 (74)
Speed Skater, Holland (deprecated-is Dutch)

Dave Keuning -- b.3/28/1976
Alternative Rock Guitarist
Group Names: The Killers

Olivia Keville -- b.11/23/2002 N.S.
TV Shows: Splitting Up Together

Dr. Jack Kevorkian -- b.5/26/1928 d.6/3/2011 (83)
Doctor, Inventor
Misc: self-suicide machine

Collins Key -- b.5/9/1996 N.S.

Francis Scott Key -- b.8/1/1779 d.1/11/1843 (63)
Author, Poet, Attorney/Lawyer, Composer
Names/Places: b. in Frederick County, MD
Misc: Wrote "The Star Spanged Banner" in 1814 after witnessing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry. It became the US National Anthem in 1931; 59 years after that, Francis turned in his grave when Roseanne screeched it into the Barr-Strangled Banner at a Padre ballgame.
Song Titles: The Star Spangled Banner (songwriter)

Horace Key -- b.4/13/1934 d.??/??/1991 N.S. (0)
Soul Singer
Group Names: The Tams

Jimmy Key -- b.4/22/1961
MLB Pitcher

John Key -- b.8/9/1961 N.S.
Prime Minister, New Zealand

Keegan-Michael Key -- b.3/22/1971 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: of the comedy duo Key and Peele
TV Shows: MADtv, Key and Peele
Movie Titles: Hell Baby, Afternoon Delight, Tomorrowland, Hotel Transylvania 2

Ted Key -- b.8/25/1912 d.5/3/2008 (95)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: Hazel

Wade Key -- b.10/14/1946
NFL Guard, Football Offensive Tackle

Julius Keye -- b.9/5/1946 N.S. d.9/13/1984 N.S. (38)
NBA Player

Alan Keyes -- b.8/7/1950
Author, Diplomat, Political Activist, Entertainment Figure, Radio Talk Show Host

Bobby Keyes -- b.12/18/1953 d.12/2/2014 N.S. (60)
Misc: sessionist with The Rolling Stones, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, and more.

Christian Keyes -- b.7/24/1975 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Personality
TV Shows: Let's Stay Together, Saints and Sinners (as Levi Sterling)
Movie Titles: The Man in 3B, Perfect Combination, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Note to Self, What's Done in the Dark, Madea Goes to Jail

Daniel Keyes -- b.8/9/1927 d.6/15/2014 (86)
Book Titles: Flowers of Algernon

Evelyn Keyes -- b.11/20/1916 d.7/4/2008 (91)
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: Artie Shaw's eighth wife

Frances Parkinson Keyes -- b.7/21/1885 d.7/3/1970 (84)
Novelist, Children's Author, Biographer
Misc: cookbooks, travel

Irwin Keyes -- b.3/16/1952 d.7/8/2015 (63)

Marvin Leroy Keyes -- b.2/18/1947 N.S. d.4/15/2021 N.S. (74)
NFL Runningback, NFL Safety, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Purdue University, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs

T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah -- b.10/13/1962 N.S.
TV Shows: In Living Color, Cosby (as Erica Lucas), That's So Raven

John Maynard Keynes -- b.6/5/1883 d.4/21/1946 (62)
Mathematician, Journalist, Economist, English, Gay
Names/Places: b. in Cambridge; 1st Baron of Tilton

John Neville Keynes -- b.8/31/1852 d.11/15/1949 (97)
Philosopher, Economist, British

Richard Darwin Keynes -- b.8/14/1919 d.6/12/2010 (90)
Physiologist, British
Misc: first to trace the movements of sodium and potassium during the transmission of a nerve impulse by using radioactive sodium and potassium.

Skandar Keynes -- b.9/5/1991
Actor, Director, English
Movie Titles: the Chronicles of Narnia (series)

Alicia Keys -- b.1/25/1981 N.S.
Actress, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: AP says b. 1980
Song Titles: Fallin', You Don't Know My Name, My Boo, No One, Gangsta Lovin, Empire State of the Mind (Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys)
Album Titles: Songs in A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys, As I Am, The Element of Freedom, Girl on Fire

Randolph Keys -- b.4/19/1966
NBA Player

Brian Keyser -- b.10/31/1966
MLB Pitcher

David Keysley -- b.6/16/1932 N.S. d.4/4/1996 N.S. (63)
Dramatist/Playwright, Actor, Director, English

Kf -- b.??/??/????

Kg -- b.??/??/????

Kh -- b.??/??/????

Andre Khabbazi -- b.1/15/1975
Misc: retired from acting in 2001
Movie Titles: Circuit

Nikolai Khabibulin -- b.1/13/1973
NHL Goaltender, Russian

Aram "Ilich" Khachaturian -- b.6/6/1903 N.S. or 5/24/1903 Ju-1 d.5/1/1978 N.S. (74)
Composer, Folk Musician, Russian

Khaled -- b.2/29/1960 N.S.
Multi-instrumentalist, Folk Singer, Algerian
Names/Places: NN: The King of Rai

Simbi Khali -- b.4/28/1971
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: 3rd Rock From The Sun (as Nina)
Movie Titles: We Were Soldiers, Vampire in Brooklyn, Mississippi Damned
Video Games: The Incredible Hulk, Guild Wars (series)

Sammy Khalifa -- b.12/5/1963
MLB Player

Wiz Khalifa -- b.9/8/1987 N.S.
Names/Places: RN: Cameron Jibril Thomaz

Christel Khalil -- b.11/30/1987 N.S.
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: W.I.T.C.H.
Movie Titles: Interview with the Assassin, Matilda

Persis Khambata -- b.10/2/1948 d.8/18/1998 (49)
Actress, India
Misc: Miss India
Movie Titles: Star Trek the Motion Picture

Ali Khameni -- b.7/17/1939
Head of State
Misc: Supreme Leader of Iran

Aamir Khan -- b.3/14/1965 N.S.
Actor, India

Aga Khan III -- b.11/2/1877 d.7/11/1957 (79)
Statesman, India

Ali Akbar Khan -- b.4/14/1922 d.6/18/2009 (87)
Musician, India

Amir Khan -- b.12/8/1986 N.S.
Boxer, Olympic Athlete, English

Chaka Khan -- b.3/23/1953
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in Great Lakes, Ill.; RN:Carole Yvette Marie Stevens
Group Names: Rufus (or as Rufus and Chaka Khan), soloist
Song Titles: Tell Me Something Good, You Got the Love, Sweet Thing, At Midnight, Do You Love What You Feel, Ain't Nobody (previous titles as Rufus), I'm Every Woman, What Cha' Gonna Do For Me, Got To Be There, I Feel For You, I'll Be Good To You (with Ray Charles), The Woman I Am, Love You All My Lifetime
Album Titles: Rags to Riches, Rufusized, Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan, Ask Rufus, Street Player, Masterjam (previous titles as Rufus), Chaka, What Cha' Gonna Do For Me, I Feel For You

Fazlur Khan -- b.4/3/1929 d.3/27/1982 (52)
Misc: Sears Tower in Chicago

Gauhar Khan -- b.8/23/1981 N.S.
Actress, Model, India

Gauri Khan -- b.10/8/1970 N.S.
Producer, India

Hina Khan -- b.10/2/1987 N.S.
Actress, India

Irrfan Khan -- b.1/7/1967 N.S. d.4/29/2020 N.S. (53)
Actor, India

Mahira Khan -- b.12/21/1982 N.S.
Actress, Pakistan
Movie Titles: Bol

Sadiq Khan -- b.10/8/1970 N.S.
Mayor, English

Saif Ali Khan -- b.8/16/1970 N.S.
Actor, India

Salman Khan -- b.12/27/1965 N.S.
Actor, India

Shah Rukh Khan -- b.11/2/1965 N.S.
Actor, India
Names/Places: NN: The King of Romance

Sohail Khan -- b.12/20/1970 N.S.
Actor, Producer/Director, India

Valeri Kharlamov -- b.1/14/1948 d.8/27/1981 (33)
Hockey Left Wing, Russian
Misc: played 1967-1981
Sports Teams: CSKA Moscow

Adnan Khashoggi -- b.7/25/1935 d.6/6/2017 N.S. (81)
Merchant, Saudi Arabian
Misc: Saudi Arabia Arms Merchant

Ed Khayat -- b.9/14/1935
NFL Coach, NFL Player

Omar Khayyam -- b.5/18/1048 d.12/4/1131 (83)
Poet, Philosopher, Astronomer, Mathematician
Misc: Persian

Sami Khedira -- b.4/4/1987 N.S.
Soccer Player, German

Eduard Khil -- b.9/4/1934 d.6/4/2012 (77)
Baritone, Opera Singer, Russian
Song Titles: I Am Glad Because I'm Finally Returning Back Home

Yuri Khmylev -- b.8/9/1964
NHL Player, Olympic Athlete, Russian

Ayatollah Khomeini -- b.5/17/1903 d.6/4/1989 (86)
Head of State
Names/Places: FN:Ruhollah
Misc: Iran leader; June 4 date of decease is Iran time, some say b. 1901 or 1902 or Sep 23 1902, another news source said b. 1900

Callie Khouri -- b.11/27/1957
Screenwriter, Producer/Director

Michael Khoury -- b.7/17/1996 N.S.
Actor, Comedian

Gabe Khouth -- b.11/22/1972 N.S. d.7/23/2019 N.S. (46)
Actor, Voice Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Once Upon a Time

Dimitri Khristich -- b.7/23/1969 N.S.
NHL Player, Ukrainian

Ivanka Khristova -- b.11/19/1941
Olympic Athlete, Bulgarian
Misc: shot putter (Olympic-gold-1976)

Nikita S. Khrushchev -- b.4/15/1894 N.S. or 4/3/1894 Ju-1 d.9/11/1971 N.S. (77)
Head of State, Russian
Misc: Soviet leader 1953-64; d. heart attack

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