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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Joy Lauren -- b.10/18/1989
Names/Places: aka Joy Jorgensen
TV Shows: Desperate Housewives (as Danielle Van De Kamp)
Movie Titles: House of Dust, The Assignment

K. Lee Lauren -- b.4/16/1971
Rock & Roll Musician

Ralph Lauren -- b.10/14/1939
Fashion Designer, Jewish
Names/Places: RLN:Lipshitz

Rod Lauren -- b.3/20/1940 d.7/11/2007 (67)
Actor, Singer

Sky Cole Lauren -- b.7/27/2012
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Elizabeth Berkeley and Greg's son

Tammy Lauren -- b.11/16/1968
TV Shows: Who's Watching the Kids? (as Melissa Turner), Angie (as Hillary), Out of the Blue (as Stacey Richards), Best of Times, Morningstar/Eveningstar (as Lisa), Fresno, Homefront (as Ginger Szabo), Martial Law (as Dana Doyle 1998), Wanda at Large (as Jenny Hawkins), Drew Carey Show (as Lily), Home Improvement (as Patty), Young & The Restless
Movie Titles: Wishmaster, Mad City

Veronica Lauren -- b.12/17/1980
TV Shows: Dark Shadows
Movie Titles: American Pie, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Forever Young, Homeward Bound II

Lynda Laurence -- b.2/20/1949 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Supremes

Oona Laurence -- b.8/1/2002 N.S.

Henry Laurens -- b.2/24/1723 O.S. or 3/6/1724 N.S. d.12/8/1792 (68)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: President of Continental Congress

Aonika Laurent -- b.1/15/1971 N.S.
Movie Titles: Fantastic Four, Olympus Has Fallen, High Freakquency, Black Jaq

Auguste Laurent -- b.11/14/1807 N.S. d.4/15/1853 N.S. (45)
Chemist, French
Misc: advanced knowledge of the structure of organic compounds.

Arthur Laurents -- b.7/14/1917 d.5/5/2011 (93)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Screen/Scriptwriter
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: co-wrote West Side Story

Joanie Laurer -- b.12/27/1969 d.4/20/2016 N.S. (46)
Actress, XXX-rated actress, Wrestler, Body Builder
Names/Places: RN: Joan Marie Laurer; NN:Chyna

Dan Lauria -- b.4/12/1947
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Hooperman (as Lou Stern), One Life to Live (as Gus the bad plumber), The Wonder Years (as Jack Arnold), Party of Five (as Coach Russ Petrocelli)
Movie Titles: Independence Day, Stakeout

Hugh Laurie -- b.6/11/1959
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, English
TV Shows: Jeeves and Wooster (as Bertie Wooster), Stuart Little, Fortysomething, House M.D. (as Dr. Gregory House), Veep (as Tom James)
Movie Titles: Tomorrowland, Monsters vs. Aliens, Stuart Little

Joe Laurie Jr. -- b.4/29/1892 d.4/29/1954 (62)
Comedian, Panelist
TV Shows: Can You Top This?

John Laurie -- b.3/25/1897 d.6/23/1980 (83)
Movie Actor, Scotish
Movie Titles: 39 Steps, Jericho

Piper Laurie -- b.1/22/1932
Names/Places: b. in Detroit; RN:Rosetta Jacobs
TV Shows: Skag, The Thorn Birds, Twin Peaks (as Catherine Martell)
Movie Titles: Carrie, The Hustler, The Faculty, Hesher

Sir Wilfred Laurier -- b.11/20/1841 d.2/17/1919 (77)
Prime Minister, Canadian
Misc: 7th Canadian P.M. 1896-1911

Joseph Michael "Joe" Laurinaitis -- b.1/26/1960 N.S.
Names/Places: NN:Road Warrior Animal

Lau Lauritzen -- b.6/26/1910 d.5/12/1977 (66)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, Movie Director, Danish (Denmark)

Paul Laus -- b.9/26/1970
NHL Player, Canadian

Eugene Augustin Lauste -- b.1/17/1857 d.6/27/1935 (78)
Inventor, French
Misc: Talking Picture, the first sound-on-film recording

Frank R. Lautenberg -- b.1/23/1924 d.6/3/2013 (89)

Ed Lauter -- b.10/30/1938 d.10/16/2013 (74)
TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: BJ & the Bear (as Sheriff Cain)
Movie Titles: The Artist

Harry Lauter -- b.6/19/1914 d.10/30/1990 (76)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: cowboy roles
TV Shows: Waterfront (as Jim Herrick)

Taylor Lautner -- b.2/11/1992
Movie Titles: Twilight (series)

Cookie Lavagetto -- b.12/1/1912 d.8/10/1990 (77)
MLB Manager, MLB Coach, MLB Player
Names/Places: RFN:Harry

Pierre Laval -- b.6/28/1883 d.10/15/1945 (62)
Politician, Statesman, French

Paul LaValle -- b.9/6/1908 N.S. d.6/24/1997 N.S. (88)
Conductor/Composer, Bandleader

Mike LaValliere -- b.8/18/1960
MLB Catcher
Names/Places: NN:Spanky
Misc: Gold Glove
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago White Sox

René Lavan -- b.11/5/1968
Actor, American, Cuban
Movie Titles: Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights

Johann Kaspar Lavater -- b.11/11/1741 N.S. d.1/2/1801 N.S. (59)
Theologian, Swiss

Shayla La Veaux -- b.12/27/1969
XXX-rated actress

Gary Lavelle -- b.1/3/1949
MLB Pitcher

Dante Lavelli -- b.2/23/1923 d.1/20/2009 (85)
NFL Player
Misc: AAFC/NFL end, 3x NFL champ, 4x AAFC champ, 3x Pro Bowl, 3x First Team All-Pro, 2x Second Team All-Pro
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (1946-1956)

Brian Lavender -- b.4/20/1947
NHL Player, Canadian

Ian Lavender -- b.2/16/1946
Actor, English
TV Shows: Eastenders
Movie Titles: Dad's Army

Joe Lavender -- b.2/10/1949
NFL Cornerback
Misc: Super Bowl XVII
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles (1973-1975), Washington Redskins (1976-1982)

Rod Laver -- b.8/9/1938
Tennis Player, Australian
Misc: the first player to win the "Grand Slam" twice (1962,69); Wimbledon champion 4 times; first to earn $1 million in prize money.

Charles Louis Laveran -- b.6/18/1845 d.5/18/1922 (76)
Bacteriologist, Physician

Tommy LaVerdi -- b.1/6/1964 or 1/6/1967
Rock & Roll Musician
Names/Places: RFMN:Thomas Charles
Group Names: 21 Guns

Dan Lavery -- b.6/11/1966
Modern Rock Musician
Group Names: Tonic

Bettye LaVette -- b.1/29/1946 N.S.
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Ezequiel Lavezzi -- b.5/3/1985 N.S.
Soccer Player, Argentine

Daliah Lavi -- b.10/12/1942 N.S. d.5/3/2017 N.S. (74)
Movie Actress, Singer, Model, Palestinian
Movie Titles: Casino Royale

Inbar Lavi -- b.10/23/1986 N.S.
TV Shows: Imposters, Prison Break

Avril Lavigne -- b.9/27/1984 N.S.
Songwriter, Pop Singer, Canadian
Song Titles: Complicated, Sk8er Boi, My Happy Ending, Girlfriend
Album Titles: Let Go, Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby, Avril Lavigne

George "Kid" Lavigne -- b.12/6/1869 d.3/9/1928 (58)

Christine Lavin -- b.1/2/1952
Folk Singer
Song Titles: Sensitive New Age Guys

Linda Lavin -- b.10/15/1937
TV/Movie/Stage Actress
Names/Places: b. in Portland, ME
TV Shows: Barney Miller (as Det. Janice Wentworth), Alice (as Alice Hyatt), Room For Two (as Edie)

Zack LaVine -- b.3/10/1995 N.S.
NBA Guard

Jack Laviolette -- b.7/17/1879 d.1/9/1960 (80)
NHL Defensive, NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: played from 1903-1918
Sports Teams: Montreal Le National, Michigan Soo Indians, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Canadiens

Peter Laviolette -- b.12/7/1964
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Olympic Athlete
Misc: US hockey defenseman (Olympics-1994)

Gilson Lavis -- b.6/27/1951
Artist, New Wave Drummer, English
Group Names: Squeeze

Lucien Laviscount -- b.6/9/1992 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Scream Queens
Movie Titles: Honeytrap, One Night in Istanbul, Johnny and the Bomb

Hector Lavoe -- b.9/30/1946 d.6/29/1993 N.S. (46)
Composer, Singer, Bandleader, Puerto Rican

Jennifer J. LaVoie -- b.2/25/1971
Businessperson, Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: August 1993

Roland Kent Lavoie -- b.7/31/1943
Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist, Pop Singer
Names/Places: aka Lobo
Song Titles: Me and You and a Dog named Boo

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier -- b.8/26/1743 N.S. d.5/8/1794 N.S. (50)
Scientist, Chemist, French
Names/Places: NN:The Father of Modern Chemistry

John-Paul Lavoisier -- b.3/12/1980
TV Shows: One Life to Live (as Rex for a decade)
Movie Titles: One Day in May, Wolves of Wall Street

Adam LaVorgna -- b.3/1/1981
TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: Brooklyn Bridge (as Nicholas Scamperelli), 7th Heaven (as Robbie Palmer)
Movie Titles: Outside Providence, The Beautician and the Beast, Milk Money

January LaVoy -- b.12/??/1975

Andrew Bonar Law -- b.9/16/1858 d.10/30/1923 (65)
Prime Minister, Politician, English
Misc: P.M. 1922-23

Denis Law -- b.2/24/1940
Soccer Striker, Scotish
Misc: CBE

Don Law -- b.2/24/1902 d.12/20/1982 (80)
Music Executive, Country Musician
Misc: Head of Columbia Records' country music division

Hayley Law -- b.11/18/1992 N.S.
TV Shows: Riverdale (as Valerie Brown, a member of the Pussycats)

Iris Law -- b.10/25/2000
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Sadie Frost and Jude's daughter

John Philip Law -- b.9/7/1937 d.5/13/2008 (70)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: The Russians Are Coming, Barbarella, Hurry Sundown

Jude Law -- b.12/29/1972
Actor, English
Movie Titles: The Talented Mr. Ripley, Enemy at the Gates, Artificial Intelligence, Road to Perdition, Cold Mountain, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I Love Huckabees, Alfie, Closer, The Holiday, A.I., Sherlock Holmes

Katrina Law -- b.9/30/1985 N.S.
TV Shows: Arrow, Spartacus: War of the Damned
Movie Titles: Apparition, Snow Bride

Rudy Law -- b.9/10/2002
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Sadie Frost and Jade's son

Tajuan E. "Ty" Law -- b.2/10/1974 N.S.
NFL Cornerback
Misc: 3x Super Bowl champion, 5x Pro Bowl, 2x First Team All-Pro, 2x NFL interceptions leader
Sports Teams: New England Patriots (1995-2004), New York Jets (2005), Kansas City Chiefs (2006-2007), New York Jets (2008), Denver Broncos (2009)

Vance Law -- b.10/1/1956
MLB Player

Vernon Law -- b.3/12/1930
MLB Pitcher
Misc: Cy Young Award winner in 1960
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates

Barbara Ann Lawford -- b.10/7/1942 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: February 1961

Christopher Kennedy Lawford -- b.3/29/1955 N.S. d.9/4/2018 N.S. (63)
Political Activist, Actor, Producer
Names/Places: Patricia Kennedy & Peter's son
Movie Titles: 13 Days, The 6th Day, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Herbert Lawford -- b.5/15/1851 d.4/20/1925 (73)
Tennis Player, Scotish

Matthew Lawford -- b.2/27/1995
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jeannie & Chris's son

Peter Lawford -- b.9/7/1923 d.12/24/1984 (61)
TV/Movie Actor, English
Names/Places: b. in London; Patricia Kennedy's hubby
TV Shows: The Thin Man (as Nick Charles)

Fergal Lawler -- b.3/4/1971
Modern Rock Drummer, Irish
Group Names: Cranberries

Jerry O'Neal Lawler -- b.11/29/1949 N.S.
Sports Commentator, Wrestler
Names/Places: NN:Jerry "The King" Lawler
Misc: "feuded" with comedian Andy Kaufman and slapped him on the David Letterman show; it was all staged, though with Andy, who really knew?

Pat Lawler -- b.12/29/1929 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: August 1955

Richard Lawler -- b.8/12/1895 d.7/1/1982 (86)
Misc: the world's first kidney transplant performer

Blackie Lawless -- b.9/4/1956
Actor, Songwriter, Singer, Bassist, Guitarist, Heavy Metal Bassist
Group Names: W.A.S.P. (you don't want to know what they stand for).

Lucy Lawless -- b.3/29/1968
Actress, Producer, New Zealand
Misc: USA Today says b. 3/27/69
TV Shows: Xena: Warrior Princess (star)
Movie Titles: Spider-Man (2002), Bedtime Stories, EuroTrip

Rick Lawless -- b.12/31/1960
TV Shows: Herman's Head (as Wimp)
Movie Titles: Slappy and the Stinkers

Alan Lawlor -- b.3/22/1973
Rock & Roll Musician

Craig Lawlor -- b.11/5/1982

Charles Lanier Lawrance -- b.9/30/1882 d.6/24/1950 (67)
Aeronautical, Engineer
Misc: designed the first successful air-cooled aircraft engine, used on many historic early flights.

Lawrence Of Arabia -- b.8/15/1888 d.5/19/1935 (46)
Author, Soldier, Actor, Welsh (Wales), Gay
Names/Places: b. in Tremadoc; Officer; RN:Thomas Edward Lawrence/Shaw
Misc: died in England from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash

Albert Lawrence -- b.4/26/1961
Olympic Athlete, Jamaican
Misc: 4X100m relayer (Olympic-silver-1984)

Amos Adams Lawrence -- b.7/31/1814 d.8/22/1886 (72)
Merchant, Philanthropist, Abolitionist

Andrea Mead Lawrence -- b.4/19/1932 d.3/30/2009 (76)
Skier, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: LN:Lawrence
Misc: was born into a skiing family and in 1949 she won the U.S. downhill, slalom and combined races. She went on to win 2 Olympic gold medals in 1952 and is the only American skier to win 2 gold medals in a single Olympics.

Andrew Lawrence -- b.1/12/1988
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
Names/Places: Joey and Matthew's brother
TV Shows: The Kids from Room 402, Recess (as Theodore J. "T.J." Detweiler), Brotherly Love (as Andy), Oliver Beene (as Tayler Mark Beene), Hawaii Five-O (as Eric Russo)
Movie Titles: Jack Frost, Bean, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Batman Forever, The Mask
Video Games: Battlefield 4, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Arnie Lawrence -- b.7/10/1938 d.4/22/2005 (66)
Reeds, Saxophonist, Jazz Performer

Barbara Lawrence -- b.2/24/1930 d.11/13/2013 (83)
Writer, Businessperson, Actress

Bill Lawrence -- b.1/29/1916 d.3/2/1972 (56)
TV Shows: ABC News

Bill Lawrence -- b.12/28/1926
TV Shows: Arthur Godfrey (TV show series)

Carol Lawrence -- b.9/5/1934
Soap Actress, TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Melrose Park, IL; RN:Carolina Maria Laraia; Robert Goulet's ex-wife
TV Shows: General Hospital
Movie Titles: West Side Story

Carolyn Lawrence -- b.2/13/1967 N.S.
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: SpongeBob SquarePants (as Sandy Cheeks and other voices), The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (as Cindy Vortex), Moral Orel (as Orel Puppington)
Video Games: Nicktoons (series), SpongeBob SquarePants (series)

D. H. Lawrence -- b.9/11/1885 d.3/2/1930 (44)
Novelist, English
Names/Places: b. in Eastwood; RFMN:David Herbert; Lady Chatterley's Lover

David Lawrence -- b.12/25/1888 d.2/11/1973 (84)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: founder of US News and World Report

David Lawrence -- b.10/16/1969
TV Actor
Names/Places: Greg's twin
TV Shows: Bewitched (as Adam Stephens)

Eddie Lawrence -- b.3/2/1919 d.3/25/2014 (95)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Actor, Comedian, Lyricist, Singer
Song Titles: The Old Philosopher

Elizabeth Lawrence -- b.9/6/1922 d.6/11/2000 (77)
Soap Actress
TV Shows: All My Children

Elliot Lawrence -- b.2/14/1925
Bandleader, Jazz Pianist
Misc: of some of his era TV variety shows
TV Shows: Red Buttons TV Show

Ernest Orlando Lawrence -- b.8/8/1901 d.8/27/1958 (57)
Inventor, Physicist
Misc: Nuclear Physicist; Cyclotron-Nobel 1939

Florence Lawrence -- b.1/2/1886 or 1/1/1890 d.12/28/1938 (52)
Movie Actress, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:The Biograph Girl
Misc: the movies' first star; no source agrees on date of birth

Gertrude Lawrence -- b.7/4/1898 d.9/6/1952 (54)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Comedienne, English
Names/Places: RN:Gertrude Alexandra Dagmar Lawrence-Klasen

Greg Lawrence -- b.10/16/1969
TV Actor
Names/Places: David's Twin
TV Shows: Bewitched (as Adam Stephens)

Guy Lawrence -- b.5/25/1991
Music Producer, Electronica Performer, English
Group Names: Disclosure

Henry Van Duzer Lawrence -- b.10/8/2006
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Christa Miller and Bill's daughter

Howard Lawrence -- b.5/11/1994
Music Producer, Electronica Performer, English
Group Names: Disclosure

Jack Lawrence -- b.4/7/1912 N.S. d.3/16/2009 N.S. (96)
Composer, Lyricist

Jacob Lawrence -- b.9/7/1917 d.6/9/2000 (82)

James Lawrence -- b.10/1/1781 N.S. d.6/4/1813 N.S. (31)
Naval Officer
Misc: War of 1812 "Don't Give Up The Ship!"

Janice Lawrence -- b.6/7/1962
Basketball Figure
Misc: (Olympic-gold-1984)

Jasmine Page Lawrence -- b.1/15/1996
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Patricia and Martin's girl

Jennifer Lawrence -- b.8/15/1990
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: The Bill Engvall Show (as Lauren Pearson)
Movie Titles: The Hunger Games (series), Silver Linings Playbook

Jerome Lawrence -- b.7/14/1915 d.2/29/2004 (88)
Author, Composer
Misc: wrote 100's of plays including "Inherit the Wind" and "Mame"

Joey Lawrence -- b.4/20/1976
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, Songwriter, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Joseph Jr.
TV Shows: Gimme a Break (as Joey Donovan), Blossom (as Anthony Russo), Brotherly Love (as Joe), American Dreams (as Michael Brooks), Melissa and Joey (as Joe Longo)
Movie Titles: A Goofy Movie, Pandora's Box, Oliver and Company

John H. Lawrence -- b.1/7/1904 d.9/7/1991 (87)
Misc: examined effect of neutron radiation on fabric

Laurie Joseph Lawrence -- b.10/14/1941 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Rugby Player, Australian
Misc: Swimming Coach

Lisa Lawrence -- b.11/14/1970
Movie Titles: Son in Law, Unforeseen

Marc Lawrence -- b.2/17/1910 d.11/28/2005 (95)
TV/Movie Actor, Singer
Movie Titles: From Dusk Till Dawn, The Man With The Golden Gun, Marathon Man, Diamonds are Forever

Margaret Lawrence -- b.8/2/1889 d.1/8/1929 (39)
Movie Actress
Misc: died in a murder suicide by Wallace Eddinger possibly also on January 8, 1929.

Marjorie Lawrence -- b.2/17/1907 d.1/13/1979 (71)

Mark Lawrence -- b.1/27/1972
NHL Player, Canadian

Mark Lawrence -- b.1/14/1921 d.8/24/1991 N.S. (70)
Actor, Producer, Composer, Pianist

Mark Christopher Lawrence -- b.5/22/1964
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Chuck (as Big Mike)
Movie Titles: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Pursuit of Happyness, Garfield (2004)

Martin Lawrence -- b.4/16/1965
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, TV Host, German
TV Shows: Martin (as Martin the talk show host of WZUP aka What'zuppp!), Def Comedy Jam
Movie Titles: House Party, Boomerang, Life, Blue Streak, Big Momma's House (series), What's The Worst That Could Happen?, National Security, Bad Boys II, Rebound, Wild Hogs

Mary Lawrence -- b.5/17/1918 d.9/24/1991 (73)
Author, TV/Movie Actress
TV Shows: Love That Bob (as Ruth Helm)

Matthew Lawrence -- b.2/11/1980
TV/Movie Actor, Commercial Actor
Names/Places: Joey's brother
Misc: did pudding commercials with Bill Cosby
TV Shows: Gimme a Break (as Matthew Donovan), Walter & Emily (as Zack), Brotherly Love (as Matthew), Boy Meets World (as Jack)

Rosina Lawrence -- b.12/30/1912 d.6/23/1997 (84)
Movie Actress
Movie Titles: Our Gang, The Little Rascals

Russell Lawrence -- b.4/19/1978
Movie Titles: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (series)

Sharon Lawrence -- b.6/29/1961
Actress, Producer, Dancer, Singer
Names/Places: b. Charlotte, NC
Misc: some say b. 1962
TV Shows: N.Y.P.D. Blue (as Sylvia Costas), Fired Up, Ladies Man (as Donna Stiles), JAG (as Cmdr. Sturgis Turner)

Skylar JoAnn Lawrence -- b.6/27/2001
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Becca and Tracy's daughter

Steve Lawrence -- b.7/8/1935
Jewish, Actor, Variety Show Host, Adult-Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; RN:Sidney Leibowitz; Eydie Gorme's husband
TV Shows: Steve Lawrence Show, "Foulups, Bleeps and Blunders"

Steven Anthony Lawrence -- b.7/19/1990
TV Shows: Even Stevens (as Bernard "Beans" Aranguren)
Movie Titles: Cheaper by the Dozen, Kicking and Screaming, The Cat in the Hat, The Even Stevens Movie

Suzanne Lawrence -- b.5/20/1969
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss Texas-America (1991) (4th)

Syd Lawrence -- b.6/26/1923 d.5/5/1998 (74)
Bandleader, British

Tasie Lawrence -- b.12/22/1990 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: House of Anubis (as Mara Jaffray)
Movie Titles: Good Kids, Everything Before Us, Shoot Me Nicely

Tracy Lawrence -- b.1/27/1968
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Song Titles: Sticks and Stones, Alibis, Can't Break It to My Heart, My Second Home, If the Good Die Young, Texas Tornado, Time Marches On, Find Out Who Your Friends Are
Album Titles: Sticks and Stones, Alibis, I See It Now, Time Marches On

Trevor Lawrence -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Paul Butterfield Blues Band

William Stoddard Lawrence -- b.1/3/2003
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Christa Miller and Bill's son

Yvette Lawrence -- b.3/3/1964

Vicki Lawrence-Schultz -- b.3/26/1949
TV/Stage Actress, Comedienne, Game Show Hostess, TV Talk Show Hostess, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Inglewood, Calif.
Song Titles: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
TV Shows: The Carol Burnett Show, Mama's Family (as Mama "Thelma" Harper), "Win, Lose or Draw" (host), Vicki!

Mark Lawrenson -- b.6/2/1957 N.S.
Soccer Player, English

Brett Lawrie -- b.1/18/1990 N.S.
MLB Third Baseman, Canadian

Lee Lawrie -- b.10/16/1877 d.1/23/1963 (85)
Sculptor, German

Don Laws -- b.5/30/1929 d.12/2/2014 (85)
Figure Skater

Hubert Laws -- b.11/10/1939
Composer, Flautist, Jazz Saxophonist
Misc: a career spanning over 40 years in jazz, classical, and other music genres.

Maury Laws -- b.12/6/1923 N.S. d.3/28/2019 N.S. (95)
Misc: Television and Film Composer for Rankin/Bass productions.
TV Shows: The Hobbit, The Jackson 5ive, The Osmonds, The Little Drummer Boy, The Tomfoolery Show, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Movie Titles: Return To Oz, Mad Monster Party, JackFrost, The Daydreamer, The Wacky World of Mother Goose

Ronnie Laws -- b.10/3/1950
Flutist, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Tenor-sax, Jazz Saxophonist, Rhythm and Blues Musician
Group Names: Earth Wind & Fire

Ben Lawson -- b.2/6/1980 N.S.
Actor, Australian
TV Shows: Doubt, Designated Survivor (as Damian Renett)

Bianca Lawson -- b.3/20/1979 N.S.
TV Actress, Producer, Video Game Voice Actress
Names/Places: Richard's daughter
TV Shows: Goode Behavior (as Bianca Goode), Saved By the Bell: The New Class (as Megan Jones), Pretty Little Liars (as Maya St. Germain)
Movie Titles: Pledge This!, Save the Last Dance, Dead and Breakfast
Video Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Cherry Lawson -- b.8/8/1967
XXX-rated actress

Dave Lawson -- b.4/25/1945
Composer, Keyboardist, Pianist, English
Misc: sessionist with Bill Wyman, Jimmy Page, and others

Denis Lawson -- b.9/27/1947
Actor, Director, Scotish
TV Shows: New Tricks (as Steve McAndrew)
Movie Titles: Star Wars (series), The Machine

Doyle Lawson -- b.4/20/1944
Singer/Musician, Gospel Performer, Bluegrass Performer
Group Names: Quicksilver

Hugh Lawson -- b.3/12/1935 d.3/11/1997 (61)
Jazz Pianist

Jason Lawson -- b.9/2/1974
NBA Player

Jerry (Engineer) Lawson -- b.12/1/1940 N.S. d.4/9/2011 N.S. (70)
Computer Company Engineer
TV Shows: designed the Fairchild Channel F video game console

Jerry (Musician) Lawson -- b.1/23/1944
Producer, Arranger, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Persuasions

John Howard Lawson -- b.9/25/1894 d.8/11/1977 (82)
Dramatist/Playwright, Screen/Scriptwriter
Misc: member of the "Hollywood Ten"

John "Yank" Lawson -- b.5/3/1911 N.S. d.2/18/1995 N.S. (83)
Jazz Musician

Josh Lawson -- b.7/22/1981 N.S.
Actor, Director, Australian
Misc: studied improv at The Second City, The Groundlings, ACME Comedy Theatre, and IO West
TV Shows: House of Lies (as Doug Guggenheim)
Movie Titles: The Little Death, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, The Campaign

Lee Lawson -- b.10/14/1941
Misc: retired from acting in 1991

Leigh Lawson -- b.7/21/1945
Writer, Actor, Director, English
Misc: AP says b. in 1943
Movie Titles: Tess, Being Julia, Brother Son Sister Moon, Casanova, Sister Moon

Linda Lawson -- b.1/14/1936
Actress, Singer
Misc: a career spanning a half a century of years in acting

Maggie Lawson -- b.8/12/1980
TV Shows: Two and a Half Men, Back in the Game, Crumbs (as Andrea), It's All Relative (as Liz), Psych (as Juliet O'Hara), Angel From Hell (as Allison)
Movie Titles: Pleasantville, Cleaner, Gamer

Mark Lawson -- b.4/11/1962
Author, Journalist, English

Mark (Actor) Lawson -- b.12/17/1978 N.S.
Actor, Director
Movie Titles: Dear Diary I Died

Nigella Lawson -- b.1/6/1960 N.S.
Chef, Journalist, Personality, English
Book Titles: How to Eat
TV Shows: Nigella Bites, The Taste, Nigella Kitchen

Niguel Lawson -- b.3/11/1932
Journalist, Government Official, English

Preacher Lawson -- b.3/15/1991 N.S.

Rex Lawson -- b.??/??/1930 or ??/??/1935 d.??/??/1969 or ??/??/1971
Composer, Singer, Trumpeter, Bandleader

Richard Lawson -- b.3/7/1947 N.S.
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: V (as Dr. Ben Taylor in miniseries, in the Demented Datebook solely because of this credit), The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (as Det. Nathaniel Hawthorne), Chicago Story (as Det. O.Z. Tate), Dynasty (as Nick Kimball), Sister Sister (as Victor Sims occasional), Saints and Sinners (as Pastor Evan Johnson)
Movie Titles: How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Poltergeist, Wag the Dog, Streets of Fire

Ricky Lawson -- b.11/8/1954 d.12/23/2013 (59)
Rock & Roll Drummer
Misc: performed and recorded with many of the biggest names in popular music in the 1980s such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, and many others.

Robert Lawson -- b.10/4/1892 d.5/27/1957 (64)
Illustrator, Children's Author

Shannon Lawson -- b.7/12/1973
Country Singer

Ty Lawson -- b.11/3/1987 N.S.
NBA Player

Victor Lawson -- b.9/9/1850 d.8/19/1925 (74)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: Associated Press prez

Tim Lawter -- b.12/10/1958
Country Singer
Group Names: Marshall Tucker Band

Alex Lawther -- b.5/4/1995 N.S.
Actor, English
Movie Titles: The Imitation Game, Benjamin Britten: Peace and Conflict, X+Y

Eric Lawton -- b.4/17/1975

Frank Lawton -- b.9/30/1904 d.6/10/1969 (64)
Actor, English

John Lawton -- b.6/11/1946
Rock & Roll Singer, English
Group Names: Uriah Heep

Matt Lawton -- b.11/3/1971
MLB Player

Tommy Lawton -- b.10/6/1919 d.11/6/1996 (77)
Soccer Player, English

Andrew Lax -- b.2/14/1959
Percussionist, Canadian
Group Names: The Oyster Band

Paul Laxalt -- b.8/2/1922 N.S. d.8/6/2018 N.S. (96)
Senator, Governor
Misc: Governor of Nevada 1967-1971, U.S. Senator 1974-1987

Halldor K. Laxness -- b.4/23/1902 d.2/8/1998 (95)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Icelandian

Herman Lay -- b.6/3/1909 d.12/6/1982 (73)
Misc: president and founder of Frito-Lay Inc.

Rafael Lay -- b.8/17/1927 d.8/13/1982 (54)
Composer, Violinist, Cuban

Sam Lay -- b.3/20/1935 N.S.
Drummer, Blues Singer
Group Names: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Elmer Layden -- b.5/4/1903 N.S. d.6/30/1973 N.S. (70)
College Football Player
Misc: one of Notre Dame's 4 Horsemen
Sports Teams: University of Notre Dame

Frank Layden -- b.1/5/1932
NBA General Manager, NBA Coach
Sports Teams: Utah Jazz (coach and General Manager)

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