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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Peter Lundgren -- b.1/29/1965
Tennis Player, Tennis Coach, Swedish

William Lundigan -- b.6/12/1914 d.12/20/1975 (61)
TV/Movie Actor, Variety Show Host, Announcer
Names/Places: b. in Syracuse, N.Y.; d. Dec 21?
Misc: Chrysler spokesman
TV Shows: Climax, Shower of Stars, Men into Space

Eddie Lundon -- b.6/9/1962
Guitarist, Modern Rock Musician
Group Names: China Crisis

Dave Lundquist -- b.6/4/1973
MLB Pitcher

Rob Lundquist -- b.6/2/1983 N.S.
Country Singer
Group Names: Home Free

Stephen K. "Steve" Lundquist -- b.2/20/1961 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

Verne Lundquist -- b.7/17/1940 N.S.

Henrik Lundqvist -- b.3/2/1982 N.S.
NHL Goaltender, Swedish

Dennis Lundy -- b.7/6/1972
NFL Runningback

Jessica Lundy -- b.3/20/1966
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Baby Talk (as Susan), Northern Exposure, Hope & Gloria (as Gloria Utz), Party of Five (as Nina DiMayo #2 1997), The Inspectors (as Amanda)
Movie Titles: The Stupids, RocketMan, Single White Female

Lamar Lundy -- b.4/17/1935 d.2/24/2007 (71)
NFL Defensive

Jamie Luner -- b.5/12/1971
TV Shows: Just the Ten of Us (as Cindy Lubbock), Savannah (as Payton Richards), Melrose Place (as Lexi Sterling), Profiler (as Rachel Burke), 10-8

Cherie Lunghi -- b.4/4/1952
Actress, English
TV Shows: Master of the Game

Sir Arnold Lunn -- b.4/18/1888 d.6/2/1974 (86)
Skier, India
Misc: slalom skier and international authority on skiing who in 1922 introduced slalom gates (paired poles between which the skier must pass on his downward descent) and thereby created the modern Alpine slalom race.

Bob Lunn -- b.4/24/1945

Robert Lunn -- b.11/28/1912 d.3/8/1966 (53)
Country Performer

Alfred Lunt -- b.8/12/1892 N.S. d.8/3/1977 N.S. (84)
Stage Actor, Director
Names/Places: Lynn Fontanne's hubby

Chris Luongo -- b.3/17/1967
NHL Defensive, American

Roberto Luongo -- b.4/4/1979
NHL Goaltender, Olympic Athlete, Canadian
Sports Teams: Vancouver Canucks

Magda Lupescu -- b.9/15/1895 or 9/15/1896 d.6/29/1977 (81)
Names/Places: RN:Elena Wolff
Misc: sources for her birth range from 1895 to 1902

Mike Lupica -- b.5/11/1952 N.S.
Writer, Sports Journalist

Tabitha Lupien -- b.2/4/1988 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
Movie Titles: Look Who's Talking Now, Hairspray

George Lupino -- b.??/??/1853 d.??/??/1932
Actor, Clown, British

Ida Lupino -- b.2/4/1918 d.8/3/1995 (77)
TV/Movie Actress, Movie Producer/Director, English
Names/Places: b. in London, England; Howard Duff's ex-wife
Misc: movie tough roles; some say b. in 1914
TV Shows: Mr. Adams & Eve (as Eve Drake), Four Star Playhouse, Batman (as Dr. Cassandra)
Movie Titles: The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Stanley Lupino -- b.5/15/1893 d.6/10/1942 (49)
Short Story Writer, Comedian, Director, Choreographer, Librettist, Singer, English

Janet Paula Lupo -- b.1/26/1950 d.11/13/2017 N.S. (67)
Model, Playmate
Misc: November 1975

Patti LuPone -- b.4/21/1949
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Singer, Gymnast, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Northport, NY
Misc: stage: Evita, Sunset Blvd.
TV Shows: Life Goes On (as Libby Thatcher)
Movie Titles: Driving Miss Daisy, Witness, Parker, City by the Sea

Robert Lupone -- b.7/29/1946
Movie Titles: Funny Games, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Doors

John Lupton -- b.8/23/1928 d.11/3/1993 (65)
TV/Movie/Soap Actor
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Dr. Tommy Horton Jr.), Broken Arrow (as Tom Jeffords)

Radu Lupu -- b.11/30/1945
Pianist, Romanian

Joffrey Lupul -- b.9/23/1983 N.S.
NHL Left Wing, Canadian

Peter Lupus -- b.6/17/1932
Actor, Producer, Body Builder
Misc: most sources gave b. 1937, but a 1997 newsarticle reported on Peter attempt to lift 60-thousand pounds or more in 30 minutes in honor of his 65th birthday.
TV Shows: Police Squad! (as Norberg), Mission: Impossible (as Willie Armitage the muscle man)

Dolf Luque -- b.8/4/1890 d.7/3/1957 (66)
MLB Pitcher, Cuban

Alison Lurie -- b.9/3/1926
Book Titles: Foreign Affairs

Elliott Lurie -- b.8/19/1948
Songwriter, Pop Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Looking Glass (lead)

Jeffrey Lurie -- b.9/8/1951
Sports Owner
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles

Horace H. Lurton -- b.2/26/1844 d.7/12/1914 (70)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Justice 1910-14

Steven Luscombe -- b.10/29/1954
Songwriter, Synthesizer, Alternative Rock Singer, British
Group Names: Blancmange

Billy Lush -- b.11/30/1981
Movie Titles: Straw Dogs, Dishonored, Norman, The Black Donnellys

Curtis Lush -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Soul Kitchen

Troy Lush -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Soul Kitchen

Masiela Lusha -- b.10/23/1985
Author, Humanitarian, Actress, Producer, Albanian
TV Shows: George Lopez Show (as Carmen Consuelo Lopez)

Cammie Lusko -- b.4/5/1958
Body Builder
Misc: Guinness' World Strongest Woman.

Gustave Lussi -- b.6/2/1898 N.S. d.6/23/1993 N.S. (95)
Ski Jumper, Swiss
Misc: Figure Skating coach

Robert Lussier -- b.12/14/1934
TV Shows: Man From Atlantis (as Brent)
Movie Titles: Heist, Salem's Lot, Silent Movie, Exorcist II: The Heretic

Sheila Lussier -- b.11/17/1967
Actress, Director
Movie Titles: Strange Wilderness, Makin' Baby, Bits and Pieces, My Chauffeur

Edgar Lustgarten -- b.5/3/1907 d.12/15/1979 (72)
Author, Journalist

Aaron Lustig -- b.9/17/1956
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Young & The Restless (as Dr. Tim Reid, sounds like WKRP to me), Party Of Five (as Terrell Moore)
Movie Titles: Edward Scissorhands, Due Date, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bedazzled

Alvin Lustig -- b.2/8/1915 d.12/4/1955 (40)

Marni Lustig -- b.4/7/1972

Nadine Lustre -- b.10/31/1993 N.S.
Actress, Pop Singer, Phillipean

A. P. Lutali -- b.12/24/1919 d.8/1/2002 (82)
Misc: of American Samoa 1985-89 and 1993-97

Isaac Lutcher -- b.??/??/???? d.??/??/????

Nellie Lutcher -- b.10/15/1912 d.6/8/2007 (94)
Songwriter, Jazz Singer, Jazz Pianist
Names/Places: Isaac's daughter
Misc: scat singer

Eric Lutes -- b.8/19/1962
TV Shows: Caroline In The City (as Del Cassidy), So Little Time (as Jake Carlson)
Movie Titles: Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!, Legend of the Mummy

Anna Luther -- b.7/7/1897 d.12/16/1960 (63)

Frank Luther -- b.8/4/1905 d.11/19/1980 (75)
Singer, Tenor

Martin Luther -- b.11/10/1483 d.2/18/1546 (62)
Religious Leader, Religionist, Theologian, German
Names/Places: b. in Eisleben
Misc: Lutheran church founder, Protestant reformation

Bob Lutz -- b.8/29/1947
Tennis Player

David Lutz -- b.12/30/1959
NFL Tackle, Football Offensive Lineman

John Lutz -- b.4/23/1973
Writer, Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers

Kellan Lutz -- b.3/15/1985
Actor, Stuntman, Producer
Movie Titles: Tarzan (2013), Twilight (series), The Legend of Hercules

Lucas J. "Luc" Lutz -- b.11/17/1924 d.11/16/2001 (76)
Actor, Director

Michael Lutz -- b.6/15/1949
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Brownsville Station
Song Titles: Smokin' in the Boy's Room (co-songwriter)

Jon Luvelli -- b.2/20/1979 N.S.

Rosa Luxemburg -- b.3/5/1871 d.1/15/1919 (47)
Revolutionary, Politician, Socialist, Polish

Arie Luyendyk -- b.9/21/1953
Auto Racer, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: Indy 500 winner 1990

Jan Luyts -- b.9/19/1655 d.3/12/1721 (65)
Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, Scholar

Frank Luz -- b.12/22/1950
Misc: retired from acting in 1999
Movie Titles: When Harry Met Sally, Don Juan DeMarco, Ghost Town

Greg "The Bull" Luzinski -- b.11/22/1950
MLB Player
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies (1970-80), Chicago White Sox (1981-84)

Lv -- b.??/??/????

Lw -- b.??/??/????

Annabella Lwin -- b.10/31/1965
Military Leader, Songwriter, New Wave Singer, Burmese
Misc: Wikipedia says b. Oct 31, 1966
Group Names: Bow Wow Wow, soloist
Song Titles: C30, C60, C90, Go!, I Want Candy, W.O.R.K., Go Wild in the Country, Do You Wanna Hold Me?

Andre Lwoff -- b.5/8/1902 d.9/30/1994 (92)

Lx -- b.??/??/????

Ly -- b.??/??/????

Bill Lyall -- b.3/26/1953 d.12/1/1989 N.S. (36)
Flautist, Keyboardist, Pianist, Scotish, Gay
Group Names: Bay City Rollers (early member), Pilot, Alan Parson's Project, sessionist, soloist

James Lyall -- b.9/13/1836 d.8/23/1901 (64)

Gary Lycan -- b.11/18/1944 d.4/9/2013 (68)
Misc: Orange County Register radio columnist

Jimmy Lydon -- b.5/30/1923
Movie Actor, Producer/Director

John Lydon -- b.1/31/1956
Songwriter, Punk Rock Singer, English
Names/Places: MN:Joseph
Group Names: The Sex Pistols (co-founder & Johnny Rotten derived from Jolly Rotten), Public Image Ltd.

Sir Charles Lyell -- b.11/14/1797 d.2/22/1875 (77)
Geologist, Scotish
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Modern Geology

Todd Lyght -- b.2/9/1969
NFL Cornerback

Alexander Lyle -- b.2/9/1958

Graham Lyle -- b.3/11/1944
Music Producer, Songwriter, Folk Singer/Guitarist, Scotish
Song Titles: What's Love Got to Do With It? (songwriter for Tina Turner)

Jarrod Lyle -- b.8/21/1981 N.S. d.8/8/2018 N.S. (36)
Golfer, Australian

Keith Lyle -- b.4/17/1972 N.S.
NFL Safety

Rick Lyle -- b.2/26/1971
NFL Defensive End

Ron Lyle -- b.2/12/1941 d.11/26/2011 (70)

Sandy Lyle -- b.2/9/1958
Golfer, Scotish

Sparky Lyle -- b.7/22/1944
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: RN:Albert Walter
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 1977
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Andrew Craddock Lyles -- b.5/17/1918 d.9/27/2013 (95)
Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: aka "A.C."

Bill Lyles -- b.12/7/1920 d.6/30/1954 (33)
Bass Singer/Basso

Abe Lyman -- b.8/4/1897 d.10/23/1957 (60)
Movie Actor, Songwriter, Drummer, Bandleader

Arthur Lyman -- b.2/2/1933 d.2/24/2002 (69)
Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Vibraphonist

Dorothy Lyman -- b.4/18/1947
Actress, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Minneapolis, Mn.
TV Shows: All My Children (as Opal Gardner), Mama's Family (as Naomi Oates Harper), Another World, Generations, Bold & Beautiful, Life Goes On (as Mary McKenna), Bob (as Patty Fleischman), Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns
Movie Titles: The Departed, Blow

William Roy Lyman -- b.11/30/1898 d.12/28/1972 (74)
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle
Names/Places: NN:Link
Misc: 4x NFL champion
Sports Teams: Canton Bulldogs (1922-1923, 1925), Cleveland Bulldogs (1924), Frankford Yellow Jackets (1925), Chicago Bears (1926-1934)

Frankie Lymon -- b.9/30/1942 d.2/28/1968 (25)
Songwriter, Falsetto, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Group Names: Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers (lead)

Dawn Lyn -- b.1/11/1963
Misc: retired from acting in 1978
TV Shows: My Three Sons (as Dodie Harper Douglas)
Movie Titles: Walking Tall (series)

Jim Lynam -- b.9/15/1941
NBA Coach, NBA Player, College Basketball Coach

Becky Lynch -- b.1/30/1987 N.S.
Wrestler, Irish

Benny Lynch -- b.4/2/1913 d.8/6/1946 (33)
Boxer, Scotish

David Lynch -- b.1/20/1946
Writer, Actor, Producer, TV/Movie Director
Names/Places: b. in Missoula, MT
TV Shows: Twin Peaks (all we are saying, is give Peaks a chance!)
Movie Titles: Mulholland Drive, Dune, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet

David Lynch -- b.7/3/1929 d.1/2/1981 (51)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Platters

Drew Lynch -- b.8/10/1991 N.S.

Dustin Lynch -- b.5/14/1985
Songwriter, Country Singer
Song Titles: Cowboys and Angels

Edele Lynch -- b.12/15/1979 N.S.
Pop Singer, Irish
Names/Places: Keavy's twin sister
Group Names: B*Witched, Ms Lynch, Barbarellas

Eric Lynch -- b.5/16/1970
NFL Player

Evanna Lynch -- b.8/16/1991 N.S.
Actress, Irish
TV Shows: Harry Potter (series as Luna)

Gary Lynch -- b.7/25/1950
Misc: SEC enforcer

George (Basketball) Lynch -- b.9/3/1970
NBA Player

George (Musician) Lynch -- b.9/28/1954
Songwriter, Hard Rock Guitarst
Misc: b. 1955?
Group Names: Dokken, Lynch Mob

Hal (B. 1927) Lynch -- b.11/13/1927 N.S. d.10/5/2006 N.S. (78)
Entertainment Figure

Jack Lynch -- b.5/28/1952
NHL Player, Canadian

Jane Lynch -- b.7/14/1960
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Glee (as Sue Sylvester)
Movie Titles: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Role Models, Wreck-It Ralph, A Mighty Wind

Jay Lynch -- b.1/7/1945 N.S. d.3/5/2017 N.S. (72)
Cartoonist, Comic Book Artist
Misc: played a key role in the underground comix movement with his Bijou Funnies and other titles. Nard n' Pat comic strip author. Bazooka Joe comics main writer from 1967-1990. A major contributor to Topps' Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids lines.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch -- b.4/7/1968
Names/Places: David's daughter

Jessica Lynch -- b.4/26/1983
Misc: Rescued POW

Jim Lynch -- b.8/28/1945
NFL Linebacker, College Football Player
Misc: Super Bowl IV; in the Chiefs and College Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Notre Dame, Kansas City Chiefs (1967-1977)

Joe Lynch -- b.11/30/1898 d.8/1/1965 (66)

John Lynch -- b.9/25/1971
NFL Safety

John Carroll Lynch -- b.8/1/1963
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Drew Carey Show (as Steve Carey), Close to Home (as Steve Sharpe)
Movie Titles: Shutter Island, Gran Torino, Zodiac, Crazy Stupid Love

John R. Lynch -- b.9/10/1847 d.11/2/1939 (92)
Names/Places: MN:Roy

Kelly Lynch -- b.1/31/1959
Movie Actress
Movie Titles: Charlie's Angels, Road House, Drugstore Cowboy, The Jacket, Mr. Magoo the Movie

Ken Lynch -- b.7/15/1910 d.2/13/1990 (79)
TV Actor
TV Shows: McCloud (as Sgt. Grover), The Plainclothesman

Kenny Lynch -- b.3/18/1938
Actor, Songwriter, Singer, English

Kevin Lynch -- b.12/24/1968
NBA Forward, NBA Guard

Larry Lynch -- b.??/??/1950
Drummer, Rock & Roll Percussionist
Group Names: Greg Kihn Band

Lashana Lynch -- b.11/27/1987 N.S.
TV Shows: Still Star-Crossed

Laura Lynch -- b.11/18/1956
Country Performer

Lorenzo Lynch -- b.4/6/1963
NFL Player

Loretta Lynch -- b.5/21/1959 N.S.
Government Official

Marshawn Lynch -- b.4/22/1986 N.S.
NFL Runningback

Michael Lynch -- b.11/14/1964

Peg Lynch -- b.11/25/1916 d.7/24/2015 (98)
Comedy Writer, Actress
Misc: she's not the Our Gang actress of the same name
TV Shows: Ethel and Albert (creator of the radio and TV sitcom)

Peggy Lynch -- b.5/11/1929
Movie Titles: Our Gang (as Margaret Kerry)

Richard Lynch -- b.2/12/1936 d.6/20/2012 (76)
Misc: some say b. 1940
TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica (as Xavier)
Movie Titles: Halloween

Riker Lynch -- b.11/8/1991 N.S.
Actor, Pop Singer
TV Shows: Glee, Dancing with the Stars

Ross Lynch -- b.12/29/1995 N.S.
Actor, Dancer, Singer
TV Shows: Austin and Ally (as Austin Moon)
Movie Titles: Teen Beach Movie (series), Muppets Most Wanted

Shane Lynch -- b.7/3/1976
Actor, Songwriter, Pop Singer, Irish
Group Names: Boyzone

Stan Lynch -- b.5/21/1955
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Thomas Lynch Jr. -- b.8/5/1749 d.??/??/1779
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Tim Lynch -- b.7/18/1946
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Flamin' Groovies

Marque "Tate" Lynche -- b.1/3/1981 d.12/6/2015 N.S. (34)
Pop Singer
TV Shows: All-New Mickey Mouse Club

Helen Merrell Lynd -- b.3/17/1896 d.1/30/1982 (85)
Sociologist, Educator

Robert Lynd -- b.9/26/1892 d.11/1/1970 (78)
Scientist, Sociologist

Robert Lynd -- b.4/20/1879 d.10/6/1949 (70)
Essayist, Critic, Irish

Janice Lynde -- b.3/28/1948

Paul Lynde -- b.6/13/1926 d.1/10/1982 (55)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Panelist, Singer, Gay
Misc: stage: Bye Bye Birdie
TV Shows: The Red Buttons Show (as Mr. Standish), Stanley (as Horace Fenton), Kraft Music Hall, Bewitched (as Uncle Arthur), Hollywood Squares (center square), Jonathan Winters Show, Dean Martin Show, Where's Huddles? (as Claude Pertwee), Paul Lynde Show (as Paul Simms), Temperatures' Rising (as Dr. Paul Mercy), Donny & Marie

Nicholas Lyndhurst -- b.4/20/1961 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: One Fools and Horses, The Two of Us, Goodnight Sweetheart
Movie Titles: Gulliver's Travels

Julia Lyndon -- b.7/3/1955
Model, Playmate
Misc: August 1977

Adrian Lyne -- b.3/4/1941
Writer, Movie Producer/Director, English
Movie Titles: Unfaithful, Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, 9 1/2 Weeks, Jacob's Ladder

Feodor Lynen -- b.4/6/1911 d.8/6/1979 (68)
Scientist, Biochemist, German
Misc: cholesterol research

Joseph Lynes Jr. -- b.12/2/1910 d.9/14/1991 (80)
Photographer, Writer, Editor, Historian
Misc: Managing editor of Harper's Magazine

Roy Lynes -- b.10/25/1943
Keyboardist, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Group Names: Status Quo

Frida Lyngstad -- b.11/15/1945
Pop Singer, Norweigan, Swedish
Names/Places: RFN:Anni-Frid
Group Names: ABBA, soloist

Carol Lynley -- b.2/13/1942
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RLN:Lee
TV Shows: The Immortal (as Sylvia)

Amber Lynn -- b.9/3/1964
XXX-rated actress

Anthony Lynn -- b.12/21/1968
NFL Runningback

Audra Lynn -- b.1/31/1980
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: October 2003

Barbara Lynn -- b.1/16/1942
Songwriter, Guitarist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: LN:Ozen

Betty Lynn -- b.8/29/1926
TV Shows: Andy Griffith Show (as Thelma Loy, Barney File's girlfriend)

Cameron Lynn -- b.11/3/1987 N.S.

Cassandra Lynn -- b.4/15/1979 d.1/15/2014 (34)
Model, Playmate
Misc: February 2006

Cheryl Lynn -- b.3/11/1951
Soul Singer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; aka Lydia Smith
Misc: some say b. 1957
Song Titles: Got to Be Real

Diana Lynn -- b.10/7/1926 d.12/18/1971 (45)
TV/Movie Actress, Pianist
Names/Places: RN:Dolly Loehr
Movie Titles: Bedtime For Bonzo (with Ronald Reagan)

Donna Lynn -- b.9/21/1936 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: November 1959

Frederic Michael Lynn -- b.2/3/1952
MLB Outfielder
Names/Places: NN:Fred
Misc: 4x Gold Glove, AL MVP 1975, AL LCS MVP 1982, All Star MVP 1983; hit the first-ever grand slam homer in an All-Star game in 1983
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox (1974-1980), California Angels (1981-1984), Baltimore Orioles (1985-1988), Detroit Tigers (1988-1989), San Diego Padres (1990)

Janet Lynn -- b.4/6/1953
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: b. in Rockford, Ill.
Misc: Olympics-bronze-1972; Ice Follies; won first U.S. Professional Championship [1973]

Jeffrey Lynn -- b.2/16/1909 d.11/24/1995 (86)
TV/Movie Actor, TV Host
Names/Places: RN:Ragnar Godfrey Lind
TV Shows: Roaring Twenties

Jennie Lynn -- b.2/28/1952

Jerry Lynn -- b.6/12/1963

Jonathan Lynn -- b.4/3/1943
Actor, Movie Director, English
Misc: comedy writer
TV Shows: Yes Minister (co-creator and writer), Yes Prime Minister (co-creator and writer), Doctor in the House (as Danny Hooley)
Movie Titles: Clue, Nuns on the Run

Judy Lynn -- b.4/16/1936 d.5/26/2010 (74)
Country Singer

Loretta Lynn -- b.4/14/1932
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Butcher's Holler, KY; RLN:Webb; Queen of country music, the real life Coal Miner's Daughter
Misc: some say b. 1933 or 1935

Micky Lynn -- b.3/10/1973
XXX-rated actress

Patsy Lynn -- b.8/6/1964
Country Singer
Names/Places: Loretta's twin daughter

Peggy Lynn -- b.8/6/1964
Country Singer
Names/Places: Loretta's twin daughter

Porche Lynn -- b.2/14/1962
XXX-rated actress

Rita Lynn -- b.12/2/1921 d.1/21/1996 (74)

Theresa Lynn -- b.7/1/1964
Movie Titles: Private Parts

Dame Vera Lynn -- b.3/20/1917
Singer, English
Names/Places: RN:Margaret Welsh

Gloria Lynne -- b.11/23/1929 N.S. d.10/15/2013 N.S. (83)
Jazz Singer

Jeff Lynne -- b.12/30/1947
Music Producer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Classic Rock Singer, English
Group Names: Electric Light Orchestra, The Traveling Wilburys (as Nelson/Clayton), Wizzard

Rockie Lynne -- b.11/14/1964
Country Singer/Guitarist

Shelby Lynne -- b.10/22/1968
Country Singer

Phil Lynott -- b.8/20/1951 d.1/4/1986 (34)
Songwriter, Bassist, Heavy Metal Singer/Guitarist, Irish
Names/Places: b. in West Bromwich, Birmingham, England
Group Names: Thin Lizzy, soloist

Melanie Lynskey -- b.5/16/1977
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, New Zealand
TV Shows: Two and a Half Men (as Rose), Jake and the Never Land Pirates (as Pearl)
Movie Titles: Up in the Air, Heavenly Creatures, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Ben Lyon -- b.2/6/1901 d.3/22/1979 (78)

Francis D. Lyon -- b.7/29/1905 d.10/8/1996 (91)
Editor, Movie Director

Mary Lyon -- b.2/28/1797 d.3/5/1849 (52)

"Southside" Johnny Lyon -- b.12/4/1948
Songwriter, Harmonicaist, Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes (lead)

Sue Lyon -- b.7/10/1946
TV/Movie Actress
Movie Titles: The Night of the Iguana, The Flim-Flam Man, 7 Women, Lolita

Natasha Lyonne -- b.4/4/1979
Actress, Internet Video Actress
TV Shows: Pee-Wee's Playhouse (as Opal 1986-87), Orange is the New Black
Movie Titles: American Pie (series), Scary Movie 2, Kate and Leopold

Barry Lyons -- b.6/3/1960
MLB Catcher

Billy Red Lyons -- b.5/17/1932 N.S. d.6/22/2009 N.S. (77)
Wrestler, Canadian
Names/Places: RN: William Snip

Elena Lyons -- b.6/27/1973
Actress, Spanish
TV Shows: USA High (as Lauren Fontaine)
Movie Titles: Club Dread, The Frank Anderson, Face the Music

Enid Lyons -- b.7/9/1897 d.9/2/1891 (250)
Politician, Australian

Gene Lyons -- b.2/9/1921 d.7/8/1974 (53)
TV Shows: Ironside (as Comm. Dennis Randall)

Jimmy Lyons -- b.12/1/1932 d.5/19/1986 (53)
Flutist, Alto-sax

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