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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Chandler Massie -- b.9/10/1990

Rollie Massimino -- b.11/13/1934 d.8/30/2017 N.S. (82)
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach

Léonide Massine -- b.8/9/1896 N.S. or 7/28/1896 Ju-1 d.3/15/1979 N.S. (82)
Choreographer, Dancer, Composer, Russian
Misc: innovative of more than 50 ballets, one of the most important figures in 20th-century dance.

George Masso -- b.11/17/1926
Composer, Vibraharpist, Bandleader, Jazz Trombonist
Group Names: Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Bobby Hackett, World's Greatest Jazz Band

Dan Masteller -- b.3/17/1968
MLB First Baseman

Pat Mastelotto -- b.9/10/1955
Music Producer, Rock & Roll Drummer
Misc: sessionist for Vanity, Pointer Sisters and others
Group Names: Mr. Mister

Hendrika "Rie" Wilbelmina Mastenbroek -- b.2/26/1919 d.11/6/2003 (84)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: Olympic-3 gold-1936

Master P -- b.4/29/1970

Ben Masters -- b.5/6/1947
TV Shows: Heartbeat, Passions (as Julian Crane, then Boozy Boozeborne for the entire run)
Movie Titles: The Deliberate Stranger, Dream Lover, Making Mr. Right

Chris Masters -- b.1/8/1983 N.S.

Edgar Lee Masters -- b.8/23/1868 d.3/5/1950 (81)
Poet, Dramatist, Biographer, Attorney
Misc: b. Sep?

James Masters -- b.6/23/1949

Lalanya Masters -- b.8/14/1972
TV Shows: Barbershop (as Veronica)
Movie Titles: Sarang Song, World Trade Center, The Player's Club, G

Lisa Lynn Masters -- b.??/??/1964 N.S. d.11/15/2016 N.S. (52)
Actress, Model
TV Shows: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Movie Titles: It's Complicated, The Stepford Wives (2004)

Margie Masters -- b.10/24/1934
Golfer, Australian

Marie Masters -- b.2/4/1941
Writer, Actress

Tommy Masters -- b.11/22/1960

William Howell Masters -- b.12/27/1915 d.2/16/2001 (85)
Author, Physician
Names/Places: Virginia Johnson Masters' ex-
Misc: Sex Expert
Book Titles: Human Sexual Response

Kent Masters-King -- b.8/5/1974
Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Love and a Bullet, Y: The Last Man Rising, The Hillside Stranger, BraceFace Brandi

Alanna Masterson -- b.6/27/1988
TV Shows: The Walking Dead (as Tara Chamber)

"Bat" Masterson -- b.11/26/1853 d.10/25/1921 (67)
Hero, Scout, Journalist, Columnist, Statesman, Farmer
Names/Places: RFMN:William Barclay
Misc: Laborer; Buffalo Hunter; Army Scout; Saloon Owner; Gambler; Lawman; Sportsman; Gunman; Boxing Promoter; Dodge City deputy; Ford County sheriff

Bill Masterson -- b.8/16/1938 d.1/15/1968 (29)
NHL Center, Canadian

Chase Masterson -- b.2/26/1963
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as Leeta)
Movie Titles: Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Yesterday Was a Lie, Terminal Invasion

Christina Masterson -- b.4/2/1989 N.S.
TV Shows: Power Rangers Megaforce (as Emma Goodall the Pink Ranger)

Christopher Kennedy Masterson -- b.1/22/1980
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: Danny's brother
TV Shows: Malcolm in the Middle (as Francis), The Wild Thornberrys
Movie Titles: Scary Movie 2, American History X, My Best Friend's Wedding, Dragonheart: A New Beginning

Danny Masterson -- b.3/13/1976
TV/Movie Actor, Producer
Misc: AP says March 13
TV Shows: That 70's Show (as Steve Hyde)
Movie Titles: Yes Man, Face/Off, Men at Work

Jordan Masterson -- b.4/9/1986 N.S.
TV Shows: Last Man Standing (as Ryan Vogelson)
Movie Titles: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Bad Roomies

Mary Stuart Masterson -- b.6/28/1966
TV/Movie Actress, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Movie Titles: Benny and Joon, Some Kind of Wonderful, At Close Range, Fried Green Tomatoes

Peter Masterson -- b.6/1/1934 N.S. d.12/19/2018 N.S. (84)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: The Exorcist, The Stepford Wives, The Trip to Bountiful, In the Heat of the Night

Catherine Cortez Masto -- b.3/29/1964 N.S.

Le'shai Maston -- b.10/7/1970
NFL Runningback

Hachim Mastour -- b.6/15/1998 N.S.
Soccer Player, Italian

Carlo Mastrangelo -- b.10/5/1937 N.S. d.4/4/2016 N.S. (78)
Bass Singer/Basso, Doo Wop Performer, Rock & Roll Singer, Italian
Misc: Doo-wop and progressive rock singer
Group Names: Dion and the Belmonts

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio -- b.11/17/1958
Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Lombard, IL
Misc: stage: West Side Story
TV Shows: Limitless (as Narseen Pouran)
Movie Titles: The Abyss, The Color Of Money, Robin Hood's Maid Marian, Three Wishes, Scarface, The Perfect Storm

Adam Mastrelli -- b.1/1/1976

Carmen Mastren -- b.10/6/1913 d.3/31/1981 (67)

Chiara Mastroianni -- b.5/28/1972 N.S.
Actress, French
Movie Titles: Three Lives, Only One Death, Time Regained, Hotel, My Favorite Season

Marcello Mastroianni -- b.9/28/1924 d.12/19/1996 (72)
Roman Catholic, Movie Actor, Italian
Names/Places: b. in Rome
Misc: some say b. 1923; in over 120 films

Marco Mastropietro -- b.9/17/2003
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jill Hennessy and Paolo's son

Kei Masuda -- b.9/2/1957
Variety Show Hostess, Pop Singer, Japanese
Names/Places: Now known as Keiko Kuwaki
Group Names: Pink Lady
TV Shows: Pink Lady and Jeff

Kurt Masur -- b.7/18/1927 d.12/19/2015 N.S. (88)
Conductor, German

Richard Masur -- b.11/20/1948
TV/Movie Actor, Director
Misc: former SAG president
TV Shows: One Day at a Time (as David Kane 1975-76), Hot L Baltimore, East of Eden, Younger
Movie Titles: The Thing, Risky Business, My Girl, 61*

Wally Masur -- b.5/13/1963
Sports Commentator, Tennis Player, Tennis Coach, English

Juan Mata -- b.4/28/1988 N.S.
Soccer Player, Spanish

Mary Matalin -- b.8/19/1953
Misc: Political consultant

Barry Matalon -- b.??/??/???? d.8/18/1995 (47)
Names/Places: NN:Hairdresser To The Stars

Gaten Matarazzo -- b.9/8/2002 N.S.
TV Shows: Stranger Things (as Dustin Henderson)

Heather Matarazzo -- b.11/10/1982
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Now and Again (as Heather Wiseman)
Movie Titles: The Princess Diaries, Welcome to the Dollhouse

Cosimo Matassa -- b.4/13/1926 d.9/11/2014 (88)
Engineer, Music Figure, Italian
Misc: recording engineer and studio owner, responsible for many R&B and early rock and roll recordings.

John Peter "Johnny" Matchefts -- b.6/18/1931 N.S. d.11/10/2013 N.S. (82)
Hockey Coach, Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete

Debbie Matenopoulos -- b.12/13/1974
Actress, TV Hostess, Personality

Amalia Materna -- b.7/10/1844 d.1/18/1918 (73)
Opera Soprano, Austrian

Brad Mates -- b.7/31/1978
Country Singer
Group Names: Emerson Drive

Mike Matheny -- b.9/22/1970
MLB Manager, MLB Catcher
Sports Teams: Milwaukee Brwers, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals (player 2000-2004, manager since 2012)

Bruce Mather -- b.7/25/1926 N.S. d.10/9/1975 N.S. (49)
Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: played 1943-1955
Sports Teams: Worcester Warriors, Boston Olympics

Cotton Mather -- b.2/12/1663 J-LD d.2/13/1728 J-LD (65)
Religionist, American
Misc: b. in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

Stephen Mather -- b.7/4/1867 d.1/22/1930 (62)
Misc: organizer of the U.S. National Park Service

Dani Mathers -- b.1/5/1987
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: May 2014; Playboy Playmate of the Year 2015

James Mathers -- b.10/31/1936 d.7/11/2014 N.S. (77)
Movie Titles: Me and You and Everyone We Know, The Darkness, Voyager

Jerry Mathers -- b.6/2/1948 N.S.
Actor, Director
Names/Places: b. in Sioux City, IA; RFN:Gerald Patrick
TV Shows: Leave It to Beaver (as Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver), Still The Beaver (as Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver)
Movie Titles: The Trouble with Harry, Better Luck Tomorrow

Merissa Mathes -- b.1/26/1940
Actress, Model, Playmate
Names/Places: RN:Marissa Mathes
Misc: June 1962

Bob Matheson -- b.11/25/1944 d.9/5/1994 (49)
NFL Defensive
Misc: famous "no-name" defense team; Super Bowl XI, XII, XIII
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins

Don Matheson -- b.8/5/1929 d.6/29/2014 (84)
TV Shows: Land of the Giants (as Mark Wilson), Falcon Crest

Murray Matheson -- b.7/1/1912 d.4/25/1985 (72)
TV Shows: Banacek (as Felix Mulholland)

Richard Matheson -- b.2/20/1926 d.6/23/2013 (87)
Novelist, Screenwriter
Misc: primarily in the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres

Tim Matheson -- b.12/31/1947
TV/Movie Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
TV Shows: Jonny Quest (voice), The Virginian (as Jim Horn), Bonanza (as Griff King), The Quest, Tucker's Witch (as Rick Tucker), Young Sampson (voice), Sinbad Jr. (voice), Charlie Hoover (star), The West Wing (as Vice President John Hoynes), Hart of Dixie (as Dr. Brick Breeland)
Movie Titles: National Lampoon's Animal House, The Brady Bunch Movie (as Roy Martin/Trevor Thomas)

Timothy Matheson -- b.8/12/1993
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Megan & Tim's son

Carole Mathews -- b.9/13/1920 d.11/6/2014 N.S. (94)
TV Shows: The Californians

George Mathews -- b.7/1/1912 d.11/7/1984 (72)

Harlan Mathews -- b.1/17/1927 d.5/9/2014 (87)

Jason Mathews -- b.2/9/1971
NFL Player, Football Offensive Tackle

Joyce Mathews -- b.12/5/1919 d.1/17/1999 (79)
Names/Places: 2x Milton Berle's wife

Larry Mathews -- b.8/15/1955
TV Actor
Names/Places: RN:Larry Mazzeo
TV Shows: The Dick Van Dyke Show (as Ritchie "ROSEBUD, see an episode for an explanation" Petrie)

Manon Mathews -- b.10/22/1988 N.S.
Actress, Comedienne
TV Shows: Funniest Wins, The Principal

Mat Mathews -- b.6/18/1924 d.2/12/2009 (84)
Accordionist, Jazz Performer, Dutch (Netherlands)

Ross Mathews -- b.9/24/1979 N.S.
Actor, Gay
TV Shows: Tonight Show with Jay Leno (as Ross the Intern), Chelsea Lately, Hollywood Today Live, E! Live from the Red Carpet

T. J. Mathews -- b.1/9/1970
MLB Pitcher

Terry Mathews -- b.10/5/1964 d.2/24/2012 (47)
MLB Player

Christy Mathewson -- b.8/12/1880 d.10/7/1925 (45)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: N.Y. Giants (before it moved to San Francisco) won 373 games, 2499 strikeouts; pitched 3 complete games during the 1905 World Series without allowing opponents to score a run; won 37 in 1908; developed the Screwball.
Sports Teams: New York Giants (1900-1916), Cincinnatti Reds (1916), Cincinnatti Reds (manager, 1916-1918)

Bob Mathias -- b.11/17/1930 d.9/2/2006 (75)
Congressperson, Actor, NFL Player, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Names/Places: b. in Tulare, California
Misc: the youngest winner of decathlon with gold medal in 1948 Olympics at age 17; first to repeat as decathlon champ in 1952; Sullivan Award winner (1948); 4-term member of U.S. Congress (R,Calif.) from 1967-74; Olympic torch lighter [1984]; U.S. congressman; played himself in The Bob Mathias Story; director: Olympic Training Center); played halfback for Stanford in 1952 Rose Bowl.

Charles Mathias -- b.7/24/1922 d.1/25/2010 (87)

Mireille Mathieu -- b.7/22/1946
Singer, French

Simonne Mathieu -- b.1/31/1908 d.1/7/1980 (71)
Tennis Player, French
Names/Places: FN:Rene; aka Simone Mathieu
Misc: doubles tennis star (Wimbeldon 1934)

Tyrann Mathieu -- b.5/13/1992 N.S.
NFL Cornerback, College Football Player

Buster Mathis -- b.6/11/1943 d.9/6/1995 (52)

Country Johnny Mathis -- b.9/28/1933 d.9/27/2011 (77)
Songwriter, Country Singer

Greg Mathis -- b.4/5/1960
Judge, TV Host
TV Shows: Judge Mathis

Johnny Mathis -- b.9/30/1935
Roman Catholic, Movie Actor, Pop Singer, Gay
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco, CA
Misc: his Greatest Hits LP stayed on Billboard's album chart over 560 weeks
Song Titles: Chances Are
Album Titles: Greatest Hits

Lee Mathis -- b.3/10/1952 d.5/1/1996 (44)

Lewis Mathis -- b.3/17/1939
Group Names: Dean & Mark, Newbeats
Song Titles: Bread and Butter

Marc Mathis -- b.2/9/1942
Pop Singer
Group Names: The Newbeats
Song Titles: Bread and Butter

Samantha Mathis -- b.5/12/1970
Movie Titles: American Psycho, Buried, Broken Arrow, Little Women

Sherry Mathis -- b.2/2/1949 d.1/23/1994 (44)

Terance Mathis -- b.6/7/1967
NFL Wide Receiver

Cameron Mathison -- b.8/25/1969
Actor, Canadian
Movie Titles: 54, Along Came a Nanny

Leila Emannuelle Mathison -- b.7/7/2006
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Vanessa and Cameron's daughter

Lucas Arthur Mathison -- b.4/20/2003
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Cameron Mathison and Vanessa's son

Melissa Mathison -- b.6/3/1950 d.11/4/2015 N.S. (65)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actress
Names/Places: Harrison Ford's ex-wife

Nemanja Matic -- b.8/1/1988 N.S.
Soccer Midfielder, Yugoslav

Trevor Matich -- b.10/9/1961
Sports Analyst, NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Matijevic "Mike" Matijevic -- b.11/30/1964
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, Croatian
Group Names: Steelheart

Henri Matisse -- b.12/31/1869 d.11/4/1954 (84)
Painter, Lithographer, French

Mark Matkevich -- b.6/19/1978
Movie Actor
TV Shows: Dawson's Creek (as Drew Valentine)
Movie Titles: Melvin Smarty, Sweet Home Alabama, Wrigleyville

Jon Matlack -- b.1/19/1950
MLB Pitcher
Misc: All Star MVP 1975
Sports Teams: New York Mets

Marlee Matlin -- b.8/24/1965
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
Misc: she gave birth to a girl in real life while her PF character had a boy on the same day (Jan 19, 1996), coincidentally matching the day Lucille Ball delivered on TV and real life in 1953
TV Shows: Reasonable Doubts (as DA Tess Kaufman), Picket Fences (as Mayor Laurie Bey), The West Wing (as Josephine "Joey" Lucas), Switched at Birth (as Melody Bledsoe)
Movie Titles: Children of a Lesser God, The One I Love

Glen Matlock -- b.8/27/1956
Guitarist, Punk Rock Bassist, English
Group Names: The Sex Pistols (through 1977 when he was booted off and Sid Vicious replaced him)

"Matty" Matlock -- b.4/27/1907 d.6/14/1978 (71)
Clarinetist, Saxophonist

Eddie Matos -- b.7/18/1978
Actor, Puerto Rican
TV Shows: Finding Carter (as Kyle Medeiros)
Movie Titles: Cane

Maria Matos -- b.9/29/1890 d.9/18/1952 (61)
Actress, Portuguese

Igor Matoushkin -- b.1/27/1965
NHL Defensive, Olympic Athlete, Soviet

April Matson -- b.3/13/1981
Actress, Singer
TV Shows: Kyle XY, Quintuplets (as Penny Chase)
Movie Titles: Vile, Primrose Lane

Boyd Matson -- b.4/26/1947
Correspondent, TV Host
Names/Places: born in Oklamoma City
TV Shows: Today, USA Today on TV, World News Now, National Geographic Explorer

Oliver "Ollie" Matson -- b.5/1/1930 N.S. d.2/19/2011 N.S. (80)
NFL Runningback, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 6x Pro Bowl, All-America at San Francisco (1951); bronze medal winner in 400m at 1952 Olympics; 4-time All-Pro for NFL Chicago Cardinals (1954-57); traded to LA Rams for 9 players in 1959; accounted for 12,884 all-purpose yards and scored 73 TDs in 14 seasons; 9 TDs on punt and kickoff returns is a NFL record; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of San Francisco, Chicago Cardinals (1952-1958), Los Angeles Rams (1959-1962), Detroit Lions (1963), Philadelphia Eagles (1964-1966)

Randy Matson -- b.3/5/1945
Olympic Athlete, Shotputter, Track and Field
Misc: Olympic-gold-1968; American shot-putter who, in 1965, was the first man to put the shot more than 21 m, with a distance of 21.52 m (70 feet 7.25 inches).

Hiro Matsuda -- b.7/22/1937 N.S. d.11/27/1999 N.S. (62)
Wrestler, Japanese
Names/Places: RN: Yasuhiro Kojima

Hideki Matsui -- b.6/12/1974 N.S.
MLB Outfielder, Japanese
Misc: World Series MVP 2009
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Rica Matsumoto -- b.11/30/1968
Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, Japanese
TV Shows: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon (as Satoshi, Ash Ketchum, Persian in Japanese Version)
Movie Titles: Pokémon the Movie (series)
Video Games: Brave Fencer Musashi

Spark M. Matsunaga -- b.10/8/1916 d.4/15/1990 (73)

Hiro Matsushita -- b.3/14/1961
Auto Racer, Japanese

Kōnosuke Matsushita -- b.11/27/1894 N.S. d.4/27/1989 N.S. (94)
Businessperson, Japanese
Misc: founder of Panasonic

Rainer Matsutani -- b.7/9/1964
Actor, Director, German
TV Shows: Stuttgart Homicide (director)
Movie Titles: Over My Dead Body, Raging Inferno

Daisuke Matsuzaka -- b.9/13/1980
MLB Pitcher, Japanese
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox

Ikkaku Matsuzawa -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, Japanese
Misc: Swimming Coach

Alfred Matt -- b.5/11/1948
Olympic Athlete, Austrian
Misc: slalom (Olympic-bronze-1968)

Dave Mattacks -- b.3/13/1948
Folk Musician, English
Group Names: The Albion Band, Fairport Convention

Tom Matte -- b.6/14/1939
NFL Runningback
Misc: Super Bowl III
Sports Teams: Baltimore Colts

Kathy Mattea -- b.6/21/1959
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Misc: PRON:muh-TAY-uh

Stéphane Matteau -- b.9/2/1969
NHL Player, Canadian

Frank Mattei -- b.??/??/????
Group Names: Danny & the Juniors (second backing vocals)

Herbert Matter -- b.4/25/1907 d.5/8/1984 (77)
Designer, Photographer, Swiss

Niall Matter -- b.10/20/1980 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: Eureka (as Zane Donovan), Primeval: New World, 90210 (as Greg), Remedy
Movie Titles: Watchmen

Tony Mattes -- b.8/26/1975
MLB Player

Tompkins H. Matteson -- b.5/9/1813 d.2/2/1884 (70)

Charles Matthau -- b.12/10/1962
Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: Walter's son

Walter Matthau -- b.10/1/1920 d.7/1/2000 (79)
Jewish, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Movie Director
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RLN:Matuschanskayasky (Mat-Shoe-An-Shock-Vas-Key)
Movie Titles: The Fortune Cookie, Cactus Flower, The Odd Couple, Plaza Suite, Pete n Tillie, Earthquake, The Sunshine Boys, The Bad News Bears, House Calls, California Suite, Hopscotch, The Couch Trip, JFK, Goodyear, Philco, Alfred Hitchcock, Dennis the Menace movie, Grumpy Old Men I and II, I.Q., Grumpier Old Men, I'm Not Rappaport, Out to Sea, Odd Couple II

Lothar Matthäus -- b.3/21/1961
Soccer Player, West German

Roland Matthes -- b.11/17/1950 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, German
Misc: 100m/200m backstroke (Oly-gold-1968, 72)

John Mattheson -- b.9/28/1681 d.4/17/1764 (82)
Composer, Musician, German

Al Matthews -- b.11/21/1942 N.S. d.9/22/2018 N.S. (75)
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor, Singer, American, Spanish
Movie Titles: Aliens
Video Games: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aubrey Matthews -- b.9/15/1962
NFL Wide Receiver

Auston Matthews -- b.9/17/1997 N.S.
NHL Center, American

Ben Matthews -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Thunder

Bo Matthews -- b.11/15/1951
NFL Runningback

Braden Matthews -- b.4/15/1969

Brian Matthews -- b.1/24/1953
Misc: retired from acting in 1994

Bruce Matthews -- b.8/8/1961
NFL Coach, NFL Center
Sports Teams: Houston Oilers, Tennessee Oilers, Tennessee Titans (previous three 1983-2001, Houston moved and changed names during his time there), Houston Texans (coach, 2009-2010), Tennessee Titans (coach, 2011-2013)

Burnita Matthews -- b.12/28/1894 d.4/25/1988 (93)

Cerys Matthews -- b.4/11/1969
Author, Songwriter, Rock Singer, Welsh (Wales)
Group Names: Catatonia

Chris Matthews -- b.10/6/1989 N.S.
NFL Player, CFL Figure, American
Names/Places: Reggie White's cousin
Sports Teams: Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Seattle Seahawks

Chris Matthews -- b.12/17/1945
TV Talk Show Host
Misc: Political commentator
TV Shows: Hardball (host)

Clay (B. 1956) Matthews -- b.3/15/1956
NFL Linebacker
Misc: Cleveland Browns All-Pro linebacker, most seasons in a Browns' uniform (16), club's all-time sack leader (76 1/2)
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns

Clay (B. 1986) Matthews -- b.5/14/1986 N.S.
NFL Linebacker
Names/Places: aka Clay Matthews III

Dakin Matthews -- b.11/7/1940
Scholar, Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Drexell's Class (as Roscoe Davis)
Movie Titles: True Grit, Bridge of Spies, Lincoln, The Fabulous Baker Boys

Dave Matthews -- b.1/9/1967
Modern Rock Singer
Group Names: The Dave Matthews Band
Song Titles: What Would You Say, Ants Marching, Satellite, Too Much, So Much To Say, Two Step, Crash Into Me, Tripping Billies, Don't Drink the Water, Stay, Crush, I Did It, The Space Between, Everyday, Where Are You Going, American Baby
Album Titles: Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, Before These Crowded Streets, Everyday, Busted Stuff, Stand Up, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, Away from the World
Video Titles: Listener Supported, The Videos 1994-2001, Live at Folsom Field in Boulder Colorado, The Central Park Concert, The Gorge, Weekend on the Rocks, Live at Piedmont Park, Europe 2009 Acorss the Pond

Delane Matthews -- b.8/7/1961
TV Shows: Dave's World (as Beth Barry), General Hospital
Movie Titles: A Way Back In

Denise Matthews -- b.1/4/1959 d.2/15/2016 N.S. (57)
Actress, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Canadian
Names/Places: aka Vanity; Anthony Smith's wife
Group Names: Vanity 6
Song Titles: Nasty Girl
Movie Titles: The Last Dragon, 52 Pick-Up, Action Jackson

Denny Matthews -- b.11/14/1942 N.S.
Baseball Announcer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 2007
Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals

Donald J. "The Don" Matthews -- b.6/22/1939 N.S. d.6/14/2017 N.S. (77)
CFL Figure, Football Coach
Misc: won the following Grey Cups: 73rd, 83rd, 84th, 85th and 90th; CFL Coach of the Year 1985, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2002; in the Canadian Football HAll of Fame

Eddie Matthews -- b.10/13/1931 N.S. d.2/18/2001 N.S. (69)
MLB Third Baseman
Names/Places: RFN:Edwin
Misc: hit 512 HRs, led NL in HRs twice (1953,59); hit 30 or more home runs 9 straight years
Sports Teams: Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves (1952-1966), Houston Astros (1967), Detroit Tigers (1967-1968), Atlanta Braves (manager 1972-1974)

Edwin Keith "Banjo" Matthews -- b.2/14/1932 N.S. d.10/2/1996 N.S. (64)
Auto Racer

Francis Matthews -- b.9/2/1927 d.6/14/2014 (86)
Actor, English

Gary Matthews -- b.7/5/1950
Sports Commentator, MLB Player
Names/Places: NN: Sarge; MN:Nathaniel
Misc: NL LCS MVP 1983, 1973 NL rookie of year
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Phillies

Grace Anne Matthews -- b.8/16/2001
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Ashley and Dave's twin daughter

Ian Matthews -- b.6/16/1946
Songwriter, Folk Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: RLN:McDonald
Group Names: Fairport Convention, Matthews Southern Comfort, soloist

James Brander Matthews -- b.2/21/1852 d.3/31/1929 (77)
Author, Educator, American

Jessie Matthews -- b.3/11/1907 d.8/19/1981 (74)
Actress, Dancer, Singer, English

Jonathan Matthews -- b.11/7/1974 N.S.
Misc: specializing in action figures, video game figures and statues

Lester Matthews -- b.12/3/1900 d.6/6/1975 (74)
Actor, English
TV Shows: The Adventures of Fu Manchu

Lisa Matthews -- b.9/24/1969
Actress, Model, Playmate
Names/Places: aka Lisa Reich
Misc: April 1990; Playboy Playmate of the Year 1991

Mark Matthews -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Skreaming Sun

Mitford Matthews -- b.2/12/1891 d.2/14/1985 (94)

Neal Matthews Jr. -- b.10/26/1929 d.4/21/2000 (70)
Country Performer
Group Names: Jordanaires

Shane Matthews -- b.6/1/1970
MLB Player, College Football Player
Misc: High School Coach

Simon "Gen" Matthews -- b.4/23/1964 N.S.
Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Group Names: Jesus Jones

Stanley Matthews -- b.7/21/1824 d.3/22/1889 (64)
Supreme Court Justice
Misc: Associate Supreme Court Justice 1881-89

Sir Stanley Matthews -- b.2/1/1915 d.2/23/2000 (85)
Soccer Player, English
Misc: Association football (soccer) player, an outside right considered by many the greatest dribbler in the history of the sport, and the first British footballer to be knighted (1965).

Stella Busina Matthews -- b.8/16/2001
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Ashley and Dave's twin daughter

Steve Matthews -- b.10/13/1970
NFL Quarterback

Vincent Matthews -- b.12/16/1947
Sprinter, Runner, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 400m dash (Olympic-gold-1972)

Wesley Matthews -- b.10/14/1986 N.S.
NBA Player
Sports Teams: Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks

Jerry Matthias -- b.??/??/1945
Reggae Musician, Jamaican
Misc: possibly b. Jan 30 but not confirmed
Group Names: Toots & the Maytals

David Matthiessen -- b.4/11/1972
Movie Titles: Alice in Wonderland (2010), Full Moon, Bloodline

Peter Matthiessen -- b.5/22/1927 d.4/5/2014 (86)
Writer, Novelist, Naturalist
Misc: specializing in the wilderness

Lionel "Butch" Mattice -- b.2/19/1939 N.S. d.10/16/2006 N.S. (67)
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Johnny & the Hurricanes

Ashley Mattingly -- b.9/10/1986
Misc: March 2011

Don Mattingly -- b.4/20/1961
MLB Manager, MLB Coach, MLB First Baseman
Misc: 9x Gold Glove; won the 1984 batting title; AL MVP 1985; over 2000 hits
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Jimmy Mattingly -- b.8/18/1962
Bluegrass Performer

Thomas K. "Tom" Mattingly II -- b.3/17/1936 N.S.
Misc: Capt USN/astro (Apollo 16, STS-4, 51C)

James Mattis -- b.9/8/1950 N.S.
Secretary of Defense

Joni Mattis -- b.11/28/1938 d.9/4/1999 (60)
Model, Playmate
Names/Places: aka Joan E. Mattis
Misc: November 1960

Matt Mattox -- b.8/18/1921 d.2/18/2013 (91)
Choreographer, Ballet Dancer

Robin Mattson -- b.6/1/1956
TV Shows: Guiding Light (as Hope Bauer), General Hospital (as demented loony Heather Grant Weber), Ryan's Hope (as Delia Reid Ryan), Santa Barbara (as Gina Tibbons), All My Children (as another loony, Janet "From Another Planet" "JaNut" Greene Dillon aka Jane Cox), Bold & The Beautiful (as Sugar), As the World Turns (as Cheri)
Movie Titles: Captain America, Hot Rod

Arne Mattsson -- b.12/2/1919 d.6/28/1995 (75)
Movie Director, Swedish

Reuben Mattus -- b.1/8/1913 d.1/27/1994 (81)
Misc: who parlayed the nonsensical name Haagen-Dazs into a multimillion-dollar ice cream fortune

Blaise Matuidi -- b.4/9/1987 N.S.
Soccer Player, French

Kimberly Matula -- b.8/23/1988 N.S.
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: UnREAL (as Tiffany Jones)
Movie Titles: Queen Sized, Dawn Patrol, Maybe Somebody

Victor Mature -- b.1/29/1913 N.S. d.8/4/1999 N.S. (86)
Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in Louisville, Ky.
Misc: some say b. 1915 or 1916

John "Tooz" Matuszak -- b.10/25/1950 N.S. d.6/17/1989 N.S. (38)
Actor, NFL Player
Misc: Super Bowls XI, XIV
Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders
TV Shows: Hollywood Beat, 1st and Ten (as John Manzak)

Peter Matz -- b.11/6/1928 d.8/9/2002 (73)
TV Shows: Edie Adams, Jimmy Dean, Hullabaloo, Kraft Music Hall, Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway Shows

Jan Matzeliger -- b.9/15/1852 d.8/24/1889 (36)
Misc: best known for his shoe-lasting machine that mechanically shaped the upper portions of shoes.

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