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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Robb Nen -- b.11/28/1969
MLB Pitcher

Pietro Nenni -- b.2/9/1891 d.1/1/1980 (88)
Politician, Leader
Misc: Socialist leader

Eric Nenninger -- b.11/19/1978
TV Shows: Malcolm in the Middle (as Eric Hansen)
Movie Titles: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Generation Kill

Ondrej Nepela -- b.1/22/1951 d.2/2/1989 (38)
Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete, Czech

Nepos -- b.??/??/100BC d.??/??/25BC
Misc: Latin

Walther Nernst -- b.6/25/1864 d.11/18/1941 (77)
Chemist, Physicist, German
Misc: Nobel 1920 winner

Nero -- b.12/13/37AD or 12/15/37AD d.6/9/68AD (30)
Names/Places: RN:Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus
Misc: Roman Emperor (54-68)

Franco Nero -- b.11/23/1941
Movie Actor, Italian
Movie Titles: Django, Camelot, Tristana, Keoma, Force 10 from Navarone, Enter the Ninja, Django 2, The Versace Murder, Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, Letters to Juliet

Peter Nero -- b.5/22/1934
Pianist, Conductor
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Bernie Nierow
Misc: Pop-Jazz-Classical piano

Pablo Neruda -- b.7/12/1904 d.9/23/1973 (69)
Author, Poet, Diplomat, Chilean
Names/Places: RN:Neftali Richardo Reyes y Basoalto

Amado Nervo -- b.8/27/1870 d.5/24/1919 (48)
Poet, Diplomat, Mexican

Edith Nesbit -- b.8/15/1858 d.5/4/1924 (65)
Novelist, Poet, Children's Author, British

Evelyn Nesbit -- b.12/25/1884 d.1/17/1967 (82)
Names/Places: RN:Florence Evelyn Nesbit

Cathleen Nesbitt -- b.11/24/1888 d.8/2/1982 (93)
Movie Actress, English
TV Shows: The Farmer's Daughter (as Agatha Morley)

James Nesbitt -- b.1/15/1965
Actor, Comedian, Irish
Movie Titles: Cold Feet, Murphy's Law, The Hobbit (series), Bloody Sunday

Jim Nesbitt -- b.12/1/1931 d.11/29/2007 (75)
Country Singer

John Nesbitt -- b.8/23/1910 d.8/10/1960 (49)
Writer, Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, TV Host, Producer, Narrator, Canadian

Máiréad Nesbitt -- b.4/18/1979
Fiddler, Violinist, Irish
Misc: Celtic violinist; some say b. November 30, 1978

Nina Nesbitt -- b.7/11/1994 N.S.
Pop Singer, Model, Scotish
Song Titles: Stay Out, Don't Stop

Mark Nesler -- b.1/5/1961
Songwriter, Country Singer

Jason Nesmith -- b.8/24/1968
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: The Beauties

Michael Nesmith -- b.12/30/1942
Actor, Movie Producer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Houston, TX; FN:Robert
Misc: his mother invented Liquid Paper; some say b. 1944
Group Names: The Monkees
TV Shows: The Monkees (as Mike), Michael Nesmith in Television Parts (host)

Eliot Ness -- b.4/19/1903 d.5/7/1957 (54)
Misc: FBI Agent; investigated Chicago gangster Al Capone; he was the inspiration for the TV show "The Untouchables".

Mike Ness -- b.4/3/1962
Songwriter, Punk Rock Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Social Distortion

Ron Nessen -- b.5/25/1934
Presidential Aide
Misc: ex-White House News Secretary under Gerald Ford

Bill Nestell -- b.3/3/1893 d.10/18/1966 (73)

Sal Nestico -- b.4/2/1938 d.3/3/1991 (52)

Sam Nestico -- b.2/6/1924
Arranger, Composer
Misc: big band music

Henri Nestlé -- b.8/10/1814 N.S. d.7/7/1890 N.S. (75)
Entrepreneur, German
Misc: founder of Nestlé, a food and beverage company

Pam Nestor -- b.4/28/1948
Actress, Songwriter, Singer, Guyanian

Anthony Nesty -- b.11/25/1967 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Trinidad And Tobago

Benjamin Netanyahu -- b.10/21/1949
Prime Minister, Israeli
Misc: former Prime Minister

Olga Nethersole -- b.1/18/1867 d.1/9/1951 (83)
Actress, English
Misc: many say b. 1970

Tom Netherton -- b.1/11/1947 N.S. d.1/8/2018 N.S. (70)
Singer, German
TV Shows: Lawrence Welk Show (regular)

Norberto Neto -- b.7/19/1989 N.S.
Soccer Goal Keeper, Brazilian

Anna Netrebko -- b.9/18/1971
Opera Singer, Soviet

Alysha Nett -- b.9/23/1987 N.S.

Gene Nettles -- b.9/13/1928 d.4/15/1994 (65)
Choreographer, Dancer

Graig Nettles -- b.8/20/1944
MLB Third Baseman
Names/Places: NN: Puff
Misc: 2x Gold Glove, AL LCS MVP 1981, A.L. home run leader 1976, 6x All-Star, 2x World Series champ
Sports Teams: Minnesota Twins (1967-1969), Cleveland Indians (1970-1972), New York Yankees (1973-1983), San Diego Padres (1984-1986), Atlanta Braves (1987), Montreal Expos (1988)

Jennifer Nettles -- b.9/12/1974
Actress, Songwriter, Country Singer
Group Names: Sugarland

Lois Nettleton -- b.8/16/1927 d.1/18/2008 (80)
TV Shows: All that Glitters, Centennial, General Hospital

Adolf Neuendorff -- b.6/13/1843 d.12/4/1897 (54)
Composer, Pianist, Violinist, Conductor, German

Manuel Neuer -- b.3/27/1986 N.S.
Soccer Player, German

Allen H. Neuharth -- b.3/22/1924 d.4/19/2013 (89)
Publisher, Editor
Misc: USA Today (McPaper) founder

Richard John Neuhas -- b.5/14/1936 d.1/8/2009 (72)
Clergyman, Religious Leader, Pastor, Canadian

Quentin Neujahr -- b.1/30/1971
NFL Center

Angelo Neumann -- b.8/18/1838 d.12/20/1910 (72)
Tenor, Opera Singer, Austrian

Saint John Nepomucene Neumann -- b.3/28/1811 d.1/5/1860 (48)
Misc: the first U.S. male saint proclaimed by the Roman Catholic church

Johnny Neumann -- b.9/11/1950 N.S. d.4/23/2019 N.S. (68)
NBA Coach, NBA Player
Names/Places: NN: Johnny Reb

Kurt Neumann -- b.10/9/1961
Songwriter, Roots Rock Singer/Guitarist
Misc: AP says b. in 1962
Group Names: BoDeans

Liselotte Neumann -- b.5/20/1966
Golfer, Swedish

Paul Neumann -- b.6/13/1875 N.S. d.2/9/1932 N.S. (56)
Physician, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Austrian

Al Neuschaefer -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Arnold Neustadter -- b.8/25/1910 d.4/17/1996 (85)
Misc: Rolodex Inventor

Richard J. Neutra -- b.4/8/1892 d.4/16/1970 (78)
Misc: Who Bought America?; known for his role in introducing the International Style into American architecture.

Bebe Neuwirth -- b.12/31/1959
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Director
TV Shows: Cheers (as Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane), Liberty Heights, Frasier (as Dr. Lillith Sternin-Crane)
Movie Titles: Jumanji, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Faculty

Emma Nevada -- b.2/7/1859 d.6/20/1940 (81)
Opera Soprano

Alfred Nevarez -- b.5/17/1973
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: some say May 18
Group Names: All 4 One

Patrick Neve -- b.10/15/1968
Engineer, Producer, Singer

Louise Nevelson -- b.9/23/1899 d.4/17/1988 (88)
Artist, Sculptor, American, Russian
Names/Places: RLN:Berliawsky

Ernie Nevers -- b.6/11/1903 d.5/3/1976 (72)
NFL Coach, NFL Player, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Names/Places: RN:Ernest Alonzo
Misc: Stanford star selected best fullback pyr 1919-69; fullback, set alltime pro single game record for points scored (40) and TDs (6), St. Louis baseball pitcher, surrendered 2 of Babe Ruth's 60 homers, Willow River, Minn.
Sports Teams: Duluth Eskimos (player 1926-1927, coach 1927), St. Louis Browns (player 1928-1928), Chicago Cardinals (player 1929-1931, coach 1930-1931, coach 1939), Stanford (coach 1933-1935), Lafayette (coach 1936), Iowa (coach 1937-38)

Robbie Nevil -- b.10/2/1958
Songwriter, Guitarist, Pop Singer
Misc: wrote for El DeBarge, Pointer Sisters, and Vanity
Song Titles: C'Est La Vie, Wot's It To Ya

Aaron Neville -- b.1/24/1941
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in New Orleans, LA
Group Names: The Neville Brothers

Arthur Lanon "Art" Neville -- b.12/17/1937
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Percussionist, Pianist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Misc: some say b. 1938
Group Names: The Neville Brothers

Charles Neville -- b.12/28/1938 N.S. d.4/26/2018 N.S. (79)
Flutist, Percussionist, Saxophonist, Rhythm and Blues Musician
Misc: some say b. 1938
Group Names: The Neville Brothers

Cyril Neville -- b.10/10/1948
Percussionist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Meters, The Neville Brothers

Gary Neville -- b.2/18/1975
Soccer Player, English
Misc: soccer coach for the England national football team
Sports Teams: Manchester United (played his entire 19-season career with them)

Ivan Neville -- b.8/19/1959
Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: Aaron's son

John Neville -- b.5/2/1925 d.11/19/2011 (86)

Kris Neville -- b.5/9/1925 d.12/23/1980 (55)
Sci-fi Writer

Rich Neville -- b.8/23/1979
Group Names: Five Guys

Brian Nevin -- b.10/23/1966
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

John Nevin -- b.7/31/1953
Rhythm and Blues Performer
Group Names: Rythm Syndicate

Mark Nevin -- b.8/13/1959
Folk Guitarist, Welsh (Wales)
Group Names: Fairground Attraction

Phil Nevin -- b.1/19/1971
MLB Player, Baseball Manager

Rosa Nevin -- b.6/14/1961
Names/Places: MaN:Langschwadt
Misc: retired from acting in 1995
Movie Titles: Ernest Saves Christmas

Al Nevins -- b.5/3/1915 d.1/25/1965 (49)
Music Producer, Arranger, Musician, Guitarist, Violinist
Group Names: Three Suns

Allan Nevins -- b.5/20/1890 d.3/5/1971 (80)
Journalist, Historian, Biographer

Claudette Nevins -- b.4/10/1937
TV Shows: Melrose Place (as Constance Fielding)
Movie Titles: Sleeping with the Enemy, Star Trek: Insurrection, Tuff Turf, The Mask (1961)

Monty Nevins -- b.5/26/1917 d.7/20/1990 (73)
Group Names: Three Suns

Chuck Nevitt -- b.6/13/1959
NBA Player

Steve Nevius -- b.2/25/1964
Entertainment Figure
Misc: Editorial Department, Editor, Sound Department
Movie Titles: A Few Good Men, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Misery

Patricia Neway -- b.9/30/1919 d.1/24/2012 (92)
Stage Actress, Stage Actress, Opera Soprano

Frank Newberg -- b.10/9/1886 d.11/11/1969 (83)

George Newbern -- b.12/30/1963
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Designing Women (as Payne), Scandal (as Charlie), Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Scandal
Movie Titles: Father of the Bride (series), Superman vs. The Elite
Video Games: Final Fantasy (series), Kingdom Hearts (series), Injustice: Gods Among Us (as Superman), Star Wars: The Old Republic

Tom Newberry -- b.12/20/1962
NFL Guard

Ivano Newbill -- b.12/12/1970
NBA Forward

Calvin Edwin Newborn -- b.4/27/1933 N.S. d.12/1/2018 N.S. (85)
Jazz Guitarist

Ira Newborn -- b.12/26/1949
Composer, Bandleader
Group Names: Manhattan Transfer

Phineas Newborn Jr. -- b.12/14/1931 d.5/26/1989 (57)
Pianist, Jazz Performer

Mickey Newbury -- b.5/19/1940 d.9/29/2002 (62)
Songwriter, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Houston, TX; RFN:Milton Jr.
Misc: wrote for Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and others.

Gary Newby -- b.6/6/1966
Music Figure
Group Names: Railway Children

Simon Newcomb -- b.3/12/1835 d.7/11/1909 (74)
Astronomer, Mathematician, American, Canadian

Don Newcombe -- b.6/14/1926 N.S. d.2/19/2019 N.S. (92)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: Cy Young Award winner in 1956, NL MVP 1956
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers

John Newcombe -- b.5/23/1943
Tennis Player, Australian
Names/Places: b. in Sydney
Misc: No. 1 player in world 3 times (1967,70-71); won Wimbledon 3 times and U.S. and Australian champion-ships twice each.

Thomas Newcomen -- b.2/24/1664 d.8/5/1729 (65)
Inventor, British
Misc: created the first practical atmospheric steam engine for pumping water

Alex Newell -- b.8/20/1992 N.S.
Actor, Singer
TV Shows: Glee (as Wade "Unique" Adams)
Movie Titles: Geography Club, Platypus the Musical, Mean Gurlz

Betty Hicks Newell -- b.11/16/1920 d.2/20/2011 (90)
Author, Aviator, Golfer

David Newell -- b.1/23/1905 d.1/25/1980 (75)
Movie Titles: Runaway Bride, White Heat, Dangerous Curves

Gabe Newell -- b.11/3/1962 N.S.
Video Game Company Executive
Misc: Valve Corporation
Video Games: Portal (series), Team Fortress (series)

Gordon Newell -- b.??/??/1913 d.2/??/1991 (78)

Jake Collins Newell -- b.4/4/1994
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Kate Collins & Charles' son

Luke Paine Newell -- b.12/7/1996
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Kate Collins and Charlie's son

Mike Newell -- b.3/28/1942
Movie Producer/Director, English
Movie Titles: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Donnie Brasco, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Four Weddings and a Funeral

Peter F. "Pete" Newell -- b.8/31/1915 N.S. d.11/17/2008 N.S. (93)
College Basketball Coach, Olympic Athlete
Sports Teams: University of San Francisco (1946-1950), Michigan State University (1950-1954), Univesity of California (1954-1960)

Ryan Newell -- b.12/8/1972
Modern Rock Musician
Group Names: Sister Hazel

Heidi Newfield -- b.10/4/1970
Country Singer
Group Names: Trick Pony

Marc Newfield -- b.10/19/1972
MLB Player

Beaumont Newhall -- b.6/22/1908 d.2/26/1993 (84)
Photographer, Historian

Bob Newhart -- b.9/5/1929
Comedy Writer, Roman Catholic, TV Actor, Comedian
Names/Places: b. in Oak Park, IL; FN:Geroge Robert; NN:The Button-Down Mind
Album Titles: The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart
TV Shows: Bob Newhart Show (1960s version as host), The Bob Newhart Show (70s sitcom as Dr. Robert "Bob" Hartley), Newhart (as Dick Loudon), Bob (as Bob McKay)
Movie Titles: In and Out

Robert Newhous -- b.1/9/1950 d.7/22/2014 N.S. (64)
NFL Runningback, College Football Player
Misc: Super Bowls X, XII, XIII
Sports Teams: University of Houston, Dallas Cowboys (1972-1983)

Samuel I. Newhouse -- b.5/24/1895 d.8/29/1979 (84)
Publisher, Zillionaire
Misc: communications empire (Parade, Vogue, Glamour)

Samuel Irving "S. I." Newhouse -- b.11/8/1927 N.S. d.10/1/2017 N.S. (89)

Harold "Hal" Newhouser -- b.5/20/1921 N.S. d.11/10/1998 N.S. (77)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: 7x All-Star; AL MVP 1944, 1945; Left-handed pitcher with Detroit and Cleveland; he was the first pitcher to win back-to-back MVP awards; Tigers #16 retired
Sports Teams: Detroit Tigers (1939-1953), Cleveland Indians (1954-1955)

Ingrid Newkirk -- b.6/11/1949
Political Activist, English
Misc: PETA founder

Paul Newlan -- b.6/29/1903 d.11/23/1973 (70)
TV Shows: M Squad (as Capt. Grey)

John Newland -- b.11/23/1917 d.1/10/2000 (82)
Actor, TV Host, Director
TV Shows: Robert Montgomery Presents (rep player), Alcoa Presents (aka One Step Beyond, host), Route 66 (director), Dr. Kildare (director), Star Trek (director), The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (director), Harry-O (director)

Anthony Newley -- b.9/24/1931 d.4/14/1999 (67)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Movie/Stage Actor, Movie Director, Stage Director, Lyricist, Songwriter, Singer, English
Names/Places: b. in London, England
Movie Titles: Stop the World I Want to Get Off!, Dr. Dolittle

Tara Newley -- b.10/12/1963
Dancer, Pop Singer
Names/Places: Joan Collins & Anthony's girl

Mike Newlin -- b.1/2/1949
NBA Player

Alfred Newman -- b.3/17/1901 d.2/17/1970 (68)
Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Pianist
Misc: over 250 film scores including Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Alice Ann Newman -- b.6/16/1993
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Gretchen & Randy's girl

Andrew Hill Newman -- b.10/23/1959
Writer, Actor, Producer
TV Shows: iCarly
Movie Titles: Lethal Weapon 3

Andy "Thunderclap" Newman -- b.11/21/1942 N.S. d.3/20/2016 N.S. (73)
Jazz Pianist
Group Names: Thunderclap Newman (founding member)

Anthony Newman -- b.11/21/1965
NFL Safety

Arnold Newman -- b.3/3/1918 d.6/6/2006 (88)
Misc: Faces USA

Barnett Newman -- b.1/29/1905 d.7/3/1970 (65)

Barry Newman -- b.11/7/1938
Jewish, Actor
TV Shows: Petrocelli (as Tony Petrocelli)
Movie Titles: Vanishing Point, Bowfinger

Brian Newman -- b.2/11/1974
NFL Player

Charles Newman -- b.2/22/1901 d.1/9/1978 (76)

David Newman -- b.2/24/1933 d.1/20/2009 (75)
Flutist, Saxophonist
Names/Places: NN:Fathead
Misc: sessionist

David Newman -- b.2/4/1937 d.6/26/2003 (66)
Movie Titles: Bonnie and Clyde, Superman (series)

David (Film Composer) Newman -- b.3/11/1954 N.S.
Misc: scored for over 100 films
Movie Titles: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Nutty Professor

Ed Newman -- b.6/4/1951 N.S.
NFL Guard
Misc: Super Bowls VIII, XIX
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins

Edwin Newman -- b.1/25/1919 N.S. d.8/13/2010 N.S. (91)
Author, Newscaster, Journalist, Commentator
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: Grumpy heavyset most literate news commentator of NBC News

Fred Newman -- b.5/6/1952
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Composer
TV Shows: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (host)
Movie Titles: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Gremlins, Doug's 1st Movie, Harry and the Hendersons

Jaime Ray Newman -- b.4/2/1978
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Singer
TV Shows: Mind Games, Wicked City
Movie Titles: Catch Me If You Can, Tarzan (2013), Game of Assassins, Made of Honor

James Knight Newman -- b.10/6/2013
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jaime King and Kyle's son

Jeff Newman -- b.9/11/1948
MLB Catcher

Jimmy C. Newman -- b.8/27/1927 d.6/21/2014 (86)
Singer/Guitarist, Accordionist, Fiddler, Country Performer
Misc: Cajun/Country style; b. Aug 29?

Joe Newman -- b.9/7/1922 d.7/4/1992 (69)
Composer, Singer, Bandleader, Jazz Trumpeter
Group Names: Count Basie

John Henry Newman -- b.2/21/1801 d.8/11/1890 (89)
Religionist, English

Johnny Newman -- b.11/28/1963
NBA Forward

Kendall Newman -- b.5/13/1992
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Britt Heifer & Robert's girl

Laraine Newman -- b.3/2/1952
TV/Movie Actress, Comedienne, Cartoon Voice Actress
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; a twin
Misc: a prolific animated voice actress
TV Shows: Histeria!, The Oblongs, Oswald (as various), Saturday Night Live (member 1975-80 and Coneheads as Conjaab "Connie" Conehead), As Told By Ginger (as Lois Foutley)
Movie Titles: Wholly Moses!, American Hot Wax, Tunnel Vision, The Flintstones (1994), Cars, The Lorax, Despicable Me (series), Wreck-It Ralph, Monsters University, Inside Out, Minions, WALL-E, Up, Monsters Inc.

Leo Thames Newman -- b.7/16/2015 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jaime King and Kyle's son

Lionel Newman -- b.1/4/1916 d.2/3/1989 (73)
Names/Places: Randy's uncle
Misc: composed 250+ movie scores

Paul Newman -- b.1/26/1925 d.9/26/2008 (83)
Christian Scientist, Businessperson, Movie Actor, Movie Director, Auto Racer
Names/Places: b. in Cleveland; MN:L.; Joanne Woodward's hubby
Misc: Salad dressing, popcorn, salsa, & spaghetti sauce maker
Movie Titles: The Sting, The Color of Money, Hudsucker Proxy, Message in a Bottle, Where the Money Is, Road to Perdition, Cars

Peter Newman -- b.5/10/1929
Author, Journalist, Austrian, Canadian
Book Titles: The Canadian Establishment

Phyllis Newman -- b.3/19/1933
Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Jersey City, N.J.
TV Shows: That Was the Week That Was, thirtysomething (as Elaine)
Movie Titles: Mannequin

Randy Newman -- b.11/28/1943
Composer/Songwriter, Pianist, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; RFN:Randolph
Misc: one of the most misunderstood satirists in music
Song Titles: Short People, I Love LA, Political Science

Robert Newman -- b.6/27/1958
TV Shows: Guiding Light (as Joshua Lewis for 28 years)
Movie Titles: The Amazing Spider-Man (2014)

Ryan Newman -- b.4/24/1998 N.S.
TV Shows: The Thundermans, Zeke and Lither

Sid Newman -- b.1/18/1920 d.4/10/2001 (81)
TV Shows: Larry Sanders Show (as Sid), Seinfeld (as old man)

Terence Newman -- b.9/4/1978
NFL Cornerback

Tony Newman -- b.3/17/1943
Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Group Names: Sounds Incorporated, May Blitz, Three Man Army, T. Rex, Boxer, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Donovan, Mick Ronson, Gene Vincent, Crystal Gayle, The Everly Brothers, Smashers

Julie Newmar -- b.8/16/1933
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; RN:Julia Charlene Newmeyer
Misc: not b. 1930 or 1935
TV Shows: My Living Doll, Batman (as The Catwoman)
Movie Titles: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Mackenna's Gold, Ghosts Can't Do It

Andy Newmark -- b.7/14/1950
Drummer, Funk Musician
Group Names: Sly & the Family Stone

Matthew Newmark -- b.5/21/1976
TV Shows: Guns of Paradise (as Joseph Carroll)

"Bobo" Newsom -- b.8/11/1907 d.12/7/1962 (55)
MLB Pitcher

David Newsom -- b.3/10/1962
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Homefront (as Hank Metcalf)
Movie Titles: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, New Nightmare, Rose Hill

Tommy Newsom -- b.2/25/1929 d.4/28/2007 (78)
Saxophonist, Bandleader, Conductor
TV Shows: Tonight Show (assistant conductor)

Barry Newsome -- b.1/25/1963
NFL Player

Craig Newsome -- b.8/10/1971
NFL Cornerback

George Newsome -- b.8/14/1947
Adult-Pop Drummer, British
Group Names: Climax Blues Band

Ozzie Newsome -- b.3/16/1956
NFL Executive, NFL Player
Names/Places: NN: The Wizard Of Oz
Misc: 3x Pro Bowl; NFL's all-time leading pass-catching tight end and the top receiver in Cleveland Browns' history with 662 receptions; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (player 1978-1980, executive 1991-1995), Baltimore Ravens (executive 1996-present as of 2016)

Warren Newson -- b.7/3/1964
MLB Player

Jason Newsted -- b.3/4/1963
Heavy Metal Bassist
Names/Places: MN:Curtis
Group Names: Metallica

Alisha Newton -- b.7/22/2001 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Heartland

Becki Newton -- b.7/4/1978
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Commercial Actress
Misc: commercial actress for Olive Garden
TV Shows: Ugly Betty (as Amanda Tanen), Love Bites, How I Met Your Mother (as Quinn Garvey), American Dad! (guest voice), Weird Loners (as Caryn Goldfarb)
Movie Titles: P.S., August Rush

Reverend Benny Newton -- b.??/??/???? d.4/24/1993 (60)
Misc: L.A. Gang Riots hero

Brooke Newton -- b.??/??/1987
Actress, Producer

Cam Newton -- b.5/11/1989 N.S.
NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (2010)
Sports Teams: Auburn Tigers, Carolina Panthers

Charles Martin "C. M." Newton -- b.2/2/1930 N.S. d.6/4/2018 N.S. (88)
College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Sports Teams: Transylvania (1956-1968), Alabama (1968-1980), Vanderbilt (1981-1989)

Frankie Newton -- b.1/4/1906 d.3/11/1954 (48)

Hubert Newton -- b.3/19/1830 d.8/12/1896 (66)
Astronomer, Mathematician
Misc: Comets & Meteors

Huey Newton -- b.2/17/1942 d.8/22/1989 (47)
Founder, Political Activist
Names/Places: RFN:Henry P.
Misc: co-founder of the Black Panther Party of the 60s; shot to death in Oakland, Calif., Gunman Tyrone Robinson was later sentenced to 32 years to life in prison.

Sir Isaac Newton -- b.12/25/1642 J-LD or 1/4/1643 N.S. d.3/20/1726 J-LD (84) or 3/31/1727 N.S. (84)
Author, Philosopher, Scientist, Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, English
Misc: Infinitesimal calculus inventor, Law of Gravitation founder; d. in London

Jessica Ann Newton -- b.1/27/1987
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Juice's daughter; father unknown?

John Haymes Newton -- b.12/29/1965
TV Shows: Melrose Place (as Ryan McBride)
Movie Titles: Alive, The Christmas Card

Juice Newton -- b.2/18/1952
Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Country-Pop Performer
Names/Places: b. in Virginia Beach, VA; RN:Judy Kay Cohen; a distant descendent of Sir Isaac Newton
Arts Titles: More American West in Fiction, The Greatest Western Stories of the 20th Century
Group Names: Juice Newton and Silver Spur, soloist
Song Titles: Angel Of The Morning, Queen Of Hearts, The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known), Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me, Break It To Me Gently, You Make Me Want to Make You Mine, Hurt, Both to Each Other (Friends and Lovers)
Album Titles: Juice, Quiet Lies, Dirty Looks
Video Titles: Every Road Leads Back to You

Kathryn Newton -- b.2/8/1997 N.S.
TV Shows: Gary Unmarried (as Louise Brooks)
Movie Titles: Paranormal Activity 4, Bad Teacher

Lee Newton -- b.4/13/1985 N.S.

Luke Newton -- b.2/5/1997 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: The Lodge (as Ben Evans)

Nate Newton -- b.12/20/1961
NFL Guard, USFL Figure
Misc: 3x Super Bowl champ, 6x Pro Bowl, 2x All-Pro, USFL All-Time Team
Sports Teams: Tampa Bay Bandits (USFL 1984-1985), Dallas Cowboys (1986-1998), Carolina Panthers (1999)

Paul Newton -- b.2/21/1945
Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Group Names: Uriah Heep

Robert Newton -- b.6/1/1905 d.3/25/1956 (50)
Movie Actor, English
Movie Titles: Long John Silver, Henry V, Around the World in 80 Days

Thandie Newton -- b.11/6/1972
Actress, English
TV Shows: Rogue, Beloved, Westworld
Movie Titles: The Pursuit of Happyness, 2012 (2009), The Chronicles of Riddick, Crash, Mission: Impossible II

Theodore Newton -- b.8/4/1904 d.2/28/1963 (58)

Todd Newton -- b.5/5/1970
Game Show Host

Wayne Newton -- b.4/3/1942
Protestant, Movie Actor, Comedian, Singer, Musician
Names/Places: b. in Norfolk, Va.
Misc: Cabaret singer
Song Titles: Danke Schoen, Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast, Red Roses for a Blue Lady

Olivia Newton-John -- b.9/26/1948 N.S.
Businessperson, Movie Actress, Songwriter, Pop Singer, English
Names/Places: b. in Cambridge, England; raised in Australia; Max Born's granddaughter
Misc: Owner of Koala Blue; 4-octave voice range; had at least a hit from 1971-85 including I Honestly Love You and Physical
Song Titles: If You Love Me Let Me Know, I Honestly Love You, Have You Never Been Mellow, Please Mr. Please, Let It Shine, Come On Over, You're The One That I Want, Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted To You, A Little More Love, Magic, Xanadu, Physical, Heart Attack, Twist of Fate
Album Titles: If You Love Me Let Me Know, Have You Never Been Mellow, Grease, Totally Hot, Xanadu, Physical
Movie Titles: Grease, Xanadu, Two of a Kind

Connie Newton-Needham -- b.12/5/1959
TV Actress
Names/Places: RN: Connie Marie Bowen
Misc: some say b. 1962, but she married in 1978, making her age at least 18 instead of 15 when she married; retired from acting in 1995
TV Shows: Eight is Enough (as Elizabeth Bradford)

New Zealand Man With 2310 First Names -- b.6/9/1965
Misc: Don't even ask me what it is; I can't fit it in my computer database; Sorry.

Marie Ney -- b.7/18/1895 d.4/11/1981 (85)
Actress, English

Michel Ney -- b.1/10/1769 d.12/7/1815 (46)

Megan Neyer -- b.6/11/1962 N.S.
Diver, Olympic Athlete, American

Neymar -- b.2/5/1992 N.S.
Soccer Player, Brazilian
Names/Places: RN: Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Nf -- b.??/??/????

Ng -- b.??/??/????

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