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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Dave "Yorkie" Palmer -- b.4/7/1965
Guitarist, Alternative Rock Keyboardist, English
Group Names: Space

David Palmer -- b.11/19/1972
NFL Wide Receiver

David Palmer -- b.5/29/1961
Hip-Pop Drummer, Heavy Metal Drummer
Group Names: ABC, AC/DC

Dean Palmer -- b.12/27/1968
MLB Third Baseman

Earl Palmer -- b.10/25/1923 d.9/19/2008 (84)
Misc: sessionist; some say b. 1924

Erastus Palmer -- b.4/2/1817 d.3/9/1904 (86)

Fred Palmer -- b.??/??/????
Radio Broadcaster

Geoffrey Palmer -- b.6/4/1927
Actor, English
Movie Titles: As Time Goes By, A Fish Called Wanda, Tomorrow Never Dies, Paddington

Gregg Palmer -- b.1/25/1927 d.10/31/2015 N.S. (88)
Misc: known primarily for his prolific work in television westerns.

Gretchen Palmer -- b.12/16/1961
Movie Titles: When Harry Met Sally, Red Heat, Wishmaster, Trois

James Alvin "Jim" Palmer -- b.10/15/1945 N.S.
Baseball Announcer, MLB Pitcher
Misc: 4x Gold Glove, 3-time AL Cy Young Award winner (1973, 1975 and 1976); won 20 or more games 8 times with Baltimore; 1991 comeback attempt at age 45 scrubbed in spring training; Orioles #22 retired.
Sports Teams: Baltimore Orioles (1965-1984)
TV Shows: Monday Night Baseball

Jared Palmer -- b.7/2/1971
Tennis Player

Joel Palmer -- b.3/6/1986
Actor, Canadian
Movie Titles: Dreamcatcher, Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog, Bang Bang You're Dead, Valentine

John Palmer -- b.9/10/1935 d.8/3/2013 (77)
Newscaster, Journalist
TV Shows: NBC News

John "Poli" Palmer -- b.5/26/1943 N.S.
Drummer, Pianist, Rock & Roll Keyboardist, English
Misc: member of some rock bands
Group Names: Family, Peter Frampton, Pete Townshend

Dr. Jonathan Palmer -- b.11/7/1957
Doctor, Auto Racer, English
Misc: Formula 1 racer, CEO of MotorSport Vision

Keke Palmer -- b.8/26/1993
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: The Longshots, Scream Queens (as Zayday Williams), True Jackson VP (as True Jackson), Winx Club: Enchantix
Movie Titles: Joyful Noise, Rags, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Akeelah and the Bee, Ice Age: Continental Drift

Lilli Palmer -- b.5/24/1914 d.1/27/1986 (71)
Novelist, TV/Movie/Stage Actress, German
Names/Places: RFN:Lilli Marie Peiser

Michael Palmer -- b.10/9/1942 d.10/30/2013 (71)
Novelist, Physician
Misc: Medical thriller novelist

Nathaniel Brown Palmer -- b.8/8/1799 d.6/21/1877 (77)
Misc: Sea Captain; Ship Designer; sighted Antarctica on 11-18-1820

Patsy Palmer -- b.5/26/1972
Actress, Producer, English
TV Shows: Grange Hill, EastEnders

Paul Palmer -- b.10/16/1964
NFL Runningback

Peter Palmer -- b.9/20/1931
Actor, Singer, Baritone
Misc: stage: Li'l Abner
TV Shows: Custer (as Sgt. James Bustard)
Movie Titles: Edward Scissorhands (editor), Li'l Abner (star), A Time of Destiny

Rissi Palmer -- b.8/19/1981
Country Singer

Robert Palmer -- b.1/19/1949 d.9/26/2003 (54)
Composer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Names/Places: RFN:Alan
Misc: Weird Al Yankovic parodied one of his songs into "Addicted to Spuds" while John Mammoser did "My Girlfriend is Inflatable" out of another one of his
Group Names: Power Station, soloist
Song Titles: Bad Case of Loving You, Looking For Clues, Some Like It Hot, Get It On Bang a Gong, Addicted To Love, Hyperactive, I Didn't Mean To Turn You On, Simply Irresistible
Album Titles: Clues, Riptide, Heavy Nova

Robert Franklin Palmer Jr. -- b.6/19/1945 d.11/20/1997 (52)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Musicologist, Saxophonist, Blues Performer

Saint Clair L. Palmer -- b.3/4/1954
Singer, British
Group Names: Sweet Sensation

Sandra Palmer -- b.3/10/1941

Scott Palmer -- b.1/25/1953

Shirley "Shan" Palmer -- b.8/15/1938 N.S.
Pop Singer, English
Group Names: The Kaye Sisters

Sterling Palmer -- b.2/4/1971
NFL Defensive End

Teresa Palmer -- b.2/26/1986 N.S.
Actress, Model, Australian
Movie Titles: The Choice, The Grudge 2, The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Tom Palmer -- b.10/26/1912 d.11/22/1997 (85)
Actor, Canadian

Winthrop Hale "Ding" Palmer Jr. -- b.12/5/1906 N.S. d.2/4/1970 N.S. (63)
Hockey Player, Olympic Athlete

Zoie Palmer -- b.10/28/1977 N.S.
Actress, Canadian, English
TV Shows: Lost Girl (as Dr. Lauren Lewis), Dark Matter (as The Android)
Movie Titles: Devil, Patch Town

Viscount Palmerston -- b.10/20/1784 N.S. d.10/18/1865 N.S. (80)
Statesman, British
Names/Places: RFN:Henry John Templeton

Charlie Palmieri -- b.11/21/1927 d.9/12/1988 (60)
Music Producer, Composer, Pianist, Bandleader
Names/Places: NN:The Giant of the Keyboards

Eddie Palmieri -- b.12/15/1936
Music Producer, Arranger, Composer, Pianist, Bandleader

Isabella Palmieri -- b.1/22/1998 N.S.
TV Shows: Jessie
Movie Titles: Confessions of a Shopaholic, Wrong Cups

Remo Palmieri -- b.3/29/1923 d.2/2/2002 (78)
Jazz Guitarist

Chazz Palminteri -- b.5/15/1952 N.S.
Screenwriter, Actor, Producer
Misc: some say b. 1946 or 1951
Arts Titles: PL: A Bronx Tale
Movie Titles: Bullets over Broadway
Video Games: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Gabriella Rose Palminteri -- b.12/25/2001
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Gianna Ranaudo and Chazz's daughter

Jennifer Palmquest -- b.12/28/1968
Beauty Pagent Winner
Misc: Miss SD-America (1991)

Carlos Palomino -- b.8/10/1949
Boxer, Mexican

Bruce Paltrow -- b.11/26/1943 d.10/2/2002 (58)
TV Producer/Director
Names/Places: Blythe Danner's husband, Gwyenth's father
TV Shows: St. Elsewhere

Gwyneth Paltrow -- b.9/27/1972
Movie Actress
Movie Titles: Emma, Great Expectations, Seven, A Perfect Murder, Sliding Doors, Shakespeare in Love, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Shallow Hal, The Royal Tenenbaums, Possession, View From The Top, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Proof, Infamous, Running With Scissors, Iron Man (series), The Avengers (series), Two Lovers

Gret Palucca -- b.1/8/1902 d.3/22/1993 (91)
Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer, German

Kristian Palusalu -- b.3/10/1908 d.7/17/1987 (79)
Wrestler, Finnish
Misc: heavyweight wrestler (Olympic-gold-1936)

Luciana Paluzzi -- b.6/10/1937
Movie Actress, Italian
Movie Titles: Thunderball, The Green Slime, Muscle Beach Party, Man in a Cocked Hat

Barbara Palvin -- b.10/8/1993 N.S.
Model, Hungarian

Lucia Pamela -- b.5/1/1904 d.7/25/2002 (98)
Novelty Singer
Misc: recorded a music album in 1969 about her fictional travels to the moon

Silvana Pampanini -- b.9/25/1925 d.1/6/2016 N.S. (90)
Actress, Italian

Damon Pampolina -- b.4/6/1975
Cinematographer, Video Game Voice Actor, Pop Singer
Misc: some say b. in 1972
Group Names: The Party
TV Shows: The All-New Mickey Mouse Club
Movie Titles: 27 (TV movie), Dawn of the Crescent Moon
Video Games: Freedon: First Resistance

Hermes Pan -- b.12/10/1910 d.9/19/1990 (79)
Choreographer, Dancer
Misc: teacher of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, & Betty Grable
Movie Titles: Top Hat, My Fair Lady, Shall We Dance

Danielle Panabaker -- b.9/19/1987
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Necessary Roughness, Shark (as Julie Stark), The Flash (as Caitlin Snow)
Movie Titles: Time Lapse, The Crazies, Friday the 13th, Sky High

Kay Panabaker -- b.5/2/1990
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Summerland (as Nikki Westerly), No Ordinary Family (as Daphine Powell)
Movie Titles: Monsters Inc., Fame (2009), Cyberbully (TV mocie), Read it and Weep, Nancy Drew

Norman Panama -- b.4/21/1914 d.1/13/2003 (88)

Marvin Panch -- b.5/28/1926 d.12/31/2015 N.S. (89)
Auto Racer

Horacio Pancheri -- b.12/2/1982 N.S.
Soap Actor, Argentine

Sooraj Pancholi -- b.7/5/1990 N.S.
Actor, Model, India

Katherine "Kay" Pancoast -- b.11/9/1900 N.S. d.4/12/1993 N.S. (92)
Misc: of ceramics

Simeon Panda -- b.5/28/1986 N.S.
Body Builder, English
Misc: Sports Model

Friedrich Adolf Paneth -- b.8/31/1887 d.9/17/1958 (71)
Chemist, Austrian

Leon Panetta -- b.6/28/1938
Statesman, Presidential Aide, Attorney/Lawyer, Professor
Misc: Clinton administration Budget director.

Hayden Panettiere -- b.8/21/1989
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Ally McBeal (as Maddie Harrington), Heroes (as Claire Bennett, also in Heroes Reborn), Nashville (as Juliette Barnes)
Movie Titles: Racing Stripes, Ice Princess
Video Games: Kingdom Hearts (series), Until Dawn

Jansen Panettiere -- b.9/25/1994
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Hope & Faith (as Justin)
Movie Titles: Ice Age: The Meltdown, The Last Day of Summer, Robots, The Perfect Game

Angelica Panganiban -- b.11/4/1986 N.S.
Actress, Phillipean

Clyde Pangborn -- b.10/28/1895 d.3/29/1958 (62)
Names/Places: NN:Upside Down Pangborn
Misc: the first to fly nonstop across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to Washington with Hugh Herndon Jr. in 1931

Franklin Pangborn -- b.1/23/1889 d.7/20/1958 (69)
Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian

José Paniagua -- b.8/20/1973
MLB Pitcher, Dominican Republican

Joe Panik -- b.10/30/1990 N.S.
MLB Second Baseman
Misc: 1x Gold Glove
Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants

Sir Anthony Panizzi -- b.9/16/1797 d.4/8/1879 (81)
Librarian, Italian
Misc: played a part in the unification of Italy.

Archie Panjabi -- b.5/31/1972 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: The Good Wife (as Kalinda Sharma), Shetland
Movie Titles: San Andreas, Bend It Like Beckham, The Constant Gardener

Irv Pankey -- b.2/15/1958
NFL Player, Football Offensive Tackle

Dame Christabel Harriette Pankhurst -- b.9/22/1880 d.2/13/1958 (77)
Suffragate, English

Emmeline Pankhurst -- b.7/14/1858 d.6/14/1928 (69)
Feminist, Social Reformer, British

Sylvia Pankhurst -- b.5/5/1882 d.9/27/1960 (78)
Suffragate, English

Stuart Pankin -- b.4/8/1946
Actor, Comedian, Puppet Actor
TV Shows: Not Necessairily the News, Dinosaurs (as dad Earl Sinclair)
Movie Titles: Fatal Attraction, The Artist, Arachnophobia

James Pankow -- b.8/20/1947
Songwriter, Trombonist
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
Group Names: Chicago

John Pankow -- b.4/28/1954
Names/Places: some say b. 1955
TV Shows: Mad About You (as Ira / cousin), Episodes (as Merc Lapidus)
Movie Titles: To Live and Die in L.A., Monkey Shines, Bride Wars

Denis Pankratov -- b.7/4/1974 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Russian

Rob Pannell -- b.12/11/1989 N.S.
Lacrosse Player

Joe Panos -- b.1/24/1971
NFL Player, Football Offensive Lineman

Charles "Chuck" Panozzo -- b.9/20/1948 N.S.
Rock & Roll Bassist
Names/Places: John's twin
Group Names: Styx

John Panozzo -- b.9/20/1948 N.S. d.7/16/1996 N.S. (47)
Rock & Roll Drummer
Names/Places: Chuck's twin
Group Names: Styx

Helenka Pantaleoni -- b.11/22/1900 d.1/5/1987 (86)
Government Official, Humanitarian, Actress
Misc: head of UNICEF for 30 years

Gary Panter -- b.12/1/1950
Designer, Illustrator, Painter
Misc: initiated a second generation of American underground comix
TV Shows: Pee-Wee's Playhouse (set designer)

Horace Panter -- b.8/30/1953
Alternative Rock Bassist, Ska Musician, English
Names/Places: aka: Sir Horace Gentleman
Group Names: The Special A.K.A., General Public

Joe Pantoliano -- b.9/12/1951
TV/Movie Actor, Producer/Director, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: The Sopranos, EZ Streets (as Jimmy Murtha), Dr. Vegas (as Tommy)
Movie Titles: Bad Boys II, La Bamba, The Matrix, Memento, The Goonies, Risky Business, Midnight Run, Bound, The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals, The Handler Joe Renalto, Racing Stripes
Video Games: Majestic, Grand Theft Auto III, Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Paul Panzer -- b.11/3/1872 O.S. d.8/16/1958 (85)

Christopher Paolini -- b.11/17/1983
Book Titles: Inheritance Cycle

Connor Paolo -- b.7/11/1990
TV Shows: Gossip Girl (as Eric van der Woodsen), Revenge (as Declan Porter)
Movie Titles: Mystic River, Stake Land, World Trade Center

Papa Joe -- b.4/26/1899 d.3/31/1997 (97)
Names/Places: LN:Busalacchi
Misc: San Diego Fish Company pioneer

George Papadopoulos -- b.5/5/1919 d.6/27/1999 (80)
Head of State, Greek
Misc: Greece Premier & President

George Papandreou -- b.2/13/1888 d.11/1/1968 (80)
Head of State, Greek

George N. Papandreou -- b.5/13/1883 d.2/19/1962 (78)
Physician, Greek

Ivan Papanin -- b.11/26/1894 d.1/30/1986 (91)
Explorer, Russian

Irene Papas -- b.9/3/1926
Movie Actress, Greek
Misc: AP says b. Sep 3, 1926
Movie Titles: Moses The Lawgiver, Zorba the Greek, Attila The Hun

Bryce Papenbrook -- b.2/24/1986 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor, Martial Arts
TV Shows: Pokemon Origins, Durarara!!, Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Tenkai Knights, The Seven Deadly Sins, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Attack on Titan
Video Games: Lost Planet 2, Saints Row (series), Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Final Fantasy (series), Pac-Man (series), Call of Duty (series)

Tony Papenfuss -- b.3/26/1950
TV Shows: Newhart (as First Darryl)
Movie Titles: Escape from New York, Factotum, Into Temptation

Richard O. "Dick" Papenguth -- b.??/??/1903 N.S. d.??/??/1970 N.S. (67)
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Denis Papin -- b.8/22/1647 N.S. d.8/26/1713 N.S. (66)
Inventor, Physicist, French
Misc: the pressure cooker and suggested the first cylinder and piston steam engine; d. 1712?

Steve Papin -- b.2/23/1972
Football Figure, Football Coach
Misc: Arena Football League player and coach

Billy Papke -- b.9/17/1886 d.11/26/1936 (50)

Joseph Papp -- b.6/22/1921 d.10/31/1991 (70)
Stage Producer/Director
Names/Places: RLN:Papirofsky
Misc: founder of N.Y. Shakespeare Festival, A Chorus Line, Hair, Pirates of Penzance

László Papp -- b.3/25/1926 d.10/16/2003 (77)
Boxer, Olympic Athlete, Hungarian
Misc: middleweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1948, 52, 56)

Marco Pappa -- b.11/15/1987 N.S.
Soccer Midfielder, Guatemala

Felix Pappalardi -- b.10/3/1938 d.4/17/1983 (44)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Mountain, Cream

George Pappas -- b.3/3/1947

Ike Pappas -- b.4/16/1933 d.8/31/2008 (75)
Misc: CBS News

Milt Pappas -- b.5/11/1939 d.4/19/2016 N.S. (76)
MLB Pitcher

Georges Papy -- b.11/4/1920 d.11/11/2011 (91)
Mathematician, Belgiumese

Craig Paquette -- b.3/28/1969
MLB Player

Renee Paquette -- b.9/19/1985 N.S.
Sportscaster, Canadian
Names/Places: aka Renee Young

Anna Paquin -- b.7/24/1982
Movie Actress, Producer, Canadian
TV Shows: True Blood (as Sookie Stackhouse)
Movie Titles: Jane Eyre, True Blood, The Piano, A Walk on the Moon, Almost Famous, X2: X-Men United, Darkness, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Philippus Paracelaus -- b.12/17/1493 d.9/24/1541 (47)
Names/Places: RN:Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim

Vanessa Paradis -- b.12/22/1972
Movie Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Composer, Pop Singer, Model, French
Misc: Chanel model
Song Titles: Walk on the Wild Side, Joe le taxi
Movie Titles: The Girl on the Bride, Heartbreaker, A Monster in Paris, White Wedding

Robert Harvey "Bob" Paradise -- b.4/22/1944 N.S.
NHL Defensive, Olympic Athlete
Misc: played 1966-1979
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Atlanta Flames, Minnesota North Stars

Norrie Paramor -- b.5/15/1914 d.9/9/1979 (65)
Music Producer, Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Conductor, English
Misc: leader the BBC Midland Radio Orchestra

Paul Paray -- b.5/24/1886 d.10/10/1979 (93)
Composer, Organist, Conductor, French

Walter Parazaider -- b.3/14/1945
Group Names: Chicago, Bee Gees, Leon Russell

Bill Parcells -- b.8/22/1941
Commentator, NFL Executive, NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback
Misc: coached NY Giants to 2 Super Bowl titles (1986,90); retired after 1990 season then returned in '93 as coach of New England; entered 1994 season with 9-year record of 90-63-1.
Sports Teams: Hastings, Wichita State, Army, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Texas Tech, Air Force Academy, New England Patriots (1980), New York Giants (1979, 1981-1990), New York Jets (1997-1999, also as executive 1997-2000), Dallas Cowboys (2003-2006), Miami Dolphins (executive, 2008-2010), Cleveland Browns (executive since 2014)

John Perry "Jack" Pardee -- b.4/19/1936 N.S. d.4/1/2013 N.S. (76)
NFL Coach, College Football Coach, CFL Figure, USFL Figure, WFL Figure
Misc: the only head coach to helm a team in college football, the National Football League, the United States Football League, the World Football League, and the Canadian Football League; in the College Football Hall of Fame as a player
Sports Teams: Texas A&M (player 1954-1956), Los Angeles Rams (player 1957-1970), Washington Redskins (player 1971-1973), Florida Blazers (WFL coach 1974), Chicago Bears (coach 1975-1977), Washington Redskins (coach 1978-1980), San Diego Chargers (coach 1981), Houston Gamblers (USFL coach 1984-1985), University of Houston (coach 1987-1989), Houston Oilers (coach 1990-1994), Birmingham Barracudas (CFL coach 1995)

Jon Pardi -- b.5/20/1985
Songwriter, Country Singer

Don Pardo -- b.2/22/1918 d.8/18/2014 (96)
Misc: of NBC staff since 1944; for Saturday Night Live, Jeopardy, 50s prime time TV, daytime game shows, etc

J. D. Pardo -- b.9/7/1980 N.S.
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: The Messengers, Revolution
Movie Titles: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Snitch, A Cinderella Story

Kip Pardue -- b.9/23/1975
Movie Titles: Remember the Titans, Thirteen, Driven, The Rules of Attraction

Jessica Paré -- b.12/5/1980
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Mad Men (as Megan Draper / Megan Calvet), Jack and Bobby (as Courtney Benedict)
Movie Titles: Lost and Delirious, Brooklyn, Wicker Pick

Michael Paré -- b.10/9/1958
Actor, Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: Eddie and the Cruisers (frontman)
TV Shows: The Greatest American Hero (as Tony Villicana)

Blues Anthony Paré Kastner -- b.3/19/2015 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jessica Pare and John Kastner's son

Bernard Marcel "Bernie" Parent -- b.4/3/1945 N.S.
NHL Goaltender, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in Montreal; RN: Bernard Marcel Parent
Misc: played 1965-1979; he led Philadelphia Flyers to 2 Stanley Cups as playoff MVP (1974,75); 2-time Vezina Trophy winner.
Sports Teams: Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Blazers (WHA)

Mark Parent -- b.9/16/1961
MLB Catcher

Ricky Parent -- b.9/5/1966 d.10/27/2007 (41)
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Enuff Z'Nuff

Tony Parenti -- b.8/6/1900 d.4/17/1972 (71)

Vilfredo Pareto -- b.7/15/1848 d.8/19/1923 (75)
Sociologist, Economist, Italian

Sara Paretsky -- b.6/8/1947
Writer, Novelist
Misc: detective fiction novelist

Sandra Paretti -- b.2/5/1935 d.3/13/1994 (59)
Novelist, German

Vladimir Parfenovich -- b.12/2/1958
Olympic Athlete, Russian
Misc: 500m kayak (Olympic-gold-1980)

Woodrow Parfey -- b.10/5/1922 d.7/29/1984 (61)
TV Shows: Time Express
Movie Titles: Papillon

Judy Parfitt -- b.11/7/1935
Actress, English
TV Shows: Call the Midwife
Movie Titles: Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Wilde

Richard "Rick" Parfitt -- b.10/12/1948 d.12/24/2016 N.S. (68)
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: RN:Richard Harrison
Group Names: Status Quo

Edith Pargeter -- b.9/28/1913 N.S. d.10/14/1995 N.S. (82)
Mystery Writer

Lucy Pargeter -- b.3/1/1977 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: Emmerdale (as Chasity "Chas" Dingle)
Movie Titles: Peaches, Text Santa 2014, Anita and Me

Lennon Parham -- b.10/26/1975
Actress, Comedienne
Misc: of the Uptight Citizens Brigade comedy troupe

Gino Pariani -- b.2/21/1928 d.5/9/2007 (79)
Soccer Striker, American

Alba Parietti -- b.7/2/1961
Actress, Italian

Anne Parillaud -- b.5/6/1960
Actress, Director, Canadian, French
TV Shows: La Femme Nikita
Movie Titles: The Man in the Iron Mask, Innocent Blood, Map of the Human Heart

Babe (Vito) Parilli -- b.5/7/1930 d.7/15/2017 N.S. (87)
NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback, CFL Figure, WFL Figure
Misc: Arena Football League figure; 3x AFL All-Star, Super Bowl III; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Kentucky in Lexington, Green Bay Packers (player 1952-1953), Ottawa Rough Riders (player 1954-1955), Cleveland Browns (player 1956), Green Bay Packers (player 1957-1958), Ottawa Rough Riders (player 1959), Oakland Raiders (player 1960), Boston Patriots (player 1961-1967), New York Jets (player 1968-1969), Pittsburgh Steelers (coach 1973), New York Stars (coach 1974), New England Steamrollers (coach 1988), Denver Dynamite (coach 1989-1991), Charlotte Rage (coach 1992), Las Vegas Sting (coach 1994-1995), Anaheim Piranhas (coach 1996), Florida Bobcats (coach 1997)

Paris -- b.10/29/1967
Rap Music Performer

Freddie Paris -- b.??/??/1921 d.5/15/1991
Misc: d. May 16?

Jerry Paris -- b.7/25/1925 d.3/31/1986 (60)
Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco
TV Shows: Steve Canyon (as Maj. Willie Williston), The Untouchables (as agent Martin Flaherty), The Dick Van Dyke Show (as Jerry Helper), The Partridge Family (director), That Girl (director), Love American Style (director), The Odd Couple (director), Happy Days (director)

Johnny Paris -- b.8/29/1940 d.5/1/2006 (65)
Saxophonist, Tenor-sax
Group Names: Johnny & the Hurricanes

Mica Paris -- b.4/27/1969
Actress, Soul Singer, English

Norman Paris -- b.10/21/1925 d.7/10/1977 (51)
Misc: on various TV shows from 1948-1960s
TV Shows: That Was the Week That Was

Victoria Paris -- b.11/22/1965
XXX-rated actress

Zach Parisé -- b.7/28/1984
NHL Player, American

Diane Parish -- b.11/1/1969 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: EastEnders, The Bill

Lincoln Parish -- b.3/22/1990
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Cage the Elephant

Mitchell Parish -- b.7/10/1900 d.3/31/1993 (92)
Song Titles: Star Dust (songwriter)

Robert L. Parish -- b.8/30/1953
NBA Center
Names/Places: NN:The Chief
Misc: played in over 1561 NBA games bettering the 1560 set by Kareem Abdul Jabbar in 1996; career 22,989+ points and 14,444+ rebounds; 4x NBA Champion (1981, 1984, 1986, 1997); 9x NBA All-Star (1981-1987, 1990-1991); All-NBA Second Team (1982); All-NBA Third Team (1987); 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Celtics #00 retired
Sports Teams: Golden State Warriors (1976-1980), Boston Celtics (1980-1994), Charlotte Hornets (1994-1996), Chicago Bulls (1996-1997)

Angelo Parisi -- b.1/3/1953
Judo, Olympic Athlete, French, Italian
Misc: heavyweight judo (Olympic-gold-1980)

Cliff Parisi -- b.5/24/1960 N.S.
TV Shows: Call the Midwife

Annie Parisse -- b.7/31/1975 N.S.
TV Shows: Law and Order (as Asst. Dst. Attorney Alexandria Borgia), Vinyl, Person of Interest
Movie Titles: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, National Treasure, Monster-in-Law, Prime

Robert Parissi -- b.12/29/1950
Guitarist, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: Wild Cherry (lead)

Mike Parizeau -- b.4/9/1948
NHL Player, Canadian

Alexandra Park -- b.5/14/1989 N.S.
Actress, Australian
TV Shows: The Elephant Princess, Home and Away, The Royals

Annabelle Jayne Park -- b.4/5/2004
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Laurie and Michael's daughter

Brad Park -- b.7/6/1948
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Names/Places: RN:Douglas Bradford
Misc: player 1968-1985
Sports Teams: New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings

Cary Park -- b.3/15/1956
Country Performer

Chan Ho Park -- b.6/30/1973
MLB Pitcher, Korean

Christopher Michael Park -- b.6/21/1997
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Laurie and Michael's son

Chung Hee Park -- b.9/30/1917 d.10/26/1979 (62)
President, Head of State
Misc: South Korea president

Grace Park -- b.3/14/1974
TV Shows: Edgemont (as Shannon Ng), The Cleaner (as Akani), Battlestar Galactica (as Boomer), Hawaii Five-O (as Kono Kalakaua)
Movie Titles: Romeo Must Die

Inbee Park -- b.7/12/1988
Golfer, South Korean

Johnny Park -- b.10/30/1957
Country Performer

Kathleen Rose Park -- b.2/14/2000
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Laurie and Michael's daughter

Larry Park -- b.6/3/1959
Country Performer

Linda Park -- b.7/9/1978
Actress, Producer, South Korean
TV Shows: Star Trek: Enterprise (as Ensign Hoshi Sato), Adoptable (as Jennifer Lim)
Movie Titles: Infestation, The Face of Love, Jurassic Park 3

Maude May Park -- b.1/25/1871 d.5/8/1955 (84)

Megan Park -- b.7/24/1986
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: The Secret Life of the American Teenager (as Grace Bowman)
Movie Titles: So Undercover, What If, Charlie Bartlett, Central Intelligence

Michael Park -- b.7/20/1968
TV Shows: Peter Pan Live!, The Sound of Music Live!

Mungo Park -- b.9/10/1771 d.1/??/1806 (34)
Explorer, Scotish

Nick Park -- b.12/6/1958 N.S.
Producer/Director, English
TV Shows: Shaun the Sheep
Movie Titles: The Curse of the Wererabbit, The Wrong Trousers, Wallace and Gromit (film series featuring stop motion animation), Chicken Run (director)

Randall Park -- b.3/23/1974
Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian, Director
TV Shows: Fresh Off the Boat (as Louis Huang)
Movie Titles: The Interview, Larry Crowne, Trainwreck

Ray Park -- b.8/23/1974
Actor, Stuntman, Scotish
TV Shows: Heroes (as Edgar)
Movie Titles: X-Men, G.I. Joe (series), Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (as Darth Maul)

Richard Park -- b.5/27/1976
NHL Player, South Korean

Roy H. Park -- b.9/15/1910 d.10/25/1993 (83)

Sydney Park -- b.10/31/1997 N.S.
TV Shows: CSI: NY (as Ellie), That's So Raven

Willie Park Jr. -- b.2/4/1864 d.5/22/1925 (61)
Golfer, Scotish

Willie Park Sr. -- b.6/30/1833 d.7/25/1903 (70)
Golfer, Scotish

Lar Park-Lincoln -- b.5/12/1961
TV Shows: Knots Landing (as Linda Fairgate)
Movie Titles: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, House II: The Second Story, Gravestoned

Dorothy Parke -- b.2/24/????
Actress, Canadian
Misc: retired from acting in 1991

Christopher Parkening -- b.12/14/1947
Guitarist, Classical Performer
Misc: transcribed sacred music

"Ace" Parker -- b.5/17/1912 d.11/6/2013 (101)
MLB Player, College Baseball Coach, NFL Quarterback
Misc: in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL 1937-1941), Boston Yanks (NFL 1945), New York Yankees (AAFC 1946), Philadelphia Athletics (MLB 1936-1937)

Alan Parker -- b.2/14/1944
Screenwriter, Movie Producer/Director, English

Andrea Parker -- b.3/8/1970
TV Shows: JAG (as Lt. Caitlin Pike), The Pretender (as Miss Parker), Less Than Perfect (as Lydia Weston), ER (as Linda Farrell), Pretty Little Liars
Movie Titles: The Pretender (series)

Andy Parker -- b.3/21/1952
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Group Names: UFO

Angel Parker -- b.10/17/1980 N.S.
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Lab Rats (as Tasha Davenport), The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
Video Games: EverQuest II, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Grand Theft Auto V

Anthony (Basketball) Parker -- b.6/19/1975
NBA Player

Anthony (Football) Parker -- b.2/11/1966
NFL Cornerback

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