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Last Updated 06-01-2019

William Prescott II -- b.5/4/1796 d.1/28/1859 (62)

Andre President -- b.6/16/1971
NFL Player

Micheline Presle -- b.8/22/1922
Actress, French

Angaleena Presley -- b.9/1/1976
Songwriter, Country Singer
Names/Places: pron: anj-ah-LEE'-nah
Group Names: Pistol Annies

Brian Presley -- b.8/18/1977
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Borderland, Home of the Brave

Elvis Presley -- b.1/8/1935 N.S. d.8/16/1977 N.S. (42)
Movie Actor, Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Country-Rock Performer
Names/Places: b. in Tupelo, MS; MN:Aron; changed to Aaron; NN:The King of Rock and Roll; Priscilla's ex-husband
Misc: The first real star of rock and roll; too many notable hits to list here!; d. at Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee; Billboard ranks him as the top pop recording artist of all time with 17 No. 1 songs. The 1956 two-sided hit "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" stays at No. 1 for 11 weeks, a record for the rock era that stands until 1992. Hall of Famer in America's Pop, Country Music, and Rock and Roll
Song Titles: Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Too Much, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Jailhouse Rock, Don't, Hard Headed Woman, Stuck on You, It's Now or Never, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Surrender, Good Luck Charm, Return to Sender, Suspicious Minds, Way Down, A Little Less Conversation
Album Titles: Elvis Presley, Elvis, Loving You, Elvis is Back!, Something for Everybody, Pot Luck, Aloah from Hawaii via Satellite
Movie Titles: Jailhouse Rock, G.I. blues, Blue Hawaii, Fun in Acapulco, Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley Jr. -- b.1/25/1973
Celebrity Son
Misc: alleged son of Elvis

Erin Hershey Presley -- b.9/2/1976
Names/Places: RN:Erin Hershey
Movie Titles: Americanizing Shelley, Once Fallen

Gladys L. Presley -- b.4/25/1912 d.8/14/1958 (46)
Celebrity Relative
Names/Places: Elvis Presley's mother
Misc: mother's name blotted out on birth certificate

Isaak Presley -- b.6/16/2002 N.S.
Actor, Internet Video Actor
TV Shows: Stuck in the Middle (as Ethan Diaz), Fuller House (as Bobby Popko), A History of Radness (as Jack)

Jesse Garon Presley -- b.1/8/1935 N.S. d.1/8/1935 N.S. (0)
Celebrity Relative
Names/Places: Elvis's stillborn twin brother

Lisa Marie Presley -- b.2/1/1968
Names/Places: b. in Memphis, TN; Elvis & Priscilla's daughter, Danny Keough's ex-wife; Michael Jackson's ex-wife

Priscilla Presley -- b.5/24/1945
TV/Movie Actress, TV Hostess, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; Elvis Presley's wife 1967-73; RLN:Wagner then Beaulieu
TV Shows: Those Amazing Animals, Dallas (as Jenna Wade), Melrose Place (as Nurse Benson 1996)
Movie Titles: The Naked Gun (series)

Reg Presley -- b.6/12/1941 d.2/4/2013 (71)
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Names/Places: RN:Reginald Ball
Group Names: Troggs (founding member)

Vernon Presley -- b.4/10/1916 d.6/26/1979 (63)
Celebrity Parent
Names/Places: Elvis's dad

Wayne Presley -- b.3/23/1965
NHL Player, American

Harve Presnell -- b.9/14/1933 d.6/30/2009 (75)
Movie/Stage Actor, Baritone, Opera Singer

Christen Press -- b.12/29/1988 N.S.
Soccer Player

Frank Press -- b.12/4/1924
Scientist, Geophysicist
Misc: geophysicist known for his investigations of the structure of the Earth's crust and mantle and the mechanics of earthquakes.

Irina Natanova Press -- b.3/10/1939
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field, Russian
Misc: 80m hurdles/Pentathelete (Olympic-gold-1960, 64)

Tamara Press -- b.5/10/1937 N.S.
Olympic Athlete, Shotputter, Russian
Misc: shot putter (Olympic-gold-1960, 64)

Morgan Pressel -- b.5/23/1988 N.S.

Jackie Presser -- b.8/6/1926 d.7/9/1988 (61)
Misc: Teamsters president 1980s

Paul Pressey -- b.12/24/1958
NBA Coach, NBA Player

Larry Pressler -- b.3/29/1942

Harold Pressley -- b.7/14/1963
NBA Player

Jaime Pressly -- b.7/30/1977
Actress, Producer, Dancer, Gymnast
TV Shows: My Name is Earl (as Joy Turner), Mom (as Jill Kendall)
Movie Titles: Not Another Teen Movie, I Love You Man; Not Another Teen Movie

David Pressman -- b.10/10/1913 d.8/29/2011 (97)
Actor, Director, Russian

Lawrence Pressman -- b.7/10/1939
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Rich Man Poor Man, Mulligan's Stew (as Michael Mulligan), Ladies' Man, Winds of War, Doogie Howser M.D, (as Dr. Canfield)
Movie Titles: American Pie, American Wedding, Shaft

Michael Pressman -- b.7/1/1950
TV Shows: Picket Fences (producer), Blue Bloods (producer)
Movie Titles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

Sally Pressman -- b.8/1/1981 N.S.
Actress, Producer
Names/Places: RN: Sally Pressman Bernstein
TV Shows: Army Wives (as Roxy / Virginia)
Movie Titles: My Best Friend's Girl, Love Sick, The Dread

Mel Prestidge -- b.11/20/1928 d.1/25/2011 (82)
TV Shows: Hawaiian Eye (as Danny Qorn)

Billy Preston -- b.9/9/1946 d.6/6/2006 (59)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Drummer, Keyboardist, Organist, Gospel Singer, Rhythm and Blues/Soul Peformer
Names/Places: b. in Houston
Misc: the first non-Beatle to be credited on a Beatles record "Get Back" for his musical contributions, also a so-called fifth Beatle

Carrie Preston -- b.6/21/1967 N.S.
TV Shows: True Blood (as Arlene Fowler), The Good Wife (as Elsbeth Tascioni)

Cynthia Preston -- b.5/18/1967
Actress, Producer, Canadian

Don Preston -- b.9/21/1932
Jazz Musician, Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Mothers of Invention

Duncan Preston -- b.8/11/1946 N.S.
Screenwriter, Actor, Comedian, Director, English
Misc: known for his work with Victoria Wood
TV Shows: Surgical Spirit, Emmerdale, Victoria Wood As Seen on TV, Dinnerladies

Frances Preston -- b.8/27/1928 d.6/13/2012 (83)
Country Performer
Misc: some say b. in 1934; one of the most successful executives in the history of the music industry

J. A. Preston -- b.11/13/1932
TV Shows: All's Fair, Hill St. Blues (as Mayor Ozzie Cleveland)
Movie Titles: Americathon, A Few Good Men, Body Heat, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Captain Ron

John Preston -- b.12/11/1945 d.4/28/1994 (48)
Author, Editor

John Preston -- b.9/4/1968

Johnny Preston -- b.8/18/1939 d.3/4/2011 (71)
Songwriter, Pop Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in Port Arthur, TX; LN:Corville
Song Titles: Running Bear (singer, which was written by The Big Bopper)

Kelly Preston -- b.10/13/1962
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Honolulu; John Travolta's wife
Misc: some say b. Oct 12 or 1963
TV Shows: For Love and Honor
Movie Titles: Twins, Jerry MaGuire, Addicted To Love, Jack Frost, For the Love of the Game, View From The Top

Mike Preston -- b.5/14/1938
Actor, Singer, English
Song Titles: Mr. Blue

Rich Preston -- b.5/22/1952
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

Robert Preston -- b.6/8/1918 d.3/21/1987 (68)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Singer
Names/Places: LN:Meservey
Song Titles: Chicken Fat (the exercise song)
TV Shows: The Chisholms (as Hadley Chisholm)
Movie Titles: Victor Victoria, How the West Was Won, This Gun for Hire, The Music Man (as Prof. Harold Hill)

Roell Preston -- b.6/23/1972
NFL Wide Receiver

Shelley Preston -- b.5/14/1960
Songwriter, Pop Singer, Model, English
Group Names: Bucks Fizz

Wayde Preston -- b.9/10/1929 d.2/6/1992 (62)
TV Shows: Colt .45 (as Christopher Colt)
Movie Titles: Man Called Sledge, Long Ride from Hell

William Preston -- b.8/26/1921 d.7/10/1998 (76)
TV Shows: Late Night with Conan O'Brien (as Carl "Oldie" Olsen)
Movie Titles: The Crucible, Waterworld, The Fisher King

Georges Pretre -- b.8/14/1924 d.1/4/2017 N.S. (92)
Conductor, French
Misc: was instrumental in Maria Callas's singing career; conducted The New York Metropolitan Opera

Pretty Lou -- b.11/21/1971
Rap Music Performer
Group Names: Lost Boyz

Jonathan Pretus -- b.11/11/1981
Punk Rock Guitarist
Group Names: Cowboy Mouth

Josefine Preuss -- b.1/13/1986 N.S.
Actress, German

André Previn -- b.4/6/1929 N.S. d.2/28/2019 N.S. (89)
Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Pianist, Jazz Performer, German
Names/Places: b. in Berlin; Mia Farrow's ex-husband
Misc: Film Composer; Classical-Jazz
Group Names: London Symphony Orchestra
Movie Titles: Gigi, Elmer Gantry, My Fair Lady

Dory Previn -- b.10/22/1925 d.2/14/2012 (86)
Lyricist, Songwriter, Singer
Names/Places: Andre Previn's ex-
Misc: some say b. 1929 or 1930

Mathew Phineas Previn -- b.2/26/1970
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Mia Farrow & Andre Previn's twin son

Sasha Villiers Previn -- b.2/26/1970
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Mia Farrow & Andre Previn's twin son

Soon-Yi Previn -- b.10/8/1970
Actress, Korean
Names/Places: Mia Farrow's adopted daughter
Movie Titles: Wild Man Blues, Dennis Pennis R.I.P., Hannah and Her Sisters

Frank Previte -- b.5/2/1946 N.S.
Songwriter, Opera Singer, Rock Singer
Group Names: Frankie and the Knockouts, soloist

Marie Prevost -- b.11/18/1898 d.1/21/1937 (38)
Movie Actress
Misc: silent screen

Augustus Prew -- b.9/17/1987 N.S.
Actor, English
Movie Titles: Kick Ass 2, Charlie St. Cloud, High-Rise, About a Boy

William Prew -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American

Hermann Prey -- b.7/11/1929 d.7/22/1998 (69)
Opera Singer, German

Alma Prica -- b.9/17/1962
Actress, Croatian

Alan Price -- b.4/19/1942
Music Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Organist, Rock & Roll Singer, Rock & Roll Keyboardist, English
Misc: some say b. 1941
Group Names: The Animals, soloist

Brent Price -- b.12/9/1968
NBA Guard

Byron Price -- b.3/25/1891 d.8/6/1981 (90)
Politician, Government Official

Carey Price -- b.8/16/1987 N.S.
NHL Goaltender, Canadian

Ciara Price -- b.5/10/1990
Misc: November 2011

Connor Price -- b.11/11/1994 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: The Haunting Hour, Dead Zone
Movie Titles: Cinderella Man

Daryl Price -- b.10/23/1972
NFL Defensive End

David (Baseball) Price -- b.8/26/1985
MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 2012
Sports Teams: Tampa Bay Rays

David (Boxing) Price -- b.7/6/1983 N.S.
Boxer, British

David (Entertainment) Price -- b.11/17/1961
Entertainment Figure

Dennis Price -- b.6/23/1915 d.10/6/1973 (58)
Actor, English

Eddie Price -- b.9/2/1925 d.7/21/1979 (53)
NFL Player

Florence Price -- b.4/9/1887 d.6/3/1953 (66)
Misc: America's first African Symphony composer

George Price -- b.6/9/1901 d.1/12/1995 (93)
Names/Places: b. Ft Lee, NJ
Misc: his odd characters appeared in the New Yorker magazine for more than 50 years

George E. Price -- b.1/5/1901 d.5/10/1964 (63)
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Comedian, Vaudevillan, Singer
Misc: N.Y. lower class life

Gwilym Price -- b.6/20/1895 d.7/1/1985 (90)
Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Westinghouse head

Jim Price -- b.11/27/1949
NBA Player

Jim Price -- b.10/2/1966
NFL Tight End

Joe Price -- b.11/11/1956
MLB Pitcher

Karen Elaine Price -- b.7/17/1960
Stuntwoman, Producer, Director, Model, Playmate
Misc: January 1981

Katie Price -- b.5/22/1978 N.S.
Model, English

Kelly Price -- b.4/4/1973
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer

Kenny Price -- b.5/27/1931 d.8/4/1987 (56)
Comedian, Country Singer
Names/Places: NN:The Round Mound of Sound
TV Shows: Midwestern Hayride, Hee Haw (regular)

Leontyne Price -- b.2/10/1927
Opera Soprano
Names/Places: b. in Laurel, Miss.; MN:Mary
Misc: b. in 1929?

Lindsay Price -- b.12/6/1976 N.S.
TV Shows: Splitting Up Together, Lipstick Jungle, Beverly Hills 90210 (as Janet Sosna)
Movie Titles: Club Dread

Lloyd Price -- b.3/9/1933
Music Executive, Composer/Songwriter, Lyricist, Pianist, Trumpeter, Bandleader, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN: Mr. Personality
Misc: some say b. in 1934
Song Titles: Stagger Lee, Personality, I'm Gonna Get Married

Lonny Price -- b.3/9/1959
Actor, Director
Movie Titles: Dirty Dancing, Company, Master Howard and the Boys, Muppets Take Manhattan

Louis Price -- b.3/29/1953 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Drifters, The Temptations

Lucille Hardy Price -- b.4/23/1909 d.10/8/1986 (77)
Names/Places: Mrs. Oliver Hardy

Marc Price -- b.2/23/1968
Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, Producer
TV Shows: Condo, Family Ties (as Irwin "Skippy" Handleman), Teen Win Lose or Draw
Movie Titles: Trick or Treat, Killer Tomatoes Eat France!

Margo Price -- b.4/15/1983 N.S.
Songwriter, Singer

Mark Price -- b.8/10/1959
Bass Singer/Basso, Drummer, English
Group Names: All About Eve, Del Amitri

Mark Price -- b.2/15/1964
NBA Coach, NBA Guard
Names/Places: RFN:William
Misc: of The Dream Team II in the 1994 World Basketball Championships

Martin Price -- b.3/26/1955
Music Figure
Group Names: 808 State

Megyn Price -- b.3/24/1971
Actress, Director
TV Shows: Lateline, Grounded For Life (as Claudia Finnerty), Rules of Engagement (as Audrey Bingham)

Molly Price -- b.12/15/1966
TV Shows: Bless This House (as Phyllis), Third Watch (as Faith Yokas)
Movie Titles: How Do You Know, Chasing Sleep, Sweet and Lowdown

Nick Price -- b.1/28/1957
Golfer, Zimbabwe
Misc: PGA Tour Player of Year in 1993; winner of 1994 British Open and PGA Championship; 1st player to win 2 Grand Slam titles in same year since Faldo in 1990; also won PGA Championship in 1992.

Paul B. Price -- b.10/7/1933 d.7/16/2012 (78)
Writer, Actor
TV Shows: Busting Loose

Paula Price -- b.11/11/1971
XXX-rated actress

Peerless Price -- b.10/27/1976
NFL Wide Receiver

Rachael Price -- b.8/30/1985 N.S.
Jazz Singer
Group Names: Lake Street Drive

Ray Price -- b.1/12/1926 d.12/16/2013 (87)
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Perryville, TX; NN:The Cherokee Cowboy; MN:Nobel
Misc: had over 80 Top 40 hits on the Country Charts

Reynolds Price -- b.2/1/1933 d.1/20/2011 (77)

Richard Price -- b.10/12/1949
Novelist, Screenwriter, Actor
Book Titles: The Wanderers, Clockers, Lush Life

Rick Price -- b.6/10/1944
Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Group Names: The Move, Wizzard

Rod Price -- b.11/22/1947 d.3/22/2005 (57)
Rock & Roll Musician, British
Group Names: Foghat

Roger Price -- b.3/6/1918 d.10/31/1990 (70)
Author, Writer, Humorist, Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host
TV Shows: Droodles

Sammy Price -- b.10/6/1908 d.4/14/1992 (83)
Songwriter, Pianist, Blues Singer
Misc: Boogie-woogie style

Shawn Price -- b.3/28/1970
NFL Defensive End

Sterling Price -- b.9/14/1809 N.S. d.9/29/1867 N.S. (58)
General, Governor
Names/Places: NN: Old Pap
Misc: US Confederate General during the U.S. Civil War

Steve Price -- b.8/17/1951
Drummer, Rock-Pop Performer
Group Names: Pablo Cruise, sessionist for Grace Slick, Rick James, Mary Jane Girls, other bands

Taylor Price -- b.10/8/1987
NFL Wide Receiver

Tom Price -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Monkeywrench

Vincent Price -- b.5/27/1911 d.10/25/1993 (82)
Actor, TV Host, Panelist
Names/Places: NN:The Master of Menace, b. in St. Louis, MO
Misc: Art-expert
TV Shows: Batman (as Egghead), Pantotime Quiz, Mystery 1981-89

Harry W. Prichett -- b.1/31/1921 d.2/5/2000 (79)
TV Shows: Winky Dink and You (creator of the interactive TV program)

Maudie Prickett -- b.10/25/1915 d.4/14/1976 (60)
TV Shows: Date with the Angels, Hazel (as Rosie)

Charlie Pride -- b.3/18/1934
Guitarist, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in Sledge, Miss.
Misc: the first black country superstar with 39 #1 country hits
Song Titles: Just Between You and Me, All I Have To Offer You (Is Me), (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again, I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me, I'd Rather Love You, Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone, Wonder Could I Live There Anymore?, I'm Just Me, Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'
Album Titles: Country, The Country Way, Charley Pride in Person, The Sensational Charley Pride, Just Plain Charley, Charley Pride's 10th Album, From Me to You, Charlie Pride Sings Heart Songs

Curtis Pride -- b.12/17/1968
MLB Player, College Baseball Coach

Reince Priebus -- b.3/18/1972
Politician, Attorney
Misc: Republican National Committee Chairman

Rabbi Sally Jane Priesand -- b.6/27/1946
Religious Leader, Jewish

Ivy Baker Priest -- b.9/7/1905 d.6/23/1975 (69)
Presidential Aide
Misc: U.S. Treasurer

Pat Priest -- b.8/15/1936
Names/Places: Ivy Baker's daughter
TV Shows: The Munsters (as Marilyn Munster)
Movie Titles: Easy Come Easy Go, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant

Steve Priest -- b.2/23/1950
Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Group Names: The Sweet

Julian Priester -- b.6/29/1935
Composer, Jazz Trombonist
Group Names: Duke Ellington band

Ava Veronica Priestley -- b.7/2/2007
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Naomi Lowde and Jason's daughter

Dashiell Orston Priestley -- b.7/9/2009
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Naomi Lowde and Jason's son

J. B. Priestley -- b.9/13/1894 d.8/14/1984 (89)
Author, Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Essayist, English
Names/Places: FMN:John Boynton

Jack Priestley -- b.7/27/1926 d.5/26/1993 (66)

Jason Priestley -- b.8/28/1969
TV/Movie Actor, Producer/Director, Canadian
Names/Places: b. in Vancouver; MN:Bradford
TV Shows: Sister Kate, Beverly Hills 90210 (as Brandon Walsh), Tru Calling (as Jack Harper), Call Me Fitz (as Richard Fitzpatrick), Private Eyes (as Matt Shade), Raising Expectations (as Wayne Wayney)
Movie Titles: Tombstone, Love and Death on Long Island

Joseph Priestley -- b.3/13/1733 Ju-1 or 3/24/1733 N.S. d.2/6/1804 (70)
Chemist, Clergyman, Theologian, English
Misc: discovered oxygen, sulfur dioxide, silicon fluoride and ammonia, invented pneumatic trough.

Justine Priestley -- b.8/28/1969
Actress, Canadian
Names/Places: Jason's twin sister
TV Shows: Melrose Place (as Laurie)

Henry Priestman -- b.6/21/1955
Guitarist, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Performer, English
Group Names: Christians

Ariel Prieto -- b.10/22/1969
MLB Coach, MLB Pitcher, Cuban

Ilya Prigogine -- b.1/25/1917 d.5/28/2003 (86)
Chemist, Russian
Misc: thermodynamics

Leon Prima -- b.7/28/1907 d.??/??/1985
Names/Places: Louis's brother
Misc: no source knows the date he died

Louis Prima -- b.12/7/1910 d.8/24/1978 (67)
Composer/Songwriter, Lyricist, Bandleader, Jazz Singer, Jazz Trumpeter
Song Titles: That Old Black Magic
Movie Titles: The Jungle Book

Harry Prime -- b.3/5/1920 N.S. d.6/15/2017 N.S. (97)

James Prime -- b.11/3/1960
Group Names: Deacon Blue

Joe Primeau -- b.1/29/1906 d.5/14/1989 (83)
NHL Coach, NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: the only coach to win Memorial Cup, Allan Cup and Stanley Cup
Sports Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs (possibly from 1927-1936)

Keith Primeau -- b.11/24/1971
NHL Center, Canadian

Wayne Primeau -- b.6/4/1976
NHL Player, Canadian

George Primrose -- b.??/??/1856 d.??/??/1919

William Primrose -- b.8/23/1904 d.5/1/1982 (77)
Teacher, Violinist, Scotish

Barry Primus -- b.2/16/1938
Writer, Actor, Director
TV Shows: Cagney & Lacey (as Sgt. Dory McKenna)
Movie Titles: American Hustle, New York New York, Righteous Kill, Grudge Match

Greg Primus -- b.10/20/1970
NFL Wide Receiver

Pearl Primus -- b.11/29/1919 d.10/29/1994 (74)
Anthropologist, Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer

Prince -- b.6/7/1958 N.S. d.4/21/2016 N.S. (57)
Protestant, Movie Actor, Music Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Drummer, Keyboardist, Percussionist, Pianist, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Minneapolis, Minnesota; RN: Prince Rogers Nelson
Misc: had his own label Paisley Park
Group Names: Prince & the Revolution, Prince and the New Power Generation, soloist
Song Titles: I Wanna Be Your Lover, Sexy Dancer, Uptown, Controversy, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Delirious, When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy, Purpe Rain, I Would Die 4 U, Raspberry Beret, Pop Life, A Love Bizarre, Kiss, Sign o' the Times, U Got the Look, I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, Alphabet St., Batdance, Thieves in the Temple, Cream, Diamonds and Pearls, 7, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Album Titles: Prince, Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day, Romance 1600, Parade, Sign o' the Times, Lovesexy, Batman, Graffiti Bridge, Diamonds and Pearls, Love Symbol Album, The Gold Experience
Video Titles: Purple Rain, Prince and the Revolution: Live, Sign o' the Times, Gett Off -The Home Video Film, The Hits Collection, Rave Un2 the Year 2000
Movie Titles: Purple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, Sign o' the Times, Graffiti Bridge

Prince Albert -- b.8/26/1819 d.12/14/1861 (42)
Names/Places: Prince Consort of England & Queen Victoria's hubby

Prince Albert Grimaldi -- b.3/14/1958
Prince, Bobsledder, Olympic Athlete, Monacoian
Names/Places: Prince Rainier & Princess Grace's son
Misc: Prince of Monaco; Olympics 1988

Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward -- b.2/19/1960
Prince, English
Names/Places: Duchess Fergie's hubby, Queen Liz's 2nd son
Misc: Duke of York, Prince of England

Prince Be -- b.5/15/1970 d.6/17/2016 N.S. (46)
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Hip Hop Rapper
Names/Places: RN:Attrell Cordes; aka Prince Be the Nocturnal
Misc: some sources say b. May 19, but on the Official P.M. Dawn Facebook Page, one of the posts hints that he was born on May 15
Group Names: PM Dawn
Song Titles: Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Prince Buster -- b.5/24/1938 N.S. d.9/8/2016 N.S. (78)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Reggae Singer, Jamaican
Names/Places: RN:Buster Campbell or Cecil Bustamente Campbell
Misc: co-founder of the ska and reggae movements; some say b. May 24

Prince Charles -- b.11/14/1948
Prince, Welsh (Wales)
Names/Places: b. in London; RN:Charles Philip Arthur George; Princess Anne's brother, Lady Di's hubby, Elizabeth II's 1st son, Lord Spencer's brother-in-law, future King of England
Misc: Prince of Wales

Prince Daniel Ducruet -- b.11/26/1992
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Princess Stephanie & Louis's son

Prince Edward -- b.3/10/1964
Prince, British
Names/Places: Queen Liz's 3rd son

Prince Edward Of England -- b.6/15/1330 J-LD d.6/8/1376 J-LD (45)
Prince, English
Names/Places: son of Edward III and known as The Black Prince

Prince George Alexander Louis Of Cambridge -- b.7/22/2013
Prince, British
Names/Places: Kate Middleton and Prince William's son

Prince Henry Charles Albert David Of Wales -- b.9/15/1984
Prince, British
Names/Places: Chuck & Di's 2nd son

Prince Henry The Navigator -- b.3/4/1394 d.11/13/1460 (66)
Navigator, Prince
Misc: Prince of Portugal; sponsored Portuguese voyages of discovery

Prince Itō Of Japan -- b.10/16/1841 d.10/26/1909 (68)
King, Head of State, Japanese
Names/Places: RN: Ito Hirobumi
Misc: Japanese premier; The Biemarck of Japan

Prince Jacques -- b.12/10/2014
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Princess Charlene and Prince Albert's son

Prince Juan Urdangarin Of Spain -- b.9/29/1999
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Princess Cristiana and Inaki Urgandarin's son

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici -- b.1/1/1449 d.4/9/1492 (43)
Poet, Prince, Head of State, Italian
Names/Places: aka Lorenzo the Magnificent
Misc: Floretine ruler

Prince Louis Ferdinand -- b.11/9/1907 d.9/25/1994 (86)
Names/Places: grandson of Germany's last emperor
Misc: Adolf Hitler's opponent

Prince Louis Of Cambridge -- b.4/23/2018 N.S.
Names/Places: Kate Middleton and Prince William's son

Prince Markie Dee -- b.2/19/1960 or 2/19/1966
Music Producer, Songwriter, Rap Music Performer
Names/Places: RN:Mark Morale
Group Names: The Fat Boys

Prince Metternich -- b.5/15/1773 d.6/11/1859 (86)
Prince, Statesman, Austrian
Names/Places: FN:Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar von Coblenz
Misc: Prince of Germany

Prince Naruhito Of Japan -- b.2/23/1960
Names/Places: Prince Akhito & Princess Michiko's son

Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf -- b.6/15/2015 N.S.
Names/Places: Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'Neill's son; Duke of Angermanland

Prince Philip Mountbatten -- b.6/10/1921
Prince, Greek
Names/Places: b. in Corfu; Duke of Edinburgh & Prince of England; Queen Elizabeth II's hubby

Prince Pierre -- b.9/5/1987
Names/Places: Princess Caroline & Stefano Casiraghi's son

Prince Potemkin -- b.9/30/1739 Ju-1 or 10/11/1739 N.S. d.10/5/1791 Ju-1 (52) or 10/16/1791 N.S. (52)
Military Leader, Prince, Statesman, Russian
Names/Places: FN:Grigori Aleksandrovich

Prince Rainier III -- b.5/31/1923 d.4/6/2005 (81)
Names/Places: RN:Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand; Grace Kelly's widower
Misc: Prince of Monaco

Prince Reza -- b.10/31/1960
Prince, Iranian
Names/Places: RN: Reza Pahlavi; the son of the former Shah of Iran

Prince William Philip Arthur Louis -- b.6/21/1982
Prince, Welsh (Wales)
Names/Places: Diana and Charles' son
Misc: Prince of Wales

Bob Prince -- b.7/1/1916 d.6/10/1985 (68)
Sports Commentator, Baseball Announcer
Names/Places: NN:The Gummer
Misc: Ford C. Frick Award winner in 1986
Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates
TV Shows: Monday Night Baseball (1976)

Brooklyn Prince -- b.5/4/2010 N.S.
Movie Titles: The Florida Project

Charles Adams Prince -- b.??/??/1869 d.10/10/1937 (68)
Musician, Pianist, Bandleader
Misc: born Jan 1?

Clayton Prince -- b.2/17/1965
Movie Titles: Dark Justice, Hairspray, The Black Ninja

Diana Prince -- b.6/6/1979
Actress, Producer

Faith Prince -- b.8/5/1957
Misc: some say Aug 6, Parade says Aug 5
TV Shows: High Society (as Val), Spin City (as Claudia Sacks Lassiter)
Movie Titles: Picture Perfect, Dave, The Last Dragon, My Father the Hero

Hal Prince -- b.1/30/1928
Stage Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RFN:Harold
Misc: stage: Phantom Of The Opera, Fiddler On The Roof, West Side Story, 42nd Street, Evita

Jonathan Prince -- b.8/16/1958
Names/Places: Julie Warner's hubby
TV Shows: Mr. Merlin, Alice (as Danny), American Dreams (writer), The Cleaner (writer)
Movie Titles: 18 Again!

Karim Prince -- b.8/5/1974
TV Shows: FreakyLinks, Malcolm in the Middle (as Cadet Stanley)
Movie Titles: How to Make a Monster, Men in White, Self Medicated

Prairie Prince -- b.5/7/1950
Artist, Painter, Muralist, Rock & Roll Drummer
Names/Places: RN: Charles Lempriere Prince
Misc: Graphic Artist
Group Names: The Tubes, Journey

Ryan Prince -- b.3/14/1977
Writer, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: School Trek (series), Trainyard Dogs, The Return

Tom Prince -- b.8/13/1964
MLB Pitcher, American

Viv Prince -- b.8/9/1944
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: The Pretty Things

William Prince -- b.1/26/1913 d.10/8/1996 (83)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Names/Places: b. in Nichols, N.Y.
Misc: his popularity was due to hundreds of appearances in soap operas.
TV Shows: Aspen, The Mash (costar of 1st hour-long drama with continuing cast)

Prince's Son -- b.10/16/1996 d.10/23/1996 (0)
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: RN: Boy Gregory; Mayte and Prince's son

Princess -- b.11/28/1962
Soul Singer, British
Names/Places: RN:Desiree Heslop
Song Titles: Say I'm Your Number One

Princess Alexandra -- b.7/20/1999
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Ernst August of Hanover's daughter

Princess Andrea -- b.6/8/1984
Names/Places: Princess Caroline's daughter

Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Windsor -- b.8/15/1950
Princess, Sports Figure, Olympic Athlete, English
Names/Places: Queen Elizabeth II's daughter; Capt. Mark Phillips' ex-wife, Tim Laurence's wife
Misc: Horsewoman; Princess of Britian

Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary Of York -- b.8/8/1988
Names/Places: aka Baby Yorklet
Misc: Duchess Fergie & Prince Andrew's daughter

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