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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Forbes Robinson -- b.5/21/1926 d.5/13/1987 (60)
Opera Singer, British

Fran Robinson -- b.4/16/1970
Misc: retired from acting in 1986
TV Shows: Charlie & Company

Francis Robinson -- b.4/28/1910 d.5/14/1980 (70)
Music Figure
Misc: Metropolitan Opera House Assistant Manager

Frank Robinson -- b.8/31/1935 N.S. d.2/7/2019 N.S. (83)
MLB Manager, MLB Right Fielder
Names/Places: b. in Beaumont, TX
Misc: 2x World Series champ, Gold Glove, NL MVP 1961, AL MVP 1966, All Star MVP 1971; career 586 HRs; Triple Crown winner and World Series MVP in 1966 with Baltimore; first black manager in Major Leagues with Cleveland in 1975; Reds and Orioles #20 retired
Sports Teams: Cincinnatti Reds (NL MVP 1961, player 1956-1965), Baltimore Orioles (AL MVP 1966, player 1966-1971, manager 1988-1991, coach 1978-1980, 1985-1987), Los Angeles Dodgers (player 1972), California Angels (player 1973-1974, coach 1977), San Francisco Giants (manager 1981-1984), Cleveland Indians (player 1974-1976, manager 1975-1977), Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals (manager 2002-2006), Milwaukee Brewers (coach, 1984)

Glenn Robinson -- b.1/10/1973
NBA Forward, Olympic Athlete
Misc: 1996 Dream Team
Sports Teams: Milwaukee Bucks

Greg Robinson -- b.8/7/1969
NFL Runningback

Harriet Jane Hanson Robinson -- b.2/8/1825 d.12/22/1911 (86)

Henry Morton Robinson -- b.9/7/1898 d.1/13/1961 (62)

Holly Robinson -- b.9/18/1964
Actress, TV Hostess, Singer
Names/Places: LN:Peete
TV Shows: The Talk (co-host), 21 Jump Street (as Judy Hoffs), Hangin' With Mr. Cooper (as Vanessa Russell), The Nanny (as Maggie Sheffield), For Your Love (as Malena Ellis), Like Family (as Tanya Ward), Chicago Fire (as Tamara Jones)
Movie Titles: Beethoven (series), 21 Jump Street

Ivan Robinson -- b.2/27/1971
Boxer, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympics 1992

J. Russel Robinson -- b.7/8/1892 d.9/30/1963 (71)
Jazz Musician
Group Names: Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Jackie Robinson -- b.1/31/1919 d.10/24/1972 (53)
Movie Actor, MLB Second Baseman
Names/Places: RFN:Jack Roosevelt
Misc: 6x All-Star, World Series champion (1955), 2x NL stolen base leader, NL MVP 1949; he broke baseball's color barrier with Brooklyn Dodgers '47; was the first black American elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Kansas City Monarchs (Negro Leagues), Brooklyn Dodgers (1947-1956)

James Robinson -- b.8/31/1970
NBA Player

James Harvey Robinson -- b.6/29/1863 d.2/16/1936 (72)
Historian, Educator

Jay Robinson -- b.4/14/1930 d.9/27/2013 (83)

Jeff Robinson -- b.2/20/1970
NFL Player

Jeff Robinson -- b.12/14/1961 d.10/26/2014 (52)
MLB Pitcher

John Robinson -- b.7/25/1935
NFL Coach, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Southern California (coach 1972-1974, 1976-1982, 1993-1997), University of Oregon (player 1955-1957, coach 1960-1971), Oakland Raiders (coach 1975), Los Angeles Rams (coach 1983-1991), University of Nevada Las Vegas (coach 1999-2004), San Marcos High School (CA, coach 2010)

Johnny Nolan Robinson -- b.9/9/1938 N.S.
NFL Safety
Misc: 1x Super Bowl champion, 3x AFL champion, 6x AFL All-Star, 5x First team All-AFL, 2x Second team All-AFL
Sports Teams: Dallas Texans / Kansas City Chiefs (1960-1971)

Joseph Taylor Robinson -- b.8/26/1872 d.7/14/1937 (64)
Politician, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: a major figure in the enactment of New Deal legislation

Kerry Robinson -- b.10/3/1973
MLB Player

Khalid Donnel Robinson -- b.2/11/1998 N.S.
Names/Places: aka Khalid

Kim Stanley Robinson -- b.3/23/1952

Larry Clark Robinson -- b.6/2/1951
NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1971-1992; Montreal Canadiens defenseman won Norris trophy '77,'80; career 208 goals and 750 assists
Sports Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Los Angeles Kings

Len Robinson -- b.10/4/1951
NBA Player

Leon Robinson -- b.3/8/1962 N.S.
Actor, Singer
Movie Titles: Buffalo Soldiers, Waiting to Exhale, Cool Runnings, Cliffhanger

M. R. Robinson -- b.12/24/1895 d.??/??/????
Publisher, Editor

Maquet Robinson -- b.11/5/????
Pop Singer
Group Names: Special Generation

Marcus Robinson -- b.2/27/1975
NFL Wide Receiver

Mark Robinson -- b.9/13/1962
NFL Player

Matthew Robinson -- b.1/1/1937 d.8/5/2002 (65)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor
Names/Places: Holly's and Matt's father
Misc: wrote for Sanford And Son and The Cosby Show
TV Shows: Sesame Street (1969-71)

Max Robinson -- b.5/1/1939 d.12/20/1988 (49)
Newscaster, Journalist
TV Shows: ABC News (the first black anchor of a major network newscast)

Nate Robinson -- b.5/31/1984 N.S.
NBA Guard

Nick Robinson -- b.10/5/1963 N.S.
Journalist, English

Nick Robinson -- b.3/22/1995
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Melissa and Joey (as Ryder Scanlon)
Movie Titles: Jurassic World, The Kings of Summer, The 5th Wave
Video Games: Lego (series)

Phil Alden Robinson -- b.3/1/1950
Screenwriter, Director
Movie Titles: Field of Dreams, Sneakers, The Sum of All Fears

Rafael Robinson -- b.6/19/1969
NFL Player

Rey Robinson -- b.4/1/1952
Sprinter, Olympic Athlete
Misc: Olympic-1972

Rich Robinson -- b.5/24/1969
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Black Crowes

Robert Henry Robinson -- b.12/17/1927 d.8/12/2011 (83)
Author, Journalist, English

Sir Robert Robinson -- b.9/13/1886 d.2/8/1975 (88)
Chemist, English

Roger Robinson -- b.5/2/1940 d.9/26/2018 N.S. (78)
Movie Titles: Brother to Brother, Newman's Law, H., Wedding Daze

Ron Robinson -- b.3/24/1962
MLB Player

Rumeal Robinson -- b.11/13/1966
NBA Guard

Ryder Robinson -- b.1/7/2004
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Kate Hudson and Chris's son, Goldie Hawn's grandson

Sandra Dee Robinson -- b.3/23/1967
Names/Places: aka Sandra Ferguson or Sandra Reinhardt
TV Shows: The Bay (as Dr. Christine Nelson)
Movie Titles: The Man in the Silo, Falcon Down

Scott Robinson -- b.11/22/1979
Pop Singer, Hip Hop Rapper, English
Group Names: Five Guys

Serena Robinson -- b.2/20/1961
XXX-rated actress

Smokey Robinson -- b.2/19/1940 N.S.
Music Executive, Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in Detroit; RFN:William
Misc: Motown Records V.P.
Group Names: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (lead and founder through 1972), soloist
Song Titles: Shop Around, You Really Got a Hold on Me, Mickey's Monkey, The Tracks of My Tears, Going to a Go-Go, More Love, I Second That Emotion, Baby Baby Don't Cry, The Tears of a CLown (previous titles as lead with The Miracles), Crusin', Being With You, Tell Me Tomorrow Part 1, Just to See Her, One Heartbeat
Album Titles: Going to a Go-Go, Away We a Go-Go, Make it Happen, Special Occasion, Time Out for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Four in Blue (previous titles as lead with The Miracles), A Quiet Storm, Where There's Smoke..., Warm Thoughts, Being With You, Yes It's You Lady, One Heartbeat

Spider Robinson -- b.11/24/1948
Sci-fi Writer, American, Canadian

Sugar Chile Robinson -- b.12/28/1938
Blues Singer, Jazz Pianist

"Sugar" Ray Robinson -- b.5/3/1920 d.4/12/1989 (68)
Names/Places: RN:Walker Smith Jr.
Misc: mddleweight champ 5X's, welterweight champ; 175 wins w/ 110 KOs, 19 losses w/ 1 KO

Sylvia Robinson -- b.3/6/1936 d.9/29/2011 (75)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: MaN:Vanderpool
Misc: NOT the country Sylvia (b. 12-9)
Group Names: Mickey & Sylvia, soloist

Thomas Robinson -- b.3/17/1991 N.S.
NBA Forward

Tim Robinson -- b.5/23/1981
Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live

Tom (Musician) Robinson -- b.7/1/1950 N.S.
Songwriter, Bandleader, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, British

Tom (Swimming) Robinson -- b.??/??/???? N.S.
Swimmer, American
Misc: Swimming Coach

Vicki Sue Robinson -- b.5/31/1954 d.4/27/2000 (45)
Pop Singer
Song Titles: Turn the Beat Around

Wendy Raquel Robinson -- b.7/25/1967
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: The Game (as Tasha Mack), Minor Adjustments (as Rachel Aimes), Steve Harvey Show (as Principal Regina 'Piggy' Grier)
Movie Titles: Descendants, Miss Congeniality, Rebound

Wilbert Robinson -- b.6/29/1863 d.8/8/1934 (71)
MLB Manager, MLB Catcher
Names/Places: NN:Uncle Robbie
Sports Teams: Philadelphia Athletics (1886-1890), Baltimore Orioles (AA/NL, 1890-1899), St. Louis Cardinals (1900), Baltimore Orioles (AL, 1901-1902), Baltimore Orioles (manager, AL, 1902), Brooklyn Robins (manager, 1914-1931)

Zuleikha Robinson -- b.6/29/1977
Actress, Singer, English
TV Shows: Lost
Movie Titles: Hidalgo, The Merchant of Venice, The Namesake

Bruce Robison -- b.6/11/1966
Songwriter, Country Singer

Carson Robison -- b.8/4/1890 d.3/24/1957 (66)
Arranger, Songwriter, Country Singer

Charles Augustus Robison -- b.11/11/2002
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Emily and Charlie's son

Charlie Robison -- b.9/1/1964
Songwriter, Country Singer

Emily Robison -- b.8/16/1972
Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Country Singer
Names/Places: RN: Emily Burns Erwin
Group Names: Dixie Chicks

Henry Benjamin Robison -- b.4/14/2005
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Emily and Charlie's twin son

Juliana Tex Robison -- b.4/14/2005
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Emily and Charlie's twin daughter

Luc Robitaille -- b.2/17/1966
NHL Left Wing, Canadian
Misc: played 1986-2006
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings

Chet Roble -- b.4/13/1908 d.10/31/1962 (54)

Chris Robshaw -- b.6/4/1986 N.S.
Rugby Player, English

Bobby Robson -- b.2/18/1933 d.7/31/2009 (76)
Soccer Player, English
Misc: CBE; inside forward and manager

Bryan Robson -- b.1/11/1957
Soccer Player, English

Dame Flora Robson -- b.3/28/1902 d.7/7/1984 (82)
Actress, English

Mark Robson -- b.12/4/1913 d.6/20/1978 (64)
Director, Canadian

May Robson -- b.4/19/1858 N.S. d.10/20/1942 N.S. (84)
Movie/Stage Actress, Australian

Andy Robustelli -- b.12/6/1925 N.S. d.5/31/2011 N.S. (85)
NFL Player
Sports Teams: Los Angeles Rams (1951-1955), New York Giants (1956-1964)

Reggie Roby -- b.7/30/1961 d.2/22/2005 (43)
NFL Player

Robyn -- b.6/12/1979 N.S.
Pop Singer, Swedish
Names/Places: RN: Robyn Carlsson
Song Titles: Show Me Love, Do You Know (What It Takes)

Patricia Roc -- b.6/17/1915 d.12/30/2003 (88)
Actress, English

Antonino Rocca -- b.4/13/1921 N.S. d.3/15/1977 N.S. (55)
Sportscaster, Wrestler, Italian
Names/Places: RN:Antonino Biasetto

Daniela Rocca -- b.9/12/1937 d.5/28/1995 (57)

John Rocca -- b.9/23/1960
Music Producer, Dance-Pop Performer, English

Mo Rocca -- b.1/28/1969 N.S.
Humorist, Satirist, Journalist, Actor, Comedian

Alex Rocco -- b.2/29/1936 d.7/18/2015 (79)
TV Shows: Three For the Road, 79 Park Avenue, The Famous Teddy Z (as Al Floss), Sibs (as Howie), The George Carlin Show (as Harry), The Simpsons (as Roger Myers), One Life to Live, The Facts of Life
Movie Titles: The Godfather, Dudley Do Right

Coco Rocha -- b.9/10/1988 N.S.
Model, Canadian

Kali Rocha -- b.12/5/1971 N.S.
TV Shows: Liv and Maddie, Man with a Plan, Grey's Anatomy
Movie Titles: Meet the Parents

Alden Roche -- b.4/9/1945
NFL Defensive End

Betty Roche -- b.1/9/1920 d.2/16/1999 (79)
Jazz Singer
Misc: b. 1918?
Group Names: Duke Ellington's Orchestra (vocalist in 1943-44)

Brian Roche -- b.5/29/1968
NFL Player

David Roche -- b.6/13/1975
NHL Player, Canadian

Eamonn Roche -- b.2/29/1968
TV Shows: Bonnie Hunt Show (as Andrew Wiggins)
Movie Titles: The Mask, Towelhead, Meet Wally Sparks

Eugene Roche -- b.9/22/1928 d.7/28/2004 (75)
TV Shows: Captain Kangaroo (writer), The Corner Bar, Soap (as attorney E. Ronald Mallu), Webster (as Bill Parker)

John Roche -- b.9/26/1949
NBA Player, College Basketball Player, ABA Figure
Misc: University of South Carolina #11 retired
Sports Teams: University of South Carolina, New York Nets (ABA 1971-1974), Kentucky Colonels (ABA 1974-1975), Utah Stars (ABA, 1975), Los Angeles Lakers (1976), Sinudyne Bologna (Italy, 1977-1978), Denver Nuggets (1979-1981)

Kevin Roche -- b.6/14/1922 N.S. d.3/1/2019 N.S. (96)
Architect, Irish

Maggie Roche -- b.10/26/1951 d.1/21/2017 N.S. (65)
Group Names: Roches

Sebastian Roché -- b.8/4/1964 N.S.
Writer, Actor, French
TV Shows: The Man in the High Castle
Movie Titles: Beowulf, The Young Pope, A Walk Among the Tombstones

Stephen Roche -- b.11/28/1959
Bicyclist, Irish

Suzzy Roche -- b.9/29/1956
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Roches

Terre Roche -- b.4/10/1953
Author, Teacher, Songwriter, Guitarist
Group Names: The Roches

Tony Roche -- b.5/17/1945
Tennis Player, Tennis Coach, Australian

Robin Rochelle -- b.11/24/1961 d.2/9/1996 (34)

Nathaniel Rochester -- b.2/21/1752 d.5/17/1831 (79)
Revolutionary, Soldier, Pioneer

Ezra Rochlin -- b.12/5/1915 d.1/21/1995 (79)
Music Director, Conductor

Jeff Rochlin -- b.5/15/1965
Entertainment Figure

Debbie Rochon -- b.11/3/1968
Actress, Producer, Canadian

François Rochon -- b.4/18/1953 N.S.
NHL Player

Lela Rochon -- b.4/17/1964
TV/Movie Actress, Commercial Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Misc: worked in over 20 Bud Light ads with Spuds McKenzie; some say b. 1966
TV Shows: The Wayans Brothers
Movie Titles: Harlem Nights, First Daughter, Any Given Sunday, Knock Off, Waiting To Exhale, Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Rock D. J. Zonka -- b.7/4/1962
Alternative Rock Performer
Group Names: Big Audio Dynamite

Blossom Rock -- b.8/21/1895 d.1/14/1978 (82)
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: Jeanette MacDonald's sister; stage name: Marie Blake of 1940s movies
Misc: veteran comic supporting actress of the 1940s
TV Shows: The Addams Family (as Grandma Addams)

Bob Rock -- b.5/21/1955
Engineer, Music Producer

Bobby Rock -- b.7/13/1963
Author, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Vixen, Nelson

Chris Rock -- b.2/7/1965
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live (as Dark Side with Nat X, regular), Everybody Hates Chris (as himself/narrator)
Movie Titles: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Boomerang, CB4, Leathal Weapon IV, Nurse Betty, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Bad Company, Head of State, The Longest Yard, Madagascar, I Think I Love My Wife, Down to Earth

George Rock -- b.10/11/1919 d.4/13/1988 (68)
Novelty Singer
Group Names: Spike Jones and the City Slickers

John Rock -- b.3/24/1890 d.12/4/1984 (94)
Misc: Clinician; developed birth control pill in 1944

Lola Simone Rock -- b.6/28/2002
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Malaak Compton and Chris's daughter

Pete Rock -- b.6/21/1970
Music Producer, Rap Music Performer

Sir Monti Rock III -- b.5/29/1939 N.S.
Movie Actor, Disco Singer
Group Names: Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes
Movie Titles: Saturday Night Fever

Tony Rock -- b.6/30/1969 N.S.
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Living Biblically

Walter Rock -- b.11/4/1941
NFL Tackle, Football Offensive Lineman
Misc: Super Bowl VII
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins

Zahra Savannah Rock -- b.5/22/2004
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Malaak and Chris's daughter

Abby Rockefeller -- b.10/26/1874 d.4/5/1948 (73)
Art Collector, Philanthropist, Socialite
Names/Places: John D.'s wife

David Rockefeller -- b.6/12/1915 N.S. d.3/20/2017 N.S. (101)
Businessperson, Banker
Names/Places: b. in New York; John Jr.'s son
Misc: International Power Broker; CEO & Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York city

Happy Rockefeller -- b.6/9/1926 d.5/19/2015 (88)

James Stillman Rockefeller -- b.6/8/1902 d.8/10/2004 (102)
Olympic Athlete
Misc: won an Olympic gold medal as captain of an eight-man crew with coxswain.

John D. Rockefeller -- b.7/8/1839 d.5/23/1937 (97)
Industrialist, Philanthropist, Zillionaire
Names/Places: b. in Richford, N.Y.; MN:Davison
Misc: Capitalist; Standard Oil Company and University of Chicago founder

John D. Rockefeller III -- b.3/21/1906 d.1/10/1978 (71)
Misc: d. July 10?

John D. Rockefeller IV -- b.6/18/1937
Names/Places: MN:Jay

John D. Rockefeller Jr. -- b.1/29/1874 d.5/11/1960 (86)
Financier, Philanthropist
Names/Places: MN:David

Laurence S. Rockefeller -- b.5/26/1910 d.7/11/2004 (94)
Naturalist, Conservationist
Names/Places: b. in New York City

Mary French Rockefeller -- b.5/1/1910 d.4/17/1997 (86)
Names/Places: Laurence S.'s wife

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller -- b.7/8/1908 d.1/26/1979 (70)
Vice President, Governor
Names/Places: d. in New York City
Misc: New York Governor, 41st U.S. Vice President 1974-77

Richard Gilder Rockefeller -- b.1/20/1949 d.6/13/2014 (65)
Names/Places: David and Margaret's son

Rodman C. Rockefeller -- b.5/2/1932 d.5/14/2000 (68)
Businessperson, Executive
Names/Places: Nelson's son

William Rockefeller -- b.5/31/1841 d.6/24/1922 (81)
Financier, Industrialist
Misc: known, in conjunction with his older brother, John D. Rockefeller, for his role in the establishment and growth of the Standard Oil Company.

Winthrop Rockefeller -- b.5/1/1912 d.2/22/1973 (60)
Politician, Philanthropist
Names/Places: second youngest of the five sons of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Scott Rockenfield -- b.6/15/1963
Composer, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Queensryche, Slave to the System

John Rocker -- b.10/17/1974
MLB Pitcher
Misc: Relief pitcher with a bigger mouth than can be tolerated

Lee Rocker -- b.8/3/1961
Rock & Roll Bassist
Names/Places: RN:Leon Drucher
Group Names: The Stray Cats

Charles Rocket -- b.8/24/1949 d.10/7/2005 (56)
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Moonlighting (semi-regular), Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update (anchor & regular 1980-81, the 1st SNL member fired from NY for saying the 'f' word live just happened to be a Rocket!)

Kadan Rockett -- b.9/11/2005 N.S.
Actor, Magician/Illusionist, Ventriloquist
Movie Titles: Dark Skies, The Fortune Theory

Rikki Rockett -- b.8/8/1961
Heavy Metal Drummer
Misc: some say b. 1958 or 1959
Group Names: Poison

Valerie Rockey -- b.2/15/1994 N.S.

Luke Rockhold -- b.10/17/1984 N.S.
Mixed Martial Arts

Rockin Dopsie Sr. -- b.2/10/1932 d.8/26/1993 (61)
Singer, Accordionist, Bandleader, Jazz-Fusion Performer
Names/Places: RN:Alton Jay Rubin
Misc: fused Cajun with R&B music (zydeco); guested on Paul Simon's Graceland album playing accordion, so "Weird Al" is in good company on the pop charts.

Rockin' Robin -- b.10/24/????
Radio Disc Jock
Names/Places: LN:Roth

Rockin' Sidney -- b.4/9/1938 d.2/25/1998 (59)
Rhythm and Blues Musician, Soul Performer
Names/Places: LN:Simien

Knute Rockne -- b.3/4/1888 d.3/31/1931 (43)
College Football Coach, Norweigan
Names/Places: MN:Kenneth
Misc: he revolutionized the game by stressing the forward pass; he was also a hero as a player for Notre Dame. By the time of his death in an airplane crash, Rockne had amassed 105 wins to 12 losses and had five unbeaten seasons.
Sports Teams: University of Notre Dame (player 1910-1913, coach 1914-1930, administrator 1920-1930), Akron Indians (1914), Massillon Tigers (1915-1917), South Bend J.F.C.s (coach 1916-1917)

David C. Rockola -- b.1/23/1897 d.1/26/1993 (96)
Inventor, Manufacturer, Music Figure
Misc: Jukebox developer; founder Rock-Ola Manuf. Co.

Rockstar Spud -- b.1/30/1983 N.S.

Darren Christopher Rockwell -- b.10/29/2005 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Tom Rockwell's son

Captain Ell B. Rockwell -- b.2/18/1830 d.12/3/1928 (98)
Misc: of a steamboat

George Lincoln Rockwell -- b.3/9/1918 d.8/25/1967 (49)
Nazi Leader
Misc: founder & leader of American Nazi Party; d. assassination

Martha Rockwell -- b.4/26/1944

Norman Rockwell -- b.2/3/1894 d.11/8/1978 (84)
Illustrator, Painter
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: painted 317 covers for the Saturday Evening Post

Rick Rockwell -- b.11/27/1956
Misc: TV Millionaire in the infamous Fox 2000 special
TV Shows: San Diego at Large (as "Skippy" and other characters)

Robert Rockwell -- b.10/5/1921 d.1/25/2003 (81)
TV/Radio Actor
TV Shows: Our Miss Brooks (as Philip Boynton)

Rocky Rockwell -- b.3/2/1923 d.12/15/2013 (90)
Singer, Trumpeter
Names/Places: RN:Bland
TV Shows: Lawrence Welk Show

Sam Rockwell -- b.11/5/1968
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Conviction, Galaxy Quest, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (as Chuck Barris), Matchstick Men, Choke, Frost/Nixon, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Moon, The Poltergeist, Matchstick Men, The Green Mile

Tom Rockwell -- b.2/26/1973
Novelty Singer
Names/Places: NN:Spice
Group Names: Sudden Death, soloist (as Devo Spice)

Willard F. Rockwell -- b.3/31/1888 d.10/16/1978 (90)
Engineer, Businessperson
Misc: founded Rockwell Std & Rockwell Mfg Co.

James Roday -- b.4/4/1976
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Psych, Miss Match (as Nick Paine), Psyche (as Shawn Spencer)
Movie Titles: Beerfest, Don't Come Knocking, The Dukes of Hazzard, Showtime

Marcia Rodd -- b.7/8/1940
TV Shows: David Frost Revue, 13 Queens Blvd., Flamingo Road (as Alice Kovacs), Trapper John MD (as EJ Riverside)

Franc Roddam -- b.4/29/1946
Director, English

Mike Rodden -- b.10/2/1982
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Hinder

Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry -- b.8/19/1921 N.S. d.10/24/1991 N.S. (70)
Screenwriter, TV/Movie Producer
Names/Places: Majel Barrett's husband
Misc: decorated WWII bomber pilot
TV Shows: Star Trek (creator), Star Trek: The Next Generation (creator)

Andy Roddick -- b.8/30/1982
Tennis Player
Names/Places: RN: Andrew Stephen Roddick

Hank Roddick -- b.9/30/2015 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Brooklyn Decker and Andy's son

Rod Roddy -- b.9/18/1937 d.10/27/2003 (66)
Misc: Soap narrator
TV Shows: Price is Right (announcer 1985-2003)

Homer Rodeheaver -- b.10/4/1880 d.12/18/1955 (75)
Evangelist, Music Director, Composer, Music Publisher, Singer

Holland Roden -- b.10/7/1986
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Teen Wolf (as Lydia Martin)
Movie Titles: Bring It On: Fight to The Finish

Mark Rodenhauser -- b.6/1/1961
NFL Player

Brande Nicole Roderick -- b.6/13/1974
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: April 2000; Playboy Playmate of the Year 2001

David Roderick -- b.5/3/1942

Jim Rodford -- b.7/7/1941 d.1/20/2018 N.S. (76)
Rock & Roll Bassist, English
Names/Places: RN: James Walter Rodford
Group Names: The Zombies, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Bluetones, Argent, The Kinks

Aaron Rodgers -- b.12/2/1983 N.S.
NFL Quarterback
Misc: Super Bowl XLV MVP
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers

Bill Rodgers -- b.12/23/1947
Runner, Track and Field
Names/Places: sometimes spelled Bill Rogers; RN:William Henry Rodgers
Misc: won Boston and New York City marathons 4 times each from 1975-80.

Bob "Buck" Rodgers -- b.8/16/1938 N.S.
MLB Manager, MLB Coach, MLB Catcher

Brendan Rodgers -- b.1/26/1973 N.S.
Soccer Coach, Northern Ireland

Clodagh Rodgers -- b.3/5/1947
Actress, Singer, Northern Ireland

Derrick Rodgers -- b.10/14/1971
NFL Linebacker

Guy Rodgers -- b.9/1/1935 d.2/19/2001 (65)
NBA Player
Misc: 6917 assists
Sports Teams: Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors (1958-1966), Chicago Bulls (1966-1967), Cincinnatti Royals (1967-1968), Milwaukee Bucks (1968-1970)

Jimmie Rodgers -- b.9/18/1933
Variety Show Host, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist, Pop Singer, Folk Singer
Names/Places: b. in Camas, WA; RFN:James Frederick
Song Titles: Honey Comb
TV Shows: Jimmie Rodgers Show

Jimmy Rodgers -- b.9/8/1897 d.5/26/1933 (35)
Songwriter, Pianist, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Meridan, MS; RFMN:James Charles; NN:Father of Country Music; NN:America's Blue Yodeler

Jimmy Rodgers -- b.3/12/1943
NBA Coach, NBA Player

John Rodgers -- b.1/15/1881 d.8/26/1926 (45)
Naval Officer, Aviator
Misc: WWI

Johnny Rodgers -- b.7/5/1951
NFL Runningback, College Football Player, CFL Figure
Misc: Heisman Trophy (1972)
Sports Teams: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Montreal Alouettes (1973-1976), San Diego Chargers (1977-1978)

Jordan Rodgers -- b.8/30/1988 N.S.
College Football Player

Mary Rodgers -- b.1/11/1931 d.6/26/2014 (83)

Michael E. Rodgers -- b.5/8/1969
Actor, Scotish
Movie Titles: Auto Focus, The Patriot, Gia, Red Rose

Nile Rodgers -- b.9/19/1952
Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Rhythm and Blues Musician, Rock & Roll Musician
Misc: produced Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Thompson Twins, and Madonna
Group Names: Chic (rhythm and blues), The Honeydrippers (rock and roll)

Pamela Rodgers -- b.8/18/1944
Misc: retired from acting in 1973
TV Shows: Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
Movie Titles: The Big Cube, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, Suddenly Single

Paul Rodgers -- b.12/17/1949
Songwriter, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Group Names: Free, Bad Company, The Firm

Percy Natham Rodgers -- b.2/9/1970
Songwriter, Singer
Group Names: B.V.S.M.P.

Phil Rodgers -- b.4/3/1938 N.S. d.6/26/2018 N.S. (80)
Golfer, American

Richard Rodgers -- b.6/28/1902 d.12/30/1979 (77)
Dramatist/Playwright, Screen/Scriptwriter, Composer/Songwriter, Lyricist
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: Broadway; Oscar Hammerstein 2nd's partner; composed It Might As Well Be Spring; with partners Hammerstein and Hart, he scored Sound Of Music, South Pacific, Carousel, and Oklahoma

Hugh Rodham -- b.4/2/1911 d.4/7/1993 (82)
Celebrity Relative
Names/Places: Hillary's father

Zachary Boxer Rodham -- b.6/9/1995
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Nicole Boxer & Tony's son

François "Auguste" René Rodin -- b.11/12/1840 d.11/17/1917 (77)
Sculptor, French
Misc: The Thinker; d. in Meudon, France

Peter W. Rodino Jr. -- b.6/7/1909 d.5/7/2005 (95)
Politician, Congressperson
Misc: chaired Watergate hearings

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