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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Robin Weigert -- b.7/7/1969

Doug Weight -- b.1/21/1971
NHL General Manager, NHL Coach, NHL Center
Names/Places: RN:Douglas Daniel Weight
Misc: played 1991-2010
Sports Teams: New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues, Carolina Hurricanes, Anaheim Ducks, New York Islanders

Brucie Weil -- b.??/??/????

Connor Weil -- b.12/28/1993 N.S.
TV Shows: Scream
Movie Titles: Sharknando

Cynthia Weil -- b.10/18/1940
Actress, Composer, Songwriter
Misc: wrote "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", "Kicks", many others with partner Barry Mann

Josh Weil -- b.7/1/1970
Heavy Metal Bassist
Names/Places: RFN:Joshua Cornelius
Group Names: Roxy Blue

Liza Weil -- b.6/5/1977
TV Shows: Gilmore Girls (as Paris Geller), How to Get Away with Murder (as Bonnie Winterbottom)

Simone Weil -- b.2/3/1909 d.8/24/1943 (34)
Philosopher, French

Lucy Olivia Weiland -- b.7/20/2002
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Mary and Scott's daughter

Ralph "Cooney" Weiland -- b.11/5/1904 d.7/3/1985 (80)
NHL Center, Canadian
Misc: played from 1925-1939
Sports Teams: Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings

Scott Weiland -- b.10/27/1967 d.12/3/2015 N.S. (48)
Alternative Rock Singer
Group Names: Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver
Song Titles: Plush, Wicked Garden, Creep, Big Empty, Interstate Love Song, Vasoline, Unglued, Dancing Days, Big Bang Baby, Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart, Lady Picture Show, Tumble in the Rough, Down, Sour Girl, Days of the Week (preceding titles as Stone Temple Pilots), Slither, Fall to Pieces, Dirty Little Thing, She Builds Quick Machines (preceding title as Velvet Revolver)
Album Titles: Core, Purple, Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop, No. 4, Shangri-La Dee Da, Stone Temple Pilots (previous titles as Stone Temple Pilots), Contraband, Libertad (previous titles as Velvet Revolver)

Ken Weiler -- b.1/11/1967
Actor, Novelty Musician
Group Names: The Four Postmen
TV Shows: The Handler (as Roy Cook)

Kurt Weill -- b.3/2/1900 d.4/3/1950 (50)
Composer, German
Names/Places: Lottie Lenya's hubby

George Wein -- b.10/3/1925
Music Producer, Jazz Pianist
Misc: founded Newport Jazz Festival

Len Wein -- b.6/12/1948 N.S. d.9/10/2017 N.S. (69)
Comic Book Artist, Writer, Editor
Names/Places: Wolverine (co-creator), DC Comics' Swamp Thing (co-creator)

Chester Weinberg -- b.9/23/1930 d.4/24/1985 (54)
Fashion Designer

Max W. Weinberg -- b.4/13/1951
Bandleader, Rock & Roll Drummer
Names/Places: b. in South Orange, NJ
Group Names: The E Street Band
TV Shows: Late Night with Conan O'Brien (bandleader of the Max Weinberg Seven-piece Ensemble)

Mike Weinberg -- b.2/16/1993
Movie Titles: Home Alone 4, Life as a House, Stolen Summer, The Lone Ranger

Caspar Willard Weinberger -- b.8/18/1917 d.3/28/2006 (88)
Government Official
Misc: Defense Secretary under President Reagan

Donna Weinbrecht -- b.4/23/1965
Skier, Olympic Athlete
Misc: gold medalist

Matthew Weiner -- b.6/29/1965
Writer, Producer
TV Shows: Becker (writer), Mad Men (writer), The Sopranos (writer)
Movie Titles: Are You Here (writer)

Felix Weingartner -- b.6/2/1863 d.5/7/1942 (78)
Composer, Musician, Austrian

Scott Weinger -- b.10/5/1975
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, Video Game Voice Actor
Names/Places: MN:Eric
Misc: some say b. 1976
TV Shows: Full House (as Steve Hale, also on Fuller House), Aladdin (as Aladdin)
Movie Titles: Aladdin (series)
Video Games: Disney Infinity (series), Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kingdom Hearts II (series)

Chris Weinke -- b.7/31/1972 N.S.
NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback, College Football Player
Misc: Heisman Trophy (2000)
Sports Teams: Florida State, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams (coach, 2015-present as of 2015)

Adolph A. Weinman -- b.12/11/1870 d.8/8/1952 (81)
Sculptor, German

Arnie Weinmeister -- b.3/23/1923 d.6/29/2000 (77)
NFL Defensive, NFL Tackle, CFL Figure
Misc: AAFC figure; 4x Pro Bowl, 6x All-Pro
Sports Teams: New York Yankees (AAFC, 1948-1949), New York Giants (1950-1953), British Columbia Lions (CFL, 1954-1955)

Len Weinrib -- b.4/29/1935 d.6/28/2006 (71)
Comedy Writer, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: voiced in many cartoons
Group Names: Spike Jones (member of his band in the 1960s)

Eric Weinrich -- b.12/19/1966
NHL Defensive, American

Harvey Weinstein -- b.3/19/1952
Movie Producer
Misc: co-founder of Miramax
Movie Titles: Shakespeare in Love

Josh Weinstein -- b.5/5/1966 N.S.
Screenwriter, Producer
TV Shows: The Simpsons

Josh Philip Weinstein -- b.3/11/????
Misc: been acting at age 17; b. c. 1973
Movie Titles: Day Night Day Night, Mars Attacks!

Carl Weintraub -- b.3/27/1946
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Cagney & Lacey (as Nick Amatucci)
Movie Titles: Air Force One, Oliver and Company, Beverly Hills Cop

Cindy Weintraub -- b.4/5/????

Jerry Weintraub -- b.9/26/1937 d.7/6/2015 (77)
Movie Producer
Misc: former chairman and CEO of United Artists
Movie Titles: Ocean's Eleven, Diner, The Karate Kid

Alex Weir -- b.10/20/1916 d.1/10/2003 (86)
Soccer Player, Scotish

Johnny Weir -- b.7/2/1984
Figure Skater

Peter Weir -- b.8/21/1944
Writer, Producer/Director, Australian
Misc: some say b. Aug 8
Movie Titles: The Truman Show, Master and Commander, The Way Back, Dead Poets Society, Witness, Green Card

Robert Hall "Bob" Weir -- b.10/16/1947 N.S.
Rhythm Guitarist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco; NN:Ace
Group Names: The Grateful Dead (co-founder)

Robert W. Weir -- b.6/18/1803 d.5/1/1889 (85)
Painter, Educator

Stan Weir -- b.3/17/1952
NHL Center, Canadian

Stephnie Weir -- b.11/28/1967
Actress, Comedienne, Producer
TV Shows: MAD TV
Movie Titles: Fun with Dick and Jane

Gary Weis -- b.??/??/????
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live (filmmaker 1970s)
Movie Titles: The Rutles: All You Need is Cash (director), Jimi Hendrix (director), Wholly Moses! (director)

Tim Weisberg -- b.??/??/1943
Flutist, Jazz Performer
Misc: one of the pioneers in rock/jazz fusion

Harry "Bud" Weiser -- b.1/8/1891 d.7/31/1961 (70)
MLB Outfielder

Tom Weiskopf -- b.11/9/1942

Kevin Weisman -- b.12/29/1970
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Goliath (as Ned Berring), Alias (as SD-6 / CIA Agent Ops Tech Marshall Flinkman)
Movie Titles: Flipped, Clerks II, Gone in 60 Seconds

Adolph Weiss -- b.9/12/1891 d.2/20/1971 (79)

Betty Weiss -- b.??/??/1947
Pop Singer
Group Names: Shangri-Las

Bob Weiss -- b.5/7/1942
NBA Coach

Danny Weiss -- b.??/??/????
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Iron Butterfly

George M. Weiss -- b.6/23/1895 d.8/13/1972 (77)
MLB Executive

Jerry Weiss -- b.5/1/1946
Flugelhorn, Jazz Trumpeter
Group Names: "Blood, Sweat & Tears"

Mandell Weiss -- b.4/22/1891 d.12/29/1993 (102)
Businessperson, Philanthropist

Mary Weiss -- b.12/28/1948
Pop Singer
Group Names: Shangri-Las

Michael Weiss -- b.8/2/1976
Figure Skater

Michael T. Weiss -- b.2/2/1962
TV/Soap Actor
TV Shows: Dark Shadows (as Joe), The Pretender (as Jarod Russell), Days of Our Lives

Peter Weiss -- b.11/8/1916 d.5/10/1982 (65)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, German

Rachael Ann Weiss -- b.10/14/1987
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Kathleen Turner & Jay Weiss's daughter

Roberta Weiss -- b.9/5/1958 or 11/15/1961 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
Names/Places: aka Roberta Weiss-Bizeau
Misc: imdb and wikipedia have disagreeing birthdates
TV Shows: Family Passions (as Dolores)
Movie Titles: Stephen King's The Dead Zone

Shaun Weiss -- b.8/27/1978
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Freaks and Geeks (as Sean)
Movie Titles: The Mighty Ducks (series), Drillbit Taylor

Ted Weiss -- b.9/17/1927 d.9/14/1992 (64)

Walt Weiss -- b.11/28/1963
MLB Manager, MLB Shortstop

Morgan Weisser -- b.5/12/1971
TV Actor
TV Shows: Space: Above and Beyond (as Nathan West)
Movie Titles: Cool Air, Infection,

Manfred Weissleder -- b.1/29/1928 d.2/27/1980 (52)
Music Figure
Misc: established the Star Club in Hamburg; recruited all kinds of groups including The Beatles; died either Feb 26 or 27 in 1980

Jeffrey Weissman -- b.10/2/1958
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: Corked, Savior of none, Johnny Dangerously, 2001: A Space Travesty (as Groucho), Back to the Future (Parts II and III), Pale Rider, Twilight Zone: The Movie

Malina Weissman -- b.3/12/2003 N.S.
TV Shows: Supergirl (as Young Kara Zor-El), A Series of Unfortunate Events

Johnny Weissmuller -- b.6/2/1904 N.S. d.1/20/1984 N.S. (79)
Movie Actor, TV/Movie Actor, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Austrian, Hungarian
Names/Places: b. in Chicago; RFN:Peter John; wed 5x's; d. in Acapulco, Mexico
Misc: won 52 national championships, 5 Olympic gold medals; set 67 world records; was the first to swim 100m freestyle under a minute; some say b. in 1903 or d. 1-21
TV Shows: Jungle Jim (star)
Movie Titles: Tarzan (series 1932-1948)

Johnny Weissmuller Jr. -- b.9/23/1940 d.7/27/2006 (65)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: American Graffiti

Dwight Weist -- b.1/16/1910 d.7/16/1991 (81)
Radio Actor, Announcer
Names/Places: NN:The Man of 1,000 Voices;
Misc: radio: The March of Time

Rachel Weisz -- b.3/7/1970
Actress, Producer, English
Misc: some say b. 1971
Movie Titles: Runaway Jury, Constantine, About a Boy, The Mummy (series), The Fountain, The Constant Gardener

Bruce Weitz -- b.5/27/1943
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Norwalk, CT
TV Shows: Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratton Story, Hill Street Blues (as Det. Mick Belker), Anything But Love (as Mike Urbanek), Sisters (as Det. Mick Belker)
Movie Titles: Deep Impact

Chris Weitz -- b.11/30/1969
Author, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer, Director

John Weitz -- b.5/25/1923 d.10/3/2002 (79)
Fashion Designer, Author, Spy, American, German
Misc: sportsman

Paul Weitz -- b.7/25/1932 N.S. d.10/23/2017 N.S. (85)
Astronaut, Aviator
Misc: veteran of Skylab and shuttle missions

Chaim Weizmann -- b.11/27/1874 d.11/9/1952 (77)
Scientist, Head of State, Russian
Misc: the first president of Israel in 1948

Danny Welbeck -- b.11/26/1990 N.S.
Soccer Striker, English

Ben Welch -- b.??/??/1876 d.??/??/1926

Bob Welch -- b.11/3/1956 d.6/9/2014 (57)
MLB Pitcher
Misc: AL Cy Young Award winner in 1990
Sports Teams: Oakland Athletics

Bob Welch -- b.7/31/1945 d.6/7/2012 (66)
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, American
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Group Names: Fleetwood Mac (1971-74), soloist

Brian "Head" Welch -- b.6/19/1970 N.S.

Bruce Welch -- b.11/2/1941
Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Rhythm Guitarist, Rock & Roll Musician, English
Names/Places: RLN:Cripps
Group Names: The Shadows

Christopher Evan Welch -- b.9/28/1965 d.12/2/2013 (48)
Misc: known for his comic skills; played characters who were foolish, weak, conniving, or otherwise beset by moral turpitude

Elizabeth Welch -- b.2/19/1904 d.7/15/2003 (99)

Florence Welch -- b.8/28/1986
Songwriter, Alternative Rock Singer, English
Group Names: Florence and the Machine (as lead)
Song Titles: Sweet Nothing (with Calvin Harris), Dog Days of Summer, You've Got the Love, You Got the Dirtee Love (with Dizzee Rascal), Shake It Out, Never Let Me Go, Spectrum (Say My Name)
Album Titles: Lungs (2009), Ceremonials (2011), "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" (2015)

Gillian Welch -- b.10/2/1967
Songwriter, Folk Singer

Joe Welch -- b.??/??/1873 d.??/??/1918

John Francis "Jack" Welch Jr. -- b.11/19/1935
Author, Engineer, Businessperson, Executive
Misc: former General Electric CEO & chairman; wasn't he the one who refused to shake David Letterman's hand?

Joseph Welch -- b.10/22/1890 d.10/6/1960 (69)

Kevin Welch -- b.8/17/1955
Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist

Larry Welch -- b.6/9/1934
Misc: head of Strategic Air Command

Lenny Welch -- b.5/15/1938
Pop Singer
Misc: some say b. May 31

Michael Welch -- b.7/25/1987
TV Shows: Joan of Arcadia (as Luke Girardi), Z Nation (as Mack Thompson)
Movie Titles: Twilight (series), Star Trek: Insurrection

Mickey Welch -- b.7/4/1859 d.7/30/1941 (82)
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN:Smiling Mickey

Niles Welch -- b.7/29/1888 d.11/21/1976 (88)

Raquel Welch -- b.9/5/1940
Actress, Producer, Exerciser
Names/Places: b. in San Diego; RLN:Tejada
Misc: some say b. 1942 but that's incorrect
TV Shows: Central Park West (as Dianna Brock)
Movie Titles: The Three Musketeers, Fantastic Voyage, Legally Blonde, The Four Musketeers, Thunderball

Tahnee Welch -- b.12/26/1961
Movie Actress
Names/Places: Raquel's daughter
Movie Titles: Cocoon, I Shot Andy Warhol, Cocoon: The Return, Sue

William Welch -- b.4/8/1850 d.4/30/1934 (84)
Scientist, Bacteriologist, Pathologist
Misc: founded John Hopkins

Philip Weld -- b.??/??/1915 d.9/4/1984 (69)
Publisher, Sports Figure
Misc: Sailing

Tuesday Weld -- b.8/27/1943
TV/Movie Actress, Model
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RFMN:Susan Kerr; Dudley Moore's ex-
TV Shows: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (as Thalia Menninger)
Movie Titles: Once Upon a Time in America, Falling Down, Thief, The Cincinnati Kid

William F. Weld -- b.7/31/1945
Politician, Governor, Attorney, Businessperson

Ben Welden -- b.6/12/1901 d.10/17/1997 (96)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: best known for playing TV bad guys in Superman and 1960s TV westerns
Movie Titles: The Big Sleep, The Last Gangster, Shadows in the Night

Pete Welding -- b.11/15/1935 d.11/17/1995 (60)
Music Producer, Musicologist
Misc: blues historian, activist

Casey Weldon -- b.2/3/1969
NFL Quarterback

Joan Weldon -- b.8/5/1930 N.S.
Movie Actress
Misc: retired from acting in 1958

Ljuba Welitsch -- b.7/10/1913 d.8/31/1996 (83)
Opera Singer

Lawrence Welk -- b.3/11/1903 d.5/17/1992 (89)
Music Producer, Accordionist, Bandleader, Conductor
Names/Places: b. in Strassburg, MD; NN: The King of Champagne Music
Misc: Polka
TV Shows: The Lawrence Welk Show (host)

Frank Welker -- b.3/12/1946 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
Misc: specialized as a voice actor for most of his career
TV Shows: Super Friends, Wonderbug, Dynomutt Dog Wonder, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, Kwicky Koala Show, Pac-Man, The Dukes, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Dungeons and Dragons, Inspector Gadget, Rambo, Centurions, G.I. Joe, Pound Puppies, Spiral Zone, Bionic Six, Alvin and the Chipmunks, DuckTales, Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters, Muppet Babies, Tiny Toon Adventures, Goof Troop, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers, Cro, Aladdin, Seaquest 2032, Gargoyles, Captain Planet and the Planteers, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The Mask, Hercules, Timon and Pumbaa, Animaniacs, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, House of Mouse, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Mickey Mouse Works, Histeria!, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo (as various), The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (as Goddard), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mad (occasional), Futurama (as Nibbler and variuous), Curious George (as Curious George), The Simpsons (occasional), The Smurfs, Garfield and Friends (as Booker, Sheldon, various), Garfield (as Garfield), Transformers (series), Scooby Doo (series as Fred Jones), Bubble Guppies (as Bubble Puppy)
Movie Titles: Aladdin (as Abu and Rajah)
Video Games: The Flintstones (series), Lego (series), Transformers (seires)

Wes Welker -- b.5/1/1981 N.S.
NFL Wide Receiver

Colin Welland -- b.7/4/1934 d.11/2/2015 N.S. (81)
Screenwriter, Actor, English, German
Misc: won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his script of the 1981 movie Chariots of Fire
Movie Titles: Chariots of Fire

Freddy Weller -- b.9/9/1947
Songwriter, Bassist, Country Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: RN: Wilton Frederick Weller; b. in Atlanta, Georgia
Group Names: Paul Revere & the Raiders

Paul Weller -- b.5/25/1958
Songwriter, Bassist, New Wave Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: MN:John William
Group Names: The Jam, The Style Council, soloist

Peter Weller -- b.6/24/1947
Actor, Director, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Odyzzey 5, 24 (as Christopher Henderson), Sons of Anarchy
Movie Titles: Robocop, Mighty Aprhodite, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Naked Lunch, Star Trek Into Darkness
Video Games: Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Robb Weller -- b.9/27/1949
Newsperson, TV Host, Game Show Host
Names/Places: Art Gilmore's nephew
TV Shows: Entertainment Tonight, Win Lose or Draw, Home

Thomas Weller -- b.6/15/1915 d.8/23/2008 (93)
Scientist, Bacteriologist

Deborah Welles -- b.12/31/1970
XXX-rated actress, Hungarian

Gideon Welles -- b.7/1/1802 d.2/11/1878 (75)
Government Official
Names/Places: NN: Neptune
Misc: U.S. secretary of the navy under presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.

Gwen Welles -- b.3/4/1951 d.10/13/1993 (42)
Movie Actress

Orson Welles -- b.5/6/1915 d.10/10/1985 (70)
Author, TV/Movie/Stage/Radio Actor, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Kenosha, WI; FN:George; d. in Los Angeles
Misc: radio:War of the Worlds
TV Shows: The Name of the Game (narrator), Night Gallery (narrator), Shogun (narrator), Magnum P.I. (voice of Robin Masters)
Movie Titles: Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons

Terri Welles -- b.11/21/1956
Actress, Model, Playmate
Names/Places: RN:Terri Knepper
Misc: December 1980; Playboy Playmate of the Year 1981

Tori Welles -- b.6/17/1967
XXX-rated actress

Arthur Wellesley -- b.5/1/1769 d.9/14/1852 (83)
General, Statesman, British, Irish
Misc: 1st Duke of Wellington (C)/victor at Waterloo/British PM (1828-30) who made Napoleon very unhappy.

Egon Wellesz -- b.10/21/1885 d.11/9/1974 (89)
Scholar, Composer, Austrian
Misc: opera music

Thomson Wylde Welling -- b.1/5/2019 N.S.
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jessica Rose Lee and Tom's son

Tom Welling -- b.4/26/1977
Actor, Producer/Director, Model
TV Shows: Judging Amy (occasional), Smallville (as Clark Jerome Kent/Kal-El)
Movie Titles: Cheaper By The Dozen (series), The Fog

Valerie Wellington -- b.11/14/1959 d.1/2/1993 (33)
Movie/Stage Actress, Blues Singer

Bobby Wellins -- b.1/24/1936 d.10/27/2016 N.S. (80)
Tenor-sax, Jazz Saxophonist, Scotish

Titus Welliver -- b.3/12/1962 N.S.
Group Names: Brooklyn South
TV Shows: Bosch
Movie Titles: Argo, The Town, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Gone Baby Gone

Walter Wellman -- b.11/3/1858 d.1/31/1934 (75)
Aeronautical, Aviator, Explorer, Journalist

William Augustus W. Wellman -- b.2/29/1896 d.12/9/1975 (79)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Aviator, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Brookline, Mass
Misc: WWI flying ace
Movie Titles: A Star is Born, The Ox Bow Incident

Jon Wellner -- b.7/11/1975 N.S.
TV Shows: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (as Henry Andrews)
Movie Titles: Oceans's Thirteen, Evan Almighty, Brown Eyed Girl

Karl Nikolai Wellner -- b.2/27/1991
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Deborah Norville & Karl's son

Kyle Maximilian Wellner -- b.12/12/1994
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Deborah Norville & Karl's son

Mikaela Katharina Wellner -- b.9/16/1997
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Deborah Norville and Karl's girl

Allen Wells -- b.5/3/1952
Runner, Olympic Athlete, Scotish
Misc: 100m dash (Olympic-gold-1980)

Bob Wells -- b.11/1/1966
MLB Pitcher

Bubba Wells -- b.7/26/1974
NBA Player

Carole Wells -- b.8/31/1942
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Pistols 'n Petticoats
Movie Titles: Funny Lady, National Velvet

Chris Wells -- b.11/12/1975
NHL Player, Canadian

Claudette Wells -- b.2/20/1954
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Square Pegs (as LaDonna Fredericks)
Movie Titles: Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, Shrek, Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Claudia Wells -- b.7/5/1966
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, Malaysia
TV Shows: Herbie the Love Bug, Fast Times (as Linda)
Movie Titles: Back to the Future, Starship: Rising, Still Waters Burn, Alien Armageddon
Video Games: Back to the Futire: The Game (series)

Cory Julius Wells -- b.2/2/1941 N.S. or 2/5/1941 N.S. d.10/21/2015 N.S. (74)
Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles
Misc: Wikipedia revised his DOB to Feb 2, 1941
Group Names: Three Dog Night

Dan Wells -- b.10/25/1973
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: RN: Daniel Dwayne Wells
TV Shows: Watch Over Me
Movie Titles: Prayers for Bobby

David Wells -- b.5/20/1963
MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: NN: Boomer
Misc: AL LCS MVP 1998
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

Dawn Wells -- b.10/18/1938
Actress, Producer, Country Singer
TV Shows: Gilligan's Island (as Mary Ann Summers)
Movie Titles: Silent But Deadly

Dean Wells -- b.7/20/1970
NFL Linebacker

Delores Wells -- b.10/17/1937 N.S. d.2/9/2016 N.S. (78)
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: June 1960

Derek Wells -- b.8/2/1967
TV Shows: The Fitzpatricks, Salage 1

Dicky Wells -- b.6/10/1907 d.11/12/1985 (78)
Composer, Trombonist

Frank Wells -- b.3/4/1932 d.4/3/1994 (62)
Businessperson, Executive
Misc: Disney CEO & president; he was responsible for the films "Pretty Woman", "Aladdin", and "Sister Act"

H. G. Wells -- b.9/21/1866 d.8/13/1946 (79)
Novelist, Historian, Congressperson, English
Names/Places: b. in Kent; RFMN:Herbert George; d. in London
Book Titles: The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds

Henry Wells -- b.??/??/1906 d.??/??/????
Singer, Tenor-sax

Henry Wells -- b.12/12/1805 d.12/10/1878 (72)
Businessperson, Executive
Misc: with partner William Fargo, founded Wells Fargo & Co. in 1852 and the American Express Co.; operated the pony express

Horace Wells -- b.1/21/1815 d.1/24/1848 (33)
Misc: pioneer in use of medical anethesia.

Ida Wells -- b.7/16/1862 d.3/25/1931 (68)
Journalist, Editor, Political Activist
Names/Places: aka Ida Bell Wells-Barnett
Misc: founded Negro Fellowship League

Jay Wells -- b.5/18/1959
NHL Player, Canadian

John Barnes Wells -- b.??/??/1880 d.8/8/1935 (54)

Johnny Wells -- b.??/??/1905 d.11/25/1965
Comedian, Dancer, Singer, Drummer

Junior Wells -- b.12/9/1934 d.1/15/1998 (63)
Songwriter, Harmonicaist, Blues Singer

Kitty Wells -- b.8/30/1919 d.7/16/2012 (92)
Country Singer, Country Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Nashville, TN; NN:The Queen Of Country Music; RN:Muriel Deason

Linton Wells -- b.4/1/1893 d.1/31/1976 (82)
Misc: of wars

Mary Wells -- b.5/13/1943 N.S. d.7/26/1992 N.S. (49)
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: b. in Detroit; MN:Esther
Song Titles: My Guy

Mary K. Wells -- b.12/1/1920 d.8/14/2000 (79)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Soap Actress
TV Shows: Edge of Night, All My Children (as writer)

Mike Wells -- b.6/1/1971
NFL Player, Football Defensive Lineman

Mike Wells -- b.6/18/1951
NFL Quarterback

Robb Wells -- b.3/20/1971 N.S.
Screenwriter, Actor, Canadian
Names/Places: he is related to the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harpe
TV Shows: Trailer Park Boys (a mockumentary TV series)

Tauren Wells -- b.4/7/1986 N.S.
Christian/Rock Performer

Tracy Wells -- b.3/13/1971
TV Shows: Mr. Belvedere (as Heather Owens)
Movie Titles: Gremlins, After Midnight

Vernon Wells -- b.12/8/1978 N.S.
MLB Center Fielder
Misc: 3x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, Silver Slugger
Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays

W. R. Clifford "Cliff" Wells -- b.3/17/1896 N.S. d.8/15/1977 N.S. (81)
Basketball Coach
Misc: As a high school basketball coach in Indiana he led his teams to winning more than 50 tournaments, including two Indiana state championships in 1919 and 1934.
Sports Teams: Tulane University (coach 1945-1963)

Willie Wells -- b.8/10/1906 d.1/22/1989 (82)
Baseball Shortstop
Names/Places: NN:The Devil
Misc: Negro League
Sports Teams: St. Louis Stars (1924-31), Detroit Wolves (1932), Homestead Grays (1932, 1937), Kansas City Monarchs (1932), Chicago American Giants (1929, 1933-35), Newark Eagles (1936-39, 1942, 1945), Birmingham Black Barons (1941), New York Black Yankees (1945-46), Baltimore Elite Giants (1946), Indianapolis Clowns (1947), Memphis Red Sox (1948), Veracruz (1940-41, 1944), Tampico (1943), Mexico City (1944), Newark Eagles (manager, 1942, 1945), Indianapolis Clowns (manager, 1947)

Paul Wellstone -- b.7/21/1944 d.10/25/2002 (58)

Dick Wellstood -- b.11/25/1927 d.7/24/1987 (59)
Jazz Pianist

Vince Welnick -- b.2/21/1951 d.6/2/2006 (55)
Singer, Rock & Roll Keyboardist
Group Names: Tubes, Todd Rundgren, Grateful Dead

Christian Welp -- b.1/2/1964 d.3/1/2015 N.S. (51)
NBA Player, German

Carl Auer Welsbach -- b.9/1/1858 d.8/4/1929 (70)
Chemist, Engineer, Austrian
Misc: invented the gas mantle, thus allowing the greatly increased output of light by gas lamps.

Chris Welsh -- b.4/21/1968
Rock & Roll Drummer
Names/Places: RFN:Christopher Lord
Group Names: McQueen Street

Derek Francis Welsh -- b.10/19/1966
Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: McQueen Street

Freddie Welsh -- b.3/5/1886 d.7/29/1927 (41)
Boxer, Welsh (Wales)

Mikey Welsh -- b.4/20/1971 d.10/8/2011 (40)
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Weezer

Patricia A. Welsh -- b.2/11/1915 d.1/26/1995 (79)
Movie Titles: E.T. (the character's voice)

Kim Welshons -- b.??/??/1951 N.S. d.3/15/2015 N.S.
Swimmer, American

Romy Weltman -- b.1/18/2000 N.S.
Actress, Canadian
TV Shows: Backstage (as Kit Dunn)

Rick Welts -- b.??/??/1953 N.S.
NBA Executive

Eudora Welty -- b.4/13/1909 d.7/23/2001 (92)
Author, Novelist, Athiest, Actress
Misc: the Eudora E-mail program was named for this person. Why, I don't know.

Ron Welty -- b.2/1/1971
Punk Rock Drummer
Group Names: The Offspring

Billy Welu -- b.7/3/1932 d.5/16/1974 (41)

Ming-Na Wen -- b.11/20/1963
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, Chinese
TV Shows: ER (as Dr. Deborah "Deb" Chen), The Single Guy (as Trudy Sloane), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (as Melinda May)
Movie Titles: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, The Joy Luck Club, Mulan
Video Games: Lego Marvel's Adventures, Disney Infinity 3.0, Defense Grid (series)

Señor Wences -- b.4/17/1896 d.4/20/1999 (103)
Puppeteer, Ventriloquist
Misc: the master ventriloquist who delighted "Ed Sullivan Show" audiences by bantering in a comic Spanish accent with his puppet-in-a-box Pedro ("S'OK?" "S'awright!") and his falsetto-voiced hand puppet Johnny; RN:Wenceslao Moreno; usually celebrated his birthday on Apr 20

Autumn Wendel -- b.4/24/1997 N.S.
TV Shows: Every Witch Way (as Sophie Johnson)

Elmarie Wendel -- b.11/23/1928 N.S. d.7/21/2018 N.S. (89)
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: 3rd Rock From The Sun (as Mrs. Dubcek), George Lopez Show
Movie Titles: The Lorax, A Bag of Hammers, Rumpelstiltskin
Video Games: Fallout (series)

J. C. Wendel -- b.4/3/????
TV Shows: Dave's World (as Mia)

Bill Wendell -- b.3/22/1924 d.4/14/1999 (75)
Misc: announced on many shows since the 1950s
TV Shows: Late Night with David Letterman (announcer), Ernie Kovacs Show (announcer), Saturday Night Live (fake commercials announcer)

E. W. "Bud" Wendell -- b.8/17/1927 N.S. d.1/8/2016 N.S. (88)
Music Executive, Country Figure
Misc: in the Country Music Hall of Fame

Howard Wendell -- b.2/25/1894 d.8/11/1975 (81)

Turk Wendell -- b.5/19/1967
MLB Pitcher

Harry H. Wendelstedt Jr. -- b.7/27/1938 d.3/9/2012 (73)
MLB Umpire
Names/Places: MN:Hunter

Michael Wenden -- b.11/17/1949 N.S.
Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

Wim Wenders -- b.8/14/1945
Photographer, Author, Playwright, Producer/Director, German

Daniel Francis Wendt -- b.5/23/1989
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Bernadette Burkett & George's son

George Wendt -- b.10/17/1948
TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in Chicago; Bernadette Birkett's hubby
Misc: Second City troupe
TV Shows: Cheers (as Norm Peterson), Saturday Night Live (as Da Bearz' Bob Swerski)

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