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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Christopher Gadsden -- b.2/16/1724 d.9/15/1805 (81)
Revolutionary, General
Misc: of Continental Army

Pat Garrett -- b.6/5/1850 N.S. d.2/29/1908 N.S. (57)
Misc: Old West Lawman, Bartender, Customs Agent; was known as the man who killed Billy the Kid.

Daryl F. Gates -- b.8/30/1926 d.4/16/2010 (83)
Misc: Los Angeles Police Chief

Horatio Gates -- b.7/26/1727 d.4/10/1806 (78)
Revolutionary, General, British

James Gavin -- b.3/22/1907 d.2/23/1990 (82)
Author, General
Misc: WWII; commandant US 82nd Airborn Div (Normandy)

Reinhard Gehlen -- b.4/3/1902 d.6/8/1979 (77)
General, Spy, German
Misc: was a general in the German Army during World War II, who served as chief of intelligence-gathering on the Eastern Front.

James Gentle -- b.7/21/1904 d.5/22/1986 (81)
Soldier, Golfer, Soccer Player, Hockey Figure
Misc: in the National Soccer Hall of Fame

Vo Nguyen Giap -- b.8/25/1911 d.10/4/2013 (102)
Misc: Vietnamese commander

James Melville Gilliss -- b.9/6/1811 d.2/9/1865 (53)
Naval Officer, Astronomer
Misc: founded the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., the first U.S. observatory devoted entirely to research.

William Gilpin -- b.10/4/1813 d.1/20/1894 (80)
Soldier, Explorer, Pioneer

Henri-Honore Giraud -- b.1/18/1879 d.3/11/1949 (70)
General, French

Mordecai Gist -- b.2/22/1742 J-LD or 2/22/1743 Ju-1 d.8/2/1792 (50)

John Glover -- b.11/5/1732 d.1/30/1797 (64)
Revolutionary, General

George Washington Goethals -- b.6/29/1858 d.1/21/1928 (69)
General, Army Officer, Scientist, Engineer
Misc: chief engineer of the Panama Canal

Maude Gonne -- b.12/21/1866 d.4/27/1953 (86)
Revolutionary, Feminist, Actress, English

Andrew J. Goodpaster -- b.2/12/1915 d.5/16/2005 N.S. (90)
Army Officer, Hero
Misc: American Army General

Charles G. Gordon -- b.1/28/1833 d.1/26/1885 (51)
Misc: China forces

Henry Gorringe -- b.8/11/1841 d.7/7/1885 (43)
Naval Officer

Gaspard Gourgaud -- b.9/14/1783 d.7/25/1852 (68)
Soldier, French

John Manners Marguess Of Granby -- b.1/2/1721 d.10/18/1770 (49)
Army Officer, Soldier, British
Misc: a popular British hero of the Seven Years' War (1756-63).

Ulysses Simpson Grant -- b.4/27/1822 N.S. d.7/23/1885 N.S. (63)
General, President
Names/Places: b. in Point Pleasant, OH; d. in Mount McGregor, N.Y.
Misc: Union forces in Civil War commander; 18th U.S. President (1869-77); on a $50 bill

Count François Grasse -- b.9/13/1722 N.S. d.1/11/1788 N.S. (65)
Naval Officer, French

Samuel L. Gravely Jr. -- b.6/4/1922 d.10/22/2004 (82)
Naval Officer
Misc: Vice Adm.

Cary Grayson -- b.10/11/1878 d.2/15/1938 (59)
Naval Officer, Surgeon
Misc: U.S. Navy Medical Director

Adolphus Greeley -- b.3/27/1844 d.10/20/1935 (91)
Soldier, Explorer, Publisher
Misc: founded National Geographic Society; Arctic explorer

Christopher Greene -- b.5/12/1737 d.5/14/1781 (44)
Revolutionary, Soldier

Nathanael Greene -- b.8/7/1742 N.S. or 7/27/1742 J-LD d.6/19/1786 N.S. (43)
Revolutionary, General
Misc: American general in the U.S. War of Independence (1775-83).

Samuel Greene -- b.2/11/1839 d.12/11/1884 (45)
Military Leader
Misc: an officer in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.

Richard Gridley -- b.1/3/1710 d.6/21/1796 (86)

Leonard Andrew Grimes -- b.11/9/1815 d.3/14/1874 (58)

Leslie Groves -- b.8/17/1896 d.7/13/1970 (73)

Alfred Gruenther -- b.3/3/1899 d.5/30/1983 (84)
Misc: as a four-star General after World War II, served as the Supreme Allied Commander (SACEUR) in Europe from 1953 to 1956.

Paul Guay -- b.9/2/1963
Fireman, NHL Player

Heinz Guderian -- b.6/17/1888 d.5/14/1953 (64)
Misc: tank expert who became one of the principal architects of armoured warfare and the blitzkrieg between World Wars I and II, and who contributed decisively to Germany's victories in Poland, France, and the Soviet Union early in World War II.

Che Ernesto Guevara -- b.6/14/1928 d.10/9/1967 (39)
Revolutionary, Argentine
Misc: guerillas; Latin America revolutionary

Button Gwinnett -- b.4/10/1735 d.5/19/1777 (42)
Revolutionary, British
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

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