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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Frank Lahm -- b.11/17/1877 d.7/7/1963 (85)
General, Army Officer, Aeronautical

Frederick Lander -- b.12/17/1821 d.3/2/1862 (40)
General, Engineer

James Lane -- b.6/22/1814 d.7/11/1866 (52)
Army Officer

John Langdon -- b.6/26/1741 d.9/18/1819 (78)
Revolutionary, Senator, Governor

Henry Laurens -- b.2/24/1723 O.S. or 3/6/1724 N.S. d.12/8/1792 (68)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: President of Continental Congress

Lawrence Of Arabia -- b.8/15/1888 d.5/19/1935 (46)
Author, Soldier, Actor, Welsh (Wales), Gay
Names/Places: b. in Tremadoc; Officer; RN:Thomas Edward Lawrence/Shaw
Misc: died in England from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash

James Lawrence -- b.10/1/1781 N.S. d.6/4/1813 N.S. (31)
Naval Officer
Misc: War of 1812 "Don't Give Up The Ship!"

Jacques-Philippe Leclerc -- b.11/28/1902 d.11/28/1947 (45)
Army Officer, French

Francis Lightfoot Lee -- b.10/14/1734 d.1/11/1797 (62)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Harry "Light Horse" Lee -- b.1/29/1756 N.S. d.5/25/1818 N.S. (62)
Misc: cavalryman

Robert E. Lee -- b.1/19/1807 d.10/12/1870 (63)
Names/Places: b. in Stratford, VA; MN:Edward; d. in Lexington, Virginia
Misc: Commander in Chief of the Confederate armies

Stephen D. Lee -- b.9/22/1833 d.5/28/1908 (74)
Author, General, Soldier
Misc: Lt. gen'l

Curtis E. LeMay -- b.11/15/1906 d.10/1/1990 (83)
Names/Places: NN:Iron Eagle
Misc: Air Force officer; an expert in strategic bombing

Lyman Louis Lemnitzer -- b.8/29/1899 d.11/12/1988 (89)
General, Presidential Aide
Misc: WWII hero, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman

Pierre Le Moyne -- b.7/16/1661 N.S. d.7/9/1706 N.S. (44)
Soldier, Explorer, Governor, French
Misc: sieur d'Iberville; Louisiana Territory founder 1703; death date of July 9, 1706 is probable

Pierre Charles L'Enfant -- b.8/2/1754 N.S. d.6/14/1825 N.S. (70)
Architect, Revolutionary, Engineer, French
Misc: responsible for the city layout of Washington

Nikolai Lenin -- b.4/9/1870 Ju-1 or 4/22/1870 N.S. d.1/21/1924 (53)
Revolutionary, Head of State, Russian
Names/Places: RN:Vladimir Ilyitch Ulyanov; NN: The Father of Soviet Communism; d. stroke in Moscow
Misc: Soviet leader 1917-1924

Fielding Lewis -- b.7/7/1725 d.12/7/1781 (56)

Francis Lewis -- b.3/21/1713 d.12/31/1802 (89)
Revolutionary, Welsh (Wales)
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Isaac Newton Lewis -- b.10/12/1858 d.11/9/1931 (73)
Army Officer, Inventor
Misc: best known for the Lewis machine gun, widely used in World War I and later.

Morgan Lewis -- b.10/16/1754 N.S. d.4/7/1844 N.S. (89)
Revolutionary, Governor, Lawyer, American

Benjamin Lincoln -- b.1/24/1733 N.S. or 1/13/1732 J-LD or 1/13/1733 Ju-1 d.5/9/1810 N.S. (77)
Revolutionary, General
Misc: officer

Maxim Litvinov -- b.7/17/1876 d.12/31/1951 (75)
Revolutionary, Russian

Philip Livingston -- b.1/15/1716 d.6/12/1778 (62)
Revolutionary, Merchant
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

James Lockwood -- b.10/9/1852 d.4/9/1884 (31)
Soldier, Explorer
Misc: Arctic explorer discovered Lockwood Island, the northernmost point of land

John A. Logan -- b.2/9/1826 d.12/26/1886 (60)
General, Congressperson

James Longstreet -- b.1/8/1821 d.1/2/1904 (82)
Misc: Confederate who fought in the battle of Gettysburg.

James Lovell -- b.10/31/1737 d.7/14/1814 (76)
Revolutionary, Congressperson

Juan Lovera -- b.12/26/1778 d.1/20/1841 (62)
Revolutionary, Venezuelan
Misc: Venezuelan Artist of Independence; ind days of 4-19-1810 & 7-5-1811

John Lowell -- b.6/17/1743 d.5/6/1802 (58)
Revolutionary, Judge/Jurist

Robert O. Lowery -- b.4/20/1916 d.7/24/2001 (85)
Misc: New York City fire commissioner

Erick Ludendorff -- b.4/9/1865 d.12/20/1937 (72)
General, German

Rosa Luxemburg -- b.3/5/1871 d.1/15/1919 (47)
Revolutionary, Politician, Socialist, Polish

Annabella Lwin -- b.10/31/1965
Military Leader, Songwriter, New Wave Singer, Burmese
Misc: Wikipedia says b. Oct 31, 1966
Group Names: Bow Wow Wow, soloist
Song Titles: C30, C60, C90, Go!, I Want Candy, W.O.R.K., Go Wild in the Country, Do You Wanna Hold Me?

Jessica Lynch -- b.4/26/1983
Misc: Rescued POW

Thomas Lynch Jr. -- b.8/5/1749 d.??/??/1779
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

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