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Last Updated 06-01-2019

Jeremiah Wadsworth -- b.7/12/1743 d.4/30/1804 (60)
Revolutionary, Entrepreneur

Peleg Wadsworth -- b.5/6/1748 d.11/12/1829 (81)
Revolutionary, Soldier, Congressperson

Jonathan M. Wainwright -- b.8/23/1883 d.9/2/1953 (70)
Misc: won distinction as the hero of Bataan and Corregidor in the defense of the Philippines against Japanese attack during World War II.

Richard Wainwright -- b.12/17/1849 d.3/6/1926 (76)
Naval Officer

Lew Wallace -- b.4/10/1827 d.2/15/1905 (77)
Author, General, Soldier, Politician, Governor, Diplomat, Lawyer, American
Misc: a Union general in the American Civil War, a governor of the New Mexico Territory
Book Titles: Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

Jamie Walter -- b.7/13/1969
Fireman, Actor, Singer

James "Jamie" Walters -- b.6/13/1969 N.S.
Poet, Fireman, TV/Movie Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer
Misc: some say b. July 13 or July 14, but on Conan O'Brien, he said June 13 is correct.
Group Names: The Heights, soloist
Song Titles: How Do You Talk to an Angel (as a member of The Heights)
TV Shows: The Heights (as Alex O'Brien), Beverly Hills 90210 (as Ray Pruitt 1994-95)

George Walton -- b.??/??/1740 or ??/??/1749 d.2/2/1804
Revolutionary, Judge/Jurist
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Artemas Ward -- b.11/26/1727 d.10/28/1800 (72)
Revolutionary, Congressperson

Benjamin Ward -- b.8/10/1926 d.7/10/2002 (75)
Misc: Police Administrative Official

Ed Warren -- b.9/7/1926 N.S. d.8/23/2006 N.S. (79)
Misc: paranormal investigator who was the inspiration for Amityville Horror

Dr. Joseph Warren -- b.6/11/1741 d.6/17/1775 (34)
Revolutionary, Physician

George Washington -- b.2/11/1731 J-LD or 2/22/1732 N.S. or 2/11/1732 Ju-1 d.12/14/1799 N.S. (67)
General, President, American
Names/Places: b. at his parents' plantation near Fredricksburg, Virginia; he died at his Mount Vernon home nearly three years after leaving office.
Misc: the first U.S. President 1789-96; led Continental army; 6 star general is history's highest ranking officer of the U.S. Army; on a $1 bill & quarter; you'd think that when asked to show his I.D. he'll pull out a quarter?

Louis Washkansky -- b.??/??/1913 d.12/21/1967
Misc: the first heart-transplant receipient

Archibald Wavell -- b.5/5/1883 d.5/24/1950 (67)
General, British

"Mad" Anthony Wayne -- b.1/1/1745 d.12/15/1796 (51)
Revolutionary, General

Meshech Weare -- b.1/16/1713 d.1/14/1786 (72)
Revolutionary, Lawyer, Farmer
Misc: the first President of New Hampshire 1776-1785

Larry Welch -- b.6/9/1934
Misc: head of Strategic Air Command

Arthur Wellesley -- b.5/1/1769 d.9/14/1852 (83)
General, Statesman, British, Irish
Misc: 1st Duke of Wellington (C)/victor at Waterloo/British PM (1828-30) who made Napoleon very unhappy.

William C. Westmoreland -- b.3/26/1914 d.7/18/2005 (91)
General, Military Leader
Names/Places: MN:Childs
Misc: Army Chief of Staff; Vietman War commander

Earle Wheeler -- b.1/13/1908 d.12/18/1975 (67)
General, Government Official

Joseph Wheeler -- b.9/10/1836 d.1/25/1906 (69)
Names/Places: NN:Fighting Joe
Misc: a Confederate during the American Civil War

Abraham Whipple -- b.9/26/1733 d.5/27/1819 (85)
Revolutionary, Naval Officer
Misc: Commodore in Continental Navy, fired the first naval gun of the Revolutionary War in Narraganset Bay

William Whipple -- b.1/14/1730 J-LD or 1/14/1731 Ju-1 or 1/25/1731 N.S. d.11/28/1785 (55)
Revolutionary, Judge/Jurist
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Ryan White -- b.12/6/1971 d.4/8/1990 (18)
Misc: AIDS victim led fight for compassion & understanding for sufferers; d. in Indianapolis

William White -- b.4/4/1748 N.S. or 3/24/1747 J-LD or 3/24/1748 Ju-1 d.7/17/1836 N.S. (88)
Revolutionary, Clergyman, American
Misc: First bishop consecrated in England for the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, and first presiding bishop of that church.

William Allen White -- b.2/10/1868 d.1/29/1944 (75)
Writer, Poet, Policeman, Journalist, Editor
Misc: newspaperman

Simon Wiesenthal -- b.12/31/1908 d.9/20/2005 (96)
Writer, Hero, Austrian, Polish
Misc: Nazi Hunter

Wild Bill Cody -- b.8/6/1913 d.10/25/1988 (75)
Hero, Actor
Names/Places: RN:Albert William

Charles Wilkes -- b.4/3/1798 d.2/8/1877 (78)
Naval Officer, Explorer
Misc: sailed around the world

Eugene Parks Wilkinson -- b.8/10/1918 d.7/11/2013 (94)
Misc: He commanded the Nautilus, the United States Navy's first nuclear-powered submarine and the first machine to harness atomic fission for propulsion rather than weaponry.

Marinus Willett -- b.7/31/1740 d.8/22/1830 (90)
Revolutionary, Soldier

Jonathan Williams -- b.5/20/1751 d.5/16/1815 (63)
Soldier, Engineer, Merchant

Dr. Samuel F. Williams -- b.??/??/???? d.2/14/1928 (100)
Misc: oldest college grad in the US and oldest living member of Phi Beta Kappa

Walt Williams -- b.11/14/1842 d.12/19/1959 (117)
Misc: the last surviving War Between The States veteran

William Williams -- b.4/23/1731 d.8/2/1811 (80)
Revolutionary, Merchant
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Willie Lawrence Williams -- b.10/1/1943 d.4/26/2016 N.S. (72)
Misc: L.A. Police Chief 1992-1997

Harry Williamson -- b.12/7/1911 d.10/19/1992 (80)
Hero, British
Misc: Decorated Agent

Henry Braid Wilson -- b.2/23/1861 d.1/30/1954 (92)
Naval Officer

James Harrison Wilson -- b.9/2/1837 d.2/23/1925 (87)
General, Army Officer

Samuel Wilson -- b.9/13/1766 d.7/31/1854 (87)
Revolutionary, Merchant
Misc: Original Uncle Sam

John Winslow -- b.5/10/1703 d.4/17/1774 (70)
General, Army Officer

John Witherspoon -- b.2/5/1723 d.11/15/1794 (71)
Revolutionary, Clergyman, Educator, Scotish
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

Oliver Wolcott -- b.11/20/1726 J-LD or 12/1/1726 N.S. d.12/1/1797 (71)
Revolutionary, Judge/Jurist, Governor
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer; Nov 20=O.S./Dec 1=N.S.

James Wolfe -- b.1/2/1727 d.9/13/1759 (32)
General, British
Misc: commander of the British Army at the capture of Quebec; died in battle

John Worden -- b.3/12/1818 d.10/18/1897 (79)
Naval Officer

Willard Wyman -- b.3/21/1898 d.3/29/1969 (71)
Army Officer, Presidential Aide
Misc: the first army chief of staff

George Wythe -- b.??/??/1726 d.6/8/1806 (79)
Revolutionary, Attorney/Lawyer
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer; d. age estimated

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