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Last Updated 01-22-2019

Roger Vadim -- b.1/26/1928 d.2/11/2000 (72)
Writer, Screen/Scriptwriter, Actor, Movie Director, French
Names/Places: b. in Paris; LN:Plemiannikov; Jane Fonda's, Brigitte Bardot's, & Annette Stroyberg's ex-; Marie-Christine Barrault's hubby; wed 5x's
Movie Titles: Barbarella

Luis Valdez -- b.6/26/1940
Writer, Playwright, Actor, Movie Director

Jessica Valenti -- b.11/1/1978 N.S.
Author, Feminist, Internet Website Blogger
Misc: founder of Feministing

Paul Valery -- b.10/20/1871 O.S. or 10/30/1871 N.S. d.7/20/1945
Essayist, Poet, Critic, Philosopher, French

Marcela Valladolid -- b.7/19/1978
Author, Cookbook Writer, Chef
TV Shows: Mexican Made Easy, The Kitchen

Rudy Vallee -- b.7/28/1901 d.7/3/1986 (85)
Writer, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian, Composer, Music Publisher, Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Bandleader, Pop Crooner
Names/Places: b. in Island Pond, VT; RN:Hubert Prior Rudy Vallee; d. while watching the Statue of Liberty Centennial ceremonies
Misc: famous of the 1920-30s
TV Shows: Batman (as Evil Lord Phogg)

Chris Van Allsburg -- b.6/18/1949
Illustrator, Children's Author
Book Titles: Jumanji, The Polar Express, Zathura

Cindy Vance -- b.1/13/1955
Artist, Writer, Editor

Jack Vance -- b.8/28/1916 d.5/26/2013 (96)

George Vancouver -- b.6/22/1757 d.5/10/1798 (40)
Author, Explorer, Navigator, British
Misc: surveyed Pacific coast from S.F. to Vancouver

Amy Vanderbilt -- b.7/22/1908 d.12/27/1974 (66)
Misc: Etiquette authority

Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. -- b.4/30/1898 d.7/7/1974 (76)
Misc: newspaperman

Gloria Vanderbilt -- b.2/20/1924
Fashion Designer, Poet, Stage Actress
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: designer jeans pioneer

Sir Laurens Van Der Post -- b.12/13/1906 d.12/16/1996 (90)
Author, South African

S. S. Van Dine -- b.10/15/1888 d.4/11/1939 (50)
Book Titles: Philo Vance (detective creator)

Carl C. Van Doren -- b.9/10/1885 d.7/18/1950 (64)
Author, Critic, Biographer, Educator
Names/Places: MN:Clinton

Charles Van Doren -- b.2/12/1926
Writer, Editor
Misc: subject of U.S. TV quiz show scandals

Mark van Doren -- b.6/13/1894 d.12/10/1972 (78)
Book Titles: The Happy Critic

John W. Van Druten -- b.6/1/1901 d.12/19/1957 (56)
Dramatist/Playwright, Attorney/Lawyer, British

Mona Van Duyn -- b.5/9/1921 d.12/2/2004 (83)
Misc: America's first woman poet laureate

Henry Van Dyke -- b.11/10/1852 d.4/10/1933 (80)
Essayist, Short Story Writer, Poet

Theo Van Gogh -- b.7/23/1957 d.11/2/2004 (47)
Author, Columnist, Actor, Movie Producer, Movie Director, Nepal

Kirsten Vangsness -- b.7/7/1972
Writer, Actress
TV Shows: Criminal Minds (as Penelope Garcia, also on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior)

Harriet Van Horne -- b.5/17/1920 d.1/15/1998 (77)
TV Critic, Columnist, Panelist
TV Shows: Leave It to The Girls

Jean Claude Van Itallie -- b.5/25/1936
Playwright, Educator, Belgiumese

Hendrik Willem Van Loon -- b.1/14/1882 d.3/11/1944 (62)
Author, Lecturer, Journalist, Dutch (Netherlands)

Timothy Van Patten -- b.6/10/1959
Screenwriter, Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: aka Timothy Van Patten; Dick's half brother
Misc: works mostly as a director
TV Shows: The White Shadow (as Mario Pettrino Salami)
Movie Titles: Class of 1984, Zone Troopers

Mario Van Peebles -- b.1/15/1957
Writer, TV/Movie Actor, Comedian, Movie Director, Songwriter, Model, Mexican
Names/Places: Melvin's son
TV Shows: Cosby Show (occ), Sonny Spoon, L.A. Law (as Andrew Taylor)
Movie Titles: New Jack City

Melvin Van Peebles -- b.8/21/1932
Dramatist/Playwright, Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actor, Movie Director, Composer
Names/Places: RLN:Peebles
Misc: some say b. Sep 21
Movie Titles: Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, Panther, Last Action Hero, Classified X

Gus Van Sant -- b.7/24/1952
Painter, Writer, Producer/Director
Movie Titles: Milk, Good Will Hunting, Elephant, Paris je t'aime, Psycho (poor 1990s remake), My Own Private Idaho

Claude Van Tyne -- b.10/16/1869 d.3/21/1930 (60)
Author, Historian, Educator

Alfred Elton Van Vogt -- b.4/26/1912 d.1/26/2000 (87)
Sci-fi Writer, Canadian

Edgard Varèse -- b.12/22/1883 d.11/6/1965 (81)
Author, Composer, French
Names/Places: aka Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse
Misc: coined the term "Organized Sound"; founded the International Composers Guild & was its director

Giorgio Vasari -- b.7/30/1511 d.6/27/1574 (62)
Architect, Artist, Author, Italian

Bill Vaughan -- b.10/8/1915 d.2/25/1977 (61)
Author, Journalist, Columnist

Henry Vaughan -- b.4/17/1621 J-LD d.4/23/1695 J-LD (74)
Poet, English

Thorstein B. Veblen -- b.7/30/1857 d.8/3/1929 (72)
Critic, Philosopher, Economist, Professor
Misc: social

George Vecsey -- b.7/4/1939 N.S.
Author, Sports Columnist
Misc: New York Times

Anthony Veiller -- b.6/23/1903 d.6/27/1965 (62)

Jean Vercors -- b.2/26/1902 d.6/10/1991 (89)

Violette Verdy -- b.12/1/1933 d.2/8/2016 N.S. (82)
Writer, Teacher, Ballerina, French
Misc: French ballerina and dance director, who was awarded the French Order of Arts and Letters in 1973 and the Dance Magazine Award in 1968.

Giovanni Verga -- b.9/2/1840 N.S. d.1/27/1922 N.S. (81)
Novelist, Short Story Writer, Playwright, Italian

Paul Verhoeven -- b.7/18/1938
Screenwriter, Producer/Director, Dutch (Netherlands)
Movie Titles: Total Recall, Starship Troopers, RoboCop, Basic Instinct, Showgirls

Paul Verlaine -- b.3/30/1844 d.1/8/1896 (51)
Poet, French, Gay

Jules Verne -- b.2/8/1828 d.3/24/1905 (77)
Novelist, Sci-fi Writer, French
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Science Fiction
Book Titles: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 Days, Voyage to the Center of the Earth

Pietro Verri -- b.12/12/1728 d.6/28/1797 (68)
Author, Journalist, Economist, Government Official

Alpheus Verrill -- b.7/23/1871 d.11/14/1954 (83)
Author, Explorer, Inventor

Wim Verstappen -- b.5/4/1937 N.S. d.7/24/2004 N.S. (67)
Screenwriter, Producer/Director, Dutch (Netherlands)

Veruschka -- b.5/14/1939
Writer, Actress, Model
Names/Places: RN:Countess Vera Von Lehndorff

Robert Vickrey -- b.8/26/1926 d.4/17/2011 (84)
Artist, Author

Giovanni Battista Vico -- b.6/23/1668 N.S. d.1/23/1744 N.S. (75)
Philosopher, Historian, Jurist, Italian
Misc: Rhetorician

David Victor -- b.8/22/1910 d.10/18/1989 (79)

Gore Vidal -- b.10/3/1925 d.7/31/2012 (86)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright
Names/Places: b. in West Point, NY; RFMN:Eugene Luther

King "Walls" Vidor -- b.2/8/1894 d.11/1/1982 (88)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actor, Movie Producer/Director

Mário Viegas -- b.11/10/1948 d.4/1/1996 N.S. (47)
Screenwriter, Actor, Portuguese

Peter Viereck -- b.8/5/1916 d.5/13/2006 (89)

Berthold Viertel -- b.6/28/1885 d.9/24/1953 (68)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Director, German

Peter Viertel -- b.11/16/1920 d.11/4/2007 (86)
Writer, Screen/Scriptwriter

Bruce Vilanch -- b.11/23/1948
Comedy Writer, Actor, Panelist, Songwriter
Movie Titles: Get Bruce!

Alan John Villiers -- b.9/23/1903 d.3/3/1982 (78)
Photographer, Author, Sailor, Adventurer, Australian

Francois Villon -- b.??/??/1431 d.??/??/1463
Names/Places: RN:Francois de Montcorbier

Penny Vincenzi -- b.4/10/1939 N.S. d.2/25/2018 N.S. (78)
Consumer Advocate, English

Joan D. Vinge -- b.4/2/1948
Novelist, Sci-fi Writer
Book Titles: Heaven Chronicles (series), Dune, The Snow Queen, The Cat (series)

Rudolf Virchow -- b.10/13/1821 d.9/5/1902 (80)
Author, Scientist, Politician, Educator, German
Misc: father of cellular pathology

Virgil -- b.10/15/70BC d.9/21/19BC (50)
Poet, Italian, Roman
Names/Places: or Vergil; RN:Publius Vergilius Maro
Misc: was 51?

Eriprando Visconti -- b.9/24/1932 d.5/25/1995 (62)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Director, Italian

Monica Vitti -- b.11/3/1931
Screen/Scriptwriter, Actress, Director, Italian
Names/Places: RMLN:Luisa Ceciarelli

Ned Vizzini -- b.4/4/1981 d.12/19/2013 (32)
TV Shows: Teen Wolf

John Voelker -- b.6/29/1903 d.3/18/1991 (87)
Author, Jurist

Paolo Volponi -- b.2/6/1924 d.8/23/1994 (70)
Writer, Poet, Politician, Italian
Misc: communist

Jean Franćois Marie Arouet Voltaire -- b.11/21/1694 N.S. d.5/30/1778 N.S. (83)
Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Essayist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Historian, French

Karl Von Clausewitz -- b.7/1/1780 d.11/16/1831 (51)
Author, Military Leader, Soldier
Misc: Prussian military theorist/strategist

Erich Von Däniken -- b.4/14/1935
Author, Writer, Swiss
Book Titles: Chariots Of The Gods?

Diane Von Fürstenberg -- b.12/31/1946
Fashion Designer, Author, Jewish, Belgiumese
Names/Places: b. in Brussels; RN:Diane Simone Michelle Halfin

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe -- b.8/28/1749 N.S. d.3/22/1832 N.S. (82)
Author, Novelist, Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Philosopher, German
Names/Places: b. in Frankfurt

Albrecht Von Haller -- b.10/16/1708 d.12/12/1777 (69)
Poet, Scientist, Swiss
Misc: Experimental Physiology founder

Carl Gustaf Verner Von Heidenstam -- b.7/6/1859 d.5/20/1940 (80)
Novelist, Poet, Swedish
Misc: received Nobel Prize in Literature in 1916

Paul Von Heyse -- b.3/15/1830 d.4/2/1914 (84)
Author, German

Nicholas Von Hoffman -- b.10/16/1929 d.2/1/2018 N.S. (88)
Author, Journalist, Commentator
TV Shows: 60 Minutes (liberal debater 1970s)

Hugo Von Hofmannsthal -- b.2/1/1874 d.7/15/1929 (55)
Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Austrian

Heinrich von Kleist -- b.10/18/1777 N.S. d.11/21/1811 N.S. (34)
Novelist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Dramatist, Journalist, German

Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz -- b.7/1/1646 N.S. d.11/14/1716 N.S. (70)
Philosopher, Scientist, Mathematician, German

Baron Karl Von Münchhausen -- b.5/11/1720 d.2/22/1797 (76)
Author, Revolutionary, Soldier, German
Names/Places: MN:Friedrick Hieronymus
Misc: fictional German nobleman; tall tale storyteller, some of whose tales were the basis for "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."
Book Titles: Baron Munchausen's Narrative of His Marvelous Travels and Campaigns in Russia

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. -- b.11/11/1922 d.4/11/2007 (84)
Sci-fi Writer

Friedrich Von Schelling -- b.1/27/1775 N.S. d.8/20/1854 N.S. (79)
Philosopher, German

Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller -- b.11/10/1759 d.5/9/1805 (45)
Author, Dramatist/Playwright, Poet, Philosopher, Editor, Historian, German
Book Titles: William Tell

August Wilhelm Von Schlegel -- b.9/8/1767 d.5/12/1845 (77)
Critic, Scholar, German

Friedrich von Schlegel -- b.3/10/1772 N.S. d.1/12/1829 N.S. (56)
Writer, Poet, Critic, Philosopher, Diplomat, German

Josef Von Sternberg -- b.5/29/1894 d.12/22/1979 (85)
Writer, Movie Actor, Producer/Director, Cinematographer, Austrian
Names/Places: RLN:Stern

Erich von Stroheim -- b.9/22/1885 d.5/12/1957 (71)
Screenwriter, Actor, Producer/Director, Austrian
Names/Places: MN:Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Nordenwall

Bertha Von Suttner -- b.6/9/1843 d.6/21/1914 (71)
Novelist, Austrian

Maria Von Trapp -- b.1/26/1905 d.3/28/1987 (82)
Author, Singer, Austrian
Misc: Baroness; inspired The Sound of Music

Heinrich von Treitschke -- b.9/15/1834 N.S. d.4/28/1896 N.S. (61)
Writer, Historian, German
Misc: political

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